The Office: Special Project, 8.14

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The Office: Special Project, Dwight Schrute, Rainn Wilson, perfectenschlag

Writer: Amelie Gillette, Director: David Rogers

Summary (NBC): After Dwight gets assigned a special project at Sabre headquarters in Tallahassee, he and Andy try to decide which Scranton employees get to go with him. Meanwhile, Pam returns from her maternity leave.

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In a poll conducted February 9-13, 2012, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.82/10

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The Office Special Project quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster :)

Dwight: You just had our baby. Our collective, Dunder Mifflin family baby.

Angela: Not everyone needs some long, luxurious, Parisian maternity leave.

Angela: Really? I feel like this big rhinoceros.

Pam: You’re allergic to walnuts, right, Kevin?
Kevin: Extremely. But I’m going to fight through it.

Pam: It’s okay, Angela. I have mommy brain, too.

Angela: Babies sleep a lot, Pam. If you feed them enough.

Angela: I wouldn’t know. I’m watching my weight.

Dwight: You can’t tantalize me.

Dwight: If you make me head of sales one more time, I swear.

Dwight: The Schrutes have a word for when everything in a man’s life comes together perfectly. Perfectenschlag. Right now, I am in it. I am so deep inside of Perfectenschlag right now. And, just to be clear, there is a second definition, perfect pork anus, which I don’t mean.

Andy: Did you know frogs can hear with their lungs? And that flamingos can have orgasms that last thirty minutes?

Erin: We’re pin twins!

Erin: When I saw it in CVS, it made me gag, too.

Darryl: I can’t tell if it’s a “we’re just friends” beanie, or a “I’m hot, you’re hot, let’s get popping” beanie.

Darryl: We’ll get to the meaning of the beanie.

Dwight: Pam, pack up your post-natal swimwear, make it a one-piece or this offer is rescinded.

Pam: I’ll fly anywhere for some good barbecue.

Dwight: No plus ones. This is for competent workers only.

Darryl: Super comfortable. Like sweatpants for my head.

Darryl: Wow. It’s like the Nation of Islam down here.

Val: I like to knit. Don’t hate.

Nate: “I’m glad you’re in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.” Oh, Darryl.

Pam: Two question marks is kind of aggressive. You know, it’s like whaa-what?

Andy: Can I interest you in someone less essential? Like a Creed or a Meredith?

Dwight: Andy just gave me a chain with three weak links. Have you ever tried to use a chain with three weak links? I have. And now I no longer own an Arctic wolf.

Kelly: You want to call someone that texted you? You want to drive him away?

Kevin: Sometimes Batman’s got to take off his cape.

Angela: My baby is not a monster!

Dwight: Be proud of your enormous monster baby.

Stanley: Every shirt that I have that isn’t a work shirt is a Tommy Bahama. I’m the only person in this office that watches Burn Notice.

Dwight: That’s all Baltzer Glattfielder had. And now no one eats owls for Thanksgiving.

Dwight: PowerPoints are the peacocks of the business world. All show, no meat.

Andy: : It’s almost like we’re not all experiencing the same winter.

Dwight: I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to clear your head any more than it has been already. I think you need a workplace where the burdens of everyday life keep you tethered to reality.

Jim: Is it too dark to say that Cece is having an operation?

Jim: Do you shower at night or do you shower in the morning? ‘Cause I want to shower when you’re showering to save some water.

Jim: Is that the buzzer from Taboo?
Dwight: Shut up, maggot!

Dwight: How many of you have seen the documentary, Deliverance?

Dwight: You want to spend the rest of your life changing your husband’s colostomy bags?

Nate: They’re Nate coupons. Or Na-pons.

Darryl: Your mom’s name’s Brandon?

Darryl: I figured out where I stand. This is a love beanie.

Erin: I’m going to Florida. And I’m not coming back.

Dwight: Under the right manager, that’s not a bad team. Perfectenschlag.

Cathy (on the phone): All expenses paid. Yeah, Jim’s going to be there. That marriage is not good. Nobody knows better than me. Definitely we will. It’s three weeks in Tallahassee, what else is there to do.

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  1. Okay, so if Pam is coming back from maternity leave in this episode, why is she credited in “Jury Duty”? Is it an out of the office appearance in that one? Wait and see I guess!

  2. They filmed this at a hotel down the street from me. I know who will be tagging along but will keep it a secret.

  3. @Karen: THANK YOU for keeping it quiet. I wish we could live in a world where we weren’t all obsessed with learning spoilers of TV shows and movies before they’re shown.

  4. @ shay – it’s possible that it’s an out-of-office appearance by pam… it could even be as little as her voice on the phone.

  5. I can’t believe Pam’s new baby’s birth hasn’t been seen on the show, like Cece’s. I hope that episode (and the one before that, I think) shows Pam with more energy, and she’s back to the office pronto.

  6. I agree with FlonkertonChamp. Remember in the Season Six ep, Happy Hour, Pam was back, just not at the actual Office? Yeah, but when I read this summary I partially freaked out.

  7. Jenna Fischer has been credited in all of the episodes during maternity leave, whether or not she actually appears in the episode.

  8. I bet Dwight takes Erin. That way Cathy could be receptionist while Erin’s gone. That way they continue with the Jim/Pam/Cathy love triangle and Andy could realize that he misses Erin and wants to be with her

  9. I’m shocked how little difference Pam’s absence has made in the S8 episodes, relative to the ones JF appeared in before taking leave. Pam hasn’t been good or bad this year. She’s been irrelevant.
    As for Catherine Tate, she will be back for the arc involving the Sabre Store that kicks off with some employees heading to FL. I don’t believe Tate is in this one, though; she should be in the 2/16 episode.

  10. #11, Pam might not be the center of episodes (although I wish her and Jim were), but for me the show is not the same without her. I really miss her and can’t wait til she is back.

  11. completely agree with #11 ben. i mean don’t get me wrong, i like pam but, i don’t think she’s been an “intregal” member of the cast this season. she’s just ‘there.’

  12. Seeing how the news has been lately, this looks like a lead in to Dwight’s “rumored” spin-off, something I’m not going to enjoy.

  13. I miss “Michael Scott”!!!!!! The show will NEVER be as hysterical as it was with him at the helm of the OFFICE. Although I do love the other characters, there is a sadness in each episode as they trudge along without the goof ball.

  14. What love triangle? That storyline has so little going for it. I expected more tension with Cathy, but they’ve barely used her. She was non-existent is several episodes, and then suddenly in “Pool Party” she has like one line and it’s supposed to be viewed as ‘development’ of her crush on Jim. Bad writing.

  15. @16 Trent: The alleged spinoff concept will supposedly be introduced in a Schrute Farms-centered episode.

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