NBC presents Office ‘newpeats’

The Wall Street Journal is reporting:

In an unusual experiment aimed at improving ratings for reruns, NBC next week plans to air two previously seen half-hour episodes of “The Office” that have been re-edited into a new hour-long show. Some scenes will be cut so producers can weave in unaired footage that introduces a new storyline into the older episodes.

Producers of “The Office” say re-editing the episodes is a way to keep the program’s rabid fan base from moving on … “Their loyalty must be rewarded somehow, and we don’t have the budget to send out 10 million muffin baskets,” says Executive Producer Greg Daniels.

This would be next week’s airings of Traveling Salesmen and The Return.

Greg did mention at Paley Fest last weekend that an additional four minutes of new footage would be added to next week’s episodes. (Did I get that right, Kath?)

Shouldn’t every Office rerun be a ‘newpeat’? Clap your hands say yeah.

Link: NBC Remixes ‘The Office’; Reruns Become ‘Newpeats’ (subscription required)

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  1. second post?! why am I up? why god why? anyway… newpeats! I love the idea. Every rerun should definitely be a new peat, or at the very least, they should release some previously unseen deleted scenes online after the show. I have to say, the powers-that-be on The Office have been exceptionally generous to the rabid fans and it is quite appreciated

  2. Thanks Greg, if you want another way to reward the fan base, tell us in advance who is writing upcoming episodes, it is harmless to release that info and gives us something to speculate about since different writers do have different styles.

  3. I’m so excited that the two “newpeats” will be Traveling Salesmen and The Return b/c those two were some of my favorites from this season! How awesome is that?! Thanks for the news, Tanster! Totally looking forward to next Thursday!

  4. YAY. I love how “The Office” loves us. Seriously, it makes me love them more. Endless cycle! :)

  5. I wonder if these will be available as well on iTunes for season pass people…

  6. CLAP CLAP!!
    Yes, Greg told me that he thought in total 4 minutes of new footage would be added which would weave together the 2 episodes. I guess I didn’t realize that it would be adding in a new storyline. Perhaps it’s Angela’s confession to Pam.

  7. In case Greg Daniels finds the money in his budget, I’d like poppy seed. This is such a cool idea, though. He’s making my March a little less Office deprived.

  8. This is seriously an awesome idea, but for those of us who have to depend on iTunes to see The Office, will we get to see the new footage too? I’d probably have to depend on someone’s highly detailed recap, if not.

    Greg Daniels is amazing!

  9. Brilliant idea – why no one thought of it before is a wonder….I’m just grateful for the cathode-ray muffin crumbs….

    ….thank you, tanster, for posting the news of this develeopment here!!!

  10. I have to say that no one rewards their fans better than “The Office” cast and crew, very rarely do you see a show as big as this reach out to the people who watch it in such a personal and real way.
    Bravo NBC, Gred D., and the Rest for the giving us what we didnt even know we wanted.

  11. Anyone watch The Merger last night? Though I saw it’s initial airing, I just watched it, and I’m convinced there were several scenes cut out which were included originally. Perhaps my brain is re-integrating the deleted scenes. But am I crazy or did they really cut them out?

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