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Moving this post back to the front page since it’s Office Thursday. :)

Here’s a promo of the upcoming episode, ‘Broke’:

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The Office T-Shirt Design Contest

The Office T-Shirt Design ContestNBC.com will finally announce the winners of The Office T-Shirt Design Contest tonight after the airing of The Office episode ‘Broke’!

Here is the email that went out to the 30 finalists earlier this week:

Dear Contest Finalist,

We have now chosen the winners of our T-Shirt Design Contest and sent them through our merchandising and legal approval phases. Thank you so much for your patience as this process has taken longer than we anticipated. The winning designs will be shown on-air following this Thursday’s episode of “The Office,” and also announced prominently on our website. Please check back at that time to see if you’re among the lucky winners!

We thank you again for your creativity and please know that is was a very tough decision for the producers and writers of “The Office” to choose Top 3. They were all very impressed with your designs!

Official Contest Coordinator
“The Office” on NBC.com

Tipster: Joseph

Can’t wait to see who wins!

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Rainn Wilson visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

Rainn Wilson Chat

We were thrilled that Rainn Wilson came to chat with us earlier tonight.

This may be the first time in the history of OfficeTally Chat that I’ve wanted to copy some of the transcript into the ol’ quote randomizer. ;)

Rainn discusses his public feud with Sockington, his favorite TV shows, and what he still gets nervous about.

Thank you, Rainn!

Here is the full chat transcript. Continue reading “Rainn Wilson visits the OfficeTally Chat Room”

The Office Set Visit 2009: INDEX

I visited The Office set the week of April 13-17, during the filming of the Season 5 finale (and 100th episode), ‘Company Picnic.’ I even got a little cameo!


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