OfficeTally Chat Room meet-up, Chicago

The Office

Left to right: OTCRers Danny, Kate, ChillisBannedMe, and Matt Collins

From Matt Collins, OfficeTally Chat Room moderator:

Four long-time members of the OfficeTally Chat Room (OTCR) finally met in person for an impromptu get-together during the 4th of July weekend. Danny, Kate, ChillisBannedMe and I met up at Charlie’s Ale House on Navy Pier in Chicago for a few drinks and dinner.

It was a great time and we all clicked immediately. Would you expect anything less from four Office nerds who spend hours upon hours in a 477 x 694 chat window? We talked for hours about everything — spontaneous cults, Canada, women in aquariums, Canada, uninvited wedding guests, birds on car bumpers and, of course, The Office.

Throughout the course of our dialogue, two (and only two) “That’s what she said’s” were unleashed, but both landed with pointed hilarity.

We seriously had a great time. And even though Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC has proved that not all Internet encounters can go flawlessly, ours sure did. Now I’m looking forward with to my next OfficeTally meet-up, chat room or otherwise, with great anticipation. See ya at Comic-Con!

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Brian Baumgartner and Mindy Kaling conference call

The Office’s Brian Baumgartner and Mindy Kaling held a conference call yesterday to discuss the new webisodes and their upcoming trips to Scranton.

They talked ever so briefly about Season 5. Nothing too spoilerish.

NBC very kindly sent along the transcript, and I’ve streamlined it — otherwise it would be, like, 45 pages long.

Happy reading! (And revel in their hawtness.)

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The Weekend Tally

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