The Weekend Tally

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The Weekend Tally

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Note: there will be no Weekend Tally next weekend …

Happy Birthday, Melora Hardin!

The Office

And almost as if these were scheduled just for her birthday, here are some upcoming “blast from the past” Melora appearances:

– Fri Jun 29: ‘Friends,’ CW
– Mon Jul 2: ‘Murder She Wrote,’ BIOG
– Mon Jul 2: ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ Hallmark
– Wed Jul 4: ‘Monk,’ USA

Melora Hardin talks Office chemistry

SPOILER WARNING! Article and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

The Boston Herald talks to Melora Hardin about Jan’s chemistry with Michael:

“She’s a very complicated, multilayered, conflicted and flawed woman who’s been fighting really hard in a man’s world for a really long time,” she said. “She’s gotten a really crusty, cold, hard exterior. But she has a soft, gooey center, and Michael sees that and he goes right into that and she responds to that.”

Link: ‘Office’ affair: Hardin feels a chemistry with Carell on hit NBC comedy

Wow, Melora’s dad was “Deep Throat” on The X-Files! — one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

‘Office Romances’ video

SPOILER WARNING! Videos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

When I went over to Yahoo to watch the extended ‘Phyllis’ Wedding’ preview video for the nth time (addicted? am I addicted?), I noticed there is a new video up — one where Melora Hardin, John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, and B.J. Novak talk about the Office relationships.

They discuss upcoming storylines, so hence the spoiler tag …

Check it out here.