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NBC Office cast interview I: B.J. Novak, Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton, Leslie David Baker, Melora Hardin (spoiler), Rainn Wilson
NBC Office cast interview II: David Denman, Mindy Kaling, Kate Flannery, Ricky Gervais, John Krasinski, Brian Baumgartner, Angela Kinsey
TV Guide After Party interview with B.J. Novak. Includes Season 3 spoilers!
TV Guide Joan Rivers interview with Rainn Wilson
E! Post-Emmys interview: Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, B.J. Novak, Rainn Wilson, and Jenna Fischer
E! red carpet interviews and Emmy show segments. Courtesy Denise
NBC’s Angela Goes To The Emmys

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Best Comedy Series presentation (thanks, GMMR!) | NBC version
Conan’s opening montage (thanks Brad!)


Jenna’s photos
Good luck cake
– Post-Emmys: Page 1 | Page 2. Courtesy txvoodoo at LiveJournal
Red carpet
People Magazine
Glam JAM
US Magazine Best Dressed (slide 7)
The Office Post-Emmy Party

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Jenna’s MySpace blog
Angela’s MySpace blog
Kevin’s MySpace blog
Brian’s TV Guide blog
Meredith’s MySpace blog


Zap2it: “The Office” executive producer Greg Daniels learned you shouldn’t make a toy out of the pointiest award in showbiz. Steve Carell was jokingly describing how the show’s set is home to “a lot of animosity and friction,” and to drive home the point, Daniels pantomimed bludgeoning his star with his best comedy Emmy.

Variety: “We kind of felt like we were doing the show in a bubble, but clearly it’s catching on,” said Steve Carell, speaking on behalf of “The Office” crew, which won the prize for comedy series in its second season. Exec producer Greg Daniels called the evening “a night of ups and downs” after he cut his hand on the wings of the Emmy backstage. “People thought it was going to be really hard to adapt an English show, but I speak English, so we really had a leg up there,” Daniels joked. But seriously, folks, “It was such a good show in the first place, I don’t think it was as hard as people thought.”

The In the “The Office” clutch, writer/co-star B.J. Novak looks at his statue and reflects, “I watched the ‘In Memoriam’ and wondered if when I died I’d be up there. Now it’s a tiny bit more likely I will be.” Novak’s co-writer Paul Lieberstein, who plays beleaguered human resources officer Toby on the show, looks at his statue with a hint of fear and chagrin, particularly at the remarkably sharp points of the angel’s wings. “I’ve already scooped up one of Steve Carell’s cufflinks with his.”

Entertainment Weekly: The cast and producers of the best comedy winner, The Office, greeted each new reporter’s question with a group wave and a cheery ”hello!” When asked about their infectious merriment, star Steve Carell gamely answered, with a perfect deadpan, ”We’re pretty deadly serious the entire time.”

The Office wins Best Comedy Emmy!

The Office Emmys 2006

OMG — The Office has just won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series!

It is the oddest thing reporting on something that I haven’t actually seen myself — Wendy (who gets the live East Coast feed) was giving me the play-by-play via chat. Thanks Wendy!

Wow. After the whole Best Actor debacle, I wasn’t sure if The Office would pull it out for the big one.


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Photo courtesy txvoodoo at LiveJournal.

The Office Emmy photos

Here’s a bunch of red carpet photos:

If you see other pics online, post a link in the comments section!

Two down, one to go

The Office has one more chance to win an Emmy tonight, and that is for Outstanding Comedy Series. Nominees:

  • Arrested Development
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • The Office
  • Scrubs
  • Two And A Half Men

I am too shocked to say anything else at the moment.

‘Angela goes to the Emmys’ video

The first of the Angela Kinsey Emmy videos is up at — watch here!

In this one, the cameras tag along to watch Angela pick her dress (with the assistance of fashionista Mindy Kaling, aka “Kelly”) and shoes.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for the tip!

Update 12:30pt PT: The video’s now been expanded to include jewelry shopping with Phyllis Smith (“Phyllis”) and sunglass shopping with Brian Baumgartner (“Kevin”). Very funny!

Countdown to the Emmys!

The Emmys air this Sunday, August 27th, on NBC. Conan O’Brien hosts.

To recap, our beloved Office has garnered five nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series (Steve Carell), and Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series (Michael Schur, Christmas Party).

Here’s a list of recent Office Emmy tidbits, and I will update it throughout the week (newest stuff listed first):

Aug. 27, “NBC’s ‘The Office,’ which enjoyed a fabulous second season, was shown a lot of love — including nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series and a nod for star Steve Carell. Newton native John Krasinski, who plays lovable Jim on the series, was thrilled. ‘Having Steve nominated is, of course, just the best because he deserves it. He really is such an amazing guy to be around and he deserves everything. Then the show getting nominated, I’m so proud of the whole production,’ Krasinski said. ‘Now we get to thank the writers and the producer and all these people who, to be honest, really make the show what it is. They put in more hours than we do, more blood, sweat and tears. And I really hope that they get rewarded for it.'” Read the full article here.

Aug. 25, NBC Studio Pass Newsletter: “Watch the LIVE webcast only at! Plus, check out the live blog from backstage during the event, exclusive video featuring Angela Kinsey from “The Office” and the chance to win during the red carpet special and the awards show!”

Continue reading “Countdown to the Emmys!”

Craig Robinson review

As mentioned here at OfficeTally, Craig Robinson (“Darryl”) performed at Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago earlier this month.

Here’s a review from OT reader Matthew:

Just wanted to pass along the note that I caught Craig Robinson on Saturday, the early 7 pm show at Zanies in Chicago. It was fabulous! He did about 20 min of jokes and riffing with the audience, some seemed rehearsed bits, but many were reacting to the audience and commenting about what was going on in the news lately. Real current comedy and the crowd really ate it up.

He then did another 30 minutes of comedy/singing/story telling on the keyboard. Really unique and he has a great voice and must have played part of over a dozen songs. He sang, had crowd participation and was just a joy to see. A really good time and I highly recommend seeing him. The show was rated R, but there was nothing too vulgar or profane.

After he finished, he made sure he got a chance to talk with everyone that wanted some time and seemed real genuine and appreciative of all of his fans from stand up, The Office, and other appearances. He mentioned to me he would be in about 6-8 episodes so far, and is always ready and willing when the writers have scenes for him. He also made a couple of jokes about Steve Carell and said it is hard to keep a straight face when he improvises, but those are the best scenes because they are so real.

I sent him a message thanking him again for chatting and putting on such a great performance, and he wrote me back today. A real class act!

Thanks for the review, Matthew! Further proof that the cast of The Office is one of the most talented (and nicest) casts around …