Brian Baumgartner visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

saraadx3: Are you working on any other projects outside of the office?
TheOfficeGuy: Brian can you tell us more about what Into Temptation is all about and your thoughts about working on the movie and such?
Brian Baumgartner: the games start at 10am in LA, so i dont think earlier is gonna happen
Brian Baumgartner: sara-
Brian Baumgartner: i have a couple movies coming out, 4 Christmas’ … but don’t go to the bathroom early in the movie
Brian Baumgartner: and
Brian Baumgartner: the aforementioned Into Temptation
Brian Baumgartner: I loved working on that movie
Brian Baumgartner: Jeremy Sisto and Kristen Chenoweth

tanster: when does that come out?
Brian Baumgartner: are both fantastic
Brian Baumgartner: i hear great things about the final cut
saraadx3: i love kristen. so classy.

MNFan: and you were back in MN for that, right?
Brian Baumgartner: i was
Brian Baumgartner: in MN
Brian Baumgartner: i hear there is a private screening in Mpls in December
Aimee: I look at Jeremy Sisto, and all I see is Jesus
Brian Baumgartner: but

TheOfficeGuy: will we get to see a lot of the Baumster in Into Temptation?
Brian Baumgartner: they are hoping to Premiere it at Sundance in January
Brian Baumgartner: so we will see
Brian Baumgartner: and yeah, TOG, you should get to see a bunch of the Baumerster
Brian Baumgartner: i play a priest
Brian Baumgartner: it is a drama

Pinti: how do feel playing a character that is different from your usual Kevin?
Brian Baumgartner: and it is a beautiful story of a man’s internal struggle to decide whether to follow the church’s absolutism or his own conscience
Brian Baumgartner: i loved the script and so did Jeremy … fell in love with it immediately and both really wanted to do it
Brian Baumgartner: it was very fun playing a character so different, and in a movie that was so different
Brian Baumgartner: i love my day job … i think i have the best one in the world, but the departure was nice too

tanster: it’s been really awesome following office cast members’ film projects
mignacio: Brian, how does it feel to be immersed with such a talented and active cast, particularly with so many of them recently landing roles in various films?
Brian Baumgartner: yeah, it is fun SEEING everyone’s work in other things, for all of us too
Brian Baumgartner: we have the best cast, the most talented cast top to bottom in television
Brian Baumgartner: so it is no surprise
sar20: i agree

bb2904: brian, does the cast hang out outside of work or on the off season?
Brian Baumgartner: the scheduling at times is difficult, but other than that, it is all positive
kreidy: Very true!
Brian Baumgartner: and exposure in other projects ultimately only helps The Office
Brian Baumgartner: many of us spend an unhealthy amount of time together
tanster: lol
Brian Baumgartner: away from work
Kenna: haha – that’s great
sar20: haha that’s great


  1. I cannot believe I missed this! I saw the announcement and have been checking back every so often. I was at my computer all afternoon too!
    Well, thanks for the transcript, Tanster!

  2. What a sweetheart he is! I can’t believe I missed that… Thanks for the transcript, Tanster. Very fun;)

  3. Good good stuff. One of those guys I’d love to have a beer with.

    And that ticket stub pic is kinda awesome.

  4. Man, I saw that he was there but I don’t know how to create an account for the chat room. Every time I try to get on the chat I try to click, “create an account” or something along that lines but it never works. It won’t let me click it. I wanted to get in there so bad. Oh well.

  5. Cannot believe I missed Mr. Awesome himself!

    Thanks for the transcript – I love how low key Brian is and how funny.

  6. Dangnabit, I can’t believe I missed that and I would’ve been on the dang internet at the time if my internet wasn’t messed up. Dangnabit, oh well, maybe some other time.


  7. It was so cool to talk to Brian. He’s such a funny guy. The fact that he answered a number of my questions is something to be proud of. That was such a fun night in the OTCR. Thanks, Tanster and Brian!

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