OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 4

OfficeTally Survivor Poll Season 4After three months, 800 comments, and more than 17,000 votes, Goodbye, Toby is now crowned the winner of Survivor Season 4!

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Thanks for playing, and on to Season 5!

Final Survivor rankings after the jump.

The Office Season 4 Survivor rankings, Final

  1. Goodbye Toby
  2. Money
  3. Fun Run
  4. Dinner Party
  5. Local Ad
  6. Chair Model
  7. Launch Party
  8. The Deposition
  9. Branch Wars
  10. Dunder Mifflin Infinity
  11. Job Fair
  12. Did I Stutter?
  13. Night Out
  14. Survivor Man

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  1. i didn’t really like survivorman that much because Jim played sort of the bad guy in the episode…and I love Jim.

  2. Awww, Survivorman is hilarious! “Judging by the sun, I’d say it’s about [checks watch] 2:30…”

    It’ll get my vote a few rounds from now, but not right off the bat.

  3. I didn’t like “Survivorman” at first either, but I recently came to the conclusion that it’s underrated. The birthday montage is hilarious, and the “pants tent shelter” is the best! Also, I’ve been saying “Me likey the ice cream cake” incessantly because of this episode … Awesomeness!

  4. survivor man was pretty good, and the conversation between Jim and Michael at the end was a good moment. I voted for Branch Wars to be #14. I love Karen, but the costumes were a little out there.

  5. I’m voting off Dunder Mifflin Infinity…..simply because of the lake scene.

  6. They’re all pretty much funny, but survivorman, just feels empty. Probably in line with #1 with everyone being kind of mad a jim.

  7. Survivor Man is hilarious. I don’t get the hate for it. I guess it’s the Jim plotline, but it’s very similar to the Jim plotline in Night Out, and Night Out isn’t nearly as funny. Don’t vote Survivor Man! :(

  8. I think either “Branch Wars” or “Survivor Man” should go. Possibly “Dunder Mifflin Infinity.”

  9. I’m going with Job Fair. I thought Survivorman (the bits in the Office anyway) was great.

  10. Yes! Office Survivor is back! I voted for Did I Stutter because it just didn’t do anything for me. The last five minutes when Steve does Rodney Dangerfield was excellent, but it was so long. I think it should have been a deleted scene. It doesn’t matter. I loved them all! Thanks, Tanster!

  11. This season was good! I chose to boot off “Survivorman.” Not a bad episode, just not my favorite this season.

  12. With the exception of Dwight’s interrogation of Ryan’s friend, Night Out wasn’t all that great.

  13. I can see why people wouldn’t like survivor man but honestly i loved it. Jim can’t always be perfect or the show would get boring. My least favorite was night out. i still liked it though.

  14. I voted for Branch Wars. That and Fun Run were my least favorite episodes.

  15. Dunder Mifflin Infinity for me. The whole lake incident just did not work for me.

  16. I went with Did I stutter? I liked the seriousness, but it went a little over the top.

  17. I almost chose survivorman, but in the end “did i stutter” was my least favorite, I think. I hate when Jim gets reprimanded at work, and that plus all the suckiness of Stanley’s attitude put this last on my list. Stanley is funny/uncaring most of the time, but in this episode he was a real jerk. So I’m voting this one off! :-)

  18. There was something about the inifinity episodes, they were just not that funny.

  19. I’m pretty sure I’ll be alone in this, but Dinner Party was one of my least favorite episodes of the entire series. I think the awkwardness was just a little too much for me to handle!

  20. I loved survivorman! Jim wasn’t the bad guy, he just learned that herding cats isn’t as easy as it looks when you’re the one trying to do it!

  21. Survivorman, I feel, was victim to NBC’s “Green Week”, where everyone had to do a “Themed” episode.

    Plus, any episode where Michael almost dies, unless it’s by a Foreman grill, does not make me feel good.

  22. If I had to pick a least favorite, which of course I do for this poll, it would be Branch Wars. The Finer Things Club came out of nowhere (and was never revisited) and the whole Utica thing, while it did provide some great one-liners, was kind of blah. I am a big Krasinski fan and I do think he did a good job in this episode, but I remember after it aired that people were going crazy about how amazing he was in this episode. I never understood that. Maybe I am just a bad judge of what amazing acting is :)

  23. I went with Dunder Mifflin Infinity. The lake stunt and over all Ryan-douchiness kinda wnaed on me.

    My faves of the season were Local Ad, Dinner Party, and Goodbye, Toby. I really hope they last longer through the competition.

    Also, Did I Stutter was a pretty amazing episode. I can easily that episode taking any place in my top three. Yay Season 4!!!

  24. Like I said before, I’m voting off Dunder-Mifflin Infinity, then all the one-hour episodes. I feel that unless it’s the season finale or a Christmas episode, one-hour long episodes feel like a lot of watered-down filler.

    Fun Run was weak, Money was one long Mose/beet joke, and Launch Party started great, but became ridiculous with the kidnapping plotline.

  25. If Chair Model doesn’t win this whole thing, i’m just going to assume it’s rigged. lol.

    I’m voting for Survivor Man…or Dunder Mifflin Infinity. I can’t decide, I just know I really didn’t like them both.

  26. I went with Fun Run. I actually kind of think the first three episodes this season were the weakest (with Survivor Man also in the “weakest” mix). Starting with Money, things really got on track and I thought the season was great overall.

  27. I didn’t like Survivor Man at first but after watching it again I love how it ties Michael and Jim together and the end when they have their little moment.

  28. Dinner Party should definitely be near the bottom, but the worst of the season? Hardly. Two words: Night. Out.

  29. Chair Model! Chair Model! Excellent Jim, Pam moments Solid all the way thru.

  30. Im really surprised nobody has voted for job fair yet
    I was really bored watching that one

  31. I voted for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. I just felt sorry for Michael during the whole episode, and almost too much to laugh at him.

  32. For the first round, I voted off “Survivor Man.” I really din’t like Michael/Dwight in the woods at all. The stuff at the office was good, but it could have been better.

    I hope “Goodbye Toby” or “The Deposition” win it all.

  33. #23, HK – you’re not alone. ‘Dinner Party’ is my least favorite Office episode ever. Don’t get me wrong – I liked it. I can’t imagine ever NOT liking an Office episode, but that one did disappoint me. Maybe it was all the hype beforehand that got my hopes up too high; I don’t know.

    However, I think ‘Survivor Man’ is one of the most underrated episodes ever! I guess I’m just weird. ;)

  34. Went with Goodbye Toby. It did NOTHING for me! there was soooo much hype around the episode and I found it a major let down. SORRY!

  35. I voted for Survivor Man. It was too broad and there just wasn’t enough going on in the episode. One main plot with Michael in the woods and a subplot about celebrating birthdays? Weak. I could have done without the lake scene in Dunder Mifflin Infinity and the train scene in Money, but at least both of those episodes had other plots going on besides those things.

  36. I didn’t read the comments before voting. I voted ‘Chair Model’ off first. I really liked all the episodes, so it was sort of random. I just didn’t think that it was good enough to have such higher ratings than most of the rest of the season. It ventured into ‘weirdo’ territory, and though largely succeeded, still seemed kind of insane to me.

  37. I agree with stacey and big tunaircut. Did I Stutter? – by a mile.

  38. It has to be survivor man. We all know that Michael would be the first to get kicked off, if he actually were on the show survivor.

  39. I went with The Deposition mainly because I don’t remember that much about it.

  40. I voted off “Dunder Mifflin Infinity”… The whole gift basket plot fell flat for me, and the driving-into-the-lake was a bit much for me, personally

  41. I voted for Survivor Man. Seriously, after watching it, I’m like, wait. that’s it?
    i remember being so let down.
    i hated that episode.
    so i hope money or goodbye, toby wins. that’s my favorite one. :)

  42. It was between Night Out and Survivor Man.

    I ended up going with Night Out because of the whole distaste I had for it the whole time.

    By the looks of it, one of these will get the ax first.

  43. I’m voting for Chair Model every week until it gets voted off (which I have a feeling it won’t for a while) for the simple reason that outside of the Jim/Pam proposal talk (which is NOT the sole criteria for judging the quality of an Office episode in my opinion), this episode has very little to offer. So much of that episode was forced and just missed its usually brilliant comedic timing.

  44. It kind of amuses me that people would put “Chair Model” at the very top because of Jim and Pam or at the very bottom to prove a point that this show isn’t just about Jim and Pam. Take a step back and think about the whole episode, including Jim and Pam. For me, it was pretty good – not in my top three, but still good.

    I’d also like to say – for the record – that I don’t dislike “Survivor Man” because of Jim’s storyline. I always like when these idealized characters show some human side to them. I just think the whole episode overall was weak and tried too hard. My least favorite, however, has to be “Branch Wars,” because most of the humor in that seemed painfully forced.

    I loved the awkward Jim and Karen scene, though. That saved the episode for me.

  45. I went with FunRun. This is only because the only thing I remember from this episode is the disgusting visuals of Andy’s bleeding, chapped nipples.
    I actually liked Launch Party with the kidnapping. It was SO over the top, but became priceless when we saw the exact moment that Michael realized that he had actually kidnapped someone.

  46. Because I knew this survivor poll was coming I judged each show as I watched it and kept a list of all episode titles and the points I awarded it. So. for me, the worst episode of the season was Did I Stutter?My favorite was Goodbye Toby and as a close second best, The Chair Model. Tanster I Love your website. Keep up the great work!!!

  47. I voted off “Survivor Man.” It just didn’t have that nice, cozy, comffy “Office feeling” that I love!

  48. i voted for the deposition because that episode was so boring i could have fallen asleep during it and you guys have never seen me before the office. I am ALWAYS pumped for new episodes. Any episode written by B.J. is a winner to me though.

  49. I voted for Survivor Man, the shoo in for the last place. I just felt kind of let down by the episode. The storyline was good, but the Jim-as-Michael part was just upsetting to watch. It’s a bit weird, though, doing this with only 14 episodes.


  50. I had to vote off Survivor Man, although I thought the Jim/Michael conversation at the end saved it to a certain extent. Branch Wars is slipping fast, as is Local Ad (although Andy trying to sing the Kit Kat Bar still gets stuck in my head and makes me smile).

  51. Night Out, it’s my least favorite episode period, not just in season four.

  52. Easy. Survivor Man.

    Top Three:
    Chair Model
    Branch Wars

  53. I voted off Night Out. Why? Because it simply was a “weird” episode, for The Office at least. Ryan’s drug problem broke my heart, and it seemed so out of character for Dwight to act like that at the clubs. Season 4 was a pretty good season overall, but the people who don’t like it probably just need the DVD to finalize one thought: The Office is a great show. Survivor is just rating the best of the best, so don’t take it to heart.

