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E!’s Watch With Kristin ‘TV’s Top Couple’ poll

  • Competing: The Office’s Jim and Pam
  • Currently up against: Chuck’s Chuck and Sarah
  • March 19 status: we’re behind, Jim and Pam 44.5% vs. Chuck and Sarah 55.5%.
  • Link: VOTE HERE, this round ends TODAY!

Vote now, vote often. Just one more round to make it to the finals!

Tipster: Jana

OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 5

OfficeTally Survivor Poll Season 5OfficeTally Survivor Poll is a series of fan polls posted in the summer following a full season of episodes.

Similar to the ‘Survivor’ reality show, you’ll “vote off” your least favorite Season 5 Office episode in each poll, until the lone survivor and most popular episode remains.


After 3 months, more than 700 comments, and over 23,000 votes, Broke is now crowned the winner of Survivor Season 5! Thanks to everyone for voting and championing your favorite episodes so passionately!

Before we move on with eager anticipation to Season 6, I thought we should start a new annual summer tradition: the All-Time Fan Favorite Poll. We’ll do this every summer after completing Survivor.

The task of the All-Time Fan Favorite Poll is singular: vote for your one favorite episode of The Office since the show started. Watch for the Fan Favorite poll next week, and who knows, maybe you’ll get a chance to win a prize!

Here are the final Survivor Season 5 rankings. Continue reading “OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 5”