‘The Office’ Halloween costumes and ideas

Friday, October 25th, 2013 | 73 comments


The Office Halloween costumes
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Your guide to The Office Halloween costumes and ideas!

Photos from The Office

OfficeTally Halloween Costume Contests

Pumpkin stencils

Costumes and accessories


Other goodies from The Office staff and fans

How are you celebrating Halloween, The Office-style? — post a comment with your photos and ideas!

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  1. 73. Stapler  

    You’re awesome, Tanster! Thanks for posting this Halloween costume retrospective! Lots of fun looking back over past years’ costumes and photos.

    [from tanster: thanks, stapler! :) ]

  2. 72. DinkinFlicka  

    Was thinking of going as Prison Mike this year.

  3. 71. ASFan  

    I have a question:

    Who here went as all three of Jim’s Halloween costumes?

    Three Hole Punch Dave Bookface

  4. 70. ANiceSliceOfChristmasPam  

    Me as Pam:

    Halloween costume: Pam

  5. 69. RIP Sprinkles  

    khand3stooges- that pumpkin looks amazing! and no stencils involved? woah… I tip my hat to you, sir (or miss)

  6. 68. khand3stooges  

    My first attempt at a JAM pumpkin.

    Jim and Pam pumpkin

  7. 67. Kimberly  

    I bought a Michael Scott stencil from the website you shared this year. Thanks so much! I carved this last night, and it took a few hours to do, but was totally worth it!

    Michael Scott pumpkin

    [from tanster: beautiful!]

  8. 66. Ross  

    My family is going as the Costumes of Jim. I’m being three-hole punched, my wife is being Facebook/Bookface and we’ve put a Dave name tag on our 10-month old.

    [from tanster: enter the costume contest!]

  9. 65. soxfan096  

    I carved a Jim Halpert pumpkin! Considering it was only my second time carving a pumpkin ever, I am pretty proud of it. Yay :)

    Jim Halpert pumpkin

  10. 64. Anita  

    I’m going as Pam at her wedding tomorrow. I bought a light grey dress on clearance at Target, made tissue paper flowers, and I made my torn veil out of the same. It’ll look cheap and trashy, lol. Whoops.

  11. 63. tanster  

    Even Chris from The Office set wanted to get in on the action:


    Cracks me up! (See the set in the background?)

  12. 62. Doug  

    I carved Jim into a pumpkin last year, on a stencil i found here at officetally!


    [from tanster: niiice!]

  13. 61. FlonkertonChamp  

    yes, phyllis’pants, made it myself! took a photo and messed with it in a photo-editing program. here’s a link to the tutorial. they actually use a dwight stencil as an example.


  14. 60. betterthannot  

    [from tanster: please proofread and re-post. thanks!]

  15. 59. phyllis'pants  

    FlonkertonChamp – you seriously made that stencil yourself? WOW – it’s amazing! I love the little Dunder Mifflin punkin’ too! Great job!

  16. 58. FlonkertonChamp  

    Here’s a picture of my pumpkin from last year. Made the stencil myself, thankyouverymuch. took the entire day to carve.


  17. 57. tpgordon  

    link to pumpkin i carved as Dwight K. Schrute


  18. 56. HarveyTheComputer  

    I want Stanley’s costume! Epic win!

  19. 55. Michelle  

    We’re carving our pumpkins today, I’ll submit pictures once we’ve completed them. We decided that since the stencils are pretty small, we’re doing Dwight, Angela, and a blissfully ignorant Andy on one, and then Jim, Jim and Pam kissing, Pam, and a very sad Toby looking on in the other pumpkin.

  20. 54. MaybeNowUWillEstimateMe  

    I was Jim last year for Halloween. I really wanted to be Jim as Dave but I didn’t have time to go find those “My name is…” stickers:-(

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