1. I’m a VIP who also had to drive from Philly and miss most of the party. I haven’t met anyone! I’m on my own if you know anyone else who needs a friend please let me know. I sure wish I knew which bar to go to tonight!! Can’t wait to see you at breakfast!!

    [from tanster: hope you got to meet up with other fans at breakfast today!]

  2. Tanster, you got a Dundie! That’s so awesome! Are you going to display it, or do you think you might get cocky? :) A well-deserved honor! Congrats and have fun for all of us!

    [from tanster: it was a complete surprise, and I loved it!]

  3. @3 April, same thing for me. I would’ve given anything to be in Scranton this weekend, that’s for sure. But a few videos would be nice so I could live vicariously through others =)

  4. Just got home, wish I could have stayed in Scranton tonight… I’m sure you will have tons of fun tonight Tanster. Also do you or anyone else remember where we can buy the wrap party shirts?

  5. Oh Wow! Steve Carell crashed the party at the ballpark. Just saw a video online. I honestly didn’t think he would show.

  6. Steve Carell showed up, so I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be in the finale. Fingers crossed :)

  7. @5 – seriously Steve was there? OMG that would have been amazing. I wish it were something announced in advance as Steve’s presence might have made a few more fans take the trip. I can’t wait to see pics and video. Glad those of you who got to go had a great day :)

  8. 3 words….

    Steve Freaking Carell!!!!!

    What a classy move by him….I hope everyone had an amazing time.

  9. Wow – what an amazing day in Scranton! The parade, the stage performance by the cast members and Scrantones, and then the arrival at PNC Field by Steve Carell! Boy, did I shed some tears – as did many there. Seeing Jenna cry on the stage in the afternoon seemed like it really hit home for her. Awesome, awesome, incredible day. Thank you, Tanster, for letting us know about this. And, congrats on your Dundee! I am so sad and teary right now.

  10. Hey guys, Times-Tribune News Editor Brendan West here. The video of the VIP event is back up on our site after some technical difficulties. Click away!

    [from tanster: thanks, brendan! and let us know if you post any other videos!]

  11. Such an incredible day. Can’t believe that I sang Lazy Scranton with Rainn, it was just unreal.

    And I absolutely love Ellie Kemper.

    [from tanster: that was you?! so awesome!]

  12. That was AWESOME! I wish I would’ve been able to stand in line and meet the 4 people that DID show up but I guess I thought they were gonna mingle a little more lol.

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