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I held off as long as I could. But now I need help.

The traffic that comes to OfficeTally grows by leaps and bounds every year, and so every time my account is suspended for sucking up too much bandwidth with each leap, I have to move the site to a more expensive host that can accommodate the traffic.

As a result, I now spend a ton of money per month in maintaining the site.

In order to recoup some of my expenses, I’ve inserted ads on OfficeTally.

Thanks for understanding!

‘Business Trip’ Q&A

‘Business Trip’ writer Brent Forrester and director Randall Einhorn answer fan questions about the episode.

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Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Office spec script table read tonight in L.A.

I just received this:

For those in LA, there is gonna be a performance of a really funny Office spec script at the ioWest Main Stage at 6:45 tonight in Hollywood.

Lots of talented actors and improvers. It’s actors from the ioWest (Improv Olympic). It’s like Groundlings or Second City … they have a series where writers write spec scripts for different shows and then the actors do a “table read” for an audience … the script is good, the actors are good, they have a full bar.

Just a fun, free activity that a true Office fan might enjoy. Should be a lot of fun!

I read the cold open from the script, and it’s pretty funny! This event is FREE.

Dwight Schrute meets Gareth Keenan


Dwight Schrute meets Gareth KeenanFor fans who’ve followed The Office from its original incarnation on the BBC to the American version on NBC, it was a historic moment. On November 18, while backstage at the Walter Kerr Theatre, Dwight Schrute introduced himself to Gareth Keenan. Or, to use non-Office terminology, Rainn Wilson met MacKenzie Crook. Currently starring as Konstantin in The Seagull, Crook first played the role of Gareth, The Office’s resident oddball and possible psycho, when the U.K. series debuted in 2001. Then in 2005, Wilson transformed Gareth into the just-as-odd if less creepy Dwight in the U.S. remake, which became a primetime hit. No matter what side of the pond, both creations struck comedy gold. Hats off to Crook and Wilson!

The Weekend Tally

Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, staff, and fans for the week ending November 16.

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