The Office Season 7 spoilers and news

August 31, 2010: IGN

Excerpts from IGN’s interview with Paul Lieberstein:

Paul Lieberstein: I would say we have most of the season mapped out.

IGN: I’m excited Holly’s coming back, as I’m sure Michael is. But how will that go? Obviously, she was in a relationship the last time we saw her.

Lieberstein: Yeah, I don’t think she’s psyched to be brought back… [Laughs] Which will be news to Michael. We’re very excited about her coming back. We have her arc, and yeah, she’ll be an instrumental part in what happens to Michael Scott that might work into him leaving… But not the only part.

IGN: We’ve also heard that Jan is coming back.

Lieberstein: She initially just comes back in an episode where Michael comes in with a pimple, and learns it’s a cold sore. He finds out a cold sore is actually herpes, and he thinks he has to contact every woman he’s ever been with. And he’ll learn now where she is in her life, and it’ll… I won’t tell you more about it.

Lieberstein: Jim will be a little more playful this year. There’s an idea that he might cap out in sales fairly early — commissions — and have nothing to do but goof around. We missed the pranky Jim. He’s so much fun.

IGN: I feel like Dwight owning the building might give Jim some ammunition. Would I be right about that?

Lieberstein: Absolutely. That’s been really fertile.

IGN: We’ve also had the relationship with Andy and Erin. That had its ups and downs. How are things going this year?

Lieberstein: I think we’ll start the season off with kind of a twist there. But we continue to explore their relationship.

IGN: How is Toby going to be affected by Holly coming back? That seems like one too many HR people.

Lieberstein: I don’t have it totally worked out yet. It might be jury duty. I think they might catch the Scranton Strangler so there’ll be some jury duty. B

IGN: Kathy Bates has her own show now, Harry’s Law. Do you know how much we’ll be seeing her this season?

Lieberstein: We’ve been told that she likes the show and would like to make herself available when she is available. We have her for the premiere. But the truth is, the hour-long is a grueling schedule. I think it’s a nine-day shoot for an episode, and she’s the star. So I don’t think she’ll be able to do much.

August 31, 2010: Watch With Kristin

Stephen in Tolcua Lake, Calif.: What’s up with Timothy Olyphant’s guest role on The Office? I’m so excited for his episode!

You mean his episodes! Plural. Well, they hope. “He has been the most wonderful guest star ever, and I think we’re going to try to have him again later in the season,” Mindy Kaling says to us. “He’s incredible, and in the episode he plays this charismatic salesman that used to date Pam and had a couple dates with [her]. He is so incredibly funny.” As for Kelly’s love life, Mindy tells us that she will continue a “dysfunctional holding pattern” with Ryan, but to look forward to a “couple cute stories coming up” between the two.

August 31, 2010: Jenna Fischer

From Jenna’s MySpace blog today:

“We are shooting the Halloween episode this week! Very fun!”

Mindy Kaling

Various tweets from Mindy Kaling’s Twitter feed:

Aug. 30: “Tim Olyphant is named Danny on our show, after my friend @dannychun.”

Aug. 27: “Day 5 of the Olyphant Experience.”

Aug. 16: “Doing a table read of my silliest, favorite-est script yet. “Deadwood” and “Justified” star Timothy Olyphant is in it. BIG LEAGUES YOU GUYS”

August 30, 2010: Watch with Kristin

Boris in Ore.: What have you heard about Andy and Erin’s relationship on The Office this season?

Sorry to burst the bubble of any Andin shippers out there, but these two are still dunzo. “Andy is on his own journey,” Ellie Kemper said at the Emmys. “Andy’s focusing on other things, acting — he’s in community theater, a show-stopping number in a show stopper of a show.” So will Erin’s ex-beau take on her rumored new beau Gabe (played to perfection by newcomer Zac Woods)? “No fist fights,” said Ellie. But Zac put it more hilariously: “If the statement is ‘I don’t know who would win in a fight between you and…’ regardless of who the other person is, I would lose. I’m jacked, but my Herculean frame is deceptive.”

August 29, 2010: Ausiello Files

Excerpts from Michael Ausiello’s interview with Melora Hardin:

Melora: I’m back!
Ausiello: You haven’t shot it yet, have you?
Melora: Yeah, I have. We’ve shot one.

Melora: Jan is a little bit back to her old self. She’s not quite as quirky and wacky as she was when we left her. A little more like Season 2 Jan rather than Season 6 Jan.
Ausiello: Is she attached to a man?
Melora: We haven’t found out yet.
Ausiello: But you’re doing more than one episode, right?
Melora: Yes I am. I’m doing an arc.

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August 26, 2010:

The Office is currently scheduled to shoot 25 half-hours for Season 7 (subject to change). This is one fewer half-hour than Season 6.

August 25, 2010: Ask Ausiello

Question: Many fans of The Office are concerned that Pam dated Timothy Olyphant’s character post-Roy and pre-Jim. Is this the case? Is Jim just finding out about it now? —Matt

Ausiello: Yes to all of the above! According to executive producer Paul Lieberstein, Pam dated Olyphant while Jim was with Karen. “Everyone in the office makes a big deal of it, and we get into Jim’s jealousy a little bit,” he says. “It bothers him a little.”

August 24, 2010: TV Squad

Excerpts from TV Squad’s interview with Paul Lieberstein:

… what were scenarios that are absolutely not going to happen?
You mean [Michael Scott’s] exits? Oscar [Nuñez] suggested he’d commit suicide, but we’re not considering that. You know, so much is on the table right now.

I guess for a while we had been talking about firing him, and we were going to do it in a way that nobody would [think of] — that when it finally comes to firing him, it’s about money and it was a business mistake that he’d made. A small business mistake that had blown up. And all his behavior was excused, and everything over the years was excused when the money was right. But as soon as he’s not the earner, he’s out.

So what’s the overarching goal this season? Is it just everything leading up to Steve leaving or are there going to be other pockets of stories that are going to be in there?
There are a few. But I would say we’re a little lighter this year than in past years. And we’re going [with] a little more fun, episodic stuff, but what’s there is [the story where] Dwight has bought the building. And that’s proven really fertile. [I feel like] we’ve got some fun stuff. And then we explore Dwight and Angela for a little while. Not too long.

And Holly coming back too, right?

When are we first going to see Amy Adams come back?
Amy Adams?

You know I always do that, say Amy Adams when I mean Amy Ryan.
We’ve talked about bringing Amy Adams back, too.

When are we going to first see Amy Ryan this season? How many episodes will she be in?
It’s an eight episode arc, though not necessarily consecutive episodes. It won’t be the first group, it’ll be later in the fall.

And it’s basically going to be Jo Bennett bringing her back to help because Michael helped her out.
There are a few different scenarios of how she gets there. We always suspect Jo is doing it, Jo’s behind it. There’s another [scenario] where Jo is on jury duty for the Scranton Strangler.

Who internally would also make a good candidate to replace Mike?
Ed [Helms] and Craig [Robinson].

Craig would be interesting. I like the idea of Craig. Because nobody would expect it, nobody would think it was fair because they just brought him up from the warehouse. Have you talked to Craig about it?

So is it settled now, who’s replacing Steve, and you’re just not telling us?
Not at all. We have plans but we just need something settled. We have to plan for Jim, too. We adjust. Like I said it may take six episodes. Settled is shot to me.

How much are we going to see of Toby this year and what is Michael going to do to make his life miserable?
Michael is going to be sent into mandatory therapy counseling with Toby in the second episode

Oh like couples counseling?
Not couples counseling, Toby will be the counselor.

August 20, 2010

Photos from The Office set

August 20, 2010: L.A. Times

Excerpt from the L.A. Times chat with Jenna Fischer:

Kurt: What are your thoughts on Steve leaving The Office?
Jenna: We have a wonderful plan for his exit. It’s going to be an exciting season!

Rick: will you guys continue the show after steve carell leaves?
Jenna: yes, the show will go on!

Carol: any ideas who will replace him … :(
Jenna: No idea who will replace Steve. That is in the network’s hands. They don’t really consult/talk to us about that.

aj: ive read things where nbc is talking to danny mcbride and rhys darby. what are your opinions about both of them
Jenna: Anything you read is probably not true. It’s all just speculation. No decisions have been made. Seriously. It will probably not be anyone you’ve read about.

Dave: Did you get Friday off or do you have to head back to the set for more filming?
Jenna: Dave – I’m off today. I can concentrate on getting the theater ready for tonight! We still have to hang our banner, get our parking sign, pick up programs…etc. It’s a lot! Today they are shooting scenes with Rainn and Steve on location.

Jenna: The season Premiere is called Nepotism. It’s a great episode. And has the greatest opening ever!!! They had to plan the opening scene for over 3 weeks. It’s very complicated. It took an entire day to shoot just that one scene.

Michael Scott Paper Co.: Can you give u hint about the opening scene?
Jenna: No hints! I don’t want to ruin it. But we love it! And I know it will be a big hit!

Joe: Can you tell when Amy Ryan makes an appearance next season?
Jenna: Her voice makes an appearance in episode 5 I think.