  54. I voted branch wars. It has the same “feel” as night out. Just a weird episode. I don’t know what everyone is talking about, I like survivor man.

  55. The first one to go should be “Job Fair”. 22 minutes of set-up for the finale and only one or two laughs the entire time. Just not up to par at all (no pun intended). “Night Out” was actually funny and one of my favorites of the season. To me, the top 3 should be “Goodbye Toby”, Money” and “The Deposition”

  56. I loved Survivor Man! Hope it survives. Job Fair, well it was just okay…

  57. Had to vote for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. I’ve tried to watch it several times, but I always end up fast forwarding through most of it… I really liked Survivor Man, not top 3, but definitely not in my bottom 3 either.

  58. Wow the range of likes and dislikes amoung this crowd is amazing. I guess we all have our “tastes,” I personally didn’t care much for Survivor Man, but I absolutely love Dinner Party, Money, and Chair Model, oh, and Launch Party. This is going to be an interesting and frustrating poll, I just know it.

  59. How could you not like Money? It was one of the best episodes of the season. It combined both the humor and the sarcastic thoughtfulness of the office that we love.

  60. Chair Model was my favorite this season. Reminded me of season 2, but still fresh. Definitely surpasses the glum Money in my opinon.

  61. I voted off “Dinner Party.” I didn’t like all the yelling. My favorites are “Goodbye Toby,” “Branch Wars” and “The Deposition.”

  62. How could you vote for Survivor Man! I don’t see how that ended up getting the lowest rating of season 4!!! I’ll admit the Jim storyline wasn’t that great, but the Michael Dwight storyline made up for it!

  63. i voted for survivor man. it was funny and all, but i felt it was out of place and didn’t belong with the rest.

  64. oh man i rewatched money for the first time in a long time a few days ago and died laughing! i couldn’t believe how many of the funny quotes i had forgotten! i’m voting off survivor man first.

  65. I vote “Night Out” because it was a weird episode, out of character (Dwight, Toby) and not really funny.

  66. Night Out was the only one of the season that I didn’t watch again. I think it is most likely my least favorite Office episode, ever. Sorry, Mindy.

  67. Easy Chair Model I only laughed out loud once

    And the best ones we’re all the one hour ones and Job Fair

  68. I really disliked Night Out. It was mostly dark and sad instead of awkward and funny. That’s definitely getting my first vote.

  69. Dunder Mifflin Infinity wasn’t all that funny. The gift basket and the GPS thing was just over the top and kinda lame.

  70. I voted off “Job Fair” and it surprises me that only a few others voted this episode off. The outcome of the Dwight & Angela subplot was predictable, Michael was at his meanest while at the job fair, and the golf course plot had little in the way of … well, anything. But, to each his/her own …

  71. definitely chair model- the only time i laughed was when he called wendys.. other than that michael just annoyed me the whole time!

  72. i voted off fun run. it just was a little slow for me and no real laugh out loud moments. at the time i liked it more because it was our first taste of jim and pam as a couple but compared to other episodes of the season it is not my fave.

  73. Am I the only one who didn’t like “Did I Stutter?”.And this isn’t a mean comment, I just thought people were being too mean and it seemed out of character for a lot of people.

    This is a serious question! (My vote though goes to Survivor Man…)

  74. I really liked The Deposition. I hope it makes it in the top 5.

  75. Wow, I thought Chair Model was one of the better ones this season. I’d have to go with Survivor Man.

  76. I had to vote for survivor man because that ping pong thing was my least favorite storyline on the show. i did love “night out” so i hope that it struggles on.

  77. How can you not have liked Survivor man? Steve wrote it and i haven’t seen more comedic genius and DEPTH in an Office episode this season, save Goodbye Toby.

    I thought it’d be a lame ep thrown together to tie in to Green Week, but it turned into one the funniest eps of The Office for me. Top 2 to win:

    1. Goodbye Toby
    2. Survivor man

  78. #99: The ping pong subplot was from “The Deposition”, not “Survivorman”. “Survivorman” had the communal birthdays subplot.

  79. Yeah, Job Fair is the only episode of The Office thus far where afterward I was like, “Why was this made?”

  80. I voted off Did I Stutter. Didn’t really enjoy it.My favourite episode this season was definitely Goodbye Toby. The whole “Kevin is mentally challenged” prank was precious! Plus so many surprises! Perfect season finally!

  81. I’m surprised that Job Fair and Did I Stutter are so disliked. Did everyone forget about the first half of the season? I can’t even watch the second half of DM Infinity, and I don’t think Launch Party or Survivorman are that great either. I think I only liked Fun Run because I was so excited to see an episode after the summer hiatus. I did love Local Ad though.

  82. #101 oh jeez you’re right! Thanks! How could I have mixed them up? I did like that subplot with the birthdays.

  83. Actually, I started watching the office this year and the hour long episodes were part of what interested me. Fun Run was the first one I saw. It was so funny and it just kept going and getting more outrageous. It seemed really unusual for a comedy to maintain such a level for the whole hour.

  84. A lot of bashing here! I loved Did I Stutter? and Job Fair was okay, but that’s just me.

  85. Night Out was awesome–Ryan’s dancing, Dwight hooking up with the “amazons”, and a little more Kelly than usual. I also liked Survivorman, with the camera panning out wide when Michael’s in the forest singing so high. hahaha.

  86. I really really really hated (in order) Job Fair, Night Out, Survivorman, Money, and Dunder Mifflin Infinity.

    Season four was actually kinda weak now that I think about it. I guess this would be the start of the “The Office is not as good as it used to be” era. Sigh.

  87. Yeah, I hated Chair Model. While the singing was funny it just seemed kind of pointless. My favorite were Local Ad and Goodbye, Toby. I’m thinking the latter will win since finales always do stupendously in these.

  88. I worry about the humor of an episode first (it is a comedy after all) and the character development second, but it seems like I’m in the minority.

  89. My prediction by popular demand is that Survivor Man or Night Out will be gone this week. Seems everybody has different opinions about this season’s episodes.

    MONEY FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!

  90. I think all pre strike shows rank higher then the post strike. “Goodbye Toby” just wasn’t that funny.

  91. I think many of the post-strike episodes were better than the pre-strike for the simple reason that the pre-strike half of the season had too many hour-long episodes which contained too many weak parts, like the pizza delivery boy in Launch Party.

    Plus, what is not to love about Troy the Hobbit drug dealer?

    I vote Branch Wars.

  92. Survivor Man WAS voted off. I plan to vote Night Out next, simply because it was unsettling. Jim was ignorant, Ryan was a druggie, and Dwight was a ladies’ man. I prefer when they’re all at The Office.

  93. I think it’s Job Fair next for me. The only part I even sorta liked was the Jam kiss at the end, which was actually a little strange.

    I can’t remember most of it, actually.

  94. A lot of differing opinions, and that’s a good thing. That means the producers are making episodes that appeal to differing tastes in the audience.

    My initial vote was for Launch Party, and will be until it’s off. Next would have been Survivor Man, then Job Fair.

  95. Pssht, ya’ll turn on Steve Carell’s writing when he doesn’t write utterly heartbreaking JAM moments. :P

    Hopefully Night Out (or Branch Wars) will be next. Money for the win!

  96. I’m voting either Dinner Party, Branch Wars, or Goodbye Toby for the win. Survivor man was my least favorite episode in Office history, sorry Steve. I just didn’t think the Michael storyline was that funny, I liked the birthday storyline though.

  97. Wow, Survivor Man was in my Top Three!!!
    I don’t understand, Steve Carell and a hand-held camera? Poison Mushrooms? Safety on, nope off….ok, now it’s on? Birthday shockers?

  98. I’m voting for “Goodbye Toby” to leave. The problem with the episode was that everything was so tightly squeezed into it. If ANY one of those “character development” moments had been in another episode, everyone would have been talking about it. But in this episode, there were about five: Michael and Jan, JAM, Dwangela, Holly coming and Toby leaving, and Ryan going to jail. Since there were so many, no one knew what to be excited over. It was just a disappointment. They should have focused on one or two things than trying to develop all five.

  99. Oh, too bad. I liked Survivor Man. I had to watch it twice, but it was funny. Come on, when Dwight tried to knock Michael out with his shoe? That was funny! Oh well. Did I Stutter is still getting my vote until it is gone.

  100. If I had my way Dunder Mifflin Infinity would be the next to go. This is where the whole creepy Ryan begins to surface. I may have watched this episode one time after the initial viewing, and I normally watch them over and over again.

  101. For the second week in a row I’ll vote for Did I Stutter? I totally agree with #104. We must think the same way.

  102. I did vote Night Out off. It was a good episode, but just a tad bit forgettable. I was also disturbed by some of the elements in the episode and character development, because I didn’t want to see some of the things that were happening, to, say, Ryan. Good episode, I guess, but not my favorite, so I am voting it off.


  103. I’m with you, 105 – I voted off DMI. And I really liked Job Fair (remember when The Office was supposed to make you uncomfortable?). I did like Survivorman – Dwight in the woods was hilarious and I loved Jim struggling to run the office. Chair Model for the win, in my books.

  104. Dump “Night Out”! “Chair Model” is the benchmark for the 4th season.

  105. This is tricky! I vote off “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” next. Probably due to the second half, but I thought the first half was awesome.

  106. Money, Goodbye Toby and Local Ad had to be on the top ! Chair Model could be the fourth one. But Night Out and Dunder Mifflin Infinity had to dissapear…

  107. I voted Did I Stutter. I think with Dwight tricking Andy and trying to control Michael, plus Stanley being so harsh just made it seem like a very malicious episode. I mean, I know they’re all supposed to antagonize each other but this just seemed a little too much, you know?

    Money for the win!

  108. I voted off Branch Wars. I really didn’t enjoy that episode, it just seemed weird compared to the rest of the episodes to me…
    I really hope Money, Local Ad, or Dinner Party wins, they were by far my favorite episodes this season!!!

  109. Aw, this sucks, ‘Survivor Man’ was one of my favourites this season. I love the way Steve writes Dwight. And Michael, too – not a complete *idiot*, just a bit ignorant? And the ending scene is probably in my top three scenes from this season. I love Jim-Michael interaction like this.

