The Office Webisodes: The 3rd Floor

The Office webisode series “The 3rd Floor” was written by Jonathan Hughes, Kelly Hannon, and Mary Wall, and directed by Mindy Kaling. It debuted on October 28, 2010.

Part 1: Moving On

Part 2: Lights, Camera, Action!

Part 3: The Final Product

The 3rd Floor

The Office Lolcat: Costume Contest

Lolcats inspired by The Office Season 7 episode, Costume Contest:

The Office Lolcat: Costume Contest
Angela: I really want that coupon book.

Since I canceled the costume contest (not enough entries), would you be interested in a lolcat competition instead? We haven’t done one since January 2009 (see The Office Lolcats archive) so we’re due. Those Office Monopoly games aren’t going to give themselves away. :)

Post a comment if you’ll play. We’ll have a contest if there is enough interest. K THX