Jenna shops for her Emmy dress

Okay, so this is an Emmy story so I should have added it to the Emmy post. And normally, I am not that interested in fashion, but after reading the article, I’ve learned that picking the right dress for the Emmys is like, a BIG DEAL.

USA Today follows Jenna Fischer as she figures out what to wear on Emmy night. I think I would rather reformat my hard drive than shop for fancy dresses, but Jenna handles it with her characteristic charm and good humor.

Watch Jenna try on Emmy dresses here. The accompanying article appears below the video window.

(I didn’t like either of the dresses she tried on; did you?)

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  1. OK. I haven’t even read the article yet but the image of trying to find a dress with USA Today following me around . . . . .. . . “USA Today, does my butt look too big in this”?

  2. I thought it was funny…Jenna cracking wise with the camera crew interspersed with the straight delivery of the designer. (was he a designer?) Anyway…funny change in tones back & forth.

    Jenna is beautiful, with beautiful fair skin…would love to see her in something not as dark as those she was shown trying on (I’m with you there, tanster.) How fun to have your pick of dresses & jewels. But yeah, NSpector, I’d rather do it without a crew there—

  3. I absolutely love the still photo next to the caption. That being said, I didn’t really like the full dress. The color definitely worked, though.

    There was a big difference between the article and the video… in the video she was often joking around a bit, but in the article, the quotes made Jenna seem *really* divaish.

  4. I liked the blue dress better, but not the design of it– just the color. Didn’t really like the design of the maroon one. I think she’d look good in lighter colors, like everyone else is saying- green maybe.

  5. She’d look beautiful in a trash bag and a Steelers cap.
    And I don’t even like the Steelers.

    That Eddie Murphy dude creeped me out, though.

  6. How much fun would it be to pick from a sea of dresses? Amy Adams did look stunning at the Oscars so yay for Jenna for having a stylist to make her look awesomely good.

    I love the colour and the hem of the maroon dress, but that neckline was oddly not as flattering as it could be for her. Liked the top of purple/blue dress but we didn’t get to see the bottom half of it.

  7. Tanster, No I didn’t like any of the dresses either. Hopefully she’ll pick something else. I think with her skin tone she needs to go with a lighter colored dress.

  8. I liked the maroon, but I didn’t like the bottom. It seems like you would trip a lot in that.

  9. I adored the second one – it was really elegant. I could see the rosy one looking a little too cheap among a bunch of glammy tuxedoes, and it would look weird with too much bling on it too. She’s adorable no matter what, though!

  10. I loved her response to what would have happened if Jim saw her in a dress like that. “We would have kissed much sooner.”

  11. Jenna is beautiful, but I wasn’t in love with either of those dresses either. My skin tone is very similar to hers, so I feel her pain when trying to find the right colors. Nevertheless, I would also second Brian’s comment.

  12. this video definitely had continuity issues. you would see a dress on the rack and then boom it was on her. did the camera man have to go to the john or what?!? sheez.

    seriously though, a question for the designers, with that red one, will there be someone at the event to follow her around and stoop down and straighten out the bottom of it each time she moves from place to place? come on, eddie murphy-looking-dude, would you want to wade around in that big ol’ pile of fabric all night?

  13. Jenna was her usual charming and clever self. It takes a lot of guts to let America see you shopping for and trying on gowns like that! Have to agree that I didn’t care for either dress though. She should have tried on the chartreuse number with the ruching (sp?) that Kevan held up.

  14. I don’t like either of them! I hate the dusty rose color, and I don’t like the simple spaghetti strap style on the other dress. Like Eddie said, it’s about the neckline. I just don’t think either of those dresses had a flattering neckline for her.

    I thought it was cute when the photographer kept telling her to turn a little bit and then she would flip all the way around, followed by Eddie Murphy talking about having to give the red carpet virgins tips on how to stand.

  15. From Jenna’s blog, I’m thinking she at least didn’t go with the second dress. (The lesser of two evils.)

    “I thought I wanted a plum or purple colored dress with straps but I ended up with something totally different.”

  16. I saw the dress she’s wearing tonight on a USA Today slideshow. It’s not good.

  17. I hate to have to agree with that, since I love her to death. But, my goodness, with all that help and all those choices???? It looked like if she stood up straight she’d, well, be in trouble. Plus, it just didn’t look good on her. Oh well. It’s her first time. And who cares cause they won!

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