Michael Scott Paper Co.: Jenna, all the winter scenes in the office where you wear winter clothing, is it usually hot during that time or is it actually cold?
Jenna: Yes, in LA it gets VERY hot from August – October. And because we have to shoot in advance, we are shooting for “winter” in a Los Angeles summer. This week I had to shoot a scene in 102 degrees but pretend like it was cold. I sweat through my coat!

Michael Scott Paper Co.: When does shooting wrap up for Season 7?
Jenna: We will shoot until April 2011.

Jenna: Sad Happy Sucker will run for 8 weeks and then we have a short hiatus in November. I’m not sure if I’ll do a movie or just fall sleep for a month!

August 18, 2010: Ask Ausiello

Question: What will happen on The Office now that Dwight owns the building? — Adam

Ausiello: Well, for one thing all the thermostats will be caged, locked, and set to a below-freezing temperature.

August 17, 2010: Jenna Fischer

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace page:

We finished the set for “Sad Happy Sucker” this weekend! I was in charge of painting the walls of the theater black. I got paint all over my arms – why are rollers so splattery? I had some black paint on my thumbnail that I couldn’t get off and I totally forgot about it when we started shooting Monday.

Just a little Office Trivia. You’ll know why in a couple of scenes of Episode 4 Pam’s thumbnail looks horribly bruised! The makeup department finally gave me some nail polish remover.”

August 16, 2010: Mindy Kaling

From Mindy’s Twitter page:

“Doing a table read of my silliest, favorite-est script yet. “Deadwood” and “Justified” star Timothy Olyphant is in it. BIG LEAGUES YOU GUYS”

August 12, 2010: Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog

You will not want to miss the very first scene of the season. I don’t want to give away too much but remember that amazing scene where Dwight sets the office on fire? Where the whole office goes crazy? It’s one of those openings. The entire cast is doing a very complicated and funny bit as an ensemble to kick off the season. It took weeks to plan!

August 11, 2010: Ask Ausiello

Question: Is Jan ever going to come back to The Office? —Jordan

Ausiello: Yes! Melora Hardin will reprise her role as Michael’s former boss/lover in this season’s fourth episode, written and directed by showrunner/co-star Paul Lieberstein. “Michael comes in with what he thinks is a pimple, but is revealed to be a cold sore,” explains Lieberstein. “He learns that a cold sore is a form of herpes and so he gets the idea that he has to contact all the women he’s ever been with to tell them.”

August 10, 2010: Ausiello Files

Sources confirm to me exclusively that producers of the NBC hitcom have quietly reached out to rising comic-actors Danny McBride (the breakout star of HBO’s hilarious Eastbound & Down) and Rhys Darby (late of HBO’s Flight of the Conchords) to gauge their interest in joining the cast later this season.

Office showrunner Paul Lieberstein confirms that they’re “having discussions” about introducing a new salesman into Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch, but he wouldn’t say whether this person was being groomed to necessarily replace Carell’s Michael Scott.

August 7, 2010: Zap2it

Idris Elba (“The Wire”), who played Charles on seven episodes of “The Office” in 2009, said pretty definitively Saturday (Aug. 7) that the character would not be in the running to take over for Michael: “No, Charles Miner will not be back,” he told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

That doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that we’ll never see Charles again. “There is an opportunity for me to sort of intertwine with their storyline toward the season finale,” he says. “So that may happen.”

August 6, 2010: Danny Chun

From Danny’s Twitter page:

“Today was the most fun I’ve ever had on set. Sad it’s over – Jeff Blitz is the man!”

August 6, 2010: Brian Baumgartner

From Brian’s Twitter page:

“Exciting happenings on set today. Can’t wait for people to see the season premiere!!”

August 6, 2010: Maxwell Glick

From Maxwell Glick’s Twitter page:

“Off to work at The Office.”

August 4, 2010: New York Magazine

Lead singer and director Mindy Kaling tells us there are “pretty ambitious” plans for the group: “There’ll be two songs and two music videos, and the whole cast [including Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms and B.J. Novak] is coming back.” Kaling will direct both videos, as well as the webisodes accompanying the songs. So will the new tracks be dance-oriented like “Prima Donna,” or can we look forward to a slow jam? “The writers tried to cover so many different genres [with the songs] because we do it so infrequently,” Kaling explains, promising that at least one video will have elements of time travel.

August 4, 2010: Ask Ausiello

Question: Who is Timothy Olyphant playing on The Office? —Jeff

Ausiello: A rival paper salesman with a deep, dark secret: He used to date Pam!

The spoilers just get more and more interesting…

August 3, 2010: New York Magazine

Who’s going to replace Steve Carell on The Office? Well, Vulture has learned that NBC and the show’s producers are giving serious thought to a potentially mind-blowing candidate: Ricky Gervais.

Paul Lieberstein confirms that Gervais is being discussed by the show’s brain trust, which also includes creator Greg Daniels. “We talked about it today for a while,” Lieberstein told Vulture over the weekend. “It’s not the leading idea… [but] it’s not a dead idea.”

Lieberstein explained that there are pros and cons to the Gervais plan. On the one hand, “I don’t know how David Brent could take Michael Scott’s place because it would be a little bit too much of a coincidence that a documentary crew was also following him,” he says. “He was also fired for incompetence [in the U.K. Office], so we’d have to create some back story for what happened. There would be some things to deal with.” And yet, “On the flip side, you have someone who’s incredibly talented and who has played with a level of realism that’s the same as our show.”

While networks have been known to open up their wallets in order to snag talent they really want, it’s doubtful NBC would put excessive pressure on Lieberstein and Daniels to go after Gervais if he’s not the showrunners’ first choice. That doesn’t mean Gervais might not yet pop up on the show at some point as part of the run-up to Carell’s exit in May. Indeed, Lieberstein hints that viewers will get to see a search for Michael Scott’s replacement on-air. “If Dunder Mifflin needed to replace Michael Scott, they’d consider both internal and external candidates. And we will show them considering both,” he says. “We’ll kind of start [the replacement process] and put it in motion.”

August 2, 2010: Watch With Kristen

Angela Kinsey filled us in: “Michael Scott will leave. Which is gonna make for great television, because how’s he gonna leave? Does he get fired? Does he come up with some ridiculous reason to quit?” she spitballs to us during NBC TCA’s press rounds. “Michael gets a medical condition and he has to find his lovers to talk to them about what’s going on. So, we’re going to see Jan [Melora Hardin] coming back,” Angela spills.

Kellie from Las Vegas, Nev.: The Office. I only care about one couple in Scranton: Dwight and Angela. What’s the word?
“They start this season with a procreation contract. And Angela is very business like, so she’s determined to have her “sex appointments” with Dwight in order for procreation,” Angela tells us. Meaning, Angela flat-out corners Dwight about babies. “She does come up to him and they have a system that I don’t want to reveal, but it’s funny.”

Gracie in West Lafayette, Ind.: The cutest couple on TV is Andy and Erin from The Office! Is there hope for them?
Hate to break it to you, but after getting the scoop from Ellie Kemper, it doesn’t look so good for Andy and Erin fans. “I’ll tell you, at least in the beginning, I think there is romance for Erin, but not with Andy,” she reluctantly reveals. In that same answer, she also mentions Zach Woods coming on full time, so we can only assume Erin and Gabe will be doing some work outside the office, if you know what I mean. “I think there’s some love between the two of them. I don’t know if I can say too much!” Ellie laughs.


  1. I don’t blame him. This season has seen far too many extreme character changes. It’s been heartbreaking

  2. What’s been heartbreaking? I’ve loved this season. And Steve directed an episode, so it’s not like he’s upset with the show. 7 years is a long time, and he’s said he’d like to spend more time with his kids.

  3. Ya I agree with Jimmy. There has been some hilarious scenes this season, and SJ Creed hasn’t changed at all and he is my favorite.

  4. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it’s a money play. He deserves to be paid, heavily. NBC will get this one right, and he will get the $$$ he deserves.

  5. I would imagine that Steve is the highest paid actor on the show. Plus he is a big movie star, so he doesn’t need more money. I’d say this decision is all about spending more time with his family.

  6. I’ve got to agree with SJ that they’ve lost the characters a bit.

  7. While upon first hearing the Steve news I was upset, but now that these last few episodes have aired and I have taken stock of the season as a whole, I’ve come to terms with him leaving. The show has changed so much and you cannot deny it is becoming a shell of its former self. They either need to get GD more involved and return the show to its character driven (I’m talking Jim and Pam) and slow, subtle, season-building plotlines or just end it next season.

  8. Amy:

    I can deny it. I don’t think the show is a shell of its former self at all. That’s your opinion, and that’s fine. Also, Jim and Pam got married and had a baby this season. What else do you want them to do? Bring the baby to work every day?

  9. “Jim and Pam got married and had a baby this season. What else do you want them to do? Bring the baby to work every day?”


