Hello, my name is Phyllis

St. Louis Magazine features an in-depth interview with Phyllis Smith:

Phyllis Lapin-Vance could just as easily be that woman from accounting who shares a cube wall with you and wears old-lady perfume and God-awful Christmas sweaters and spends hours on the phone, planning special trips to Orlando for herself and her husband. And Phyllis Smith seemed like she could be that same person, but now we’re not so sure. The line between Phyllis Smith and Phyllis Lapin-Vance is pretty fuzzy to begin with, and honestly, with all this jumping back and forth between the two, we’re starting to confuse ourselves.

Link: Hello My Name is Phyllis

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The Weekend Tally

Holy cow, the Tally runneth over this week, because I’m still catching up from last week …

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Angela and gang on TLC

UPDATE: Clips of the actual episode now added …

The Learning Channel’s show Take Home Handyman premiered Saturday night with Ms. Angela Kinsey and The Office gang:

Angela Kinsey (NBC’s The Office) and husband Warren have just moved into a 1950s, bungalow-style home in Los Angeles. Although Angela’s addicted to watching “how-to” shows, she’s often left with little time to attempt weekend projects — but help is on the way! Andrew, along with Angela’s friends from The Office, spend 2 days helping the new homeowner check projects off her list.

Some of the videos are hilarious! And don’t forget to check out the photos of the renovated master bathroom. Very nice.

Links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Behind the scenes clips

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B.J. and the beard

From the Houston Chronicle:

Despite Armani suits, a pricy wristwatch, having read the works of Ayn Rand and grown a new, swarthy stubble, Ryan Howard remains Ryan the Temp.

This week, The Office promises the first of what could be several showdowns between Ryan the Temp and his former co-workers in Scranton. Last season, he outmaneuvered several of them for a big job at corporate in New York. Now he’s a Scranton adversary, who applies Rand’s philosophy to his day-to-day even though he can’t pronounce her name.

I love how Ryan is referred to as a “corporate Sith lord.”

Link: The temp label is permanent