Brian Baumgartner on Megan Mullally

Update: Here is the video. (Video no longer available)


Guests: Matthew Broderick, Donald Faison, Brian Baumgartner

Acclaimed actor and Broadway star Matthew Broderick is on the show! He tells Megan about his latest comedy, Deck the Halls. The Bucket Boys, a group of musicians who got their start playing outside of Chicago’s Wrigley Field, perform on the Megan Stage! Then, its actor Donald Faison from the hit comedy, Scrubs. Actress turned author Catherine Lloyd Burns talks about her memoir, “It Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks.” Plus, the laughs continue with Brian Baumgartner from NBC’s Emmy Award-winning comedy, The Office.

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How to succeed in ‘The Office’

The Office Michael Scott

I already mentioned this in the Post-Turkey Tally, but I’m promoting it to its own post because there is now an accompanying video!

Magazine article

Business 2.0 magazine features Michael Scott and his thoughts on employee motivation. See full scans of the magazine article and cover here.


Check out the accompanying video here. Highlights:

  • Hear Paul Lieberstein talk in his normal voice!
  • See all the Dunder Mifflin furniture shrinkwrapped for the holiday break!
  • Get a peek at the writers room!

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Warning: I had a really difficult time getting this video to play — on a PC or on a Mac. Had to replay it numerous times. If you have a tip, please post a comment!

Acting and writing for The Office

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting article about The Office cast members who both write for and act on the show, notably Paul Lieberstein (“Toby”) and Mindy Kaling (“Kelly”).

An excerpt:

… [Paul] Lieberstein has discovered a near-existential loneliness when it comes to acting. “The parts of it that have been hard are finding out what an incredible black hole acting can be. You’re out there and nobody talks to you, and you have no idea how you’re doing.” When he watches himself in dailies, “everything I see, I want to cut in the editing room.”

[Mindy’s] personality and background have helped develop Kelly into a popular supporting character and the sometime love interest of a reluctant Ryan. Her quirks have quickly been injected into Kelly’s persona. That includes “the online shopping, the talking really fast and the elements of boy craziness too, unfortunately,” she said.

Read They gave at ‘The Office’ — twice. (You may need to register with to access the article.)