Angela Kinsey visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

Angela Kinsey

It is definitely Angela Kinsey Week — her new Clairol ads have started to air, she appeared on ‘The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’ last night, and the pièce de résistance — Angela stopped by the OfficeTally Chat Room tonight!

Angela answered fan questions, gave us an update on what she’s doing this summer, and we even had a group hug. A fun time was had by all.

Thank you, Angela, for loving us fans. We love you right back. Tenfold. :)

Check out the transcript after the jump!

[Login] Angela Kinsey
tanster: Miss Angela!
Angela Kinsey: Hi!
Angela Kinsey: It took me a second to figure out where I was typing!
Angela Kinsey: I am so lame!
tanster: I would like to welcome back Angela Kinsey to our chat room tonight!
Angela Kinsey: Hi Jennie
tanster: LOL
Angela Kinsey: :)
Angela Kinsey: Thanks for letting me stop by
tanster: Thanks so much for coming in!
Angela Kinsey: I feel so out of touch since I haven’t been blogging lately
tanster: How are you?
brizzi: ooooo I’m so excited!!! Hi Angela!
Rayne the Temp: yay, angela!
mindysfavshow: Hi Angela!!!
lindsay: Hi Angela!
ChillisBannedMe: Hi Angela!! Thanks for stopping by!
Angela Kinsey: It’s like I can never find the time to sit down and write. :(
Angela Kinsey: Helllooooooooo everyone!
mindysfavshow: I really miss your blogs! Your blog and Jenna’s blogs are what I read all the time
Angela Kinsey: I promise I am going to do one about the summer
tanster: If y’all would like to ask Angela a question please enter it and it’ll be added to the queue. we’ll try to get to as many as we can
Angela Kinsey: I love stopping by the officetally site to see where my castmates are popping up
tanster: are you ready angela?
Angela Kinsey: yep
Angela Kinsey: let’s do it

mindysfavshow: Hi Angela! I stayed up to see you on Conan last night…How did you feel being a part of his first shows?
Angela Kinsey: Hey Mindysfavshow!
tanster: you guys should watch the super cute behind the scenes vid that angela did
Angela Kinsey: I LOVED being part of his first month in LA
Angela Kinsey: Conan is such a nice down to earth guy
Angela Kinsey: he and I were chatty between commercials
tanster: what you wrote on his wall was so funny!
Angela Kinsey: he really puts you at ease
Angela Kinsey: lol…tanster it’s true!
mindysfavshow: is he really really tall?
Angela Kinsey: I called my Mom today to ask if I was in the “dog house” with my Grandmother
Angela Kinsey: for telling that story
tanster: lol

Angela Kinsey: OMG he is soooooo tall
Angela Kinsey: I mean I know I am short but he is a tall drink of water
Angela Kinsey: right before you go on you stand behind the curtain with two crew guys
Angela Kinsey: their job is to open the curtain when they call your name
Angela Kinsey: you are usually back there for about 40 seconds
Angela Kinsey: and they count down
Angela Kinsey: and the music is rockin’
tanster: wow
Angela Kinsey: and your nerves are going crazy
mindysfavshow: I like that kind of an entrance, I hope for one someday..haha
Angela Kinsey: I wish the camera was able to be back there with me for you guys to see that
Angela Kinsey: your heart starts to race when they say okay…20, 10 and here we go in %
Angela Kinsey: in 5
Angela Kinsey: opps…
tanster: i’d be a wreck
Kenna: my heart is racing just hearing you describe it!
Angela Kinsey: lol….it is an out of body experience for a few minutes
JAMgirl: Awesome experience!