The Office: Sabre, 6.15

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Writer: Jennifer Celotta, Director: John Krasinski

Summary (NBC): When Sabre comes in to take over Dunder Mifflin, Michael struggles to accept Sabre’s new policies. Pam and Jim have an interview for a local daycare they really want to get into. Andy and Erin work on a welcome song for Sabre as Erin waits for Andy to ask her out. Guest star: Kathy Bates.

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In a poll conducted February 4-8, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.80/10

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The Office Sabre quotes

Michael: I got a big box, yes I do, I got a big box, how ’bout you?

Michael: Scissor me.

Michael: We probably could have saved our own asses. We didn’t need them touching our asses!

Michael: This cord has “Creed” written all over it.

Pam: Maybe we can put the box back together.
Dwight: Impossible. He opened it like an ape.

Creed: Have you tried making everything smaller?

Michael: Why do I have to explain everything?
Pam: Because we’re usually not on the same page.

Michael: You can really see he is okay taking a picture with me. Even though I was there for disciplinary reasons.

Dwight: Welcome. Scranton hot dog from Scranton?

Jim: Trained. Loving it. Good at it.

Andy: You sure it’s “Saber”?

Jim: Turns out a lot of parents want the very best for their children! That’s weird.

Jim: There’s always the army. The infantry.

Christian Slater: Have you ever tasted a rainbow? At Sabre, you will.

Jim: So you’ve been shown a nonsensical video. You’re probably wondering, what’s going on? Well you’re not alone.

Meredith: Talk about vacation days!

Michael: There is a small part of me that is actually very excited about this new company. But 70% of me is water. And the other part, the real part, the part that has feelings, and emotions, and thoughts, and makes decisions, and if I can be crass, makes babies, that part thinks that all of these changes suck b—-.

Michael: Really? You don’t have enough water in there? Your stomach?

Michael: I miss the old Dunder Mifflin. Too much change is not a good thing. Ask the climate.

Jim: Cubbies! I totally forgot about cubbies.

Pam: There’s a finger painting station! And a curly slide! Am I too old to go here?

Andy: The ball’s totally in Erin’s court. After the whole drum line thing.

Michael: Is Christian Slater back there? Because he knows, he’d know what to do.

Michael: He is not a big fan of me dropping by unannounced. But then again, who is.

David: Maybe we’ll go outside. Outside.

Jerry: Did you ever consider that you might not be as charming as you think you are?
Jim: This coming from the guy who still uses a children’s toilet?

Andy: That’s as hard as I can hint.

Michael: There are very few things that would make me not want to team up with David Wallace, and Suck It is one of them.

Michael: That’s not the David Wallace that I remember. That is some sort of weird creature that lives in David Wallace’s house.

Phyllis: Michael, this isn’t a toast. You’re just thinking out loud.

Michael: Wow, that is metallicky. That’s like drinking a battery. It really gets you in the fillings, doesn’t it?

David: Well it’s a mess, what a mess, what you gonna do? You’re gonna take out your Suck It and you suck it! Suck it! Take out your Suck It and you suck it!

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  1. wasn’t crazy about this episode. Great to see Andy Buckley though- his storyline was the best part. Christian Slater was a hilarious choice.

  2. Loved it! Suck it… haha.
    I’m scared for the changes but if they keep making episodes like that then I don’t care. Great job to J-Kras!

  3. That was a great episode! I was worried that this storyline would be kinda lame, but I am already loving it. “That is not David wallace. That is some kind of creature living in his house.” 9/10

  4. this episode seemed weird. It was like Jim was awkward and socially-clumsy and Michael was the sane one! Good andy-erin plot, though.

  5. Not a big fan of this one. Not very many laugh out loud moments.

    I feel like they’re trying to do with Wallace what they did with Jan- lose their job and go a little crazy. I guess I can understand Wallace being in a funk after losing his CFO job and being kind of a lazy slob, but I think they took it a little too far.

  6. Ed Helms is in the credits!!!!! I seriously freaked out when I saw that. That CEO is like mean!!!! I was just like Oh my God!!!!!!!! David Wallace has gone completely insane….. i was just staring in shock while laughing my head off.

  7. Forgot to mention this in my earlier post but David Wallace the only good thing in this episode. That was an awesome scene in his house, seeing him so lost and the annoying drumming from his kid.

  8. so a few points:

    -how tall is that gabe dude?! he looks taller than john krasinski… who is 6’3
    -is the IT guy the same person from the last scene of “job fair”? (the art school guy)
    -i officially don’t like jo bennet
    -“infantry”… HA!!
    -jim loving the cubbies made me melt.
    -how hot does andy buckley look with a few days of beard growth?!
    -i love that they got the same people from “cocktails” to play david’s wife and kid.
    -and david singing “suck it” with his son was pure win.

