Hair today, gone tomorrow

While watching last night’s episode of The Office ‘The Banker,’ I turned to my boyfriend and said, “what is up with Michael’s hair?”

Several of you commented about this as well.

Here’s what Kim, The Office’s lead hair stylist, says:

Actually, we started shooting that episode when we came back after our winter break (Nov-Dec) and Steve had his hair cut very short for the film he had just starred in so … I was merely trying to style him the same, but was unable to get an exact match … due to the difference in length. It was close though.

Basically, this is how Mr. Scott will look until his hair grows out. :-)

You will see gradually, over the next few episodes, his hair will grow out and look more like the ol’ Michael Scott that we all know and love.

We did shoot “The Banker” out of order, so fans may notice that in the next episode that airs his hair looks normal again, then it will be shorter for one more episode. Just an FYI for those who are really paying attention to detail!

Top marks to fans who noticed! Well done.

Thank you, Kim! :)

A Rainny day on the set of ‘The Office’

As you may know, The Office’s Rainn Wilson celebrates his birthday today!

Kim, ‘The Office’ department head hair, just sent me this email and photo:

“Here’s a little shot I just took on set. We have sung to Rainn twice today already!

Once on set … and just now, in our little ‘touch up’ area while Peter (our craft service guy who loves Rainn) proudly carried in a beautiful birthday cake as cast and crew sang again.

What a nice way to brighten up this very rainy day in LA.”

Awwwww. Happy Birthday, Rainn!