  10. Steve Carell is possibly one of the classiest actors to ever live. I remember reading an interview a long time ago that he was going to stay in the show for the whole seven seasons, and this was during season 2. He made up his mind a long time ago and family seems way more important to him than this show, and I cannot fault him in any way. This show should end altogether in season 7

  11. At first when I read/heard Steve’s interview, I was heartbroken. I thought, “What will become of my Thursday night ritual when it’s gone?” But then, I read all of the comments here and I realized that is it time for the show to come to an end. It’s time for us to finally receive the closure we want for all our characters (Holly and Michael, for example). It’s one of the last gifts the writers can do for us, the fans, before they say goodbye. I’ll cry once the show ends, but I will always remember what I have learned from this show and the memories I have from it.

  12. The writers have killed the show. There is no suspense between Jim and Pam anymore. The Dwight, Angela, Andy love triangle has been put to rest. Bringing Darrell upstairs has made the intrigue of the warehouse go away. Pam just doesn’t work sitting two feet from Jim. I agree with Amy. SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE!

  13. “There is no suspense between Jim and Pam anymore. The Dwight, Angela, Andy love triangle has been put to rest.”

    Thank goodness for that.

  14. I think as the show has evolved over the years, certain elements had to get resolved (Jim and Pam getting together, for example) or it turns into “same old, same old” and gets stale. As far as keeping the rest of it fresh, I feel the show is way too predictable overall without the jaw dropping moments of the past. Sitcoms and even TV dramas get into ruts around seven years. It’s better to burn out than fade away. But I’ll miss TO.

  15. yes, I agree that the show is not what it once was; there is no suspense, and I miss some sort of story-arc to really drive the season now that there is nothing more b/t jim and pam to get excited about. let it end nice and peacefully next year with michael and holly getting together…..

  16. @Amy
    I agree. “The Office” needs to return to its former self. It has become a ‘typical’ sitcom-y type show in my opinion. I can’t believe i’m saying this but I actually sort of want the show to end next season when it is still semi-good.

  17. The show can last after Steve is gone. But who would be regional manager?

    Darell. It would be hilarious and add a whole new element to the show. Jo has obviously taken interest in him, and I think that this would be a perfect transition. Craig Robinson is one of my favorite actors on the show and I think it’s about time he gets a lead role on a TV show.

  18. Jim and Pam were not why this show used to be great. This show was great because it used to be about people, their personalities, and how they inappropriately clash. The problem is that they all, and we all, like everyone’s personality now, so it’s not making us cringe. It’s making us smile. And that’s kind of the antithesis of what the show used to aim for. But having Greg Daniels more involved would definitely not hurt, nobody can make a giant cast seem like a single main character better than that guy.

  19. Getting Darryl more involved is fine with me. I love that he has easier access to screwing with Michael and Dwight now.

  20. It would be nice for The Office to go back to the jokes, parties and other nonsensical things. Even though we started with the series downsizing and all, I think they have grasped too much onto what is happening here lately. They need to make light of the situation instead.

  21. I live in Australia (not Austria!) and have watched all the seasons back to back as my evening tv viewing over the past month and a bit. My husband and I have just finished season 5. And of course we can’t get season 6 until end of 2010 on DVD if we’re lucky. Love this show but have to agree it’s time to call it ‘quits’. Go out on a high like Seinfeld. Here’s hoping all those great actors/actresses, writers, producers etc who made this show will go on to bigger and better things.

  22. I think the seasons peaked in season 4 and went down after season 5. I am hoping season 7 is the last one even though this is my favorite show right now. michael needs to be intimidating in a way again, i feel like sabre is going to be through since the exploding printers, and i think holly will play a big role in the dramatic part of the show. all in all, for me, nothing can top season 4. season 2 as well has the BEST drama for jim and pam..

  23. Not sure if this classifies as a “spoiler” but Amy Ryan is joining the cast of “In Treatment” (link) so I don’t think she’ll be transferring back to Scranton anytime soon.

  24. “The show can last after Steve is gone. But who would be regional manager?
    Darell. It would be hilarious and add a whole new element to the show.”

    Derek, what a brilliant idea! I can see it now…Dwight would be FURIOUS, Andy would have no clue how to suck up to him, and Kelly would be torn because she’s with Ryan, but Daryl is the man in the power position now, and she dumped him.

    It could really work.

  25. I do hope they could work around Amy Ryan’s schedule so she could come back as Holly, and not have a different actress replacing her.

  26. Number 23-Oddly enough, I know someone working on In Treatment, and he told me that the shooting starts today, and the schedule is for 12 weeks. So it’ll end around the end of August/early September. It’s not outside the realm of the possible for Ryan to be on The Office again this season.

  27. Dundies-Dundies-Dundies! I think they’ve done a great job with the Christmas/holiday party episodes and would love to see the 2011 Dundies.

  28. My two cents’ worth on Steve leaving: I’m hopeful that they can agree to at least a one-year contract extension. Eight seasons is a great length for any show and, above all, I care enough about the show to want it to exit on its own terms.

    That said, if Steve does leave I think the show could continue. But my suggestion is not to try to replace him with a big-name actor the way they’ve tried on other shows. Just let the supporting players take the helm, no pun intended. Oh, and Dwight should be regional manager – it would be great to see everyone trying to thwart him.

  29. So it looks like Dwight’s landlord plot is going to be part of next season (which is #7 just for MSNBC’s information). And rather than just more Andy and Dwight, I hope characters like Oscar and Meredith get some stories.

  30. Eighth season? Is that a mistake, or is there definitely going to be an eighth season, regardless of whether or not Steve leaves after this year?

  31. In an earlier interview at the upfronts in May, B.J. Novak said he couldn’t imagine The Office without Steve Carell. I’m betting NBC is twisting the showrunners’ arms to endorse the show’s continuation after Steve leaves. I don’t want the show to continue without Steve. Far more importantly, if The Office gang don’t want that either and are forced to go on anyways, the quality will suffer.

  32. #36 I’m not sure how much arm twisting NBC would have to do to get the other actors, writers and show runners to take large sums of cash to continue. This is how they make their living not a vanity art project. They aren’t going to walk away because Steve Carell leaves.

  33. i think it’s cool that after 7 years of Michael being Michael, that we’ll see him starting to mature and develop. and i love more Andy!

  34. I hope Steve stays on, but I wish they would pay a little more attention to the other characters. I want more Angela, Kelly, Meredith, Creed, etc. I loved the one episode that had the entire main cast in the opening credits, it’s an ensemble show, they all should be in the opening credits because they all help the show grow. I don’t get why Ed Helms was the only one promoted when he came in season 3.

    Also I hope to see Holly and Jan back this season.

  35. Cool, they have a character (Kelly ‘Erin’ Hannon) named after a writer’s assistant? :P Must be really cool to be her. :)

  36. The entire cast isn’t in the opening credits because it would take up too much time. They did that for Stress Relief because it was the Super Bowl episode and an hour long show. Even with adding Ed Helms to the intro, the actual opening has gotten shorter because even a few seconds makes a difference in editing. Frankly, I’m surprised they still use the opening theme, with the amount of stuff they try to fit into one ep.

  37. Anyone else notice how they have a writer’s assistant named kelly hannon? Isn’t that ellie kemper’s character’s actual name? Kelly Hannon?

  38. What about the small comments Toby makes about the air quality being checked. I think there might be a story line there. Anyone else?

  39. I only hope Jan is coming back for Michael to end things once and for all. I didn’t like the way they evolved her character and especially in Baby Shower. I was done with Jan after the way she treated Michael.

  40. I don’t mind Melora Hardin coming back for a few episodes, but please god, no more baby showers. Of course she has said this before every season.

  41. Why do these articles keep mentioning Ricky Gervais? There is exactly zero chance he would reprise David Brent.

  42. I do like the fact Woods is a series regular, and if they air an 8th season, Angela gets a spot in the opening credits. FOREVER FLAX

  43. My feelings can best be described as woowhooo! This is the best news I’ve heard all summer.

  44. Wow. Sounds like it could be an awesome season! Now I’m thinking maybe they can pull this show off without Michael Scott as boss. If this season turns out as good as it sounds then I take back my previous comments about the show having run its course. Viva Office!

  45. i kind of can’t handle the idea that andy might be in sweeney todd. all of my nerd obsessions are colliding right now.

  46. These plot points all sound great! All the more reason to make this season the last and go out on a high note.

  47. People who are convinced that Season 7 should be the last are setting themselves up for disappointment. Not gonna happen.

  48. Paul reveals Season 7:

    1- Steve leaves & takes Holly with him.
    2- Dwight gets even zanier as building landlord.
    3- One or two new people from Sabre join cast.

    Paul mentions episodes with Michael, Dwight, Andy, Jim. Strangely, no mention of Pam, Angela, Gabe.

    My intuition: The characters Paul does NOT mention-specifically, Pam, Angela, Gabe- will play a pivotal role in Season 7-and a possible S8. Paul can’t tell us how, but I can.

    So here’s the scoop on Season 7:
    Pam gets Michael’s job, Gabe gets #2, and Angela gets Gabe.
    Oh, yea, and Michael gets herpes!

