Got a ‘Night Out’ question for Mindy?

We are on a roll here, with The Office writers generously agreeing to do another episode Q&A! Thank you thank you thank you. :)

Do you have a question for Mindy Kaling about last night’s episode, ‘Night Out’?

Submit your question here.

This post will close at 9pm Pacific Time tonight, so get your questions in today!

Remember, non-spoilerish questions about ‘Night Out’ only. Thanks!

Last Weekend’s Tally

Here is the Tally I would have posted last weekend had I not spent so much time putting my set visit trip report together. :)

Items submitted April 14-20:

Tipsters: Katie, Robm, cervantes240, Tara, Theresa, SarSar

The next Weekend Tally will be posted this Sunday, April 27, and include items submitted April 21-27th.

‘The Office’ runneth over

Looks like we get some extra minutes of Office goodness for the next few weeks.

My contacts at NBC have confirmed that the next three episodes, Night Out, Did I Stutter? and Job Fair, will run a minute or two over its normal air time. (My TiVo programming guide states The Office will run from 9pm to 9:32pm).

Tallyheads, adjust your TV recording devices accordingly!

Apparently, last week’s episode, Chair Model, also ran long, and my TiVo got confused and didn’t record the tag (the final scene at the cemetery). Grrr.