  110. Even though I voted off Survivorman because overall I thought it a bit ridiculous, I did love the moment Michael and Jim share at the end when Jim gets a glimpse of his possible future at DM. I always love the insightful moments between Michael and Jim (ex: Booze Cruise “never, ever give up”, Benihanna X-mas rebound girl chat, “you’re not in love with Holly”) They really are simpatico, I think.

  111. I think Fun Run skates by because it was the season premier, but I thought it was the least funny episode of the season, possibly of the entire series. There were a few big laughs in it (Meredith getting hit by Michael’s car, Andy’s nipple chafing) but overall it was pretty boring and definitely didn’t need to be an hour long (as was the case with most of the double eps).

  112. I voted for Night Out. I just didn’t care for it all around. Everything about it made me feel uncomfortable and not in a funny way. It just didn’t feel very “office” like to me.

    I hope Chair Model wins it all!

  113. Branch Wars gets my vote to get voted off next. That episode was the worst of S4, IMO.

  114. I completely agree with Matt, I voted off Dunder Mifflin Infinity, solely for the second half of it with the gift baskets and the lake, my least favorite thing on the office.

  115. My vote goes to Branch Wars. The entire episode felt off to me, and I didn’t find any of the story lines funny.

  116. My vote went to Dunder Mifflin Infinity, again…HATED the lake thing. It needs to go.

  117. I voted for Did I Stutter and I’m planning on voting for that every week until it’s gone…DEFINITELY my least favorite episode of the season. On a side note…what’s with all of the Fun Run hate? The scene where Michael talks about the dangers of rabies while Darryl handfeeds peanuts to a squirrel is GENIUS!

  118. “Branch Wars” was the episode with The Finer Things Club. Is that enough? Should I go on?

  119. I agree with a few of the other comments on Dunder Mifflin Infinity. It’s sortof a tough call since It thought the first half was pretty sharp, but driving into a lake and then demanding the muffins back was too much. In fact, the whole gift basket idea seems like something even Michael would find absurd.

  120. Oh yeah, and thanks Kool for the reminder.

    Finer things (Branch Wars) was HILARIOUS.
    1. Andy’s exclusion
    2. Phyllis’ popcoRn and the million beeps she takes to get it started. She can’t use the other microwave because it smells like popcoRn.
    3. A Room with a View discussion
    4. The real dishes in the break room
    5. “other than sleeping with gay men, this is the gayest thing i do”
    6. Pam finally lets Jim in, and he can’t help doing all the things that caused him to be excluded in the first place. talk with an accent, not read the book, make silly guesses…:) I loved it.

  121. It’s pretty funny that SURVIVOR Man was the first one voted off in The Office SURVIVOR. Yes? No? Okay, I’ll shut up.

    The most uneven hour-long was Launch Party. The first half was great, but then the sideplot with kidnapping the pizza boy went on far too long, and the kid himself was totally obnoxious.

  122. I think everyone should go back and rewatch Branch Wars, it aired at a weird time with the strike happenings.

    Did anyone actually like Night Out?

  123. I voted for Night Out. The writing felt forced and contrived, simply unnatural.

  124. Goodbye Toby and Chair Model for top two for 2 simple reasons: Michael passionately parodies the song Goodbye Stranger and secondly Michael goes on an awkward date – anything involving hilarious facial expressions of Steve Carell in a social situation always makes me laugh!

  125. I voted for “The Deposition” for two reasons:
    1) It’s not one of my favorites, so it won’t be part of my top three anyway…
    2) I know it’s a great, in depth episode. But it’s a Steve Carell episode, he owns it. Not that’s something wrong with it (never!), but I like the “Office” episodes more, if you know what I mean…

  126. i voted off fun run. yes there were funny parts (like darryl and the squirrel) but every episode has funny parts. i thought it was the weakest over all. the first half of dmi was SO good it makes up a lot of the second half for me (which although they drove into the lake it also had dwight’s demand that they “give back the turtles…NOW!” which was hilarious).

  127. Thank you, #153! I almost forgot about some of those. Let the people be informed before they vote!

  128. i voted for job fair.
    i didn’t think it was funny.

    sure it had its moments.

    but it wasn’t great.

  129. and also, i thought night out was one of my favorite episodes.

    when jan started dancing, i almost peed my pants.

  130. I don’t think any of those parts of Branch Wars were very funny, with the exception of the “gayest thing I do”. What WAS funny though, was Jim’s and Karen’s exchange. That was The Office doing what made it good- not broad, ridiculous, contrived comedy (PS I despise the Finer Things montage, though the idea isn’t a bad one), but a fantastically awkward, REALISTIC conversation.

  131. I think I’m the only one who didn’t like Local Ad… :/

    Oh well. Even though I’m sure it won’t get voted off soon, I’m voting for it.

  132. Branch Wars
    Dinner Party
    Dunder Mifflin Infinity

    These three are equally disliked by me.

  133. The Deposition was my least favourite of S4. As 159 said, the Michael story was fantastic but the rest was weak. Kelly made me laugh though.

    Branch Wars is one of my all time favs. When you put the Finer Things story in context of some things that really happen in offices, it is very funny. The moment where Michael sees Toby in the bow tie…there are no words for how funny I found that moment.

  134. I had too long of a branch wars list of things other than “the finer things” storyline, so that part didn’t make the post.

    But I will say that Jim trying to hide his 6’3″ body in the driver’s side while talking on walkie talkies was a highlight…finally a trick is played on him.

    And the convo with karen is the best. “you’re still doing this kind of stuff?”

  135. My TOP three: NIGHT OUT, Branch Wars, Job Fair.

    Apparently that’s everyone else’s bottom! I would have had Survivor Man in there, had it not been voted off :(

  136. I am voting The Deposition. I liked the ping-pong subplot, but the rest of the episode is horrible. It’s the one episode I just can’t rewatch; it’s painfully unfunny.

    The Deposition = NEEDS TO GO!!!

  137. This is tough for me because it’s between “The Deposition” and “Job Fair” as far as my next vote goes. I love Kelly in “The Deposition” and Michael saying “they hang off me lady’s chest … they make milk” with respect to Jan’s boob job was fantastic; other than those two things though, I really didn’t enjoy the episode. I noted my beef with “Job Fair” in a previous post. What to do, what to do …

  138. Money is AWFUL. I recently watched it On Demand (they’re all there for 99 cents people!!) and I almost fell asleep, no laughing at all.

    However I think next to go should be Job Fair. It was disappointing.

    Okay last thing–and I LOVED Night Out and Kelly. “Yeah I have a question. how dare you?”

  139. First, I thought the Deposition and Survivor Man were hilarious! I can’t believe more people haven’t said anything about Local Ad. I thought it was really boring! I’ve watched it a couple times to see if I just missed some of the jokes the first time I watched it, and I was still extremely disappointed! As for The Deposition, how do people not like the part when Michael pushes Toby’s tray off the desk or Michael’s diary or Pam and Kelly’s fight? It was so hilarious!

  140. Did I stutter needs to go. The opening was great, but the rest of the episode wasn’t funny at all.

  141. in dinner party when jan started dancing i also almost peed my pants. that was one of the funniest moments of the whole season.

    my top episodes:
    money, goodbye toby, dinner party and the deposition (goodbye toby is probably my fave)

    least favorite: fun run. don’t get me wrong though, i love them all.

    did i stutter? the scene with dwight scatting and washing the car was so freakin’ funny it just made the episode!

  142. DMI shook my faith in “The Office” until “Local Ad” restored some of it. I’m not exaggerating; I’d rather watch “Two and a Half Men” than watch DMI. I’m voting for that one.

  143. It’s interesting that there are such strong reactions to season 4. These comments make me think they were all “love it or hate it” episodes.

    I need to rewatch The Deposition, but I thought Michael’s confusion at the table– “line?”– was funny. He kept coming in and out (twss) of his “role” and it was cool that he sorta had a realization about Jan at the end.

    “they hang from me-lady’s chest”…

  144. Voted off Job Fair cause Andy’s comment about his supposed days in a prestigous golf club that he hated was the only funny moment in the entire episode. Don’t agree that DMI was bad though, I thought it was a great Office episode, sure it was a bit unrealistic but this isn’t a real documentary – we need comedy – and this episode had it in abundance.

  145. Survivorman was first out?? But it had so many classic lines! C’mon! “I tented my pants.” “I would take off the tips of your fingers and pull out your teeth so they couldn’t identify you. They would call me the overkill killer.” “You are as scary as a real serial killer.” I’m surprised. A lot of people didn’t like Night Out….that could’ve gone.

  146. No! I loved Night Out! Doesn’t anyone remember the Dwight/Troy interaction? That was classic. Oh well. I’m sticking with Did I Stutter until it is gone. Thanks!

  147. Adios “Night Out”!! Next one on my list : “Dunder Mifflin Infinity”.

  148. I will vote off Fun Run till it goes. I think since it was the season premiere they hadn’t hit their stride yet with the acting/pacing, etc… unlike their other season premiers.

  149. Job Fair is the next for me. It wasn’t a bad episode, just kinda boring.

  150. It’s either Fun Run or Job Fair. Probably Job Fair.
    I’m not going to vote right away this time.

  151. Night Out got voted off. It’s not much of a surprise. I have to say, though, that it deserved it. I don’t remember laughing that much during that episode.

  152. I’m not too surprised that Night Out got voted off, though I still think Goodbye Toby has to go. I hope Dinner Party stays in as long as possible! I loved that episode :)

  153. Glad Night Out’s out. I’m voting Job Fair next; Goodbye Toby had some really funny moments in it; the only funny thing in Job Fair is Andy.

  154. Yay, Night Out’s gone.

    Vote Branch Wars next. It’s like a sitcom, and the Finer Things Club is stupid besides Oscar’s one-liner about it.

  155. I actually enjoyed job fair and fun run. I don’t know why so many people didn’t like those two episodes…they’re both some of my favorite episodes of season four!

  156. My fav is Fun Run, but MONEY for the win! i totally voted Night Out off..lamest episode of the season.

  157. Let me remind everyone of a few important things before we vote again.

    Fun Run – Andy’s nipples.

    Money – Jim stating he’s in love with Italian food, the adorable Jim/Dwight moment and Jan being there for Michael (for once)

    The Deposition – Michael knocking Toby’s tray off the table

    Alright, now let’s vote!!!

  158. Seriously, Night Out was not bad.

    Branch Wars was a very sitcomy episode.

  159. Wow, I’m surprised. I really liked Night Out! I loved that Dwight was savvy enough to get them into the club when Ryan wasn’t. Okay, so it didn’t make me laugh out loud, but his line, “Don’t step on him” did!

