The Office Season 3 DVD coming Sept. 11?

Update: See OfficeTally’s The Office Season 3 DVD Buying Guide for a complete listing of special bundles!

Looks like we’ve got our first bit of chatter on a release date for The Office Season 3 DVD …


Here are the date’s from last year’s Season 2 DVD release:

  • Mon Jun 19, 2006: Season 2 DVD set release date announced.
  • Tue Jun 20, 2006: Season 2 DVD set available for pre-order.
  • Tue Sep 12, 2006: The Office Season 2 DVD set released.

Update on Jenna

Here’s an update from Jenna’s husband, James Gunn, regarding her injury this week:

Jenna is in some pain, but she’s doing okay. There is no permanent damage, thank God, but she fractured her back in 4 places. She will be okay in time to shoot the new season of The Office, and she just got done shooting Walk Hard. So, as far as good times for breaking your back, now is it.

We’re very very appreciative of all the fan support. The notes are very nice.

A few people have inquired about sending care packages, etc. Please don’t! We are overwhelmed with flowers, snacks, gifts, and just plain stuff! We definitely don’t need anything else.

If people really want to do something, just make a small donation to Rover Rescue in Jenna’s name. Some people have already done this and it’s really appreciated!

Link: James’ complete letter at JGAS

Tipster: Linda

Tori’s Review: The Job

In the wild, when animals want to mark something as theirs, they scamper over and pee on it.

Not to sound like Dwight, but women can sometimes be like animals.

Last week, Pam confessed her feelings for Jim. This week, Karen made Jim get a haircut. I will admit a haircut is a much cuter way to mark territory than urine — but still.

Big questions needed to be answered in the season finale. Who would get the corporate job? What would Jim say about Pam’s confession? What was the BIG development between Michael and Jan? Was Andy still stuck in the weeds?

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