  49. I don’t like the sound of any of it. Because I think it sounds very Un-Office.

  50. Dear Paul Lieberstein and Writers,

    Please bring back AJ. We need to see more Rob Huebel because he is filled with awesome. And I want to see AJ kick Michael’s ass.

    Thank you,

  51. Ah, lots of great stuff to look forward to (and this news helps with the wait–only 70 or so more days!) This will be one of the greatest seasons ever, I’m sure of it!

  52. I’m glad prankster-Jim will be back, hopefully Pam will be his deadpan cohort once again (Pam as boss? C’mon…)

  53. It’ll be nice to have prankster Jim back! Those were always some of my favorite moments from earlier seasons, and I think it will help bring the show back to a good place.

  54. This sounds like it could be a lovely last season. I have such a slight dread about a possible 8th one.

  55. Yay! Jan! Welcome back Melora! The whole Holly thing sounds like a soap in the making, so no, not thrilled about that, but I can’t wait for more Jan. I hope she’s written as a sane person this go round. If we get S2 Jan, I will be thrilled.

  56. I hope that Charles Miner will be back as the boss should Michael decide to leave. Remember, he did hire Erin.

    Moreover, Michael was able to return only because Jim breached his duty and refused to act in his employer’s best interest. He knew that Michael’s company was broke yet he fed incomplete and inaccurate information to his superiors, leading to the ousting of Charles.

    I am happy that Michael was back, but replacing him with Charles would be poetic.

  57. 60 and 72:

    What exactly is the problem? Jan and Holly have already been on the show, Michael constantly overreacts to ridiculous things, Jim pranking a power-hungry Dwight is one of the best parts of the show, a boss’s kid doing crap jobs for the company seems like typical corporate life, and Andy’s story reminds me of when we saw Michael in improv class.

    From what little we know so far, it sounds like the typical things they’ve always done.

  58. The spoiler about Michael’s cold sore – does that mean we’ll see Carol & Donna?

  59. # 71 – Tiffany in PA

    You say the whole Holly thing sounds like a soap opera, so you’re not thrilled about that, but could you explain what you mean please? The whole Pam/Roy/Karen/Jim Square I feel was much more soap operish than the Holly thing sounds. I think it’ll create a bit of drama and longing that was missing from the show since Jim and Pam got together. Michael and Holly I feel are going to be like Jim and Pam in the sense that we KNOW they’re going to get together in the end, but we just have to go along for the ride to see how it happens. It is a bit dramatic, just like Jim and Pam’s journey was, but I think it’ll do wonders for the show :-)

    I for one am completely excited about all of these spoilers! Sounds like Season 7 is shaping up to be a wonderful, hilarious, heart warming season and the perfect good-bye for Steve Carell!

  60. To Jimmy (#74), it’s just not sounding good to me, sorry. I hope they prove me wrong so my favorite show makes me excited to watch every week again.

  61. Jan? I was seriously hoping we’d heard and seen the last of her. I hope her appearance is short lived.

  62. I have to say not one of these spoilers made me squeal with excitement. I’m willing to give them the chance to wow me. I’m in need of something though to get my love for this show back. I enjoy episodes that have not only funny but some heart. For me that includes Jim and Pam heavily involved.

  63. These spoilers are moderately disappointing. Holly and Michael’s romance was a complete snoozefest. I liked him better with Jan.

  64. I am so excited! It would be perfect to have Michael and Holly ride off into the sunset in the last episode. They are each other’s soul mates.
    Since Jan is coming back I’d like to see a Holly-Jan cat fight over michael’s affections.
    How about Jan as the new manager…that is what i’d like to see. She has proven her comedic chops in the dinner party episode.
    And last but not least, MORE CREED.
    IMO he is the funniest secondary character. Writers, give us less Kevin ( the least funny character) and gives us CREED!

  65. I’m guessing Jan will just be showing up briefly in the episode where Michael tells his former lovers he has herpes.

  66. Yay for Jan coming back. Hopefully for more than just one episode to tease us. Michael and Jan are comedic gold. Michael and Holly are sweet, but boring.

  67. So excited for the return of Mose! Almost more than the return of Holly! Whatever he’s doing, I hope he runs while doing it :)

  68. Mose before hoes! As in the beetfarming hoe sense.

    So glad to have him back. This show has the most talented people, and Schur is one of them.

  69. Mose coming back, Holly coming back, Jan coming back, This is gonna be totally awesome!!!!!! Yessssssss!!!!!!!!

  70. I hope the writers can “dial back” Jim and Pam some this year, they have become totally unlikable. They have an extreme arrogance that is highly unappealing at this point.

  71. Question: When will the season 7 come? Hope the season will be full of dwight.. And fun also if they bring in Mose

  72. “They have an extreme arrogance that is highly unappealing at this point.”

    Do you have some examples or is this the standard “I hate Jim and Pam” hipster stance that is so common these days?

  73. Timothy Olyphant is coming on? Talk about another unpredictable guest appearance.

  74. “Everybody Loves Raymond” found great stories for a married couple that wasn’t about cheating, and we can too.”


  75. Michael going to counseling with Toby? AWESOME.

    And Timothy Olyphant is a great actor.

  76. 95:

    So you want them to have Jim and Pam cheat on each other? He didn’t say they were going to copy stories from ELR…the formats of the shows are way too different. Whether you personally liked that show or not, it is a recent, popular example of a show with a married couple

  77. #96 It was a quote in Alan Sepinwall’s interview with Paul Lieberstein. Paul said it concerning how they will deal with Jim and Pam. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it literally, but if they ever have an episode where Jim is a clueless sloth who silently suffers as Pam nags him I’m out.

  78. Michael’s reaction to having a coldsore pretty much sounds like a recipe for comedic GOLD. This is why I love The Office writers. :)

    I can’t wait for season 7!

  79. I’ve drawn 2 conclusions from these spoilers and all the comments made by viewers:

    1. Next season is looking like it has potential to be a significant improvement over the last one.

    2. The story arcs for this show, more than almost any other, require such a delicate balancing act because of the show’s wide audience. For me, the most important thing has always been that the show be funny. All the relationship stuff, while often sweet and well-acted, never really pulled me in. Apparently, that’s not the case for other viewers though. I now find it all the more impressive that the show has managed to keep viewers happy for 6 (ok, maybe 5) years! After all, if there’s too many love triangles, all the viewers who can’t stand shows like Grey’s Anatomy (me!) will tune out. But on the other hand, if there isn’t some emotional investment in the characters, then no one cares what happens to them, and they stop watching. Tricky!

  80. Wow, I’m really looking forward to Season 7! I would love to see the awkwardness that would be Gabe and Erin trying to be romantic. I can just picture it now! And Melora and Amy coming back is great.

  81. I want to know about Jim and Pam. I’ll hate to see their ‘story’ be downplayed… I’m all for a little drama with them…. I don’t know…. anyone with me?

  82. Aw:( i was kind of hoping for the ryan/erin story to continue. ah well…

  83. Erin and Andy wasn’t interesting and I don’t think the idea of Erin with Gabe is interesting either. Why can’t Erin just be the receptionist? Why does she have to be part of a romance? For that matter, why in the world do we need more inter-office romances?

    And they have taken Angela’s character to the point that she doesn’t even resemble the Angela that used to be likable.

  84. The more articles I read about the show continuing to an 8th season, the more I think it’s just a generally awful idea. And as much as I enjoy Gervais, I wouldn’t want to see him doing this. It’s almost like him moving backwards. I’m still crossing my fingers that something will happen for this to be the last, though I know I’ll be sorely disappointed.

  85. How the heck could he have dated Pam? In middle school or are they just going to erase Pam’s back story for a few laughs?

  86. Ok, now wait a minute here.

    Timothy Olyphant’s character used to date Pam?

    When? For 5 minutes when she was 16 years old?! Because unless she & Roy broke up at some point in the past and we’ve somehow *never* heard about it, or unless she dated another guy during that Season 3/Stamford year of hell and we also *never* heard about it, this storyline is either a) stupid or b) messing with canon. Either way…umm, no.

  87. Wow, they’re really pulling out all the stops for this season. While I love Gervais, I just can’t see a plausible reason for him to become Michael Scott’s replacement. The realism has already been gone from the show for a few years, but that would be taking it too far.

    And I second everyone’s comments about Timothy Olyphant’s character having dated Pam. When would have that happened? And if it did happen in middle school or something, who cares?

  88. Here’s an idea…just wait and see what happens when the episode actually airs.

  89. I’m not sure if Ricky Gervais would want to be on The Office full-time (seems like a big commitment at this stage in his career) but I think it is a great idea to have him as a guest star and interviewing for Michael’s job – makes sense to me – after all, he certainly knows paper (and I can totally see David Brent coming “across the pond” to try and make it big in America…and failing). P.S. Why can’t Pam have dated people before she was engaged to Roy?