    Ah well, we all like different stuff. It’s so hard for me to vote episodes out because I can always find something I like about every one, and it’s not always about the comedy for me. I also enjoy the quieter moments when we get glimpses into the characters, which is what made Night Out so interesting to me.

  160. Wow, I can’t believe that some people didn’t like Goodbye Toby!! Personally, I thought it was one of the funniest episodes ever! not too sure what to vote off yet, but I think I’m happy with what’s gone so far. It’s so hard to decide since there are so few episodes anyways and I thought they were all wonderful!

  161. We need to get Job Fair out of here.

    It wasn’t a bad episode, it was just not funny.

  162. Thank you slim Jim Job fair out. Two episodes that I loved are off it makes me go grrrr

  163. My personal rankings

    1.Goodbye Toby
    Launch Party
    Dinner Party
    Dunder Infinity
    Branch Wars
    Night Out
    Chair Model
    The Deposition
    Local Ad
    Survivor Man
    Fun Run
    Job Fair
    Did I Stutter

  164. officefan, you have those rankings almost exactly the way i do; i just put chair model lower. uncanny!

  165. I would have kept Night Out just a bit longer, but that’s fine. I think Dunder Mifflin Infinity should go next.

  166. I personally thought branch wars was amazing. The karen-jim talk was brilliantly awkward. DMI was good but not great. my worst of the season. followed by did i stutter.

  167. yay! a vote-off I finally agree with! although dwight being the man ALMOST made it worth saving…

  168. I actually enjoyed both “Night Out” and “Survivor Man”. I loved the birthday montage.

  169. This doesn’t make any sense. Two of my favorite episodes are out, while “Job Fair”, the most unfunny episode of the entire series, is STILL here?

  170. Had to say goodbye to The Deposition. I hated Psycho Ping-Pong Pam. She just seemed really out of character in that episode.

  171. i voted for job fair. that episode was the epitome of bad…i think it’s still on here cuz of the jam kiss at the end…

  172. Ok for this round of survivor, can we NOT have the season finale be the #1 episode??! seriously I would take anything over Goodbye Toby being #1. I know some of you have to agree with me.

  173. For the third week in a row I’m voting for Did I Stutter? If it doesn’t get voted out soon I’ll never get to vote for my next least favorite.For me, and I know I’m in the minority,is Money.

  174. Megan(216)- I agree that Goodbye Toby should not be #1, and I don’t think that it will be. I’m placing my bets on Money or Chair Model. What’s interesting about the discussion here is all the different reasons people have for voting. Is humor the voting standard or is it a well-written script? Is it character growth and change or is it a favorite JAM moment? I just like reading all of the reasons and defenses for people’s choices.

  175. I thought launch party was one of the funniest! And dunder-mifflin infinity was one of my favorites…I don’t get why people hate it. I mean, the computer wars? The pizza guy? Priceless. But for the gold, Money.

  176. The pizza guy is in Launch party.

    “officefan, you have those rankings almost exactly the way i do”

    Cool. Too bad we’re the only people to agree on such a list. How can Night Out be taken out before Did I Stutter?

  177. fun run was awful, soooo over the top…please, let’s get rid of fun run, the only thing worthwhile about it was the t-shirts

  178. I don’t know, officefan. I put my vote down on Did I stutter? last time as well.

    My criteria for voting is pretty much “does Creed get a good moment”? I’m not a Jim fan, so JAM matters little to me. I also would really love to see Job Fair go because it was utterly forgettable.

  179. i don’t get why people think chair model should be number 1. The only amusing parts to me was when andy was dancing in the parking lot when everyone was driving away and at the end when dwight and michael were at the grave of the chair model singing american pie. Other than that it was not a great episode, and def not the best one of the season. I also loved fun run I don’t get why people do not like that one. Yea the Jim/Pam moments are cool but I like episodes better when they are hysterical…i dunno that might just be me…wow this was long…sorry

  180. “Did I Stutter” has to go. I didn’t like to see Stanley being that mean!

  181. My Order is:
    1. Goodbye, Toby
    2. Dinner Party
    3. Job Fair
    4. Night Out
    5. Local Ad
    6. Survivor Man
    7. Fun Run
    8. Launch Party
    9. Money
    10. Chair Model
    11. Branch Wars
    12. The Deposition
    13. Dunder Mifflin Infinity
    14. Did I Stutter

  182. It’s nice to see there isn’t a consensus; the last two times, you could easily tell which ones were going to be voted out by the comments.

    Get out Branch Wars (funny but sitcommy, save Oscar’s one-liner about it the FTC was lame), The Deposition (Jan is TOO mean, Pam was kind of OOC, I wanted to strangle Kelly), and Launch Party (the first half is great, the second half suffers badly with the obnoxious pizza boy plotline that goes on too long), and other than that they’re all great.

    Before you vote out “Did I Stutter?”, may I remind you of Dwight’s organizational chart?

  183. I voted off Did I Stutter?. Why? It was slightly un-Stanley-like. Stanley has always been the character to complain about the office, but his snapping off to Michael was a bit unbelievable. The episodes this season were funny, but it’s hard to compare them to each other.

  184. I had a much higher opinion of Night Out than the other voters, but oh well. I will continue voting for Fun Run each week until it is eliminated.

  185. What’s with all of the hate for Goodbye, Toby? It was definitely my favorite of the season. Reasons?…

    1. Michael and Holly
    2. Dwangela(!)
    3. Ryan, arrested
    4. Creepy, Pam molesting Toby is leaving

    and the most important reason of all:

    Holly and Kevin!!! Seriously people, give Kevin some love. That episode ROCKED.

  186. I voted off “Branch Wars” for this week. The humor was too easy for an office episode. While the FTC was amusing, it just wasn’t as smart as the other episodes this season.

  187. Still voting for Branch Wars. The lame disguises seemed like bad “According to Jim” schtick. Dwight peeing in the backseat was a highlight, but one bottle of urine isn’t enough to make me forget three bad moustaches.

  188. Voted for Job Fair.

    Survivor man was a classic, i don’t understand that knock-off.

  189. I am still voting for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Terrible, terrible episode.

  190. My vote goes to Branch Wars. A lame contrived plot and ridiculous disguises for cheap laughs may work for other sitcoms, but frankly I expect better from The Office. IMHO, this episode is made of FAIL.

  191. Branch Wars for the offing!! It seemed so contrived…when Michael and Dwight were pushing the copier down the stairs or when Karen was chewing Jim out or the Finer Things Club, it just felt so…fake. Not to mention Jim really irked me at the end when he didn’t even READ Angela’s Ashes.

  192. I’m voting off Branch Wars. I hated the FTC story line. So, so much. I also hated Night Out so I’m wondering if it’s Mindy’s episodes that just don’t do much for me. Hmm….

  193. That was hard. I voted for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. It was funny, but not quite good enough. Loved the rest though!

  194. 221 I agree with you! You and me, we’ll keep voting off Fun Run – but I have to admit that I wouldn’t be sad to see Branch Wars go.

    Goodbye Toby was my favorite episode with Dinner Party and the Deposition close behind. I also loved Chair Model.

  195. Voted for The Deposition on this round. I wasn’t really all that fond of it. Why did Pam suddenly care what Kelly smack-talked to her about? Also, Jan was just flat out horrible to Michael and he just took it. Not one of my favorite episodes. I agree with the first two to be voted out!

  196. Guess I’m all alone on this but I voted chair model. It felt like a filler episode more then anything. Only good part was the engagement bit but even that couldn’t sway me.

  197. i thought parts of branch wars were sitcom-y but i actually thought the mustaches were hilarious. that is totally something michael would come up with and “hello, we are warehouse workers, would you like more proof?” cracked me up. i also thought the karen and jim interaction was very realistic and handled differently than most sitcoms. there was no contrived resolution and it was perfectly awkward. not my favorite episode but i am still voting off fun run!

  198. I love how everyone seems to have such different opinions about these episodes! My order:
    1. Goodbye, Toby
    2. The Deposition
    3. Local Ad
    4. Chair Model
    5. Launch Party
    6. Dinner Party
    7. Job Fair
    8. Fun Run
    9. Money
    10. Branch Wars
    11. Did I Stutter?
    12. Dunder Mifflin Infinity
    13. Night Out
    14. Survivor Man

  199. I voted for Chair Model. Huge disappointment after I was getting used to the Office being back from strike hiatus.

    Still bitter about Survivor Man, though…

  200. In my opinion, the best Office episodes don’t really feel like plotlines have been “written,” but like a genuine documentary crew looking for stories has sort of “edited” together the plot beats, the way reality TV editors do with their footage.

    That’s why I like, for instance, the B-plotlines of “Did I Stutter?” (Dwight flips Andy’s car) and “Survivor Man” (Jim deals with office birthdays), but I dislike, say, the B-plotlines of “Branch Wars” (finer things club) and “The Deposition” (ping-pong). (Don’t know why I chose all B-plotlines for that, you can do it with As too.)

    To me, those two episodes deserve the axe more than any other because the plotlines break the ideal “feel” of The Office.

  201. i agree with #250. and oddly enough it is often the b-story that makes or breaks the episode for me! for example i loved safety training because the gambling b-story was great and had a very natural feel, like it would really happen. and i agree that the finer things club didn’t have that. i do think that weird clubs and cliques within an office is a realistic thing and even though it was funny, something about it felt a little unnatural. i did like the ping pong though cause kelly was so frickin’ funny.

  202. Skibum made valid points. There could be truer acknowledgement of the documentary process. The longer the series goes, the more questions arise: how long will the docu project last? what will be the final product, and for whose purpose? Suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

    Flipside: If the camera crew can’t break some of their own rules (tofu hotdog) the limitations would eventually put closure on characters and storylines much sooner and we would have no more Office.

    Branch Wars and The Deposition made me laugh more than most others of S4. The entertainment was worth me not questioning the genre. If there would be a way to shore up the trueness of the format, without sacrificing story, that’d be cool.

  203. Why is everyone hating Branch Wars? Some of the best lines were in that episode “We have been driving around with this in the back the whole time” or “Come on it would be so bad*** (Insert Dwight’s hand motions)” And you can’t go wrong with a fake mustache!

  204. i don’t know about everyone else, but the fake mustaches are without a doubt my favorite office all time moment.

  205. Yikes… an episode is not good unless Creed Bratton is doing something. Example: dyeing his hair black with copier toner.

  206. Branch Wars is actually my third favorite episode of the season. Night Out was ranked fourth and Survivor Man was ranked tenth. I can’t wait to see this week’s results.