  9. I hate this episode. It’s not the office anymore. The only good part was seeing Andy Buckley

  10. Love how Michael kept on his shirt in the hot tub. and I said it before in the Save David Wallace thread but gosh he’s hot with scruff!

    Did anyone else wince with the scissors throw?

  11. I haven’t laughed that much at an episode in quite a while. It was different but I liked it. Especially David Wallace!

  12. The new Jim and Pam are so unlikeable and I hate it every time that they are on TV. Jim has become the most hated character on the show.

    I get that Andy and Erin are supposed to be the new Jim and Pam but they don’t have the same charm that Jam did in Season 2 and 3.

    I can’t wait for this whole weird season to end and hopefully they go back to The Office we once loved.

  13. Was it just me, or did the subplot at the daycare end on a really creepy note? I’m a little concerned about what the “safety” issues were…and if they were ever really resolved…

  14. This storyline is like this season’s Michael Scott Paper Company, adding freshness when it’s most needed. Awesome episode.

  15. Fantastic episode all around! Go JKras! And OMG David Wallace! Now I want to SAVE DAVID WALLACE even more than I did earlier this week! And I love that Ed Helms was in the opening credits. Great episode, loved everything about it including Erin and Andy. I’m really anxious to see where this arc goes. And the scissor thing? Priceless!

  16. What possible reason could they have for doing that to David Wallace?

    I really found nothing to like about this episode. Can’t believe I am saying that because I love this show and especially love John Krasinski, but I can’t stop myself.

    I feel like a traitor now:(

  17. I loved it! The scene in the daycare was one of the most awkward ones they have done in a while! That is how I like it. Everything with David Wallace was hilarious. Suck it!

  18. Something about this episode didn’t feel like Office style…but I didn’t care. I laughed so hard! Definitely sent David Wallace out in style! Loved it!

  19. Great episode! I didn’t know that David Wallace would be in it. He kind of freaked me out.

    I am mad at Andy for still not asking Erin out!

    Also like when the daycare guy, Jim, and Pam were going at it for a minute there. lol

  20. Liked it. It was very weird though.

    Well, David Wallace is done…

    Jo Bennett was a great character. I can’t wait for next week.

    I’d compare this to “New Boss,” not tons liked it…but it started an incredible arc.

  21. Maybe David Wallace will regain his composure and come back to Dunder Mifflin and make everything right again!
    …wishful thinking, unfortunately.

  22. Good, solid episode. A good way to introduce a new storyline with some really good lines. “It tastes like I’m drinking a battery.”

    Oh, and BTW, maybe I’m the only one in the world, but I though Gabe was hot.

  23. Aw, I loved Jim and Pam and this. They were so adorably excited and it was nice to see them talking about the baby. I’d missed their interactions!

  24. Great episode. This was great way to start a new story arc. David Wallace was hilarious in this episode. It was funny to see him in such a relaxed state. I can’t wait to see how Michael deals with Jo Bennet next week.

  25. This was such a good episode! I LOVED the beginning with the whole box thing, loved the whole daycare situation, and I could not stop laughing about David Wallace. All in all, great episode.

  26. Flonkertonchamp – I think that was the IT/graphic design guy! Maybe he’ll show up in a deleted scene so we can confirm.

    Kelly (#36) – the actor’s name is Joey Slotnick and just a tidbit – he was also in Brief Interviews With Hideous Men.

  27. yay, John! Loved all the David Wallace, and it was awesome seeing Ed in the opening credits. I liked how Pam was the one who was trying to keep Jim acting normal; it was very refreshing. The interview scene was cringe-worthy for me, which is classic Office. One of my favorite moments was definitely Pam, and Jim the second time, wincing at Erin throwing the scissors. It made me wince too.

  28. But I remember daycare guy as Dr. Merril Bobolit, the crazy face-transplanter on Nip/Tuck! His creepy vibe definitely originated in that role.

  29. Shoot! I am trying to remember what michael said: something like “change is never good, just ask the environment.” Good episode, but not amazing :/

  30. frostdude1- completely disagree
    Jim and Pam are not horrible at all, they just are different. Their relationship has clearly moved past the courting stage and is moving into the married couple phase. serious fans of season 2 and 3 (myself included) are so used to the whole flirty back and forth relationship. they see the new relationship as bad because it is different. i have seen this conclusion in several instances, not just here.

  31. Ok, Jen Celotta well done! This has officially taken the top spot for my favorite episode this season so far. Where to start? Classic cold open, Michael and David Wallace in the hot tub and Michael’s toast. This was just absolutely hilarious. Looking very forward to the Sabre storyline. David Wallace has turned into Jan.

    Andy Buckley couldn’t be any cuter!

  32. What the what?! If this is their attempt to keep “David Wallace” on this show… I’m sorry- he’s a great guy and Wallace was a fantastic character, but they will ruin it if they start him down this crackpot road… I hope this was our last scene with him. He’s washed up!

