Brian Baumgartner visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

bb2904: will you be there?
MNFan: I hope to play blackjack with you again!
Brian Baumgartner: you bet your sweet ass …
saraadx3: are you going to go again? i saw you at last year’s convention. i have a picture actually!
bb2904: yes!!!!!
Kenna: Woo hoo! See you there!
Brian Baumgartner: if there is one, and i can be there, i will for sure
saraadx3: scranton party!
sar20: *awesome*
Brian Baumgartner: hahha
Brian Baumgartner: *awesome*
tanster: hey, this is a full-featured chat room
Brian Baumgartner: i guess so
GeneLester: cause a scranton party don’t stop
sar20: haha

mignacio: Hey Brian, who’s your pick for the Super Bowl?
Brian Baumgartner: wow … right now? i would have to say … Pittsburgh and New York
Brian Baumgartner: cause i am no dummie

mignacio: No Titans?
jim mosby: *boobs* (In honor of the world changing wardrobe malfunction at the super bowl)
bb2904: haha
saraadx3: touchdown eagles! i hope you have deshaun jackson, brian!
bundyblueboy: lol
Kenna: hahaha
Brian Baumgartner: well, i thing the Titans pass offense will fall apart eventually
Brian Baumgartner: i have no eagles players tonight
apollo: boo!

twirlinggrace: i’ve heard a lot of cast members say they’ve imagined quirks or background stories about their characters (aka angela’s a mall walker). is there anything you’ve imagined about kevin, or any quirks of his we might not know about?
Brian Baumgartner: great question TG
Brian Baumgartner: and in this case i mean it …
tanster: lol
Brian Baumgartner: i imagine that Kevin is really great with children
Brian Baumgartner: honestly …
Pinti: well if he donated sperm…
sar20: aw i could see that
Brian Baumgartner: like, even though he was awkward around Stacy’s kid in Bring your daughter to work …
twirlinggrace: well he can make all the innappropriate noises, i’m sure! teach them how to fart through their armpits!
bb2904: he looked pretty good with stacey’s daughter
Brian Baumgartner: yeah, he was awkward, but i feel like he would be really great with kids
bundyblueboy: hahaha

eb: hey brian. Just wanted to say that I’m from Norway and a huge fan of both The Office and am. football! You probably won’t find another person here that is both (except for my best friends) :) Great work on this season!
Brian Baumgartner: hey thanks a lot eb … and i love Norway. And I am not just returning the compliment
eb: it is btw 2.30 AM here now, so waching football kinda messes with my sleep :) start the games earlier!


  1. I cannot believe I missed this! I saw the announcement and have been checking back every so often. I was at my computer all afternoon too!
    Well, thanks for the transcript, Tanster!

  2. What a sweetheart he is! I can’t believe I missed that… Thanks for the transcript, Tanster. Very fun;)

  3. Good good stuff. One of those guys I’d love to have a beer with.

    And that ticket stub pic is kinda awesome.

  4. Man, I saw that he was there but I don’t know how to create an account for the chat room. Every time I try to get on the chat I try to click, “create an account” or something along that lines but it never works. It won’t let me click it. I wanted to get in there so bad. Oh well.

  5. Cannot believe I missed Mr. Awesome himself!

    Thanks for the transcript – I love how low key Brian is and how funny.

  6. Dangnabit, I can’t believe I missed that and I would’ve been on the dang internet at the time if my internet wasn’t messed up. Dangnabit, oh well, maybe some other time.


  7. It was so cool to talk to Brian. He’s such a funny guy. The fact that he answered a number of my questions is something to be proud of. That was such a fun night in the OTCR. Thanks, Tanster and Brian!

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