NBC presents Office ‘newpeats’

The Wall Street Journal is reporting:

In an unusual experiment aimed at improving ratings for reruns, NBC next week plans to air two previously seen half-hour episodes of “The Office” that have been re-edited into a new hour-long show. Some scenes will be cut so producers can weave in unaired footage that introduces a new storyline into the older episodes.

Producers of “The Office” say re-editing the episodes is a way to keep the program’s rabid fan base from moving on … “Their loyalty must be rewarded somehow, and we don’t have the budget to send out 10 million muffin baskets,” says Executive Producer Greg Daniels.

This would be next week’s airings of Traveling Salesmen and The Return.

Greg did mention at Paley Fest last weekend that an additional four minutes of new footage would be added to next week’s episodes. (Did I get that right, Kath?)

Shouldn’t every Office rerun be a ‘newpeat’? Clap your hands say yeah.

Link: NBC Remixes ‘The Office’; Reruns Become ‘Newpeats’ (subscription required)

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