The Weekend Tally

Trailers galore this week!

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OfficeTally’s all a-Twitter

With this being one of the slowest Office news weeks ever, I had some free time to play around with Twitter.

Twitter lets you send short messages to “followers,” who can choose to receive your messages via IM or cell phone text messages.

I post a Twitter whenever I update OfficeTally. You can see what they look like in the OT sidebar.

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1) Log in or create an account at Twitter.
2) Go to the OfficeTally Twitter page.
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Office Cast Watch List: July 27 – Aug 2

See Office cast members on these upcoming shows:

  • Today, Fri Jul 27:
    Jenna Fischer on That 70s Show, “Don’t Lie to Me,” FX.
  • Tonight, Fri Jul 27:
    Angela Kinsey on Monk, “Mr. Monk and the Naked Man,” USA. PREMIERE!
  • Mon, Jul 30:
    Nancy Walls on Becker, “Thank You for Not Smoking,” CW.
  • Mon, Jul 30:
    Kate Flannery on Bernie Mac, “Stiff Upper Lip,” FOX.
  • One more thing:
    Lastly, an Office cast member was recently on Mind of Mencia. I won’t tell you who it is and ruin the surprise. (NSFW)

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Dwight Bobblehead Pin giveaway #4

I’ll be giving away a Dwight Bobblehead Pin (courtesy NBC Office Store) sometime today.

I will post a trivia question and open this post to comments at some undisclosed time — simply be the first person to add a comment with the correct answer to the question, and you win! SPELLING COUNTS.

Remember to include a valid email address. Sorry, U.S. residents only.

In one of Creed’s recent blogs at, what food did people cook on the bus floor?



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