Tallyheads, meet Aziz Ansari

Matthew goes to Aziz’s standup show

I saw Aziz Ansari on November 13 at the Triple Door in Seattle. I’ve been a fan of his since seeing season one and two of “Human Giant,” a critically acclaimed sketch comedy show on MTV featuring Aziz, Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer.

I have also seen Aziz appear on “Flight of the Conchords” and “Worst Week.” When I heard that he would be appearing on the upcoming Amy Poehler project, it immediately became the show that I was looking forward to the most since I heard Steve Carell would be heading a certain new show called “The Office” …

Whether it was his retelling of his conversation with Kanye West, or his inappropriate way of supporting of gay rights, Aziz had the Seattle crowd laughing the entire time he was on stage.

Afterwards, Aziz hung out and signed DVDs and t-shirts. I asked him when shooting begins for “The Office” spinoff and he said February and that it should begin airing in April. I hope to see Aziz the next time he tours.

He’s the kind of guy that would have gone to the Convention in Scranton if he was a member of the cast. No big ego — even though he should have one. Genuinely thankful for people coming out to support him.

If you get a chance to see him on his current tour, please do. If you love “The Office” as much as I do, then I would personally offer a money back guarantee for his standup show.


  1. Aziz is awesome! I hope Rob Huebel guest stars in the new spin off as well, he is pretty hilarious as well.

  2. About three or four years ago my sister came across Aziz randomly on youtube, and he had this video where he bet his friend who could come up with the worst mixtape, and he lost, so he had to walk around the Washington Square area blasting the songs on a boom box and pretending he was really into them. I wonder if it’s on his blog…hmm. Must check. Will report back.

    [from tanster: yes, if y’all have favorite aziz clips, please post links to them! i never watched ‘human giant’ so i like checking out all the clips …]

  3. Aww, he sounds awesome! If only he was going to perform in Kentucky. I don’t ever get to see anyone in Kentucky! Man. Maybe one day I’ll get to meet the stars.

  4. Aziz is awesome. I’m a big fan of Human Giant and I remember thinking that he’d be amazing in an ‘Office’ spinoff…I’m sure he’ll be great in this non-spinoff as well. But would a guest spot on ‘The Office’ be too much to ask? :D

  5. PLEASE see Aziz! I’ve watched him for years. This kid is crazy-talented at sketch, improv, AND stand-up. I’m so excited that he’s part of this new show.

  6. He’s also got a part in Judd Apatow’s stand up comedy movie Funny People with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen.

  7. I think they hired this guy for the same reason they hired BJ Novak. It is likely this guy will be a writer/actor. That’s a prediction of course but he could play a more main character because he seems to have more enthusiasm. I think he’s going to be in a few episodes of Scrubs too so that should be interesting considering this new show might be a doctor-related comedy.

  8. Aw man I already missed the Chicago show! Can’t wait to see him on the spin off though!

  9. I saw Aziz open up for Flight of the Conchords on tour, and his comedy routine was GREAT. I was laughing the whole time! I’m so excited he’s going to be on the show!

  10. Aziz Ansari is the soul of Human Giant. Rob and Paul had a respectable solo career before being in the trio but Aziz has this talent to look amazed, even childish, when the most ridiculous things happen around him. He achieves giving some kind of unity and tolerability to outrageous kinds of humor, which has also allowed many guest stars and writers to integrate smoothly into the Human Giant kind of comedy.

  11. He is my favorite on Human Giant. It also helps that he’s kind of adorable. I was so excited when I heard he was cast. I can only imagine what him and Amy will be like together.

  12. Everyone knows who he is…. Shutterbugs has been around for years

    He’s hilarious…The show will be hysterical if he has any substantial role or creative input

  13. Link

    Aziz was the guest DJ on WZRD in Chicago few days ago. He posted this link on his Facebook page.

    “Please stop asking if this is the real Aziz.” lol…

  14. I was an extra in the Seth Rogan movie Observe and Report and I got to watch Seth and Aziz have a funny scene in front of a cart full of lotions and soaps that Aziz’s character runs. Rogan plays an overzealous mall cop and was going at it with him, making all kinds of racial comments and he was defending himself by insulting him back. They did it several times, and each time was different and hilarious. I’m looking forward to seeing him on a regular weekly show.

  15. I went to go see Aziz at Comix in NY on Friday night, and let me tell you, this guy is funny. I could see him bringing in a lot of laughs with the new sitcom. If it weren’t for these two jerks that resembled Fabio that kept yelling Aziz!!! in the middle of his routines, his show would have been flawless. Thanks OfficeTally, I wouldn’t have known about him until the show aired.

    [from tanster: awesome! that’s what i love to hear. :) ]

  16. If you like Aziz Azari and you live in the Denver area, come check out his stand up at Comedy Works downtown.

    November 13th- 8 and 10 pm

    November 14th- 6:30, 8:30, and 10:30 pm

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