Brian Baumgartner visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

tanster: did you know there are various fan petitions to try to get her back?
Brian Baumgartner: to have her come in, and jump start season 5 was a real treat. And that she was a part of the mentally challenged subplot was gratifying to me
Pinti: I’ll bet you’ll miss her now that she’s not going to be in a lot of episodes
Brian Baumgartner: i did not know there were fan petitions… but
Brian Baumgartner: i think if she was able… we all would have been happy to have her. she has a lot of commitments, and I am glad she was able to sign on and do as many as she did

Pinti: Brian, in a recent deleted scene, you bake ryan’s glasses in the toaster oven. I enjoyed this scene. Will there be any hilarious Kevin moments like these in the future?
tanster: Yes! Kevin 2.0!
Brian Baumgartner: to Pinti- yeah… she is fantastic, and i do miss her
Brian Baumgartner: hahaha
Brian Baumgartner: excellent question Pinti- and flattery will get you everywhere
tanster: You were king of the deleted scenes that week
Pinti: thank you brian, and it is an honor
Brian Baumgartner: there were quite a few weeks in a row, where Kev’s best moments ended up on the internet… i think they are trying to prove my point that I have stated that I am King of the Internet
Brian Baumgartner: WEbisodes, etc

tanster: yes, we just saw a sneak peek of the latest webisode series, ‘the outburst’
tanster: will we see a lot of kevin in that?
Brian Baumgartner: the funniest thing the writers have written for Kev this year (since the challenged story) was where we learned Kev went to the same sperm bank as Jan
bb2904: i loved that!
Brian Baumgartner: that was seen in a deleted scene a few weeks ago
twirlinggrace: that was awesome!
Pinti: i really wish they could have put that in
kreidy: That should have been in the episode
Brian Baumgartner: hahahaha… yeah that made us all laugh
bundyblueboy: very funny

MNFan: I hope you’re having a good Fantasy Football day! :)
tanster: yes, give us a FF update
Brian Baumgartner: MN Fan… I am currently defeating the league leader, but there are a couple of games left
Brian Baumgartner: (this week)
apollo: go eagles!
Brian Baumgartner: nope
Brian Baumgartner: gotta root against westbrook and the eagles for fantasy purposes
Brian Baumgartner: sorry

Kenna: Brian, how did you come up with that awesome voice for Kevin? Did you kind of improv it, or did Greg or someone tell you to give Kevin a special voice?
saraadx3: who’s got westbrooke?
Brian Baumgartner: hmmmmm…. it just came to me *twss*
apollo: way to spell that wrong Sara
twirlinggrace: hahah!
Pinti: haha
marskye: nice
bb2904: haha
Brian Baumgartner: it was the way I spoke as Kevin in the audition, and it kinda stuck
Kenna: *nice*
Brian Baumgartner: writers assistant who i am playing today has westbrook
Pinti: well it wouldnt be Kevin without the voice
Brian Baumgartner: (one disclaimer: I am trying to type as fast as possible, so I am not gonna correct any typos, etc.)
Brian Baumgartner: so … suck it
twirlinggrace: i love how that comment had no typos
MNFan: I think even Tanster will forgive you
tanster: :)


  1. I cannot believe I missed this! I saw the announcement and have been checking back every so often. I was at my computer all afternoon too!
    Well, thanks for the transcript, Tanster!

  2. What a sweetheart he is! I can’t believe I missed that… Thanks for the transcript, Tanster. Very fun;)

  3. Good good stuff. One of those guys I’d love to have a beer with.

    And that ticket stub pic is kinda awesome.

  4. Man, I saw that he was there but I don’t know how to create an account for the chat room. Every time I try to get on the chat I try to click, “create an account” or something along that lines but it never works. It won’t let me click it. I wanted to get in there so bad. Oh well.

  5. Cannot believe I missed Mr. Awesome himself!

    Thanks for the transcript – I love how low key Brian is and how funny.

  6. Dangnabit, I can’t believe I missed that and I would’ve been on the dang internet at the time if my internet wasn’t messed up. Dangnabit, oh well, maybe some other time.


  7. It was so cool to talk to Brian. He’s such a funny guy. The fact that he answered a number of my questions is something to be proud of. That was such a fun night in the OTCR. Thanks, Tanster and Brian!

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