Rainn Wilson’s new project

A message from Rainn Wilson:

Hey Tallyheads!

I wanted to direct y’all to a website my dad and I started. It’s a little side business in fine arts. It’s called “Wilson and Son Fine Art” at rrwilsonart.com.

I know what with the strike, we all have a lot more free time on our hands, so I thought you’d enjoy perusing our new website during the time when you would normally be chatting about JAM or Dwangela.

Boy, we are all really sad to not be shooting right now. What a colossal bummer. We miss the interaction with the greatest fans in the world, too.

Have an utterly fantastic Holiday Season and thanks for checking out the site!


Thanks, Rainn! I’m partial to the contemporary stuff myself …

The Weekend Tally

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B.J. Novak in Palo Alto

The Office

Yes, B.J. Novak, actor, writer, and producer of ‘The Office’ was in OfficeTally’s hometown of Palo Alto, CA, yesterday. And I found out completely by accident!

He had emailed me and mentioned that he had been at the Peet’s Coffee in the Town and Country Center earlier in the day.

As this was B.J.’s first time writing me from an email address, I demanded that he verify his identity.

Here’s part of our conversation:

tanster: I need to make sure this is really you, so I have to ask you a “security question.” At The Office Convention in Scranton, do you remember taking a photo with me? Where or when was that? Second, you were here in Palo Alto!? I live like walking distance from that Peet’s Coffee. Wish I had known, I would have loved to have stopped by to say hello!

B.J.: Right after Writers Block by the auditorium door at the VIP after-thing, right? Yes, I am in Palo Alto! Visiting a friend who works at Facebook. Wish I had known. Peets is like Starbucks, but burned-er.

tanster: Congratulations, you passed! You are B.J.! Yes, I’m usually a Starbucks-aholic. I’ll drink Peets occasionally but it always feels like it’s burning a hole in my stomach lining or something. Are you still here tonight?

B.J.: I am off to the Facebook Christmas party tonight. I am supposed to leave tomorrow am. If I get up early (which would be a shame considering the party will go late), I’ll let you know and if you’re free maybe we can hit the ‘Bucks, which I also prefer.

Heehee. Love that he calls it “the ‘Bucks”!

(Quick, Tallyheads, which episode is that in reference to?)

B.J., you hereby owe me a grande nonfat latte. No foam.

Contest reminders

Some reminders about our current contests:

  • The Office Crossword Contest: Target goodies have been sent to all prize winners. Even though the contest is over, it’s still fun to play. The answers have been posted, too, so you can check your answers!
  • The OfficeTally Lolcat Contest: the twenty finalists have been chosen — vote for your favorite! Target goodies will be awarded to the top five vote-getters. Voting ends Saturday, Dec. 15th.
  • Bobblehead Baton Contest: remember to submit your entries by end of day Sunday, Dec. 16th. seat18b tells me she’s receiving clips! Don’t forget to upload your clip to YouTube and post a link to it if you’d like to possibly win … yes, a Target goodie. Do I have an endless supply of goodies or something?