  90. Season 7 sounds great, a lot of good stories coming up. I know a lot of people disliked season 6, but I found it to be an entertaining season, not quite as strong as previous seasons, sure, but still very enjoyable. Anyway, can’t wait for the season 6 dvd and for season 7 to start.

  91. Am I the only one completely pumped to see Rhys Darby in The Office? I really hope he becomes a long-term cast member, because he’s one of the most under-appreciated comic actors around. Anyone who’s seen his stand-up or Flight of the Conchords knows just how hilarious this guy is. I know it would never happen, but how great would it be if he came into the show as Murray Hewitt?

  92. I’m sad about the spoiler about Pam’s ex-boyfriend. I don’t want to see unhappy, sad-sack, doormat Jim in season 7 looking at the camera sadly while Pam flirts with her bad-ass ex… from high school? I guess the storyline would be okay if Pam winds up looking stupid and has to apologize to Jim. I feel like Jim does most of the heavy lifting in their relationship…

  93. I agree that bringing in Gervais as a guest star would be fantastic. What if Brent, now living in New York and trying to make it as an actor/musician, found out about DM and was able to get an interview. His interview would go great, but since it’s the afternoon in Scranton, they can’t call the UK to check his references until the next morning. We get to see Brent at the Scranton branch for a day until DM calls Wernham Hogg and discovers how Brent was fired. They could even use clips of the UK show by having someone google Brent and finding videos of the little known (in their universe) BBC2 documentary about the Slough paper company.

  94. I feel like some people here are getting way too worked up over Pam’s ex being on the show. Pam is smarter, nicer, and has more common sense (minus the baby episode) than any real woman I’ve ever met. I’m sure women say the same thing about Jim. She’s not dumb enough to flirt with an ex, and the writers know that this would irk the fans. I foresee a lot of awkwardness between the ex and Pam, and tension between him and Jim. Overall it will only make the show more interesting.

  95. Janae, I agree. People are really jumping the gun. Probably, like most encounters with exes, it will just serve as a great reminder of how far Pam has come.

    I’m still confused about the Pam/Roy thing though – at some point in the show did they say that Pam and Roy had dated since high school. I don’t remember that, but maybe someone can remind me?

  96. I know that this has not been brought up, but Patrick Warburton would be great. He was great in Seinfeld as a shady car salesman and it would be hilarious.
    How it could play out is he could come in and be an amazing salesman even though nobody knows who he is but he is a kiss-up to the bosses joe and gabe. He could be SHADY a quality the office has been lacking.

  97. Ya but have you seen Warburton on Seinfeld. That is a whole new kind of Shadiness, like a car salesman which he played. Also i think the best choice to replace Michael is Rhys Darby, He is a brilliant Stand up comedian and he is very talented.

  98. I do not think it should be a woman because the office already has great actresses and having a “lady boss” would not be good for Jenna’s character Pam because i think she interacted so well with men, Like Michael and Jim but she fought with Karen and Angela. The Office needs to not have “angry” humor which it had in Season 6.

  99. I Mean PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT make Portia de rossi the Boss, it would ruin the best t.v show ever!!!

  100. Jenna Fischer’s blog update worries me. Dwight starting that fire was one of the most ridiculous scenes in Office history. I still can’t stomach most of that episode.

  101. What is Dwight going to do with the building? Will we see a run in with the other tenants?

  102. Hilarious new little spoiler on EWs “Ask Ausiello”

    [from tanster: saw that, thanks!]

  103. I think Olyphant will be in episodes five and six. Episode four is supposedly when Michael visits his exes.

  104. Woah, Woah, Woah, hold everything!! I said to myself the other day, “self, when Michael leaves, it’s pretty much the end of the office, and you have to prepare yourself for this, it’s time to move on to another show”. Then, Ricky Gervais is mentioned. If that were to really happen, WOW, just, WOW, there are no words. Fingers crossed on this one!!

  105. Michael/Steve must not leave the office!!!!! Don’t let Dwight take over the branch and the rest of the Scranton Business Park building, he’ll make things worse and harder!!!!!

  106. Very upset with latest Ausiello scoop. It seems revisionist to me if Olyphant’s character went out with Pam more than one or twice. We never knew that Pam was in a relationship with someone else, but we did know she went out at least on one date (probably a couple more) while Jim was with Karen. Anyway, I think this could be a huge mistake if not played right, especially if they slept together.

  107. Love the Olyphant idea of being Pam’s “ex”. I think he’s got some underutilized comedic chops as an actor.

    Maybe Pam was set up with him a few times and obviously, it didn’t work out — so really not worth her mentioning to anyone *and* perhaps she was the one to turn him down? (is he now exacting revenge on her by taking away Jim’s sales?)

    Olyphant can be very hot when he wants to be, and I can see them playing up his good looks (like he’s in a whole other league than Jim) and Dwight really “giving it” to Jim on that fact.

    (And Meredith will probably dig him…)

  108. Hmmmm.
    It couldn’t have been anything too serious, so I’m not that worried. Jealous Jim should be funny, but as stated by some people before, this plotline, if played out wrongly could be completely awful.
    I still think it would’ve been funnier if he was from way back in Pam’s past, say a Middle School or early High School (pre-Roy) boyfriend.

  109. I totally agree with you, #158 Matt. I will be very very annoyed if the guy she dated was actually a “relationship.” Remember season 3 Pam? There was no WAY she would get too involved with anyone post Roy/in love with Jim! Anyway, I never like it when shows mess with the past (remember on Friends, TOW The Truth About London? GAH!) I hope they don’t mess this up!

  110. #160: That was my thinking as well. Just for a couple of dates after the return to Roy debacle. Anything more and they are messing with the timeline too much.

  111. How is it revealed that he dated Pam? If he’s a competitor why would he be in the office?

  112. I was hoping that this dating would occur around the time of The Convention, when Pam went on the double-date. If not then, it could have been between Ben Franklin and Phyllis’s Wedding, or between Cocktails and The Job, the latter of which could be the most sticky situation to navigate for the show, as it is the least likely period for something to have happened.

  113. I like the idea! Somebody or something needs to slap some life back into Jim and Pam. I´m pretty confident they´ll create a good back story to the whole dating thing, and it´ll be fun to see how it plays out with the new guy being a rivaling salesman.

  114. Slap some life back into Jim and Pam? This is the kind of contrived tension that sucked the life out of them in season 5. They need to bring back the fun, prankstery dynamic-duo.

  115. IMDB says that third episode of season 7 will star Phil Abrams as Shelby Thomas Weebs.

    probably nothing huge, but it also said he was in the whistle blower. does anyone remember this?

  116. omg does this mean we actually get to see something interesting happen between jim and pam’s characters again??

  117. Oh crap, worried about how they will play off the Pam’s ex thing considering season 3 there was only like a few episodes that she could have had a boyfriend and kept it secret (between the date with Kelly’s neighbor and getting back together with Roy).

  118. I don’t like that the writers are using the Olyphant storyline to continue the theme of Jim & Pam tension. This series is supposed to show how interesting everyday life can be, JAM used to exemplify that. I think it would lessen the show a bit if the writers continue to do what they did in seasons 5 & 6, not showing JAM’s day-to-day relationship, just some big dramatic moments and recurring tension (almost constant for Jim). I feel like they kind of wasted 2 seasons worth of opportunities to realistically evolve Jim & Pam. Instead they turned Pam into a (sometimes over the top) go-getter and Jim into a spineless whipping boy. These last 2 seasons might have been a lot more fun for JAM fans and could have been a lot less annoying to fans who wanted a secondary or tertiary storyline of fun & mischief, not angst & doldrums.

  119. I hope Pam and Olyphant didn’t ‘do anything’ or have an actual relationship. Pam was way too hung up on Jim and so guarded, it would not make sense for someone like her to be open in any way with some bad-boy. I don’t want the writers to change her character just to get easy tension.

  120. #175, but they didn’t show their day-to-day relationship like they did in seasons 1-4.

  121. I don’t know if it’s just the wording of this particular article or if it’s a spoiler about Pam’s relationship with Olyphant, but it was new to me.


  122. #177

    But think about it. Ever since they started dating and got engaged and then married and have kids, Jim and Pam spend virtually 24 hours a day together. They wouldn’t be as lovey dovey (most of the time) at work anymore now that they’re always together outside of it, would they? I think it kind of makes sense they toned down on a bit! Just my opinion though :-)

  123. You know, if they were going to waste all that time on Andy and Erin for that payoff they could have at least made it funny.

  124. Please don’t go heavy on the Erin/Gabe pairing. I think we saw last year that not every couple works on this show. They would be smart to emphasize Jim and Pam more like in seasons 2 & 3.

  125. YAY! It was just a couple of dates! Not a relationship! I can’t imagine that Pam would ‘do anything’ with someone after a couple of dates.

  126. Phew! It was just a couple of dates!

    Think I’m done reading spoilers though, I actually want to be surprised this season!

  127. It’s nice to hear from Melora, but the person I want to hear from the most is Amy Ryan. What are her thoughts about returning to the Office? And what can we expect when she is reunited with Michael?

