The Office Peeps Contest – FINALISTS

The Office: Office Olympics Peeps 2


Hillary Fifer


Here is my entry, titled “Office Olympeeps!”

The episode is 2.3: “Office Olympics.” I was inspired by this early episode because of the sheer playfulness of the staff during the episode, which is one of my favorites. I had a lot of fun making this! My favorite elements are the paper clip chains for the medals, the paper boxes they are standing on and the origami birds (thank you YouTube for a video on how to make Origami cranes–had to watch it about 300 times to get it right!) I had the hardest time finding a picture of that back part of the set, but finally was able to capture it off of the virtual tour on NBC’s website. Anyways, enjoy!


  1. Oh my goodness, EVERY entry is absolutely incredible! I could have never created anything like that. It will be very hard picking just one. Office fans are so creative!

  2. I don’t have enough room for me to talk about how much I love these! Great job, everyone!

  3. these are hilarious! made my day. everyone is so creative and the attention to detail is INSANE!

  4. The two most heavily entered scenes were ‘Office Olympics’ and ‘Safety Training.’ I was really surprised!

    I was expecting a few talking head entries, but didn’t receive a single one. It would have been fun to see a peepified Jim and the blow-up doll. :)

  5. I love them all, but my vote has to go to number 4. There is so much hand made detail in that one. I can easily tell who each peep is. The hair, clothes, and office props are all spot on.

  6. These are all great! My favorite is #5, from Beach Games. Great lighting and I love the Dwight Peep lying on the coals :)

  7. All the entries are great! Just looking at them made me remember the actual episodes which made me smile goofily at my desk so coworkers wonder what is the deal. I bet there were a lot of “sticky fingers” after working with the peeps in such great detail. Awesome job, everyone! And thanks to OfficeTally for the contest to begin with. Woot!

  8. I love them all! I can’t decide between 5, 8, and 15. The lighting is great in 5; 8 just cracks me up; and I love how the Peeps seem to be interacting with each other in 15. Great job, guys!

  9. I would have normally refrained from voting for one depicted multiple times, but sorano916’s Closing Ceremonies rocked the party. I’m a stickler for little details and there’s just SO MUCH going on there it’s epic.

    Cat, your Billy Merchant was awesome, too.

    Well done, everyone.

  10. I thought mine was good until I saw these. Love the one of Dwight attempting the coal walk face down.

  11. OMG! these are hilarious! The Diversity Day one is really funny! It matches up perfectly with the episode! haha the coal walking one is great too! Great Job everyone!

  12. These are all fantastic, it’s so hard to vote for the best. My favourites were the Beach Games scene (no.5) for re-creating the ambience so well, The Branch Wars scene for the LOL factor, and the Office Olympic scene with the doves (no.14), for the detail!

  13. Wow, these are amazing! I definitely had my butt handed to me. 5 is great. I hope we do this again next year, it was so much fun.

  14. My goodness, I wanted to make one of a Dwight peep talking head or something but I got lazy, but I don’t think that there is ANY way I would’ve even come CLOSE to any of these peep creations that the others have put up here. GREAT job everybody.


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