  207. I predict Did I Stutter? will get out this time. Although from here, it’s pretty much a draw until the final 3.

  208. Finally! I love all episodes of The Office, but that one was the weakest link. It’s so hard to decide because they are all like precious gems. I say The Deposition should go next, even though Mindy/Kelly was awesome with her smack talk. Thanks, Tanster! This is so much fun!

  209. I loved “Did I Stutter?”. It was reminiscent of season 2.

    I still say “Dinner Party” should go. Did not like that one.

  210. I’m really surprised that Did I Stutter? was voted off. I thought that was one of the better episodes of the season, especially post-strike. I would have gotten rid of Fun Run, Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Branch Wars and Job Fair before that one.

  211. #258- I predicted it.

    Although I am sad to see any of these episodes go. And it’s just a poll, it’s not like we’re losing them forever!

  212. Wow, Did I Stutter? was one of my top 3 favorites of Season 4. I think Job fair or Local Ad need to go next.

    Also, in a way I’m glad Jim didn’t propose in Goodbye, Toby because so many people would automatically vote that as number 1 no matter how the rest of the episode was.

  213. What? “Did I Stutter” was delicious. C’mon! Dwight with Andy’s car was friggin’ hilarious! I guess the episode was kinda mean-spirited though. Let me ask this: is it the JAM kiss that is saving “Job Fair”? I can’t think of any other justification for this episode not being voted off yet. I felt that it was pretty bad–even for an Office episode.

  214. I know I said it once before but DMI needs to go. It was too over the top…Ryan was annoying and Michael driving into a lake was just not funny.

  215. To all who hate ‘Branch Wars’ and ‘Money’:
    Seriously? Those are the two single best episodes of Season 4. They are at least for the P, B, & J relationship. I’m truly hoping all of you are rooting for that amazing couple.

    Oh and Silly Me, ‘Goodbye, Toby’ has to be Number 1!!!

  216. Finally! I can now vote for something different.It’s a toss up between three. Since Money seems to be so popular I’ll vote for the Deposition

  217. Throw out “Job Fair”?! Are we forgetting “I feel into the sandtrap!” or my fav “Actually it is not funny at all it is really painful” Ah Andy, athleticly challenged, from the start of the season. Don’t forget Fun Run with the bleeding nipples, funniest moments of the season!

  218. wow are you kidding me?? Did I Stutter was the 2nd best episode of the whole season! I guess people just can’t handle anything bad happening to poor Jim.

  219. 275, I would have to disagree.

    I know a lot of people out there are basing this on JAM stuff. And I am JAM Fan for sure, but Did I Stutter was just overall a mean episode (in my opinion). Dwight was FAR too controlling for his character and Stanley, though provoked, was completely over the top.

    Plus I think it was good for Jim to get a talking to. He needed to get his act together. Did I want to smack Ryan? Of course, but I think it was a necessary plot point.

  220. Fun Run, Job Fair, and DMI can go. I love Branch Wars, The Deposition, and Money with my whole heart.

  221. I don’t understand why Branch Wars is still here, it was an overall corny, sitcomy, un-officelike episode.

  222. Now that Did I Stutter is gone, I am torn. I think the next to go should be The Deposition, but Mindy just makes that episode. Maybe it should be Job Fair. I think this Survivor installment is breaking my brain!

  223. I do not get it…Branch Wars is still in the running and Night Out has been booted.

    What is wrong with you people? :)

  224. I voted Dunder Mifflin Infinity next. Although I find it very hard to vote off an hourlong, the episode just wasn’t as good as some of the others this year. I loved some of the episode, but it pained me to see Michael being stupid enough to drive his car into a lake. At that point, it’s common sense. But I still overall liked the episode, but in the middle of the competition, it’s pretty much a draw for me.

  225. **pleading*** Can’t we all just get along?!?


    Let’s all just agree to disagree!

  226. I think I am the only person that liked “Fun Run”. I really enjoyed it. How can anyone forget Michael’s use of the word superstitious? (he’s only a little stitious)

  227. bye, Branch Wars.

    Notice that for all the complaining everyone did about the hour-longs, they’re all still here.

  228. I will vote for Fun Run until it is gone and Branch Wars after that. It’s not that I don’t like these episodes. They just aren’t better than the others. I do love the threats by Michael and Dwight in Branch Wars that they will “Burn Utica to the ground.”

  229. Wow. How is DMI still there? I liked night out, even though it was a little dark. I loved branch wars! Why does everyone hate it? I thought it was like #2 or 3 of the season! humm..

  230. I liked Fun Run too officefan. Especially when Michael tried to come up with a new god for everone to worship.

  231. I kind of like Branch Wars (*averting the stones being hurled*). I still say Dunder Mifflin Infinity (which I voted for) is way worse. It shouldn’t be that painful to watch Michael.

  232. My episodes that need to go are JOb Fair, Branch Wars, and Launch Party. Only good thing about Launch Party: Ryan looking in the camera. That’s it. The pizza kid is awful!

  233. Launch Party must go! I agree with Alex 295. Kidnapping the pizza delivery boy was painful to watch (and not a good kind of pain, either).

  234. You guys!!! Branch Wars? Come on…my husband still randomly says, “the eyes are the groin of the head.” I agree that Money was the best overall.

  235. Hard to choose which one is my /least/ favorite; the Office is just so brilliant! I’m going to have to go with Job Fair this week though. It had its moments, but wasn’t particularly funny and didn’t move the plot along much. My favorite of Season 4, though, is Launch Party.

  236. the problem is that i could name something that i loved in any episode. in fun run i loved it when michael was giving a speech about rabies and darryl was feeding a squirrel. it just wasn’t my fave and, unlike others, i hated the bleeding nipples. yuck. i agree that people tend to hang onto jam episodes but i also think that people tend to throw out awkward michael episodes and that element is essential to the show and is part of what ties it to the original british version and sets it apart from other sitcoms. just my read on things.

  237. Why is this so hard? I know my top three, but rating the rest of them is so tough.

  238. Why is Dunder-Mifflin Infinity still there? The second that car hit the water in that lake, it became one of my least favorite episodes ever.

  239. I think it’s hard to vote for the first few hour long episodes because, for the most part, half of each episode was great and the other half fell flat. I like the good half of each of those episodes more than I like other episodes. However, I think one of the only things that saved “Job Fair” was Pam and Jenna Fischer’s acting. Pam’s tired replay of her conversation with Michael about bringing the paper (“and then you sneezed in my tea…”) was probably the only thing I liked about “Job Fair” and it should go next.

  240. Job Fair was definitely one of the worst episodes in office history. The only thing that saved it was andy.

  241. Had to vote for DMI, the second half is not just painful to watch, I actually fast forward through the majority of it. Michael and Dwight rolling around on the couches is ridiculous (even by Office standards)

  242. I love the episodes that are edgy, razor sharp, and yes, that’s when Michael is a jerk, but I love them best. Saying that, my personal top three for the season are:

    1. Local Ad
    2. Dinner Party
    3. Goodbye, Toby!

    Goodbye, Dunder Mifflin Infinity!!!

  243. I am really surprised that did I stutter went… Steve’s acting was phenomenal in that episode! Yeah, it made me cringe, but he made us realize that Michael isn’t as dumb as he seems.


    I don’t get it. Well, for the second time, Job Fair it is! (I voted Night Out off first)

  245. My prediction is that Job Fair will leave us. Although I do not agree, DMI was much weaker.

  246. First time posting.
    Hello Tallyheads!
    Anyway, why is DMI still there, I mean, really, the car and the lake and the turtles? Chair Model and Job Fair can go next.

    My Top Three for Season 4 would be:

    Local Ad (“look at that, even the receptionist is getting in with the creativity!”)

    Fun Run (“look upon the face of rabies!)

    and The Deposition. The scene where the transcriptionist (or typist, whatever) recounts an entire conversation of Michael contradicting himself, LMAO!

  247. my top 3 are:
    1. money
    2. goodbye toby
    3. launch party (not lunch or lanch party)

  248. Well, people are such Jam fans on this site I think Money and Fun Run are going to be the top 2. Personally I thought Fun Run should be towards the bottom and Money in the middle.

  249. Wow, I really liked Job Fair. I guess I am in the minority here. I really wasn’t crazy about The Deposition at all and that’s what I’ll vote for again…

  250. It’s kind of crazy…everyone’s opinions are so different! My top 3 would be Dinner Party, Chair Model, and The Deposition. Money, one of my least favorites, seems to be really popular.

    And all of the hour longs make this very difficult. The best half hour (or 20 minutes without commercials) of these episodes are really good, but there are a lot of dry spells.

  251. Local Ad is definitely my favorite! People seem to skip over it a lot, so I’m glad to finally find some others who agree with me!

  252. Now that Job Fair is voted out, I’m not sure that we can say that it’s all about Jamminess. That was one of the Jammier episodes this season.

    For me, probably The Deposition and Chair Model were the best. Also the first half of Launch Party and first half of Goodbye Toby but we can’t vote on halves. :)

  253. See, Job Fair is no more. I think we got it about right, except does no one remember “Kiss her. Kiss her real good.”?? One of the funniest moments of the season!

  254. YES!!! FINALLY!!! The worst episode of the series is finally gone. Now comes the tough part of choosing which of the stronger episodes were weaker than others.

    For my top 3, “Goodbye Toby”, “The Deposition” and “Money”

  255. I had Job Fair ranked 8th. My bottom three are now Dinner Party, Deposition and Money. Not sure which one I’ll vote for this week.

  256. Nooooo!

    Not Job Fair! I loved Job Fair!

    I think Dinner Party should go.

  257. I think I’ll go for Local Ad next. It just wasn’t very memorable in my book.

    Save the Deposition! My top five for sure, if not top two along with Money.

  258. Aw, I loved Job Fair and the Jam kiss at the end was the icing on the cupcake. Oh well…like I said, I love them all. I think The Deposition should go next, even though I love Smack Talk Kelly. Thanks!

  259. Can’t BELIEVE Job Fair placed higher than Did I Stutter?!! Honestly, I don’t think I laughed once at Job Fair. Easily in my all-time bottom five, that one.

  260. Wow this poll is making NO sense to me so far!! I really liked all these episodes…

  261. I don’t understand the hostility against Job Fair.

    – Pam going off on Michael (“…you sneezed in my tea…”)
    – Jim vowing he’s going to try and following through
    – Andy’s shortcut
    – Kevin really revealing his gambling nature
    – Dwight and Angela staying in the office until 5
    – Michael and Oscar’s exchange about how wonderful Michael thinks Pam is
    – Of course, the kiss

    Was it a top 10 all time episode? No. But it was top five of the season for me.

