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  1. 672
    Stacey Says:

    Just rewatching this ep on hulu and, when Pam says “Michael, Angela’s cat died,” I always loved how Michael knew Angela’s cat’s name was Sprinkles and how he says it in such disbelief. Hahahahaha it makes me laugh every time!!

  2. 671
    Callan Says:

    In Ryan’s first talking head, did anyone else think he was doing a bit of a Ricky Gervais-as-David Brent? I thought it looked a little like that.

  3. 670
    tuna tuna tuna Says:

    george- boycott the repeat! support the writers, no replacement programming!

  4. 669
    Jason Says:

    It will be the hour long show.

  5. 668
    Christian Says:

    “As great of a line as that was, this just doesn’t happen to people as successful as Jan, to break down and become a moronic fool like Jan has become”

    I think the thing is is that she put on a facade of being the perfect, successful corporate superwoman. Her whole breakdown is making fun of people who idolize the *image* of being corporate superstars.

  6. 667
    tuna tuna tuna Says:

    In response to thoughts that Dwight killing Angela’s cat was “out of character”: remember grief counseling? He breaks the beak off of the dead bird trying to shove it into a soda can! and he references being a farmer as an explanation for his actions that time as well.

  7. 666
    JJ Says:

    FYI – Fun Run is being repeated this Saturday night at 8pm!

  8. 665
    Big Tuna Says:

    Oh, whats that? The deleted scenes aren’t available in Canada? Oh, yeah. Right.
    Thanks NBC. Thanks.
    Slash not.

  9. 664
    shark eyes Says:

    I thought the deleted scene where Michael knew what secular humanism was hilarious; that should have been in there.

    Also, although I miss the confused/timid Pam of season one, I don’t think she’s necessarily too snarky in this episode. The way she deals with Michael is condescending, but it does get him to finish the race. I don’t think she was being snarky with Angela, I think she was just trying to find a nice way to phrase the fact that she couldn’t really relate, however much it might have ‘disgusted’ Angela.

    And this has probably been mentioned, but I thought showing Angela shoving Dwight into the filing cabinet right after that squee-worthy JAM moment was hilarious! The editing seemed kind of awkward for the rest of the show but that transition was great.

  10. 663
    James Says:

    this was def. the hardest i’ve laughed in a long time.
    I don’t see how you could not like it, unless you just want to stray from everyone else.
    I don’t know. I woke up my family because i was laughing so hard

  11. 662
    Callan Says:

    Re 719: Yeah, my original point was that even if Ryan was paid part commission with a base salary, it could not have been much to make a living, because he was not receiving any commission. Plus, he was paying for business school. That was my point.

  12. 661
    jam fan Says:

    I thought that the writers handled the Jam relationship really well.. it’s good to see that their relationship hasn’t changed the dynamic of the show too much and I can’t wait to see more.

  13. 660
    McOfficeFan Says:

    My thoughts exactly JMG #658. I’m glad you put that out there.

  14. 659
    Callan Says:

    Re 713, Yeah, but he was no longer a temp. He was a full employee of Dunder-Mifflin when he became a salesperson. I doubt the temp agency kept paying his salary when he got the sales job, because I’m pretty sure they’re still not paying him now that he has a corporate job.

  15. 658
    Pam-casso Says:

    BenA (#713) — Yes, you’re right. Ryan started as a temp. How could I forget that? Yikes.

  16. 657
    bd1011 Says:

    i would like to add my 2 cents to the criticisms of pam. she has always kept michael in check and been honest with him, her speech at the end was trying to appeal to his backward way of looking at things because she knows how to deal with him better than anyone and knows that is the only thing that will work- challenging him to prove that he is capable. as far as the angela conversation is concerned, remember is season 3 when angela offered pam her “dominant male” kitten and pam said no? obviously pam just doesn’t like cats and saying “i’m more of a dog person” is a more sensitive and tactful way of expressing that. she is the same sweet person and she has never been a doormat. she is just happy now. i also agree with kevin- trust the writers!

  17. 656
    BenA Says:

    Actually, Ryan started as a temp, so he would be paid through the temp agency. As for the salesmen, I’m sure they’re paid a base salary, and then get commission on top of that. So Ryan just didn’t get anything extra.

  18. 655
    Pam-casso Says:

    Callan (#711) — The sales staff definitely work at least partly on commission. That was a major plot element in “Diversity Day” when Jim was trying so hard to get a sale that would be 25% of his annual commission and then Dwight stole it out from under him. But how Ryan survived without making any sales I’m not quite sure. If he started as an intern that means that he was unpaid altogether–doing this for the experience, etc.–so perhaps he has some sort of outside funding keeping him afloat? Like, student loans, for example? I don’t know. Great question.

  19. 654
    Callan Says:

    I have a quick question: In this episode, Pam makes reference to the hourly workers and salespeople when determing carpools to the hospital.

    To me, this was an inference that the salespeople aren’t paid an hourly wage and are paid based on a commission .

    If the salespeople work on commission or at least part of their salary is made up by commission, then how did Ryan ever earn a living last season??? He never made a sale!

    Sorry, this is probably a ridiculous question, but it was something I was wondering when re-watching the episode.

  20. 653
    BenA Says:

    Re: #705 Pam-casso – Well put about Pam, and Jim encouraging her! Completely agree with you. “Boys and Girls” from Season 2 is a perfect example of that.

    Now enough about Pam, because I still think she’s completely adorable no matter what people say. What do you guys think will happen with Dwight and Angela? Will Angela turn from Dwight’s mercy-killing tactics to Andy’s anger-controlling tactics?

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