Brian Baumgartner visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

Jenleigh: he’s not REALLY mentally challenged, is he??
Brian Baumgartner: and … Spoiler alert … if the editors get it right, and i don’t end up on the internet again … we will see another similar episode in the coming weeks
lauren85: kool aid kev, for example :)
tanster: oooooh!
Brian Baumgartner: no jenleigh
Pinti: yeahh!
bb2904: yeah!
Kenna: Awesome!
bundyblueboy: looking forward to it!
Brian Baumgartner: i was kidding
kreidy: Awwww! Sounds great!
Jenleigh: I figured :)

tanster: okay, we’re coming up on 6pm. got time for a few more, brian?
Brian Baumgartner: my timeline is a bit off btw- we are currently shooting episode 14 or something… and i think we are on episode 6 on the air … so
Brian Baumgartner: it is hard to put in place when episodes are on the air
Brian Baumgartner: yes … a few more
Brian Baumgartner: is ok
tanster: cool.

Jenleigh: what does Kevin think of the jim/pam and angela/andy engagements?
Brian Baumgartner: he wanted pam and jim to be together …
Brian Baumgartner: because PBandJ is *awesome*
bb2904: haha
Brian Baumgartner: he hates angela cause she is a miserable person
Brian Baumgartner: and could care less about Angela and Andy
apollo: aww, poor Andy
Brian Baumgartner: i agree

Cindy: Any possibility of a love interest for Kev in the near future.
Brian Baumgartner: yes Cindy there is … but that is all i can say on that
Kenna: oh my goodness!
mayette: !!!

tanster: ok, brian, here is the final question of the evening:
Kenna: Brian, do you have any special hopes or dreams for Kevin?
Jenleigh: Go Kevin!
sar20: yay for kevin!
Brian Baumgartner: yeah … i hope Kevin can find someone who loves him for him, and that will make him happy…
marskye: that is so sweet!
Pinti: well as you say, we might see that in the near future!
Kenna: Me too :)
Aimee: It should be Pam’s landlady
lauren85: kevin’s got his own holly out there … i’m sure!

tanster: And on that note, I want to say thank you so much to Brian Baumgartner for visiting with us tonight!
MNFan: You rock, Brian! Thanks so much for being here!
Jenleigh: thanks so much!
kreidy: Sounds like a great plan!
bb2904: thank you!
tredacinque: thanks for coming, Brian!
Kenna: Thanks a ton, Brian!!
sar20: thank you brian!!
Pinti: Thanks Brian!
marskye: thank you, Brian. you are super cool!
sorano916: Thanks for coming by, Brian!
Cindy: you bring a lot of joy into the live of you fans
saraadx3: thanks brian
kreidy: Thank you, Brian! This was great!

Brian Baumgartner: Spoiler alert … Pam and Jim break up, and Pam moves in with Kev. But don’t tell anybody I told you
chickster: You’re the best, Brian!
bundyblueboy: Thanks Brian!
laurmarieh: hahaha
austizz1e: thanks brian
bb2904: haha
MNFan: lol
sorano916: :P
sorano916: Bad Brian!
Kenna: Secret’s safe with us, Brian! ;)
Cindy: lol
lauren85: brian rules …thanks!

Brian Baumgartner: Peace everybody. Have a great night …
Pinti: Brian, you’re a tough act to follow for other characters.
tanster: Thank you Brian! :)
Brian Baumgartner: Thanks
sar20: bye brian!
Brian Baumgartner: bye bye


  1. I cannot believe I missed this! I saw the announcement and have been checking back every so often. I was at my computer all afternoon too!
    Well, thanks for the transcript, Tanster!

  2. What a sweetheart he is! I can’t believe I missed that… Thanks for the transcript, Tanster. Very fun;)

  3. Good good stuff. One of those guys I’d love to have a beer with.

    And that ticket stub pic is kinda awesome.

  4. Man, I saw that he was there but I don’t know how to create an account for the chat room. Every time I try to get on the chat I try to click, “create an account” or something along that lines but it never works. It won’t let me click it. I wanted to get in there so bad. Oh well.

  5. Cannot believe I missed Mr. Awesome himself!

    Thanks for the transcript – I love how low key Brian is and how funny.

  6. Dangnabit, I can’t believe I missed that and I would’ve been on the dang internet at the time if my internet wasn’t messed up. Dangnabit, oh well, maybe some other time.


  7. It was so cool to talk to Brian. He’s such a funny guy. The fact that he answered a number of my questions is something to be proud of. That was such a fun night in the OTCR. Thanks, Tanster and Brian!

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