Amy Ryan returns to ‘The Office’

From Variety:

“The Wire” star Amy Ryan will get a chance to flex her comedic muscles a bit more next season as she joins “The Office” for multiple episodes.

Ryan is set to appear in at least five segs in the fall, reprising her role as human resources rep Holly Flax. Ryan’s character first showed up in “The Office’s” season finale as a potential love interest for Michael Scott (Steve Carell).

Link: ‘Office’ schedules Amy Ryan

Steve Carell sings the national anthem

Today’s theme must be guys who sing in ties. :)

Check out Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert singing this impromptu duet at last week’s ‘Get Smart’ promotional visit to the Apple Store in SoHo, NYC.

This will put a smile on your face, if not a tear in your eye.

You can download this clip, as well as others from the same event, at the iTunes Store:

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The Weekend Tally

Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, and staff for the week ending June 29.

A short Tally this week …


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Happy Birthday, Melora!

Melora Hardin

From Variety: “You’re seeing women (characters) you never saw before on television,” says Melora Hardin of “The Office.” “I think it’s quite special the way they write Jan. When I read the episode I submitted for the Emmys, my mouth was watering. It was a dream to be able to play this.”

Happy Birthday to the ‘Dinner Party’ hostess with the mostest, Melora Hardin!