The Weekend Tally

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The Weekend Tally

Holy cow, the Tally runneth over this week, because I’m still catching up from last week …

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The Weekend Tally

Two weeks of Office News Buildup. Oops.

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Domo Arigato, Mr. Scott-o

This fanvid has some of the best lyric/beat synchronizations I’ve seen, plus an ending that, according to the fanvid creator, couldn’t not be done.

Clever, clever.

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The Weekend Tally

  • Article: More opinions on who should be nominated for an Emmy by USA Today and Variety.
  • Article: Steve Carell Interview, Evan Almighty. A brief mention of The Office.
  • Photos: A few photos of Rainn Wilson at the Tony Awards here and here.
  • Video: If you didn’t get a chance to see it last week, here is Steve Carell on Jay Leno.
  • Live appearance: Showrunner Greg Daniels and line producer Kent Zbornak deconstruct The Office at the LA TV Festival’s PGA Breakfast Series on July 25.
  • Live appearance: According to Kate Flannery, The Lampshades will be performing at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on June 22nd, and IO West on July 7th. Definitely check out the show if you’re in the area!
  • Fan vid: OT’s reviewer gal, Tori, has created her first fanvid — Girlfriend. Warning: you will get the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day …
  • Contest: a reminder to submit your entries to the OfficeTally Banner Contest by this Saturday, June 23rd, 11pm PT. There have been some fantastic entries submitted so far!
  • Set visit auction results: holy crap — the auction ended with a closing bid of $11,649.52! Luckily, the person who won is an OT reader, and learned about the auction from OT! I won’t reveal this person’s identity (no, it’s not me), but they assure me they’ll file a full report after the visit. Congratulations, Bidder 12!
  • Vote for OfficeTally! If you haven’t voted yet, please vote for OfficeTally at the Blogger’s Choice Awards. One vote per person, please.

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The Tuesday Tally

A Tally during the week? For shame. (Sorry. I actually left the house this weekend!)

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