  262. I can’t believe this! I thought that ‘Job Fair’ was the best of the entire SERIES so far!

  263. I still can’t comprehend why Dunder Mifflin Infinity hasn’t been voted off. That episode gave me doubts on this season and the show in general.

    Please eliminate DMI for the love of humanity!!!

  264. This whole survivor thing is skewed so far! How is Dunder Mifflin Infinity still in the running! The only one that was justifiably kicked off was Survivorman. There is a lot of hostility towards perfectly good episodes! So i say this hoping… Good bye Dunder Mifflin Infinity!

  265. I think DMI should go next. as much as I luv creed printer ink hair and “WHERE ARE THE TURTLES?” To me the episode wasn’t “The Office” great.

  266. Man … I’m very much in the minority here. My least favorite episodes of the season are Dinner Party and The Deposition, while I love Survivor Man and DMI. My top two, however, are Chair Model and Launch Party, so I’d love to see them last until the end.

    I LOVE these polls and reading everyone’s opinions!

  267. I think these polls are one of the most interesting aspects of this site. Although it will help us through these lonely, Office-less days of the summer, I believe that the Season 3 poll was conducted far too early ( it ran from early August through late September last year, while the DVDs of Season 3 weren’t sold until the first week of September) and that the Season 4 poll is being conducted even earlier – to its own detriment (the entire poll will take place before the DVDs even come out – and for the record, watching eps on does NOT substitute for the DVDs). The Office is a different type of show, to say the least. This show is meant to be watched multiple times again and over. This is when the genius is fully realized. But still, it takes time to come to understand an entire season, as a whole and as separate pieces – every scene, every nuance. I still don’t believe I have fully digested S3 quite yet, let alone S4. The Office is similar to a fine wine. With time, it ages. With age, it deepens and reaches its full potential.

  268. dunder mifflin infinity wins simply for “my heart soars with the eagle’s nest”

  269. Farewell Dinner Party! The best part of the Office are the minor characters… and no minor characters = no good plot.

  270. If I could I would be giving this website the silent treatment, tsk tsk for voting off job fair.

  271. I can’t believe people didn’t like Dinner Party! By far one of my top 5 episodes of all seasons! Jan/Michael are just hilarious and it reveals her true craziness.

    I voted off Chair Model, just didn’t do it for me

  272. I refuse to vote, this is too hard! Survivor Man totally shouldn’t have been voted off. Michael’s surprise birthdays, his high pitched singing, him getting tackled by Dwight, him admitting he doesn’t know who She is! Seriously, this episode is too funny to be so low.

  273. Plaese vote off the deposition! It was so boring, and it wasn’t funny at all.

  274. Why is Branch Wars still in contention?
    That episode was the weakest of the season.

    I am surprised “darker” episodes are getting the chopping block.

  275. Yep, time for DMI to go. Michael driving into the lake was the worst moment of the series so far.

  276. Job Fair was the worst of the season. Michael was just downright nasty in it, and Andy smashing the golf kart was quite desperate. Still Dwight and Angela stayig til 5 was hilarious. Fun Run to go (YAWN), ‘Goodbye, Toby’ to win!

  277. Can’t believe “Money” hasn’t been voted off. Worst episode ever. Not funny, and focused entirely on the various relationships of the Office.

    Just my opinion obviously, but that was actually one episode I wouldn’t care to see again.

  278. Can’t believe Job Fair got the axe. It was awesome just for the Dwangela awkwardness alone! (The JAM kiss was just icing on the cake.)

    Goodbye, The Deposition. Not a fan of that ep.

  279. I love them all…but if i had to pick, it would be Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Goodbye, Toby is numero uno!

  280. I went with “The Deposition.” I carefully compared it to “Dunder-Mifflin Infinity” because I agree with those who believe that the second half of this episode is pretty bad, but there are too many good moments in the first half of the episode for me to vote it off. With Garbage (the cat), Kelly pretending to be pregnant, Creed’s ink hair, and the ageism meeting in the conference room, I have too much love for this episode to say bye-bye.

  281. Buh-bye, DMI! (I hope!) After that, I’ll be voting off Branch Wars. The car-in-the-lake is still unforgivable to me, all these months later. I remember feeling sorry for Steve and Rainn when I first saw it. It was bad schtick. So were the lame “disguises” in Branch Wars.

    Local Ad is probably my favorite of the year, with Goodbye, Toby a close second (the Holly-Kevin and Holly-Michael storylines were the best of the year for me).

  282. I voted Dunder Mifflin Infinity off. It was a well-written episode, but it was an hourlong, and not that much happened in it. I would love to see Money win the whole thing, mostly because it isn’t the finale and the finale always wins.

  283. I don’t understand some of the opinions in these comments. It seems like some of you want to turn this show into “Friends”, when “The Office” really is (and should rightly be) so much more.

    I’ve been spending my summer re-watching Season 2 again with tears in my eyes. God, how I miss those days!

  284. kelly saying “i’m pregnant” and then cutting to her just shaking her head “no” was so unbelievably funny, i just can’t vote it off yet. i have a feeling it is going to get the ax though.
    i am still desperately voting off fun run because i feel, as others have observed, it was the most boring episode of the season.
    i LOVE local ad, the deposition, dinner party, money, and goodbye toby. that’s my top 5.

  285. I voted off Branch Wars. It’s not that it wasn’t funny — it’s that the whole story didn’t feel like it belonged in The Office. It was too cartoonish. It was too sensational — like an episode of 30 Rock (which is funny, but not The Office). The mustache disguises really make me cringe. Plus, it was a wasted Rashida appearance.

  286. I can’t explain why I’m so partial to “Dinner Party.” I don’t do much laughing when I watch it, but I have watched that episode more than any other on NBC’s website.

  287. Wow, sounds like there are a lot of mixed opinions here. I agree with #353, I can’t believe people didn’t like Dinner Party. Goodbye, Toby has got to go – it was just bizarre, and I feel like the only reason people are keeping it in is because it was the season finale.

  288. I went with Dinner Party. It didn’t live up to the hype. Jan was just too weird.

  289. goodbye, toby was the best episode of the season, finale or otherwise. the holly character was brilliantly written, her interactions with michael were heartwarming and her interactions with kevin were hilarious. it was a brilliant new light to shed on his character. michael’s excitement about toby leaving, the drama between angela and phyllis, jim’s heart to heart with michael, dwight’s revelation that “it’s my own fault” the first time we have seen that side of dwight, andy’s parents, kelly “i feel weird” i could go on! jen and paul are my favorite writers! i just don’t think it’s getting voted off anytime soon.

  290. Sorry, but Goodbye Toby was the only episode to have things “happen” this season. It was fast-paced and it didn’t cater to the JAM fans by having the obvious proposal. We had good moments for every character in GT rather than just the standard Pam-Michael-Jim-Dwight moments that dominated this season.

  291. I voted for MONEY. Too relationshipy and too JAM-my. One episode of the beet farm was enough, this was overkill.

  292. 376 | Ben: I am sooo glad somebody else loved “Goodbye, Toby” for the fact that there was no actual Jim/Pam proposal. I thought forcing another proposal on Pam was too soon and I was quite ambivalent about that storyline. The tension between the two made my stomach twist like it used to in seasons one-three (and I admit I like the tension-related stomach twist). The other parts of the episode were very solid and funny. It felt almost like a great season two episode and didn’t cater to what people “thought” should or would happen, which is what I want from The Office. For an hour long episode, there was hardly anything to complain about!

  293. How the heck is Chair Model in there? There was nothing funny about that episode (compared to the others in the running.)

  294. Job Fair deserved to go. Michael was downright nasty in it, and Andy crashing the golf kart was desperate. Goodbye, Toby to win!

  295. I REALLY like this “game”…but just in case the writer’s REALLY do read our comments…I am a HUGE JAM fan…it’s what got me hooked to the show!! I LOVE ALL the characters but I truly LOVE how “REAL” they make Jim/Pam…it’s MUCH more realistic than Rachel/Ross, Meredith/Derrick…I LOVE all the characters but i just can’t get enough JAM!!! :)

  296. to uncrazy side: exactly my thoughts! that’s exactly what made goodbye toby a great episode.

  297. To expand on “Uncrazy Sides” thoughts… I feel that people judge an episode based on how well things turn out for Jim and Pam, but not by coincidence, the best episodes of “The Office” seem to either not focus on that element of the show at all (minus “Casino Night”) or stemmed from the desperate guy seeking the forbidden girl. Now, if anything adverse happens, people judge the episode negatively. Which is simply silly.

    The proposal not happening was an example of strong writing.

    If it had happened, that would have been the type of cop-out that, to me, season four was becoming known for… and poor writing.

    Hopefully, season 5 gets back on track.

  298. “Local Ad” and “Goodbye Toby” were the best episodes of the season.

    The best JAM episodes were “Money” “Chair Model” and “Fun Run” (who can forget that adorable reveal in the conference room)?

    My least favorites were “Survivor Man” (glad it’s gone) and “Branch Wars.”

    Even as an avowed Jammer, I’ll be really annoyed if “Chair Model” wins. It isn’t a very good episode.

  299. Please vote off Dunder Mifflin Infinity. I watched that episode only twice. It doesn’t improve on the second viewing. The car in the lake and the gift baskets storyline is just awful.

  300. How would a JAM proposal have been a cop-out in any way? It’s been clear that Pam’s ready to marry Jim (see her talking head in Goodbye Toby about wanting a family), so it wasn’t too soon to introduce Jim’s proposal. They’d been developing the proposal storyline for the entire second half of the season, so really, the cop-out was NOT having the proposal. That said, I still loooooved Goodbye Toby. I’ll be happy when Branch Wars and The Deposition are gone.

  301. I think I’m one of the few people that liked Branch Wars. I realized that it just was going to be ridiculous and took the funny parts for what they were. But, on the other hand, the ridiculous-ness of Dinner Party made me cring. Akward isn’t funny to me.

  302. i thought the whole interaction over the walkie-talkies in branch wars was so hilarious. i think you have to take it as a silly episode. it was michael’s scheme, what do you expect!!

  303. Ok seriously, “Night Out” was by far my favorite episode of the season. I thought it was hilarious! Why do people not like it? I don’t get it?

  304. Either Dinner Party or Chair Model need to go next. If you are an office fan, you cannot in good faith allow Dinner Party to go too late in this game, becuase it includes literally none of the actual office. And focusing only on main characters is somewhat dull, especially since they get the majority of an episode. This episode was the first time in a long time I find the Scrubs afterward to be much more rewarding.

