The Office: Cafe Disco, 5.27

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The Office Cafe Disco

Writers: Warren Lieberstein and Halsted Sullivan
Director: Randall Einhorn

Summary (NBC): Michael enters the cafe disco business. Meanwhile, Pam and Jim decide to take a secret trip.

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The Office Cafe Disco rating

In a poll conducted May 7-11, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.49/10

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The Office Cafe Disco quotes

Erin: Omigod! I can’t believe it! I just won an art contest!

Michael: When I am breaking all the rules, I’m break dancing.

Michael: Rules be damned, I want to have lunch with these people.

Ryan: Now that I’m back to doing the job of a temp again, I find that food is one thing I can control.

Michael: I am accounting on you to go to lunch with me.

Pam: If you don’t take out his battery, he just keeps going all day.

Michael: I was just learning … to … love.

Dwight: Erin, let me see your birth certificate.

Jim: You know what I want to do today? I want to marry you.

Pam: I had just woken up. I didn’t look cute. That’s how I knew he meant it.

Michael: Gotta keep yourself dehydrated!

Michael: Guys, I believe that I have figured out what is up your butts.

Oscar: Please don’t refer to yourself as our daddy.

Michael: Funk is the problem. And the solution.

Meredith: This is like a haunted coffeehouse thing?

Michael: Please respect the lei.

Michael: Cookie, Kevin. Cookie.

Dwight: Who tipped you over? Was it Phillip?

Dwight: If you want to get sick, you go to a hospital.

Stanley: I would like the memory of a day uninterrupted by this nonsense.

Michael: You all took a life here today. The life of the party.

Kelly: Cafe Disco. More like Crappe Disco.

Dwight: It’s the most annoying thing. It’s like children singing Christmas carols.

Andy: I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I’m in a dance-off.

Michael: Cafe Disco is dead, but I can still hear the music in my head.

Dwight: A majestic beast. So fast, so tender.

Angela: I didn’t come here to get wet and wild.

Michael: A lot of people doubted Cafe Disco at first, but it is a magical place.

Michael: We have talking walls. We are not going to eat you.

Phyllis: I think Bob’s going to cheat on me with his new secretary.

Dwight: You can’t steal what is legally your property.

Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration: Are those staples?

Andy: Are you sure that’s not the gay ear?

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  1. Some good parts but in general not all that great. I like the JAM stuff but the Dwight/Phyllis stuff was creepy and just weird.

  2. My favorite episode, hands down. I absolutely loved it! The whole time I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. I think I teared up too. All the plots, all the characters, were fantastic. I loved it!

  3. Squeeeeeeee!!!!! Pam was A-dorable! I’ve never rocked out to a t.v episode more than I did tonight. In my opinion BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON! P.s- they should make a cd from all the music played tonight. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  4. This may have been my favorite episode of The Office EVER.
    SO funny, I did not stop laughing once during the entire show!

  5. One of the weaker episodes of Season 5 in my opinion, but the shots at the end with everyone in the office having fun was refreshing. BTW did anyone actually think that Pam and Jim were gonna get married?

  6. What a great episode! Just overall very fun, and feel-good!

    dwight feeding phylis carrots!!! brilliant hahahaha

  7. Perez- You took the word right out of my mouth. Not the best episode but an overall upbeat, enjoyable episode. The best part was Creed’s disco ball/rearview mirror.

  8. It was a very fun episode and everyone was involved.
    The dance off between Andy and Kelly was awesome.

  9. Oh man! Such a whirlwind episode!
    1) The cafe disco thing was SO SO cute. We got to see such cute sides of every character, plus a happy Michael. I love the ‘Kandy’ dynamic. Plus if Bob cheats on Phyllis my heart will SOOOO break.

    2)In the promos, I thought “we’re getting married” was a joke. I flipped when I saw it was real! The episode had SO MANY cute JAM moments- one of the best of the season. I was so happy when they called off the elopement. I want a beautiful 2-hour office special for the JAM wedding wherein I will laugh, cry, and have enough JAM in my heart to die happy.

  10. In regards to Jim and Pam… *sigh* I expected as much.

    The episode was really sweet, though, and IA, fun. Even though I feel like that Phyllis story came out of nowhere and resolved itself out of nowhere…

  11. Not my favorite episode this season, but I thought it was very funny! The Dwight/Phyllis dynamic was a bit creepy and I cringed when he cut open her shirt but it was entertaining nonetheless. Andy and Kelly? Priceless. And Jim and Pam are too cute for words.

  12. Oh! I forgot to mention that Jenna Fischer looked SO BEAUTIFUL in this episode. Anyone else think so? I want that dress!

  13. Steve Carell must really love singing along to “Everybody Dance Now”! (Yes, I saw “Evan Almighty – and thought it was entertaining.) :)

    Maybe not the most important episode, but it certainly was fun to watch. I loved the appearance by Gene and Lee! :)

  14. So dancing and The Office are two of my favorite things. When combined in an episode? A-MAAAA-ZING!!! And such a cute episode too. I think this may have been my favorite of the season.

    And to think, when I originally saw the title of the episode, I thought it sounded kind of dumb. Goes to show me that the writers are way smarter than me.

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