  128. I’ve been wondering how long Pam’s salesperson persona was going to last. Now the question is what kind of new job she could take?

  129. It’s like season 6 all over again. Another summary with Andy and no Dwight. Andy’s been in the last couple seasons way too much.

  130. Dwight bought the building…I think it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ve got a few stories for that.

  131. i hope pam’s “new position” at work doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing less of her… but yay, i’m excited about seeing cecelia! it’s too bad they couldn’t fly jenna’s sister out and have the real cecelia play her! ;oP

  132. Awww Pam trying to impress Jim with her pranks :) i really look forward to this…I love my JAM <3

  133. I’ll be assuming that Kelly will be Lady Gaga for Halloween, so I’m really hoping Meredith or Phyllis becomes Snooki (leaning towards Meredith because she and Snooki drink – A lot!)

  134. Can’t believe it’s Michael Scott’s last Xmas at D-M. Although bummed he’s leaving, looking forward to this season and how they will close him out. Would love to see his mom and stepdad before he goes.

  135. i thought Ricky Gervais was supposed to be making an appearance this season yet i have heard almost NOTHING about it! i hope he still is going to be in it! he is a LEGEND and if it wasn’t for him there would be no “Office”. C’mon get Gervais in amongst the Dunder Mifflin family!!

    [from tanster: i know a little something about that… :) ]

  136. OMG – Toby as the boss – it would be perfect! He could hide in Michael’s old office all day and never make any decisions. Oh, can you imagine the look on Michael’s face if Toby was named as his successor? I love it! Team Toby for the win! (I’m going to have a t-shirt printed up right now!)

  137. “i thought Ricky Gervais was supposed to be making an appearance this season yet i have heard almost NOTHING about it! i hope he still is going to be in it! he is a LEGEND and if it wasn’t for him there would be no “Office”. C’mon get Gervais in amongst the Dunder Mifflin family!!

    [from tanster: i know a little something about that… :) ]”


    [from tanster: yes.]

  138. @ phyllis*farm how awesome is it gonna be when/if Gervais makes an appearance, although i feel like no one could “replace” Steve, i would love to see Gervais take his job, even just for a season

  139. Ricky Gervais, playing David Brent or even a new character as boss candidate, would be an incredible choice. Don’t even care if it’s just for one episode.

  140. You know what… Tim Allen would actually be a PERFECT replacement for Steve. I was all for just ending the show when Steve left, but watching the season 6 episodes again on DVD made me realize they’re even better than I first thought. This show has steam left in it and Tim Allen is the kind of “big name” that would work. I really hope they get him!

  141. Gervais has been pretty adamant that he has no desire to work the type of schedule headlining a TV show would require, so my money is on one episode. But, oh what an episode that would be.

  142. The more I read about Season 8, the more I cringe and get nervous. Tim Allen? Seriously? Even as a rumor it sounds awful.

    Replace Michael Scott with a series finale and make this season a lovely send off.

  143. Can’t wait for counseling!!! The whole Toby/Michael feud being touched on plus Dwight’s story sound’s great!

  144. Ricky Gervais´ possible appearance, beyond cool. Tim Allen rumor, meh. Honestly, none of the rumored replacements so far have made me look forward to S8. Get John Lithgow, one of the few actors I think who could actually give a very interesting spin to the new character.

  145. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like there should be previews for Season 7 already? It’s a week and half away, and I have been specifically watching NBC hoping for a little teaser. :)

  146. I think Mindy could have been referencing the next set of webisodes with her tweet about the blood.

  147. @215- There’s a spoiler (dated 9/09/10 from THe Hollywood Reporter) that said that Andy was going to be “starring in a Scranton community theater production of Sweeney Todd.”

    I can’t wait for this season to start!

  148. Playful, prankster Jim returns! Lighthearted Pam! Jim vs Dwight! Jan and Holly! Halloween hi-jinx! Character highlight episodes! Heartfelt farewell to Michael!
    This season is looking to be an incredible ride. So psyched. I think an original character should become the new main focus. And an outsider should take over as boss.

  149. Absolutely loved the cold open. So psyched for S7! Anyways, does anyone know if Nepotism runs half-hour or an hour long? Thanks!

  150. Wow, I got the chills (in a good way) at that last Ausiello Post about Holly and the Xmas episode. I’m way too invested in the Office characters’ lives and happiness.

  151. I wonder if certain songs and scenes from Andy’s play will cause Erin to run out of the auditorium and puke. She will probably be disturbed by some of Sweeney Todd’s actions.

  152. I am ecstatic about another Dundies episode. That is amazing news! Add also the return of Jim/Pam pranks and Jim actually pursuing another dream of his, and i’m more psyched than ever!

  153. So excited by the Oct. 14 summary, especially because it mentions ALL FIVE of those fine actresses. Though I was really hoping the episode title would be “Michael’s Exes.” Still, between this episode and the live 30 Rock, October 14 is going to be an amazing night of television!

  154. Is it just me, or is one of the scenes in the new opening “new” ? (i.e. Will happen later on in Season 7?) I am referring to the scene with Erin bobbing for apples. And Meredith is also dressed as a cheerleader in that scene. It would have had to have been Season 7, because Erin was only around for one other Hallowen, in Season Six, and they were all dress like scary “monsters” then.

  155. @222 IT Guy

    I noticed that too. I’m sure it’s probably from this season’s Halloween episode. And actually I believe Meredith is dressed as Sookie Stackhouse from “True Blood”.

  156. @David: Michael’s last ep should be Dundies ceremony, then as Michael is getting ready to leave for Sandals with Holly, Packer plays a prank on him before he leaves forever.

  157. It’s funny. On Heroes, Jack Coleman also worked for a fictional paper company. Although that was only a front for a clandestine organization that monitored people with super-powers.

  158. #225. Anita

    That’s an amazing idea! He should also win the “World’s Best Boss” dundie from the rest of his staff as a goodbye present!

  159. The Sting episode sounds great! I think it will probably be a lot like one of my all time favorite episodes, “Branch Wars.”

  160. How are they going to explain the pizza boy from S4 being a main character in Glee (I think? I don’t watch it). That’s quite a leap.

  161. Argh, I hate Glee!

    When are they going to do more episodes that focus on , you know, office related things?

  162. It’s bad enough knowing Glee exists, period. I have no desire whatsoever to see The Office pay homage, of sorts, to it. Having Erin at the forefront doesn’t help. Just…no.

  163. I’m not understanding the need for all this Andy and his singing. Am I missing something?

  164. No more singing, please! I’d love for them to do something more Office related. Please stop the singing.

  165. To quote Michael Scott, “No God No!”
    Please do NOT promote Darryl to manager. He gets exactly the right amount of screen time, no more no less.
    There is something lacking in the way his character has developed. What made him enjoyable was the juxtaposition of his working class persona to Michael’s hapless white collar sensibilities. Darryl calling Michael a NERF in the warehouse was a classic.
    It feels like the writers are trying to shoehorn Darryl into the upstairs Office to give him a bigger role, and groom him to be Michael’s replacement. While he has some amusing lines, it doesn’t seem like the right fit.
    I would compare it to season 6 when Jim was promoted. Yes, in theory, Jim would appear to be the perfect managerial candidate, but the reality was that he was not nearly as entertaining as when he was equal to Dwight, playing pranks and looking aside to the camera.

  166. @Jimmy

    One time character or not, we still saw him existing in the Office universe as a delivery guy, it’s kind of weird.

    Anyway, am I the only one excited to hear someone use “unsettling” to describe the show? I know I must be in the minority, but I wish they would go back to their bleaker roots. Send Michael off the right way.

  167. @ Danielle and Karen,

    I’m totally with you! STOP SINGING! We should start campaigning, “More pranking, less singing!” I know Stanley would pump his fist in the hair for this cause. “No more singing, no more singing.” Who’s with me?

  168. Why is Ed Helms’s name not in the episode “Christening” ? Is there a reason he’s absent?

  169. Agree with Paul (242). NO to Darryl. He’s perfect as a peripheral character. At this juncture I’m so concerned as to where The Office will go without Steve, that I’d just prefer it to end on a high :(

    I never thought I’d say that.

  170. I’m wondering about The Sting with Pam’s ex-boyfriend. I may be a bit of a continuity narc here, but Pam was supposedly with Roy since high school all the way up until S3. So I’m hoping the writers remembered that. :p

  171. An hour-long episode written by Mindy and directed by Rainn – best Christmas present ever!
    P.S. I love the singing. And I think Darryl could be a great boss (especially based on his “pep talk” to Andy last week). Other candidates: Gabe (makes sense) and Toby (I just want to see more Toby).

  172. One more vote to stop the musical numbers. I’m pretty sure even if they do promote Daryl, it somehow won’t work out and it’ll pave the way for whoever’s going to ultimately replace Steve, which I’m thinking/hoping will be a new actor. The next set of episodes sound promising!

  173. Is that one talking head the good stuff? Also, remember Pam’s comment about Andy singing in the appropriate setting? I wish they had stuck with that.