    Turns out, in the real world, a CFO that runs a company into the ground isn’t all that good at his job- and I’m glad they sorta showed that, but I just hope they don’t stretch it any further. I don’t understand why everyone wants him to stay around. For the sake of the “mockumentary,” I hope they stop following David Wallace.

    Only other thing that bothered me… Jim and Pam story was a bad hanger… just stopped cold in its tracks, no resolution.

    Other points were really funny. 7/10

  33. #27, what on EARTH are you talking about? Jim and Pam unlikable? I am blown away.

    I LOVED tonight’s episode! LOVED LOVED LOVED! I loved the Jam story line, how they played off of each other, how Pam was just so honest at the end. I loved how David Wallace was treating Michael as a friend, and Michael, who wants everyone to be his friend, was frustrated because he just wanted David to be his boss. Loved awkward Andy/Erin. Just one of the best episodes in a while.

    And am I smelling a David Wallace spin-off??? They gotta keep that kid. He can really play the drums.

  34. Loved this episode!!! Michael was so charming. and the end with David Wallace singing was awesome. Hard to believe he actually works at a real life business haha but great episode. Can’t wait to see more Gabe, especially when Gabe realizes what actually goes on at the Scranton Branch :) 10/10!

  35. I’m pretty sure the kid who played David Wallace’s son is actually Greg Daniel’s son. If not, he looks EXACTLY like him.

  36. Sabre, eeewww… they seemed like a creepy
    network marketing cult. and that guy who
    used to be a star 15 years ago, was a brilliant

    I miss Jan.

  37. @zoe (52) – yes, that is owen daniels, greg daniels’ son. he also played david’s son in “cocktails”

  38. “Hi, I’m Christian Slater”. I love how impressed Michael was. He was the perfect level of celebrity for the Sabre ad. Also, that is Greg Daniels’ son. He played Wallace’s kid in season 3 as well.

  39. Scruffy David Wallace…nice. I just LOVE him. Andy Buckley seems so at ease playing him straight or goofy. It makes me sad to think we’ll see him less in the future (if at all). I hope Wallace strikes it rich with Suck-It and he gets to rub it in Michael’s face.

  40. So glad to have a new episode – Sabre will be a tough adjustment for Michael. I’m thinking Michael will have a tough time when she comes to town.

    I remember when we first looked at daycares – how exciting it was to see all the little stations for the kids – Jim and Pam looked like real first time parents.

    I will miss David Wallace!

  41. Watching unemployed David Wallace was like looking into a mirror into my own life. My dad is currently unemployed from a former high-end corporate job, and is perfectly content to play video games and goof around all day with my 8 year old brother. Seriously, when they brought out the drum set (We have an electric drum set) and the fluffler nutter sandwiches, I was convinced that The Office writers had been secretly video taping my house for the past two months. The similarities were uncanny!

    Hilarious episode…How awkward is it to walk in on someone in the bathroom? Poor Jim. I did it to a professor once.

  42. Way to go on Yuengling in the hot tub An authentic PA beer that you can’t get west of the rockies I know cause I’ve tried

  43. It’s episodes like these that make me remember why I love this show.

  44. Was I alone in expecting the tag to involve Michael being strapped to a bed and Jo Bennet smashing his legs with a mallet?

    So, just me then…

  45. How awesome is it that after the Save Wallace post we get an episode of David Wallace GOLD?! I can’t believe it’s been three years since we last saw the Wallace family home life in Cocktails. It’s a little sadder and more bleak now, but I would love David Wallace even if he became a serial murderer in Savannah.

    The Suck It! I love this episode!

  46. It is beyond me how many people disliked this episode! I thought it was sheer gold!! Scissor me! Suck it! David Wallace! Come on people…that was great! Jen and John did a fantastic job with this episode. There honestly wasn’t one thing that I didn’t absolutely love about it. Definitely my 2nd fave of the season, and only because the wedding is first. :) And what’s with the hating on Jim and Pam?! People need to accept the fact that they are of course going to change now that they’re married with a baby on the way!

  47. It’s weird when you people in other time zones post about the episode before it airs on the west coast. It’s like you’re from the future :P

  48. @57 and 58
    I knew it! I was on the same cruise as the Daniels’ family two winter breaks ago in Ecuador. I met his son but didn’t have the guts to walk up to Greg Daniels himself- haha.

  49. loved, loved the episode!! and yeah I also think that the Gabe guy is hotstuff….lol I am really looking forward to this story arc!! SUCK IT hahaha

  50. Fun episode! I loved Wallace’s son drumming. The daycare scenes were hilarious. Christian Slater on the Sabre ad/training video (whatever that was) was awesome. Great fun! And I just remembered that John directed this one. Great job! And he used one of the actors from “Hideous Men” (don’t know if he played a part in the casting of this episode, but if he did…Sneaky). ;)

  51. When Gabe was talking about how the IT guy was site-blocking the time wasting sites like Twitter and YouTube, it would have been funny if he mumbled “and OfficeTally…”

    I spend way too much time on OT during MY workday! ;)

    [from tanster: omigod, that would have been insanely awesome! :) ]

  52. I’m sure this has been brought up before in another post, but I think I missed it. Is Charles still with the company or was he fired too?

