The Weekend Tally

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The Weekend Tally

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The Weekend Tally

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The Weekend Tally

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Happening tonight …

  • Women’s Appreciation (r), NBC: there’s a special place in my heart for this episode, because it marks one of the most exciting days of my life.
  • Craig Robinson, Tempe Improv: Craig’s at the Tempe Improv for the next four days, go check out the show! Read a Tallyhead’s review of his Chicago performance, and then go buy tickets for Tempe. Fan report after the jump.
  • Valentine Card giveaway, OfficeTally Chat Room: Matt and Mosby pilfered my last box of Office Valentine Cards, and are giving them away every Thursday night, one card at a time, until they’re all gone. You may have to answer a trivia question or stand on your head to get one, who knows … click the chat room link over there, under ‘Notable Posts’ – – – – – – – – – ->

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The Weekend Tally

Wow, this is really late. Sorry, guys. So completely distracted today …

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MeeVee Watch List: Nov. 24-30

Here’s a list of previously aired shows Office cast members will be appearing in:

  • Fri Nov. 24: John Krasinski on ‘Without a Trace’.
    Episode: Bogie Man. Station: TNT.
  • Tue Nov. 28: David Koechner (“Todd Packer”) on ‘Still Standing’.
    Episode: Still Hairdressing. Station: KICU.
  • Wed Nov. 29: Craig Robinson (“Darryl”) on ‘The Bernie Mac Show’.
    Episode: Hair Jordan. Station: Fox.

Setting up your own MeeVee watchlist