The Office: Cafe Disco, 5.27

Thursday, May 7th, 2009 | 241 comments


The Office Cafe Disco

W: Warren Lieberstein and Halsted Sullivan, D: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Michael enters the cafe-disco business. Meanwhile, Pam and Jim decide to take a secret trip.

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Cafe Disco quotes

Erin: Omigod! I can’t believe it! I just won an art contest!

Michael: When I am breaking all the rules, I’m break dancing.

Michael: Rules be damned, I want to have lunch with these people.

Ryan: Now that I’m back to doing the job of a temp again, I find that food is one thing I can control.

Michael: I am accounting on you to go to lunch with me.

Pam: If you don’t take out his battery, he just keeps going all day.

Michael: I was just learning … to … love.

Dwight: Erin, let me see your birth certificate.

Jim: You know what I want to do today? I want to marry you.

Pam: I had just woken up. I didn’t look cute. That’s how I knew he meant it.

Michael: Gotta keep yourself dehydrated!

Michael: Guys, I believe that I have figured out what is up your butts.

Oscar: Please don’t refer to yourself as our daddy.

Michael: Funk is the problem. And the solution.

Meredith: This is like a haunted coffeehouse thing?

Michael: Please respect the lei.

Michael: Cookie, Kevin. Cookie.

Dwight: Who tipped you over? Was it Phillip?

Dwight: If you want to get sick, you go to a hospital.

Stanley: I would like the memory of a day uninterrupted by this nonsense.

Michael: You all took a life here today. The life of the party.

Kelly: Cafe Disco. More like Crappe Disco.

Dwight: It’s the most annoying thing. It’s like children singing Christmas carols.

Andy: I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I’m in a dance-off.

Michael: Cafe Disco is dead, but I can still hear the music in my head.

Dwight: A majestic beast. So fast, so tender.

Angela: I didn’t come here to get wet and wild.

Michael: A lot of people doubted Cafe Disco at first, but it is a magical place.

Michael: We have talking walls. We are not going to eat you.

Phyllis: I think Bob’s going to cheat on me with his new secretary.

Dwight: You can’t steal what is legally your property.

Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration: Are those staples?

Andy: Are you sure that’s not the gay ear?


In a poll conducted May 7-11, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.49/10


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  1. 241. Spencer  

    Tian and Styliztic – Pimpin

  2. 240. JeevanRIP  

    Pimpin’ – Tian & Styliztic
    I’d like this song too. Where is it!?

  3. 239. elizabeth  

    Dwight to Bob Vance:
    “You can’t steal what is legally yours.”

  4. 238. threatlevelmidwight  

    I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned my FAVORITE line of the episode
    “Back injuries are common. Not as common as knee injuries, but more common than wrist injuries.”
    “I don’t need a history lesson!”
    “What do you think history is?!”


  5. 237. AJP  

    please do send that letter, i would love to have that song.

    could you email me at when you find it?

  6. 236. Tian & Styliztic  

    Pimpin’ – Tian & Styliztic. If no one gives me a download link, i’m sending a letter to the producers, cause i have looked through all of googles 17 pages of search results.

  7. 235. julia  

    jcrew i’m guessing

  8. 234. Kris  

    I was just wondering where I could find the dress that Pam wears. The pretty strapless pink that she wears to their almost wedding.

  9. 233. Hack  

    Absolutely one of my favorite episodes ever!

    -Dwight paying Erin for the art contest joke
    -Kevin and the “cookie” scene with Michael
    -The Andy and Kelly Dance off

    These three scenes had me in tears.

  10. 232. Mark Zajac  

    There have been three other comments about Pam’s hair but none has mentioned the irony. Partially reverting to her style from earlier seasons, Pam pins back her hair, in preparing to elope with Jim. Conversely, in the second season, Pam unpins her hair in “The Secret” when Kelly asks how Pam will style her hair to wed Roy. We know from “Phyllis’s Wedding” that Pam had planned an elaborate wedding with Roy and we know from “Conflict Resolution” that Pam spent long hours on the preparations — the opposite of an elopement with Jim. Pam had too much delay from Roy but ultimately requests a delay from Jim, to which he (rightly) agrees. Of course, Pam did not really love Roy… I leave you to complete the analogy.

    [:-)] Mark

  11. 231. Celso  

    i liked it when erin interrupts michael dancing to david bowie and all of a sudden she joins him in dancing the song

  12. 230. Grip  

    Does anyone know where the Pimpin’ song can be purchased?

  13. 229. NJgirl  

    1000 Shrute Bucks to whomever knew the Pimpin’ song. It’s been driving me nuts since I saw the show.

  14. 228. Ashlynn  

    Does anyone else think, after watching this episode, that Andy and Kelly would be kind of perfect for each other?

    Great episode!! They really started to hit a good stride near the end of the season and all the episodes have been so funny.

  15. 227. Koos  

    I really really enjoyed this episode. I liked the Kelly/Andy interaction, and Erin is sooo sweet! She is just super enthusiastic about everything. I’m usually such a Jammy supporter, but I actually thought that bit was the least interesting once I guessed early on that they weren’t going to go through with it. I LOVED the classic comedy in this episode! Oh and Kevin’s doglike “trainers” had me in hysterics

  16. 226. Helen  

    PS Bob will NOT cheat on Phyllis. The end.

  17. 225. Mindy  

    After JAM decided they love “cheesey” it would be funny if they asked Michael to be the DJ at the wedding..haha

    And I also now have a Cafe Disco playlist on my Ipod..haha!

  18. 224. fiona  

    well done! i downloaded The Blam song and created my own little cafe disco moment. thanx.

  19. 223. Fabric Softener  

    YAY!! The complete playlist! I’ve been hoping for this all week.

  20. 222. Jesco White  

    Did anyone find out the hip hop song when Michael finds the party raging and Oscar is doing the head bob

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