Rainn Wilson’s auction for Haiti

2. Dunder Muffin suitcase

This American Tourister rolling red suitcase was the Season 3 crew gift presented by John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson. It is embroidered with the infamous misspelling “DUNDER MUFFIN.” Will be signed by the whole cast!


  1. I love Creed. Love him.

    (And WWW and SamHam — I get my computer back from the computer hospital next week! Can’t wait to catch up with DMI Marietta! Woot!)

  2. Is this US only, or can I bid if I live in Sweden?

    [from tanster: i just checked with rainn, and free international shipping is included!]

  3. i’m out of the loop… can someone explain the “dunder muffin” thing to me?

    [from tanster: i believe it was a typo in manufacturing. makes it more valuable. ;) ]

  4. muffins do sound better than mifflins! Obviously the people who made this had watched the pilot ;)

  5. Wow! What a great auction item! Someone is going to be very lucky- and happy. This was a great idea Rainn. I hope you raise millions with your auctions!

  6. Great idea….for those who HAVE money! You should do a raffle type idea. You’d raise just as much cause many people would do it for a buck or two and it would give the common man a chance.

    [from tanster: actually, we did look into doing this as a raffle first, but in the state of california, there were legal and logistical complications. good idea, though!]

  7. Awesome..but I kinda need 6-grand right now.

    How about you film an exclusive Office Episode and charge fans $15 to view it.

    I’d pay $15 to support Haiti and get an insider pass to my pals Michael & Dwight!

  8. Wow I wish I could afford this! $6000 is just way too much :(
    Too bad, I would absolutely LOVE to visit the set!

  9. wow less than 24 hours left to bid on the set visit, and it looks like there has yet to be a single bid!

  10. Oooh! I really wish I could afford it…I would pull a Dwight and say, “Six thousand…and one penny!” But, I’ll just have to dream…that’s a little out of a college student’s price range!

  11. Hmm…anyone know why the most recent auction item was removed? The HD Flip video camera?

    [from tanster: will be posted soon. sorry for the confusion!]

  12. I really really really want the camera but I can’t afford the price. can I bid lower since no one has bid?

  13. I wanted to bid on the shirt but i missed it dang it. No one bid? Tell Rainn to put it up again and i will bid!

    [from tanster: done! 3 more days then it goes back into rainn’s closet. :) here’s the new auction]

  14. Looks like the anime shirt has different colored letters than the one in the episode. Weird..

  15. I can’t tell what all the clue weapons are. I can only figure out Dwight’s nunchucks, a stack of DM paper, a dundie, a George-Foreman grill, a pretzel, a bat and Michael’s mug… what are the other two?

  16. Jacket is amazing.

    Also late reply, but the other clue weapons are the knife Dwight has hidden in the file cabinet (Under Mr. A. Knife) and the bike chain Dwight tries to use as a weapon during his fight with Andy. (“If Jim didn’t want me to have a weapon, he should’ve removed all the bikes from the parking lot”)

  17. That jacket and all its Goretex goodness would look excellent framed and on my wall.


  18. I won the jacket! Whoo-hoo!! Thanks to Rainn, the cast, and OT.

    [from tanster: congratulations warren! thank you for donating to haiti relief! :) ]

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