The Office Peeps Contest – FINALISTS

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 | 83 comments


The Office: Office Olympics Peeps 2


Hillary Fifer


Here is my entry, titled “Office Olympeeps!”

The episode is 2.3: “Office Olympics.” I was inspired by this early episode because of the sheer playfulness of the staff during the episode, which is one of my favorites. I had a lot of fun making this! My favorite elements are the paper clip chains for the medals, the paper boxes they are standing on and the origami birds (thank you YouTube for a video on how to make Origami cranes–had to watch it about 300 times to get it right!) I had the hardest time finding a picture of that back part of the set, but finally was able to capture it off of the virtual tour on NBC’s website. Anyways, enjoy!

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  1. 83. Charlie  

    Where are the winnerssssssssssss?! It’s killing me!

  2. 82. Ginger  

    Here was mine

    Thanks for the contest Tanster, the top 20 are great! (Go #5!)

  3. 81. Penelope  

    #3 most definitely. Stanley looks disgruntled even as a peep :)

  4. 80. Stacey  

    Number 16 and 18!!! I voted for 16, though. :D

  5. 79. Chelsea  

    # 13 is set up perfectly!

  6. 78. Awesome Blossom  

    Wow these are amazing. Kudos, Tanster. As soon as I saw this I ran to the store and bought two boxes of chick peeps, and then I read the rules stating that it was only for the US. lol :( Drat.

    I’m going to be eating marshmallow peeps for the rest of my life, at least I’ll associate them with The Office now. :)

    I especially love the one when Dwight was putting the teapot up his nose. Truly epic, no pun intended.

  7. 77. Conroy Tigers  

    #5 is good but I laughed hardest at #3 and had to vote for that one hahahaha

  8. 76. Genevieve  

    You’re posted on
    I vote for #14, Fifer. It was a tough choice though, so many cute ones.

  9. 75. mjep  


    here’s mine that didn’t make the finals :

    I hope this contest becomes an annual thing! I really had fun making it.

  10. 74. Kim Patterson  

    Great job to everyone who entered. Some were just fantastic but #16 stood out for me. Peeps look great in sumo costumes as did Dwight!

  11. 73. Michelle J  

    I saw that this contest was highlighted on the following site. Awesome!

  12. 72. SuperTed  

    These were great, but it was one of those instances where only certain scenes were able to be captured well in a peep diorama. Simple was better here. I voted for #5 because of the realism, use of light, and the melting Dwight :). But I liked the sumo scene, the olympics with the photo background, and a few others. Can’t believe some people spent SO much time on this! Great job though!

  13. 71. luvrgrrl  

    WOW! This decision was TOUGH. I had a very hard time picking just one- I feel for you tanster! FABULOUS job to EVERYONE!

  14. 70. Brittany  

    #5 made me laugh out loud – it is by far the best!

  15. 69. Larry D  

    #9 is great. Authentic Philadelphia Hooters. Classic pictures.

  16. 68. jkfan9989  

    Had to go with Branch Wars #8; made me laugh out loud. Great job!

  17. 67. mansion  

    #17 is so the funniest! The simplicity, the instant recognition, the artsy reflection angle… It’s the only one that made me giggle out loud, so I had to vote for it. Kudos! Or zippity-do-dah!

  18. 66. Martin  

    Number 16 is the best, followed closely by number 8! How can you go wrong with a peep in a sumo costume?

  19. 65. Boss of Dancing  

    These were all great…tough choice, but I had to go with #5. Love how the roasted marshmallow/Dwight is funny on a couple levels. Great use of peeps.

  20. 64. Gil C  

    The teapot is up Peep’s (Dwight’s) nose in #18, that is hilarious. The glasses are a nice touch too.

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