  174. They need to stop with the Andy/Erin/Gabe storylines! More Dwight, Jim, and Pam! That’s the only thing that needs to happen to make this season equal with 2 & 3!

  175. I just can’t get into this whole Andy pinning for Erin. There isn’t enough chemistry between these two for me to have any interest. Please let him move on.

  176. “The Office Halloween episodes are always epic”?
    Maybe they’re watching a different show. There has only been one Office Halloween episode (season 2) and two cold openings (season 5 & 6). And I wouldn’t call any “epic”

  177. Tanster, can you tease us in advance about “Costume Contest,” since you have seen that episode?

    [from tanster: actually, all the information that i would have posted has been mentioned by other sources here. :) ]

  178. Thanks Tanster! How did you feel about the episode?

    [from tanster: i received ‘the sting’ and ‘costume contest’ in one package, and watched them back to back. i liked ‘the sting’ better.]

  179. Can’t wait to see Jack Coleman in a completely different environment! (Maybe he’ll hunt down Dwight for his supernatural Martial Arts skills.)

  180. Any chance that Jan’s child is actually Michael’s? I know she got it from “the place by the Ihop”, but couldn’t she just be saying that b/c she didn’t wanna deal with Michael and his craziness? Just thought it would be a perfect way for him to leave the show, you know how much he always wanted kids. Just curious, all you guys are great, and i love all your guys’ knowledge of the show.

  181. I’ve always thought that, Greg @265. Or she thought it was a popsicle baby and it’s really Michael’s. She lost track of the snips.

  182. I love hearing from Amy Ryan. I know it won’t be easy for them, but I know in my heart those two dorks are going to stay together. They have to because if they don’t that will be the one thing that many fans won’t forgive the writers for. Michael+Holly ;)

  183. #265- My problem with suddenly finding out Astrid is Michael’s baby is that I would find no humor in having a man who has wanted a family more than anything find out that his ex-girlfriend lied to him about being the father of her child and that he has, in turn, missed the first two plus years of his child’s life. I, for one, would be highly disappointed if the show took that route.

  184. #265-You may be on to something. It is very strange that Michael loves every baby he sees BUT Astrid. It would be totally in character to not see something right in front of him. It’s good the show is not going for the obvious happy ending at this point with Holly. We need some obstacles and suspense before they waltz into the sunset.

  185. Hi Tanster, I don’t know if you addressed it elsewhere, but I was wondering if you knew where Jen Celotta and Lee & Gene have gone this season? I noticed they aren’t credited and I miss their episodes. I know Mike & Greg are still with Parks, and Mindy has a deal for new projects, but I don’t know where and what Jen, Lee and Gene are working on. This season has been great so far, but still miss them….any info? Thanks for all you do!

  186. After the “Viewing Party” episode, I assume Toby’s jury duty is going to be for the Scranton Strangler trial…which if the writers began the whole Scranton Strangler reference in Season 6 with the ultimate intention of it being a way to bring Holly back…genius.

  187. Oh no please don’t have Astrid be Michael’s baby. I love The Office since it’s unconventional, and while that would certainly be an unconventional way to end to SC’s run on the show, I would absolutely swear off the show forever if the writers did that to Michael.

    Michael’s been so sullen this season, and the gun comment in Viewing Party was just depressing, but Michael has to go out happy. Not lame sitcom happy. He just deserves it because after all that’s happened to him, and all the stupid stuff he’s done, he still has a huge heart.

    Michael has to end up with Holly, although I expect there will be plenty of twists and turns and trap-doors before the finale. I can’t wait for it to unfold, although it will all be with a touch of sadness since SC will be gone.

  188. OH YEAH, JAN AGAIN! I still have some hope of her being with Michael in the series finale! Holly is so boring, I hate her and I hate Michael with her!

  189. Ok, Jim getting into a snowball fight with Dwight! TOO HILARIOUS! And just a question which will be answered later as the ep premiers: But is Toby going to at least be in the episode? I like episodes where EVERY cast member is seen and heard, even if it is Michael’s worst enemy.

  190. Tanster I just watched the episode ‘Company Picnic’ from Season 4 and saw someone that looked like you with the Buffalo Branch. Was that you? If so how was your experience with such an awesome cast?

    [from tanster: yes, that was me! :) you can read about it here (Day 4) and here. it was an absolute dream come true!]

  191. here’s what I want to see…

    either a cold open where michael goes early morning door buster shopping for a pair of slippers..

    or a whole thanksgiving episode next year…
    (on thanksgiving)

  192. Anytime i see mention of Steve Carell leaving the show I get a lump in my throat and the feeling like my life has been one big lie..haha yes this is me being dramatic but the thought of Michael Scott’s last Christmas at Dunder Mifflin just breaks my heart :( Also, Tanster with the mention of Company Picnic in the thread I need to say again, you are one lucky, LUCKY girl! :)

    [from tanster: thanks! :) ]

  193. I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for Kathy Bates’ new show on NBC and wondered what that means for her role on The Office – although she isn’t on too often, so maybe it can work. I was hoping we might see some more scenes between Jo and Michael before the season ends, but maybe not now. Watching Kathy Bates and Steve Carell together is a real treat!

  194. Hey Tanster, do you know if Melora Hardin is going to be in any more episodes this season? I remember reading something earlier that said she would be in more episodes in 2011 but I’m not sure if that was ever followed up on.

  195. Only seven more weeks? That doesn’t even take him to the
    end of the season. So Steve must depart about the same time as Amy
    Ryan right?

  196. Wow! That means that Carell will be done filming by the end
    of February! What about the rest of the cast?

  197. Only 7 more weeks? Are there no more filming hiatuses? I knew it was coming, but didn’t think I had to turn on the sadness this much sooner. :(

  198. Seven weeks of filming doesn’t necessarily mean that Steve will leave by the end of February and that the end of the season will be Scott-less :
    – there are weeks of shooting, weeks of break. The weeks won’t necessarily be consecutive.
    – for years, the schedule has tried to accommodate Steve’s side projects, such as movies, so they regularly do stuff such as shooting his scenes for two different episodes over a couple of days, and it’s hard to notice when it’s broadcast.
    When Danny DeVito joined “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, he only had 14 or 15 days to shoot all his scenes for season 2. But he’s included in every episode. It was a continuity nightmare for the directors and the rest of the crew (they were doing scenes for three or four different episodes on the same day) but it turned out fine. The Office is actually even more prepared for this kind of situations.

  199. There are 12-14 more episodes to go. I don’t see how Steve Carell can be fit into every episode with only seven more weeks of filming regardless of breaks.

  200. @294 How awesome would that be? You just know that Holly
    would be getting a “special” award!

  201. So, 16 episodes were completed in 2010. They’ve got another
    ten to complete and Steve has seven weeks on his schedule. He’ll be
    part of all of the episodes. I can’t imagine him missing from a
    couple of them, then returning for the finale.

  202. @ jkfan9989 I give you my word that I’m not a member of the cast or the production team. I’m just a longtime fan, nothing more.

  203. I wish the conclusion of Michael’s story didn’t include Jan. She became a completely unlikable character with no redeeming quality, in my opinion.

  204. Yes! Jan is Michael’s hilarious non-soulmate. I love watching those two interact. Shades of Dinner Party?

    Snip Snap Snip Snap

  205. Despite all the nonsense that happened during Jan’s clear mental breakdown, she’s obviously recovered now and is such a major part of what made the show great, I’m thrilled to see her back. The character deserves to be part of Michael’s exit story, and it will be all the better for her presence. Can’t wait for these episodes.

  206. Is it ‘Threat Midnight’ or ‘Threat Level Midnight’? It seems like she either misspoke or was misquoted.

  207. We’re getting to see Karen, Roy and David as well? Boy, I want to see this episode already!! *bounces*

  208. i have not been this excited for an Office episode since well i’m not sure if I’ve ever been this excited. The Client has always been an All Time favorite of mine, and I often quote Threat Level Midnight lines, or lines about it in regular conversation. I feel like I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen since Pam found that script in Season 2. i am pretty much ecstatic right now. So. Excited. ;-)

  209. Wow. I’m a massive fan of both THE OFFICE and PARKS AND REC as well as the amazing Rashida Jones. I’m so psyched for THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT! It’s the closest I’ll get to seeing my OFFICE/PARKS AND REC fantasy crossover coming true with Rashida showing up in Scranton, PA and Pawnee, IN in the same night.

  210. The more I hear about this, the more awesome it sounds. Jan(!), Karen and the rest all *acting* in TL:M! Amazing. I wonder how he gets them all involved… Whatever– Yay!

  211. I’m sooo excited for Steve’s final episodes! This Threat Level Midnight episode sounds ridiculously epic. I’m praying that it will be an hour-long. Sooo excited to see Jan, Karen, Roy and David!

    I am also looking forward to the Dundies! :)

  212. I have a feeling Karen & Roy will only be seen in the finished product of the movie, since they might have had a role since the movie has allegedly been filming for seven years. Funny stuff, I hope people like Ronni or Hannah or the interns are in it.