  53. Loved this episode! I have a huge crush on David Wallace and I will miss him :( There were so many great parts. Christian Slater! “That’s like drinking a battery.” I don’t know what people expect when they say “this isn’t the Office anymore.” In real life things change, companies get bought out, CFO’s lose their jobs. I think they are doing a great job with the show.

  54. I can kind of relate to this episode a bit since the place I work at was bought by a bigger company and we’ve had to adjust to some changes. Funny episode, but very middle-of-the-road for Office standards. In fact, “the office” was barely in it…the rest of the cast’s time in the episode was so brief it almost felt like Michael, Jim and Pam were transferred to another branch. Dwight of all people was reduced to practically a cameo appearance! And with something as appropriate for his position as a merger, where was Toby?

    I don’t have a problem with Jim and Pam changing, but I’m not enjoying who they’re changing into. The daycare guy hit the nail on the head about them: “maybe you two aren’t as charming as you think you are.” All pranks and “relationship status” aside, Jim and Pam felt more genuine and “real” in the earlier seasons than they do now. That’s just my opinion anyway.

  55. Tanster, I hope you’ll be able to get The Director of this episode to answer questions or write a piece about it as others have. JKras did such a terrific job!

    This looks like we’re going to have fun this spring in The Office. Can’t wait.

  56. I really loved this one. If this was to be the last David Wallace episode, then they have given him a great send off. :)

    It was great to see Jim and Pam planning for the day care. “We are planners.” Indeed. Loved how excited they were about the details of the place, and how awkward they felt during the “interview.” The “open door” guy may not think they are charming, but I find them completely lovable.

    And Michael, of course, needing advice so badly, and, naturally, not getting it. Oh, Michael!

    Good job all around.

  57. Michael’s starstruck reaction to the cheesy, vague Christian Slater narrated Sabre video was wonderful! (I loved the misunderstanding about the pronunciation too.) I’m not sure who the actor was that played Gabe, but his delivery was great. I’ve worked for a company that merged and his disingenuous way of communicating was perfect. David Wallace HAS to continue to be part of the show–and it was cool to see what he’d be like without the structure of a high level job–kind of scruffy and unraveled. Losing out on getting into a daycare because you walk in on the director when he’s on the toilet and then acknowledging it in an effort to improve your chances of getting in–that’s very funny! Great episode, and so well directed by John Krasinski!

  58. I loved this episode it seemed as if they were trying to make these new episodes like the older ones which is Great!. I hope david wallace will still be on the show. Didi the new guy that came into the office kind of remind you of Ryan when he was the boss. He sure did to me!

  59. I feel sorry for Wallace having completely fallen apart but the tag at the end was hilarious.

  60. LOVED this episode! I love how Pam totally called the guy out on his behavior. Her character has come a long way, and I really like it. On another note…I feel so bad for David Wallace. He definitely deserved being fired, but he’s so pathetic now. You could tell his wife was kinda fed up with him moping around too. I really hope they resolve his story line with a happy ending…Andy Buckley is so great!

  61. I worked for a company that went through a merger like this, so A LOT of things in this episode rang hilariously (and painfully) true. Except when my company went through the merger, we didn’t get an awesome Christian Slater video. ;)

    I actually love seeing little glimpses of Jim and Pam as they navigate the sometimes-awkward experiences of married life and becoming new parents…I don’t think it makes them unlikeable.

  62. Loved this episode!

    About the Sabre website, it states that the address for their HQ is at ‘16210 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301’ which doesn’t exist because South Monroe Street doesn’t go up to a 16210 block, but actually caps at around 3400.

    Well, a few days ago I did some snooping around and found something out; if you drop the 4th digit so you have ‘1620 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301’ you land on an car repair garage called ‘Mighty Muffler Inc.’

    I highly doubt it was a coincidence, and I got a good laugh about it.

    Also, a few days ago I sent Sabre Corp an email (to the address they linked on their website), and I got a funny (most likely cut-and-paste) reply earlier today, from Sabre CEO Jo Bennett, in which she basically thanked me for embracing “The Sabre Way.”

    Haha, funny stuff!

  63. COREY…….I could not have said it better myself. You hit the nail right on the head with Erin. I have tired to look past it, but can’t anymore. Something is off with Pam. And yes….so much overacting especially michael. I do not mean to be overly critical and really love this show, but when I rewatch seasons (1-3) it reminds me how brilliant and funny every episode was back then.