  305. I find it interesting how all these episodes are being ranked. DMI was actually my 5th favorite. I loved the silliness of Branch Wars. I thought the awkwardness between Karen and Jim was very real. So for the second week in a row I’ll vote for Dinner Party.

  306. I’m in the camp of people who liked Branch Wars, it was so funny, I still laugh when I watch it… Also loved dinner party and Goodbye Toby, also a fan of Launch Party, not necessarily the pizza boy, but everything else is brilliance.

  307. I don’t understand how you guys didn’t see the no-proposal for J/P I mean did you guys really think they’d make 3 season finales in a row with the big thing being between the same two people each time?

    All the hour episodes should all be at the top

    And CM totally reeked that really needs to go, worst episode of the season!

  308. in response to 388 who said “awkward isn’t funny to me”…

    Isn’t The Office all about awkwardness??

  309. I can’t believe Fun Run and Dinner Party are still up there….very few enjoyable moments to be had in either…they don’t even live up to the standards of good television, nevermind the high standards set by the office.

  310. I’m so shocked that some people didn’t like Chair Model – I thought that for Brian Baumgartner’s performance alone it was brilliant (and my favourite episode of the season, by far). I’m voting for Fun Run. It was okay, but just not one of my favourites.

  311. DMI gone? Not such a shocker. It was time. I’m voting Branch Wars off this time. It was a very funny episode, but this season had some pretty good episodes, and it just doesn’t compare with Chair Model or Money.

  312. The first half or so of DMI was really good. It’s hard for me to pick an hour long episode to go first because for some of them like Fun Run, DMI, and Launch Party, the first half is really good and the rest falls flat. I’m voting for Branch Wars now. It seemed too over-the-top.

  313. That Branch Wars continues to survive this late in the game is a complete mystery to me but then again, so is the fact that Survivor Man was the first one to go.

    Money should take it all.


  314. I voted for “Fun Run” next. I like all of the episodes left anyway, so this was somewhat tricky. I just felt that this episode could have been stronger if they got rid of that conference room scene in the middle of the episode (that is probably one of their weakest to date). Otherwise, the episode would have been solid.

  315. Branch wars left a bad taste and I hated the whole thing with the pizza boy in launch party, not funny at all.

  316. Responding to 396, I completely agree! Awkwardness is definitely a big part of the show. I thought the awkwardness in Dinner Party was hilarious and just brought out Jan and Michael’s relationship more.

  317. I agree that the pizza boy thing was a little off, but Launch Party redeemed itself with Andy’s Take A Chance On Me rendition. So I continue to save it week by week, but eventually it has to go. I’m pulling for a Money victory as well. Although I’d love to see Fun Run make it to the top 3, because it’s very unappreciated.

  318. 402, I agree with every word you said. I’ve heard people describe “Money” as completely unfunny, which strikes me as horrifying. It’s fairly dark, yeah, and a little bit relationship-y, but it’s scream-out-loud funny in multiple parts. It’s easily one of the best episodes of the whole series.

  319. For me, it was between “The Deposition” and “Local Ad.” I ultimately went with “The Deposition” because I really disliked the ping pong subplot and I didn’t find much hilarity in the episode.

  320. Branch Wars gets my vote. The whole “let’s disguise ourselves and pull a copier caper” seemed very “According to Jim” to me. And no, I’ve never seen “According to Jim,” but it felt like something that might happen on a lame, unfunny show like that.

  321. I know that many people thought that Michael driving into the lake was too over the top, I loved it. So, I’m bummed that DMI got voted off.

    What I can’t believe is that Branch Wars is still hanging on. That episode was the worst. And did Stanley ever get more money in Scranton? This is also the episode with the Finer Things Club.

    My money’s on “Money” for the win : )

  322. I voted out The Deposition. It just seems the least memorable to me, despite pushing Toby’s tray off the table..

  323. Down with Launch Party. The pizza boy hostage was too odd. Season 4 had many wacky moments that made me wonder “why?”

  324. yeah, i voted for the deposition….i just didn’t think it was really great. the ping pong was boring and it just kind of…ended weird with pam and kelly. i don’t know, i just thought it was a boring episode

  325. Aw, I loved DMI. It was a lot better that some of the other ones. I voted for The Deposition; after it gets kicked off I’m voting for Local Ad.

  326. Aw, that’s too bad. I loved DMI. The “Where are the turtles!” line from Michael had me laughing at work the next day. I think I am still going for The Deposition to go next. Fun Run or Money for the win!

  327. i am happy to read some dmi love. even though driving into the lake was a little ridiculous, i totally forgave it because the rest of the episode was fantastic. i loved the michael/dwight dynamic in it. if michael was doing any of that stuff on his own i would just be cringing with embarrassment for him but then when dwight is right there, on board, taking it to the next level it almost adds credibility to their actions. they are so certain in their conviction it isn’t as embarrassing. i think the episode really showcases their dynamic.
    now, can we please vote off fun run?

  328. i’ve been voting for dunder mifflin infinity for so long, now that it’s finally gone, i’m not sure which to pick. i think i’ll go with launch party.

  329. I think people really need to re-watch The Deposition. The humor isn’t laugh out loud, like when the boys are wearing mustaches in Branch Wars, but it is dead on hilarious.

    People trying to figure out who this “woman” Ryan is, Michael pushing Toby’s tray off the table. Priceless.

    Sure, the ping pong B-Story isn’t the strongest B-Story ever. But it’s light and cute and really rounds out the seriousness of the A-Story.

    This is all just one girl’s opinion :D
    (I say bye-bye Chair Model)

  330. I really think money was the worst episode this season. Kinda shocked job fair went so quickly! I loved dinner party I hope that makes it far! :)

  331. you guys, i re-watched did i stutter? last night and i think we’ve made a huge mistake.

  332. Job Fair and Night Out easily held hands as the worst episodes of the season.

  333. See, I felt Chairmodel felt more like season 2, where the humor was tastefully deadpan and felt office-oriented. The characters were over the top, but certainly not driving into lakes, and the ending with Jim and Pam was a priceless and classy moment (in terms of comedic approach).

    To say it’s worse than Branch Wars, full of its contrived gas bombs and mustaches, seems an inaccuracy to me.

  334. I really agree, tuna^3. “Did I Stutter?” was easily one of the best episodes of the season and ought to be a bellwether for the best new directions for the show. New, believable sides to old characters that make them all more three-dimensional but don’t push any of them out of believability.

  335. Tuna/Skibum, I have to agree. I re-watched it (Did I Stutter?) today and I have to say, it’s much better than I remember. Michael was great, Darryl was better than ever and gave us a couple of the best quotes of S4. Retrospection can be a bitch.

  336. I’m glad some people are finally showing some love for “Did I Stutter?”. Too bad it’s already been voted off. I thought the reactions to Pam’s glasses were funny…probably because that’s how I feel when I wear my backups. Dwight’s chart was priceless along with his little scat song washing the car. Creed being a creeper. And come on, everything Darryl said (especially the Newsies reference) was fantastic.

    Next off…Branch Wars

  337. I hope Dinner Party wins. It had classic tension and hilarious dialogue. In my opinion, it was the best written episode of the season.

    Also, I would love to see some more love for The Deposition! I laugh every single time I hear Toby giggle at the lawyers trying to figure out who Ryan is! And Dwight’s list of Table Tennis heroes.

  338. Honestly, I didn’t really like Dinner Party overall. It had its moments, but it wasn’t my favorite.

  339. I think it should have lasted longer just for the thing with Dwight and the can, ah so hilariously original.

  340. Branch Wars- great episode? ‘Fraid not. It relied on outlandish contrivances opposed to crafty deadpan and great characters to drive home comedy.


  341. It’s always been difficult for me to vote in this kind of a poll at all, because there isn’t a single episode of The Office that I think is absolute trash. Every episode always has SOMETHING great, in my opinion. But, that being said, Chair Model needs to go. It’s difficult as a devout JAMmer to do this, but the episode was the most awkward for me, and it just felt… weird. Kinda filler-ish, besides the JAM. Which was wonderful, but not enough to push my vote anywhere else. Money for the win.

  342. All right, I’m ready to weed out Chair Model and Dinner Party. Both episodes were lackluster in my opinion. Chair Model suffered from a truly poor A-plot and Dinner Party sadly focused on only the characters who get all of the attention anyway (except Andy, who still got no attention)… i say we boot these two episodes next.

  343. 440, NonPocketItalian-

    That’s what she said.

    Poor, poor Branch Wars. Jim’s scene alone in the car was the highlight of Season Four. From “Stop saying my name!” to Michael’s pleas (“Make love to her…think of Stanley”) to Jim’s frantic appeal to the doc crew to not give him away, it was, in a word, PERFECT.

  344. “Branch Wars” leaving was inevitable. I think “Fun Run” should be next.

  345. What!?!?! Branch Wars was my favorite episode. I loved the Karen/Jim conversation. So funny. And the “Finer Things Club”. I’m sad now.

  346. I agree w/ 447! And I’m still really annoyed that Goodbye, Toby hasn’t been voted off. Worst episode of all seasons, besides the pilot, imo.

  347. What?!? I’m shocked. I thought “Branch Wars” was by FAR the funniest episode of the season. John Krasinski’s performance in the Jim/Karen scene alone was enough to keep this episode around…not to mention Dwight cutting his penis on the lid of a can, and so many other hilarious moments. Sheesh…I can’t believe this one was voted off.

  348. Nice job everyone voting off Branch Wars! Woo hoo! Now, down with Fun Run!!!!!

  349. I pretty much agree with Branch Wars being gone this time. I mean, Goodbye Toby and Fun Run are no doubt the best episodes of the season (and Money), so it’s ok by me.

  350. My favorite three – Branch Wars, Job Fair, and Survivor man – have all been kicked off! My all time favorite is Dinner Party. I’m sure it’ll get the ace next.

    My LEAST favorite episode is Money.

    Am I the only one who hated this episode? It was my least favorite office epsiode ever after Dwight’s Speech. I must have a different taste than everyone else in this site!

  351. You’re not the only one, Liz. I too, am not a big fan of Money. It wasn’t really that funny.

  352. Liz and Jojo – I completely agree about Money. The only funny part of that episode is the who vs. whom power point scene (and Dwight playing Bon Jovi on his recorder). The Dwight/Jim stairwell scene is impressive, but the whole episode just doesn’t feel right. The whole tone is wrong.

