Brian Baumgartner visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

bb2904: what do you do?
sar20: *jinx* kenna
Brian Baumgartner: it depends
Brian Baumgartner: Jenna really got into my beloved Dodgers this year, so we shared that
Brian Baumgartner: Rainn and I play tennis at least once a week
Brian Baumgartner: travel together occasionally
GeneLester: do you go to chili’s a lot?
Brian Baumgartner: and although i hate angela with every fiber of my being … i am stuck doing quite a bit with her
Kenna: LOL

Pinti: Have you seen Amy Ryan in Changeling?
MNFan: lol – she’s such a sweetheart!
Brian Baumgartner: Pinti- i am ashamed to say, i have not seen it yet, so keep your spoilers to yourself… haha
Brian Baumgartner: although i did see a horribly disturbing movie a couple nights ago that i did not know she was in
Brian Baumgartner: until she appeared
eb: I am rewatching The Wire these days, and she is so amazing
Brian Baumgartner: The. Best.

sar20: Hi Brian! What is your favorite episode of any of the seasons?
Brian Baumgartner: hmmmm … probably Christmas episode of Season 2 … but a lot of that is because, when the show actually aired … that is the moment we became actually successful, as opposed to just critical success
Brian Baumgartner: lots of good memories around that episode and that time
Brian Baumgartner: ditto Diversity Day
tanster: the little show that could
marskye: It did, though, Tanster
tanster: it totally did!
Brian Baumgartner: but i thought Goodbye Toby was pretty damn *awesome*
marskye: :)
bb2904: yeah!

Kenna: Brian – Of the entire series, which scene have you had the most fun shooting?
Brian Baumgartner: wow
Brian Baumgartner: kenna
Brian Baumgartner: tough\
Brian Baumgartner: ummmmmm…..
tanster: free throws in ‘basketball’?
Pinti: i can imagine
Brian Baumgartner: that actually came to my mind
tanster: that was an incredible scene
Brian Baumgartner: the LEAST fun … is easy
bb2904: you made like 14 in a row!
Jenleigh: did you ever miss a shot when you were shooting that?
Brian Baumgartner: the 2 days we spent eating mint chocolate chip ice cream for Meredith’s Birthday
Brian Baumgartner: was the worst
tanster: lol
Brian Baumgartner: i did not miss a shot
sar20: mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best though
Brian Baumgartner: casino night was really fun playing cards too
Pinti: i love mint chocolate chip!
Kenna: lol – I can only imagine the stomachaches you guys had
Doug: i like the uncomfortable scenes when brian stays too long at pams desk
Brian Baumgartner: honestly sara … i used to love it, and i can’t really eat it anymore
kreidy: And rocking out at Phyllis’ wedding? That must have been cool.
Brian Baumgartner: that was cool
sar20: haha aw
Brian Baumgartner: conference room scenes are some of the toughest, but ultimately makes us laugh the most


  1. I cannot believe I missed this! I saw the announcement and have been checking back every so often. I was at my computer all afternoon too!
    Well, thanks for the transcript, Tanster!

  2. What a sweetheart he is! I can’t believe I missed that… Thanks for the transcript, Tanster. Very fun;)

  3. Good good stuff. One of those guys I’d love to have a beer with.

    And that ticket stub pic is kinda awesome.

  4. Man, I saw that he was there but I don’t know how to create an account for the chat room. Every time I try to get on the chat I try to click, “create an account” or something along that lines but it never works. It won’t let me click it. I wanted to get in there so bad. Oh well.

  5. Cannot believe I missed Mr. Awesome himself!

    Thanks for the transcript – I love how low key Brian is and how funny.

  6. Dangnabit, I can’t believe I missed that and I would’ve been on the dang internet at the time if my internet wasn’t messed up. Dangnabit, oh well, maybe some other time.


  7. It was so cool to talk to Brian. He’s such a funny guy. The fact that he answered a number of my questions is something to be proud of. That was such a fun night in the OTCR. Thanks, Tanster and Brian!

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