  64. Solid episode.

    I can already smell a ridiculous and inappropriate relationship between Michael Scott and Jo Bennett.

    Jim and Pam are supposed to be “the normal” ones in the nonsensical Office universe. When they have sitcommy adventures, I get worried.

    I hope they put the David Wallace character on the shelf for awhile so they can bring him out for a surprise callback, like when the Suck It becomes an improbable sensation, and unlike what Michael said getting fired truly becomes the best thing to happen to him.

  65. Okay, I just saw this episode, and even though some parts made me laugh, more made me sad. Seeing Wallace so pathetic and everything was just too much. You know someone’s in trouble when they follow Michael Scott as he’s leaving their house. And I think even Michael knew that.

    (I also can’t believe how much Wallace’s kid has grown up!)

  66. Would love to see the bloopers on this episode ! John did a great job, and I can just see him laughing all the while trying to direct the gang. Michael is back to being Michael and of course the Jim and Pam relationship changes, that’s life. Loved poor clueless Nard Dog.

  67. I loved this episode, especially Pam. Seeing her confidence grow over the last two seasons has really been satisfying for me as a viewer. The Pam of several seasons ago would never have confronted the daycare admistrator the way she did last night! Go Pam! Also, Kathy Bates…shudder….she can bring the mean. That look she gave Michael at the end of their conversation, well – he is in over his head! Nice kick-off episode for a new story arc!

  68. Oh, I also forgot to mention how much I loved Dwight not knowing where to put the hot dogs for like 60 seconds. So awkward! And, I mean, that’s happened to everyone at some point. Except maybe not with hot dogs… :)

    [from tanster: yes that was hilarious! should i put the tray here? or on this table? no, i’ll put it on the floor.]

  69. I missed the opening! But I kind of liked it. I liked when Michael went to David’s house. It was a great “what would David Wallace do” situation. It was really cool. I also liked Jim and Pam and how Pam put that guy in his place.

    I did NOT like that Dwight practically had no lines! He’s my favorite character on the show and I was definitely looking forward to some of his antics. (maybe I missed him in the opening). I also would have liked to see more Oscar and Angela. I sometimes wish the show was an hour long every week so that we could see some of the characters they never focus on.

  70. I can’t help but wonder if the whole “maybe you two aren’t as charming as you think you are” line was a snide shot at all the people (on here and other fan sites) who have all this new-found disdain for Jim and Pam.

    If so, brilliant.

  71. Oh, one more thing… Oscar’s “I don’t think you know what you’re saying” line during the cold open when Erin sings the “I’ve got a big box” song was comical.

  72. THANK YOU Jen & John for bringing back the Office I know and love. So many amazing moments.

    1) “There’s always the army. The infant-try” actually had me dying of laughter. Jim’s going to be such an awesome dad with that kind of humor.

    2) Was I imagining things?? Was that Greg Daniels as the IT guy? My friends wouldn’t rewind and pause for me to id him correctly and my dvr at home screwed up somehow… (also @ #73 – if they had mentioned they were blocking OT I would’ve died… hahaha that would’ve been so awesome)

    3) Can “Scissor me” be a new thing please?? I LOVED Pam freaking out about it. Cracked me up. Maybe cause I’m a teacher and I wince everytime a kid carries a pair of scissors wrong… but that was perfect. I hope we see some great out takes on that one.

  73. I enjoyed this episode. I loved the picture of Michael and Wallace. Speaking of Wallace, I understand how he is acting because someone close to me lost their job, and has changed personas (temporarily).

    Oh, and why are they trying so hard to make Erin and Andy a couple?!? They have already had a receptionist-salesman story. And besides, they can’t make a cute name like Dwangela or Jam. Erdy? Anin? Is there not people outside of the Scranton office park?

  74. I really liked it! I thought the cold open was hilarious and this new story line with Sabre is going to be good. Jim and Pam in the daycare were adorable. I’m glad they finally have some screen time together again.

    David Wallace was a nice surprise. His actions were spot on with a CFO that just lost his job. I know someone very close to me that the same thing happened to, and now he just lays around in comfy clothes drinking beers and doing things he always wanted to do but never had time for. Not the “suck it” idea though HAHA!

  75. Seeing Dave Wallace this way was disturbing. I kept looking at him and trying to remember him in a suit and no beard. I loved that Michael even couldn’t handle that version of him. The day care stuff was fun. I would have walked out after seeing the director on a kid’s potty. Creepy. The interview there was very funny though. Oh, and loved the metal cup mandate.

  76. Have you tried making everything smaller? The best part of every episode is Creed’s one-liner.

    BEST. TAG. EVER. I now wish that David Wallace forever stays unemployed so that he can keep his scruff. Or, you know, he could just create more hot inventions like the Suck It and work from home, still keeping the beard in that way.

