High School Musical

Long before their successes in Here Comes Treble and Scrantonicity, Kevin and Andy honed their vocal skills in high school.

Seriously, this is an actual photo of Brian Baumgartner and Ed Helms from their days in their high school chorale group. Yes, just like John Krasinski and B.J. Novak, Brian and Ed attended the same high school!

Brian told me the photo is “hardly cute,” but I beg to differ. (Can you spot them?)

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The Weekend Tally

Two weeks’ worth of tidbit goodness!

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Eatin’ with Ed

The May issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray has a funny story about Ed Helms’ eating habits on The Office set:

Ah, lunch. How I love lunch. It’s a very social time at The Office. The whole cast and crew eat together cafeteria-style. And oh, man, catering pulls out the big guns for lunch. It’s not uncommon to find king crab legs, a pasta station, some barbecue ribs and then some fancy entrée I’ve never even heard of. The salad bar is like the produce section of a supermarket. I don’t bother choosing. I just eat all of it.

I concur — the food is really good on set! And there’s a lot of it. Like, everywhere.

Link: Ed Helms

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The Office’s Andy Bernard in Atlanta

Creative Loafing Atlanta talks to Ed Helms:

Do you have any stories of things going wrong, or funny things happening on the set?

The Christmas episode was a fun shoot because we did it at a real Benihana with a real Benihana hibachi grill … Jim throws a shrimp at Dwight, who was about 8 feet away, and it bounced off Dwight’s glasses and went right into the cup of water he was about to drink from. It was a one-in-a-million shot that pretty much shut down the set for five or 10 minutes of applause. But we didn’t use it because Harold Ramis, the director that week, thought it would look fake, even though it wasn’t.

Link: Ed Helms: ‘The Office’s’ Andy Bernard returns to Atlanta

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MeeVee interviews Ed Helms

MeeVee got the chance to talk to Ed Helms during the Golden Globes:

Who came up with “Big Tuna”?

I wish I could take credit for it, but Greg Daniels [wrote it], in the first episode of the season. I’m very happy about it, because it automatically puts me in character.You know only Andy would be like, “T’sup, Big Tuna?” It totally puts me there.

Link: Interview with The Office Star Ed Helms

Why Ed Helms is a mensch

TV Squad is reporting a lovely little story of how Ed Helms (“Andy”) came to the rescue of a partygoer who had apparently fainted:

[Ed] kind of took the lead on the whole operation, trying to flag down a bartender to tell him that the woman needed medical attention — the bartenders just stood there and stared, not knowing what to do — all the while trying to help us get her to the couch … Ed did a great job of making her feel better, engaging her in conversation and making funny but sympathetic jokes about her fainting spell and about how no one really noticed …

Andy may be psycho, but Ed is a gentleman.

Link: Why Ed Helms is a mensch

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