    That’s just my pre-conceived notion of what it will be, I might be totally wrong.

  213. I’ve commented already, but I’m so ridiculously STOKED about Threat Level Midnight, that I will comment again! I’ve always kinda wondered if they were ever going to bring that up again since season 2. And bringing the Alum back, AWESOME!!

  214. Threat level Midnight will be the best B-day present ever!! Soooo excited that it’s on my bday!

  215. Sounds like a done deal that Holly will pick Michael (sooner rather than later) as they waltz off into the Nashua sunset. I would prefer Michael leave as Ricky Gervais did, to find his destiny instead of making him happy.

  216. I’m not sure how to feel about Holly leaving 2 episodes before Michael’s departure…

  217. As a loyal fan who’s stuck by the show for 7 years, I’m really hoping that the writers don’t go down the ‘Hollywood’ route for Michael’s departure. It’s just totally unrealistic and over the top (even by The Office standards). Greg, you yourself said that you always try to be as realistic as possible with the show, so………..I trust you won’t actually make that happen.

  218. I am ridiculously stoked about the rest of the season. There is just SO much fantastic stuff to look forward to. Steve leaving is sad, but it all sounds too great to stay down for long. I can’t wait to see Jim and Pam drunk! Together! Awesome!!

  219. Tanster:

    Have you heard ANYTHING about another Dundies episode? That, to me, was Michael Scott at his best and it sucks that we only got one showing of this “annual event”?! Oh well, a nerd can dream.

  220. To Tanster:
    quote from Ricky Gervais on his blog:
    “I am however taking over from Steve Carell on The Office. Oh, and I’m playing Gandalf in the new Peter Jackson movie. ”


  221. Threat Level Midnight is either the wardrobe/make-up/hair departments’ most fun or worst nightmare – having to recreate seven years of different looks will be such a challenge (I’m sure they’re up to it!).

  222. Just read an interesting article about Ricky Gervais. He stated ““Watch on the 27th,” he said, “and you’ll get an idea of who’s going to be running The Office.” Will he be on that episode? “Just watch,” he reassured me.


    Hmmm…. interesting.

  223. OMG this is the best news ever!!!!!! I cannot wait until next week :dies:

    David Brent and Michael Scott – at last! (now I have a picture of them dancing together to “at last” ala Obama’s inaugaration LMAO)

  224. @Matt (332)

    The episode count is slightly different than the half-hour count. NBC orders a certain amount of half-hour segments, with some leeway for how many episodes are actually produced. Occasionally they can change the amount of half-hour allotments, such as adding more (if there’s a show that was being field-tested) or taking away (shows pending cancellation). So far, we’ve had 13 episodes shown thus far, but one of those episodes (“Classy Christmas”) was an hour long, so it counted as two half-hour segments, or episode breaks. [As an aside, for the sake of syndication, all hour-long Office episodes are split in half, occasionally getting ‘new’ footage (often deleted scenes) spliced back in as an enticement.] So there’s still 12 half-hour segments left, after having used 14 to make 13 episodes. That long-winded explanation is simply to say that if all the rest of the episodes are half-hour episodes, then we’ll have 12 left. If there are any hour-long episodes, we’ll have fewer, but not technically. Okay, I’m confusing myself now.

  225. According to the information I’ve received from, there are 26 half-hours for Season 7.

    As of Jan 22, we’ve already seen 13 half-hours in 12 episodes (Classy Christmas was two half-hours).

    We have 13 half-hours left in 12 episodes (the season finale will be two half-hours).

    See the episode list for what we’ve got…

  226. Hasn’t Pam tried to be assertive and demanding respect every single year, since the end of season 3?

  227. Okay.
    The new guy coming in for season 8 is going to be an accountant.

    That’s 4 accountants where they only need 2.

    Either someone is getting a new job, or Kevin, Oscar, or Angela is the new boss.

    I mean, it’s possible. Who saw Ryan becoming the new boss for season four?

  228. I hope none of the accountants become the manager. That wouldn’t make sense. Also, it would be terrible if it was Kevin. He’s only good in small doses.
    Another thing, I’m pretty mad that Michael’s last episode isn’t going to be an hour long or at least 45 minutes like Casino Night. Toby gets an hour long for his farewell but not Michael? Something is wrong here.

  229. I have a feeling that Michael may make an appearance in the finale. It is an hour long. Enough time for him to peek in.

  230. “Our schedule is still being determined.”

    Well, so much for information they released earlier this week.

  231. Why did Mindy’s tweet about directing “Goodbye Michael Part 1” get me all choked up? :( Like I needed that lol

  232. Jenna said that the new manager won’t know her as the receptionist, so does that mean it will be an outside hire? I am so excited, I have high hopes for the rest of this season.

  233. Holly’s leaving! No offense, but yay! Love Amy Ryan, no love for Holly. So Michael proposes and she’s out? Right on.

  234. So happy to see the last of Holly (no offense to Amy Ryan, who is a good actress), as the maturation of Michael has completely ruined the character. What has truly disappointed me was the predictability of this exit. Michael will no doubt leave to go be with Holly and get married, maybe even with a baby on the way.

  235. I’m really excited to see Michael propose to Holly in Garage Sale! I wonder how he will do it and I wonder what her reaction will be. They truly are soulmates:). I wish Holly would stay until Michael leaves, but I would like his last episodes to be focused on him and his relationships with everyone in the office. I will miss Amy Ryan:(.

  236. Love ya Amy Ryan, but buh-bye Holly! Can’t say I’ll miss you at all. Here’s hoping “final” means *final*. Now maybe I’ll get a glimpse of the Michael I love before he goes. :(

  237. Has there been any indication of when Mindy’s last episode will be? I have been assuming it’s the end of the season, but other than her saying she’s not coming back, there hasn’t been much news.

  238. I loved Holly when she first came to the office a year or two ago, but then it became WAY too much. I like Michael single or with Jan. Those are the only two options. Haha…

  239. Wait, has it been confirmed Mindy isn’t coming back next season? I’ve been holding out hope she’ll decide to stay after all.

  240. What the heck happened to Danny Cordray? And Mindy’s leaving? Dang, I’m so behind on news.

  241. Just read Will Arnett is definitely not joining The Office full-time. He’s already signed to a different NBC pilot.

  242. Wouldn’t it be cool if Goodbye Michael was his wedding and at the reception, he had the Dundies?

  243. Just reading the summary for the “Goodbye, Michael” episodes has me tearing up. I don’t know if I can handle actually watching them. It will be a sad, sad day.

  244. Love the name Bronte! (Reminds me of the movie Green Card.)

    P.S. Can I renew my call for Gabe as boss? He’s turning into such a jerk – he would make a perfect boss!

  245. Tanster, do you know if there has been any recent word on whether Kathy Bates/Jo Bennett is back for the season finale? I know that it was mentioned earlier this year, but lately not at all. Who else would be conducting the interviews for regional manager? (I guess Gabe or Toby, but still…) Thanks!

  246. Aww, they’re already done filming? Tanster, I was hoping you’d announce news like you’re visiting the set for some finale goodies :(

    [from tanster: sorry, not this year. :( ]

  247. Merv bronte is the greatest name i have ever heard for a t.v show. Whoever/whomever?? the boss is should have had that name

  248. Yes, DJ Jazzy, they definitely should have had Tanster in the finale – her character already has experience in the paper industry from her time at the Buffalo branch before it closed – she could have interviewed for Michael’s job and given Merv Bronte a run for his money!

    [from tanster: lol, awesome!]

  249. I don’t know if anyone caught this:

    You can see Cody Horn in one of the scenes from the promo last night.

    right after Dwight’s gun goes off (hilarious) the camera moves over to show creed go for cover, and in Dwight’s seat is Cody Horn. New employee!!

  250. Krasinski isn’t one of the supporting actors for Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager.

  251. I think “Goodbye Michael” worked in such a way that, if the next few episodes don’t work for me, I can feel satisfied in not watching anymore and having that be the finale. It has a very very sweet conclusion, and with slight exception there’s a neat little conclusion to several things (Angela’s senator thing clearly not, but oh well.) Even Erin is given a nice little neat wrapping, though it’s clear that future episodes will be opening that again. I could make the final scene with Deangelo as one of ironic humor, being that Michael is gone but now they are stuck with this nutty guy.

    But I’ll give it a few episodes to see how it feels. At the start of season 7, I promised myself I’d watch til the end of the season thinking that Michael’s farewell would be the finale. And I will still do that.

  252. Is it possible they just omitted John’s name by mistake? It’s a big mistake, but it could happen. Even so, even if he isn’t in the episode, his name would still be in the credits yes? This is strange.

  253. Thanks for catching that, you guys!

    The PR release that I took the original information from incorrectly omitted John’s name. I asked NBC and they said John is definitely in next week’s ep, so I added his name back on this post. :)

  254. Argh. Just as I suspected. They’re going to leave us hanging for yet another summer! Should have known. Sigh.

  255. I never thought they would. All the guest stars are just a distraction for the cliffhanger.

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