    Classic cringeworthy office – walking in on somebody in the bathroom, pronouncing the name of your new company wrong, THROWING SCISSORS! Was anybody else just begging for Jim and Pam to leave the daycare as soon as Jim shut the bathroom door? Then come back a different day, and hope the guy didn’t remember them.

  77. David Wallace is one sexy man. Kudos to Jen Celotta for getting him in a hot tub for us!! Great episode.

  78. Pretty good episode. Enjoyed David Wallace’s meltdown, especially how unsettling and random his son playing the drums was… What would really be a funny direction is that even as stupid an idea as “Suck it” is, if it actually somehow took off as an invention, and we get to see David Wallace in random little places like infomercials and QVC and such. John’s Christian Slater impression was funny. And I liked the meta jabs (although anvilicious) that maybe Jim and Pam aren’t as charming as they think.

  79. I loved it! The Jim and Pam story was so funny, and I thought the anxiety with the buy-out and tragedy of David Wallace were very true-to-life, particularly in the economic times we’re in. It was fun seeing Greg Daniels’s son again as Wallace’s kid, too! Nine out of ten.

  80. I think this was my favorite episode of the season so far! My favorite part was how genuinely happy David Wallace looked to see Michael show up at his house, which would never have been the case before! My favorite line was “There are very few things that would make me not want to team up with David Wallace and Suck It is one of them.” Hilarious! I also liked at the beginning when Ryan emerged from his closet and straightened his tie while looking at the camera like “That’s right.” I thought the whole ep was fantastic.

    [from tanster: yes, Ryan’s look to the camera was so funny!]

  81. Another Upright Citizens Brigade alumni! Zach Woods (who played the Sabre exec) has been in lots of cool UCBNY performances that I have had the pleasure of seeing. Yay, Zach! Wonder if he’ll be a semi-regular?

  82. Guess I should add this after reading other comments: Yeah, Pam’s ‘ruined’ painting is back on the wall, in fine shape. Huh?! Ed Helms is like a good spice – a little bit is great, but too much can ruin your experience, and it’s getting to be too much. They still haven’t nailed down Erin’s character. David Wallace has gone the way of Jan – another excellent character becomes a bad cartoon… The entire staff continues to get more ‘stupid’ with every episode. Now they can’t re-pack a box. Things appear like in a Warner Brothers cartoon. Dwight continues to get nastier and nastier. Where’s the charm? Where’s the innocence? Where’s The Office?

  83. I got nothing but love for this episode. True love. And it was worth the wait! Kudos to Jen and John :) Fave line: That’s like drinking a battery!

  84. I get the feeling Sabre won’t last long. They seemed extremely dysfunctional from even the little we got to see of them. Gabe didn’t seem put together enough to handle Michael and Jo Bennett was a little too overbearing and unprofessional to be a CEO.

  85. How cute were Jim and Pam when they first got to the daycare office. I thought that was the best part of the episode. I thought the exchange between Jim and Pam after he saw the guy on the toilet was so realistic and so funny. I like that we got some JAM time-parenthood is a huge deal and I am glad they addressed some of the things they are going through. Great Job!

  86. #112
    I couldn’t agree with you more. But after reading through the other comments, we are apparently in the minority on this one.

  87. All I can say is that throughout the entire episode, with all the stupid changes from the new ownership, the person watching with me kept saying, “Oh my God, that’s just what it’s like at my work right now.” I loved the line: “This cord has Creed written all over it.” And the corporate video that said nothing – I’ve definitely sat through those before!

    P.S. in response to the comment about the office staff being “stupid” for not being able to re-pack the box, all I can say is my mom and I recently tried to repack a light fixture into its original box and couldn’t do it – I thought that was pretty universal experience, like trying to re-fold a map.

    [from tanster: i agree!]

  88. Fantastic episode! Jen and John really knocked it out of the park and the wait for a completely new episode was worth it.

    Ed Helms is in the credits! I freaked out so much for that! It’s about time he earned his rightful place there. And Pam’s painting has returned!

    Scissor me. Infantry. Wacky Wallace! Michael calling Wallace a “creature”. The cut to commercial mid-sentence when Michael explained how a certain part of him feels about the new changes. Sob-ray/Sabre. “He opened it like an ape.” “We didn’t need them touching our asses.” Suck It. Christian Slater. Kathy Bates. Jim walking in on the daycare guy. Andy and Erin singing. The entire episode! This is the show I know and love.

    I love how we were introduced to Jo Bennett but haven’t yet seen her in the flesh. I also love how the scene with her and Michael was only a taste of what’s to come. Great pacing with this new story, guys.

    And words cannot fully express my joy over seeing Steve Carell and a bearded Andy Buckley in a jacuzzi. I still haven’t fully recovered.

    Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  89. @104: Nick the IT guy seems to be the same guy Pam met at the Job Fair in Season 4.
    We can see him on this photo from NBC

    [from tanster: his name is nelson franklin]

  90. Kind of a disappointing episode. For a show that doesn’t like to bring in a lot of big name actors, this episode totally threw that out the door. A lowly 6 out of 10 for me.

  91. Just because the actor that played the IT guy is the same actor they used when Pam met him at the job fair, does that mean he’s the same character?

    Remember back to the first Christmas episode…the salesman at the liquor store with the huge sideburns was also in the photo album Dwight showed Angela & Andy, that portrayed his family’s weddings. Clearly that actor didn’t play the same character.

  92. I really didn’t like the whole Sabre thing. I hope they go away soon!! However, I thought Erin and Andy’s song was one of the best things about the episode. Also, loved the whole David Wallace part~he is HOT~especially in the hot tub~he didn’t even look like the same person.

  93. YES! Finally, they got it right again. It’s a MOCKUMENTARY (or documentary) and David Wallace is clearly creeped out over losing his job. Michael pulling out and getting away from Wallace is hilarious. Great episode. Great laughs….David Wallace and “Suck It!” vaccuums for kids toys. Hilarious

  94. You know, I don’t mean to be rude at all, but I don’t see what the big deal is with The Office bringing along a few celebs for the show. It’s not like they’re pulling a 30 Rock and having random big names left and right just for the sake of having random big names left and right. Give the show some credit.

    When they bring in actors like Christian Slater and Kathy Bates, they still make it relevant and I never feel it’s out of place. I think they’ve made tasteful decisions in picking celebs for the show even if they did say they aren’t very much into that kind of thing.

  95. @121: For me, the celeb placement here was much more relevant than in “Stress Relief”. The whole Jack Black / Chloris Leachman movie was just bizarre and unnecessary. IMO it’s realistic that they would have a celeb like Christian Slater to do a company video and Kathy Bates was a character that fits the story line.

  96. I noticed quite a few people mentioned pam’s painting. It looks like it was still damaged a little (a triangle with the point about mid 2nd floor) but they cut the added decor from the deleted scenes (thank goodness!)

  97. I love every episode of this show. And I love David Wallace, hope he’s there till the end. However, I was really buying THAT David Wallace. (he’s so dreamy)

    It was funny, yes. But I wasn’t really believing it too much. I think they gave us too much Bizarro Wallace in one episode. LOL

    At least with Jan, you saw her slowly progress into insanity.

    Really enjoyed the Jim/Pam/Daycare thing. Michael’s so great!!

  98. I still can’t get over Wallace. Him following Michael in the driveway and the SUCK IT song will never get old. Andy Buckley is a great actor.

  99. This was the first episode were I was creeped out by David Wallace, which was very funny especially when he was following Michael out of the drive way.

  100. Not a fan. What happened to cool, relaxed, quippy Jim? His character has tanked.

    David Wallace’s freak-out went too far.

    I feel depressed when people (i.e. Kathy Bates, Pam, Charles, etc.) get really mean with Michael. Kills the fun vibe of the show.

    This one got a “1” vote from me.

  101. All I have to say is I was so glad to see a little bit of the sweet Pam we all know and love! I’m all for characters evolving and growing, but she’s been kind of mean and depressing this season, and it was nice to see a little of her old self again at the daycare.

  102. One reason why TO seems like other shows now is that other shows – for instance Modern Family, Better Off Ted and, of course, Parks & Rec – use the documentary device and camera style as part of their storytelling. It is weird for me to watch an episode of Friends or Frazier.

    One reason why TO is not like other shows and one of the reasons why I still think it is the best comedy on tv: Jim walks in on the daycare leader going to the bathroom and the guy yells at him to close the door and Jim immediately does. Other shows this would be a 5 min ridiculous bit.

  103. All I have to say is that Andy Buckley stole the show in this episode. Save David Wallace!

  104. I don’t know why, but I was really let down by this episode. I mean, it had its (very) funny moments, and I for one don’t think David Wallace’s behavior is totally unrealistic. I think that it is quite real to have someone who recently lost their CFO job to act a little crazy. But the whole plot seemed so incomplete. Like Jim and Pam’s subplot lasted maybe 5 minutes! I wish we could have seen them talking about the daycare later or something. I don’t know. But I haven’t completely lost faith. This is still my favorite show.

  105. I definitely didn’t dislike this episode the first time, but it was one of those that had to sink in a little bit, although my boyfriend laughing throughout the episode definitely rubbed off on me. However, in retrospect, I have no complaints whatsoever – it was another painfully clever and satisfying dose of The Office! :) Loved the Jim and Pam bit in the daycare, especially when Pam flat out asked the guy if he didn’t like them- priceless! What really got us laughing was David – oh my gosh. The remake of “Party in the USA”.. Michael’s “scissor me”…great stuff :) IMO, The Office is continually excellent.

  106. I love me some scruffy Andy Buckley.

    And I agree with @133 Nikki about Pam.

