Beer us strength.

Tonight, the last episode of The Office Season 4 will air.

The LAST episode. For the foreseeable future. WOW.

No more late Thursday night quoting. No more linking to deleted scenes. No more updating the spoiler post.

Well, you know what I say to all that? Adapt. React. Re-adapt. Act.

That’s right — when life throws a strike, you make strike-aid.

OfficeTally will charge full steam ahead, continuing to provide news and entertainment for Office fans, wherever I can find it. Maybe we’ll do the Survivor game for Seasons 1 and 2. Throw in a contest or two. Perhaps I can persuade more Office staffers to swing by for a chat.

OfficeTally will also continue to provide strike coverage. I am keeping in touch with the writers. And they want to keep in touch with you, the fans.

Let’s stay strong and stay together. OfficeTally is still open for business.

Thanks for hanging in there,
Jennie (aka tanster)

P.S. Any ideas on what we can do while we wait for our beloved show to return? Please post a comment.