Are you having an Office Halloween?

For the newest Halloween costume ideas, go to OfficeTally’s Halloween archive.

Time for dress up — what are your Office-inspired Halloween costume plans?

The Office Halloween Costumes

You could go as one of the characters, dressed in normal garb, as this group did for an Office Premiere Party (click here for more photos).

Please note the attention to detail in both the attire and the hairstyles.

The Office Halloween Costumes

Or you could go as one of the characters, as dressed up during last year’s Halloween episode:

Three Hole Punched Jim,
A Sith lord,
A Dunder Mifflin superhero,
A blonde woman,
A bloody woman,
Dorothy from Oz,
A hobo,
One of an assortment of felines, or

Attached to a paper mache likeness of your own head.

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Icons courtesy of sheedy at the LJ Office Icon community.

One-hour Office special coming!

There is something very interesting in an article about The Office’s popularity at the iTunes Store, as reported by Newsday’s Verne Gay:

Paul Lieberstein, one of “The Office’s” executive producers (who also plays human resources manager Toby) says that when the iTunes effect kicked in last December, “it was this huge gift that made everyone kind of go ‘Wait, what’s going on with that show?'”

Ever since then, “The Office” has paid almost as much attention to iTunes as to NBC. For example, “because people are watching more than once, it’s become one more reason for us to to be very careful to include subtle things as well as broad physical stuff,” Lieberstein says. The iTunes effect hasn’t hurt in attracting big-name directors either; Harold Ramis will direct an hour-long episode to air around Christmas, while “Lost’s” J.J. Abrams is on board for a February one.

Uh, ex-SQUEEZE me? An HOUR-LONG episode?! Did I read that right?

And J.J. Abrams? Wow.

Read How iTunes saved ‘The Office’ and post your thoughts.

Update: Jenna’s confirmed that yes, there will be an hour-long Office Christmas special next month! A supersized episode this month, and a superDUPERsized episode next month. YOWSAH!

New Office shirts at NBC store

Here are some new t-shirts available at the NBC Office Store:

dwight schrute the office shirt
Dwight Schrute:
Information is Power
jim halpert the office shirt
Jim Halpert:
If this were my career …
michael scott the office shirt
Michael Scott:
World’s Best Boss
michael scott the office shirt
The Office:
Season 1 DVD Cover

NBC says: “By this week’s end we’ll also have 2 Dunder Mifflin and 1 new Office logo t-shirts online as well — all from Roots. Plus an Office Christmas Tree ornament …” These items are currently available at the NBC store in New York.

Even more goodies are coming, just in time for the holidays. Can’t say much more than that right now, but at least one item is something that quite a few of you have been asking for! :)

Update: Yes, the snowglobe is coming! :)