    I just wish new characters would acknowledge the camera crew more.

  107. This episode had so many little details. After a re-watch, I found this episode to be awesome.

    Something big is going to happen soon, I think…

  108. I think Kathy Bastes was good, but I felt like that part was meant to be played by Dolly Parton.

  109. By far the best part was Andy and Erin singing “Saw-brey” hahahahahahahahaha. The looks on their faces when Gabe said “Saber” and Michael told them to continue with the song was priceless. A true deer in the headlights look.

  110. Why is everyone so rude to Michael this year? Ever since “Did I Stutter” no one in the office has shown any respect towards him. Regardless of his stupidity sometimes, he’s still the boss. Scenes like one with the toast are getting old and should stop.

    David’s freak out was a little too much for me.

    Subplot with Jim and Pam was too underdeveloped. I wish we had seen more of that. Although it was nice to see the nicer sides of Jim and Pam again. Missed that.

    The only redeeming part of the episode was Andy and Erin’s song.

  111. The way Jim told Pam he walked in on the guy in the restroom is probably the exact way I would have told someone. So great. Good episode. Solid 8.

  112. In my opinion, this was one of the best episodes of the season – and I feel like it’s all down to Jen Celotta and JKras – the writing was sharp, and the jokes were actually funny, instead of being just “Oh, that person’s fat” or “Oh, that person’s ugly.” This one had real jokes, that built on things that were said or done throughout the episode. And the direction was superb – that moment when Michael’s behind the fridge door and David Wallace is talking to his wife was brilliant. I think people are upset because this was actually a subtly directed, fresh take on the Office–which is really what it was in the first two seasons, and has lost a bit throughout seasons 3-6. Also, contrary to what people think, Jim has always been a little bit of a jerk, and so has Pam. They’re both generally sweet people, but come on. Everyone at Dunder Mifflin is a bit of a jerk – otherwise they wouldn’t all stay there together.

  113. This episode was great! I loved the vague, full of buzzwords employee video with Christian Slater, then Jim’s response to it. I used to work in HR and I have seen (and shown) my share of those videos.

    Excellent episode all the way around.

  114. I really enjoyed this episode. A very good episode for John Krasinski to debut his directing skills on The Office. I also liked seeing Andy Buckley getting to show off his superb acting skills, it’s refreshing to have an actors like that on The Office.

  115. Many months ago, in one of my comments I wondered if we would ever see David Wallace unravel in the same way that Jan did. I think the point the writers are trying to make with each is that you can get people that end up in middle management and they feel like they have to portray an image of super corporate businessperson that has it all together but you find out it’s really just to save their hide and keep their job, and the further point is that in the business world EVERYONE is putting on an act for everyone else, and there’s just a whole bunch of fakery going on but nobody will admit it until The Office (or Dilbert) points it out.

  116. Fresh direction and funny, and the David Wallace part was so realistic. People who have lost their jobs can freak out in all sorts of ways, and the whole “suck-it” thing was great. I’ll miss him. Considering we haven’t seen Jan in over a year, I’m not holding out much hope David Wallace will be back.

  117. On a show where HP computers are all we ever see (including the credit to the company that used to be at the end of every show–didn’t notice if it was there tonight or not), it surprised me to see Gabe uses a MacBook. Maybe Sabre is going to replace all the HP’s with Mac’s and Apple will be a new sponsor of the show!

  118. @150. Allan

    2nd season jim has a powerbook at his house, when again when he’s vidchatting with pam, and ryan has an ibook as well. i think i’ve seen more macs subsequently through the show..

  119. Continuing the computer sponsorship bit, I went back and checked, and sure enough, in the ending credits, it still says “Promotional consideration furnished by HP.” However, in addition to Gabe’s MacBook, I didn’t notice the first time watching this episode, that the daycare center director ALSO has a Mac notebook. AND the Wallaces have an iPod in their kitchen.

    Apple’s sure getting a lot of coverage without having to fork over whatever HP paid to get its credit!

  120. I finally watched Sabre, and everything else aside, how is it that everyone in an office of what, fifteen people, thought that Sabre was pronounced “Saab-ray”? I mean, I didn’t even have to think when it came to the pronunciation.

  121. What’s the timeline on this episode? Why are they outside in a hot tub in the dead of winter?

    You can’t spin this to make sense, DM was purchased around Christmas time, Jo Bennett visited around Valentine’s Day…and in the interim, Michael and Wallace were outside in a tub.

  122. David Wallace & son were awesome. I have to figure out a way to make “Suck It” my ringtone.

  123. This episode was hilarious! I was dying when wallace and his kid were singing suck it xD

  124. I always liked David Wallace as a character, but now that he’s unemployed…priceless! I love the whole “Suck It” thing he has going, and the song was amazing! I really really hope we see more of David Wallace after this (somehow I doubt we will)

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