E!’s Kristin talks to Rainn Wilson

In a video clip from last week’s upfronts, Kristin Veitch speaks to Rainn Wilson about lingerie, mind control, and the future of Dwangela. And yes, Kristin is a shameless hussy.

Find the video clip here; find the transcript here.

Thanks to GMMR for the tip!

Note: the video and transcript are no longer available.

Get sexually harassed tonight

After several schedule changes, it looks like we’ll only get to watch one Office episode tonight — Sexual Harassment. (A rerun of the Will and Grace series finale airs at 8pm, followed by My Name is Earl and The Office.)

Some highlights:

  • This episode was written by our favorite temp, B. J. Novak.
  • This episode is the only one that has ever been introduced with a viewer discretion warning. Jenna Fischer (“Pam”) mentions this distinction with pride during an early TV Guide podcast.
  • Jim introduces his real girlfriend in one of my favorite talking heads ever.
  • Dwight asks Toby a question that no HR rep should ever be expected to answer.
  • Pam’s mom makes an appearance!
  • And, of course, the office gets a visit from the inimitable Todd Packer.

Jenna talks about the Season 2 finale

There is a little blurb in next week’s TV Guide (page 26) from Jenna Fischer, in response to the question “Were Pam and Jim really ready for that big kiss in the Office finale?”

We discovered the plot when we first read the script aloud at the table reading. When we got to the part when Jim told Pam he was in love with her, I screamed out “What?!” I vacillated between being the actress reading Pam’s words and the viewer reacting to it. John Krasinski [who plays Jim] and I had been arguing vehemently with the writers about whether they should kiss in the final episode. We had been fighting against it, in theory. We thought it was too early. But when we read Steve Carell’s script, it was so perfect. We immediately got on board. I heard they were going to have us kiss, but the confessional completely took me by surprise. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Pam may come back next season married to Roy. But if Pam was going to do nothing, I don’t know if she would call her mother and say she kissed another guy.