    And my three favorites, The Deposition, Dinner Party, and Chair Model, are still in, but getting some negative attention. Geez, we have some VERY different opinions!

  353. I just watched Money and realized how much I loved it – including the introduction. Priceless.

  354. I can’t believe Branch Wars was kicked off before the Deposition…Branch Wars was one of the best episodes EVER using Jim, Dwight and Michael TOGETHER…and the Finer Things club was priceless!!! I’m finding it VERY interesting to see what other OFfice fans enjoy…and I LOVE any episode with Jim/Pam!!!!!! :)

  355. This season is much harder to pick than the others. Quality was very good.

  356. I loved Branch Wars too. Still waiting for Launch Party to go…and I’m also pulling for a Money win. Definitely my favorite of the season, and one of the most relevant episodes in Office history.

  357. Down with The Deposition! Pretty funny episode, and I hate to vote it off, though. But I just can’t say that it’s better than the other ones left in the poll.

  358. the jim and pam payoff in fun run was definitely amazing and left me with a really good feeling but when i re-watched it, compared to all of the other episodes this season, it just wasn’t the funniest or most engaging. it just felt a little boring.
    in defense of launch party – jim signing meredith’s cast? angela and phyllis’ interactions? andy’s a capella?? and the ice sculpture “i stole it”
    pretty great….

  359. Launch Party needs to go. The Deposition better not get voted off- that was such a good episode!

  360. Now we’re getting to the point where I enjoy the remaining episodes.


    I’m voting off Dinner Party. While it had a unique dynamic about it, I felt the rest of the choices were stronger and felt more “Office-like.”

  361. I agree with #474…I like the remaining episodes for the most part…so I voted off Dinner Party. It was probably my least favorite, next to Goodbye, Toby. Yes it was hilarious with the Holly/Kevin/Michael dynamic but by the time the episode was over, I felt horrible, not just for Jim and Pam, but for Dwight, and then Michael. It just left a bad taste in my mouth (that’s what she said) but altogether, I liked it better than Dinner Party. My top three are def. Money, The Deposition, and Local Ad.

  362. I’m curious to see how this list would shake out if the first four hour-long episodes were treated as eight episodes. I mean those episodes can distinctly be divided in two parts and a lot of those individual parts would probably be ranked higher. For example, the first part of Launch Party was magnificent with the screen saver and the live website prank, but the pizza guy shenanigans in the second part brought it down.

  363. 479–That’s interesting. I think the first halves of “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” and “Launch Party” are really strong, but the second halves of the episodes bring them down a bit. The second half of “Fun Run” is stronger than the first half though. “Money” and “Goodbye Toby” were perfect as hour long episodes.

  364. I’m really surprised Dinner Party is still not voted off. Definitely my least favourite episode of the season.

  365. I agree with you, #480.

    I hope Local Ad lasts for a while, that was probably my favorite episode of the season. It was hard to choose between Launch Party (Because of the second half) and Dinner Party, but I’m choosing Dinner Party because of the lack of secondary characters.

  366. Dinner Party is still there?! Really? I love the finale, and I hope that Goodbye Toby is the survivor after all is said and done.

  367. Would someone tell me what was so great about Chair Model? It was one of the dumber episodes left and I can’t honestly think of one memorable moment in it.

  368. Yeah, my vote was matched the majority. I’m glad people agreed with me. The next to go should be Dinner Party or Money. I agree with #479. You made some good points.

  369. Chair Model might be the funniest one left. I’m surprised Deposition is gone and Dinner Party is still around. Aside from that stupid song, nothing was funny about Dinner Party.

  370. Wow, Can’t believe branch wars was so quick to be voted off… But now that I’ve just discovered this site… I would have to say that I think Money should be the next one off…

    And to the Chair Model Haters…. The scene where they visit her grave was freaking hilarious.

  371. Yay! I loved the A-plot of The Deposition, but it had the worst B-plot ever. Pam was out of character (even more so in the deleted scenes) and… am I the only one who thinks Kelly was BEYOND annoying? All the rest are worthy, though I voted Launch Party because the pizza kid subplot went on too long, though the first half was pretty much perfect, including debatably the best standalone cold open of all time.

  372. what?! i loved the deposition!! the transcript that the stenographer reads and then that look on michael’s face? the diary! “like a cool good-looking best friend” so funny! best moment in the toby/michael relationship since “i hate so much about the things you choose to be” – pushing the tray onto the floor! guys, seriously, fun run is still here and you voted off the deposition? i am speechless…

  373. Aww. The Deposition was my second favorite of the season after Goodbye Toby. I really think Fun Run needs to go at this point.

  374. Oh, please don’t vote off Fun Run. I really think it is one that could win in my book. I voted for Launch Party this time because it just didn’t have a lot of laugh out loud moments for me. Fun Run had Michael hitting Meredith with his car…that’s golden! Jim’s line of “Michael once came in complaining of a speed bump on the highway. I wonder who he ran over then.” In the words of Michael Gary Scott…this is what’s at stake. Oh and let’s not forget that this is the episode that brought PB&J. I think Money should win, but I would be very happy if Fun Run won also.

  375. I have yet to see anyone who thinks Chair Model is any better than the other episodes that are left…

  376. Once again, for weeks in a row, I’m voting for Dinner Party. It’s not a bad episode (it is, after all an episode of The Office), but it just doesn’t have the flavor of others. We don’t get little glimpses of Phyllis and Kevin and Meredith and Creed, it just feels too distant.

  377. Dinner Party STILL isn’t gone?! That was definitely my least favorite all season. The Deposition was one of the better episodes, in my opinion, so it’s sad to see it go. :(

  378. I think Chair Model is better than Dinner Party. I know a lot of people hold on to it because it was the first episode back from the strike. That being said, there were too many weird moments in it for me. Chair Model, in my opinion, brought Season 2 Michael Scott back from the dead. #494, I totally agree, the cemetary scene was genius. And it could also be argued that fans of this episode, like myself, hold on to Chair Model because of the revelation of the ring by Jim…well, you are correct…my sister and I hugged after that part ha ha ha!!!

  379. And P.S. Tanster, God bless you for giving us something to do at work that makes noise on the keyboard, making us seem like we are hard at work ; )

  380. Thanks to everyone who helped vote off the Deposition. The “A” story line was nothing new and the “B”(JAM) storyline was annoying.

  381. every episode has great parts and yes, we got our first glimpse of pam and jim in fun run but go back and watch it. it is kind of boring. the first half is really slow and the second half is gross (bleeding nipples and vomit – yuck!)
    i am begging you… vote off fun run!!

  382. I actually cannot believe Dinner Party is still in the running!! Seriously you guys – not only was it the worst episode of the season, but Jim almost left without Pam!!!

  383. I’m four for four. Four Survivor Polls and none of them have made sense. The Deposition was GREAT! How did it get kicked off?! This is worse than when Product Recall got kicked off so early from Season 3.

    Oh well. Now it’s really any episodes game. For what it’s worth, Chair Model is next in my book.

  384. I forgot how funny Dinner Party and Fun Run were until I watched them again recently. Just watch Jan dancing to Hunter’s song in Dinner Party. That scene is worth a lot. I like Money a lot as well.

  385. I am voting off Money. The only funny part in that episode was when Michael declares Bankruptcy. I pretty much agree with the votes so far, except for the fact that I don’t think Night Out should have went out of the running so quickly. A lot of people think that the Dinner Party should be voted off, but it helps see the relationship of Michael and Jan in their household. It also has alot of Jim and Pam in it for all of the Jam fans out there.

  386. Can Chair Model please go now? It’s ludicrous to say that it was better than Dinner Party in any way.

    Dinner Party: “I can come up here and just… SMELL!” and “At least… he’s an ARTIST” and “I thought you said you’d clean up, honey” AND Dwight picking the woman up off the street AND the hilarious Charades game AND the beer sign. Just to say a few.

    Chair Model: The tag, and the ring reveal. *wind blows through the area*

  387. In my opinion, choosing a survivor from Season 4 is like choosing the best snack from a trash can. There were only 2 decent episodes all season (“Money” and “The Deposition”) and now only one remains in the running. I hate to say it, but after 2 great seasons and a pretty good third, Season 4 should be required viewing by future TV writers: a vivid example of why you should NEVER bring the two “love interests” together. Did we learn nothing from “Moonlighting” or “Cheers?” (Sigh) That said, I’ll probably still watch Season 5…

  388. How in the world hasn’t dinner party been voted off? I don’t think i’ve ever cringed more in my life.

  389. Launch Party was just not funny. They took it too far with the whole kidnapping thing.

  390. I agree with you, Charlie. The kidnapping thing in Launch Party was just too crazy. It felt like watching a funny child get way to hyper and start destroying your house. Launch Party has to go, in my opinion.

  391. I called just about every “twist” for Goodbye Toby, especially that Jim would NOT propose to Pam, and although I loved Michael’s dance at the beginning of the episode (he was so excited Toby was leaving!), it really was not one of my favorite episodes of the season, and therefore, I’m voting it off. Sorry!

  392. how do you guys not like “money”? it’s one of my favorite office episodes

  393. nicolesddgs – the reason a lot of us don’t like Money is because the whole beet farm has been done before (once was enough) and because it was too relationshipy. It had a whole different “mood” about it – it seems like an outlier for the season.

    I’m going to keep voting off Money until it’s gone – but unfortunately I think I’m going against the grain! My predictions are that Chair Model and Launch Party are next to boot.

    Dinner Party for the win!

  394. Dave – #513 – PS This is EXACTLY why i love this episode (Dinner Party) It’s so awkward and it makes you cringe!

  395. I believe Money should absolutely win. I have been watching it and trying to decide what my favorite episodes of the whole series are, and simply nothing beats it. Not even The Return or The Job, which are works of art.

    It’s hilarious: How could you not fall out of your chair laughing when Michael accidentally calls Stanley trying to sell him the weight-loss pill? And “Oh, I’m sorry – I thought you asked what our chances were of being murdered here tonight.” And what about the Harry Potter bedtime story? And doesn’t anyone else LOVE hearing Dwight say “I was recently scrubbing my room of memories…”? And who cares if the doc crew has been to the beet farm before?

    As for the relationships – that does nothing but make it better. Might I remind everyone that if The Office didn’t have Jam, it would have virtually no story worth caring about? It would just be a setting examination with funny people. Jam is amazing, and episodes like Money, that give the show so much of its flavor and exhibit all of its best qualities, should be heralded accordingly.

    Down with Chair Model. Money for the win.

  396. you know…i tried to vote one off and I couldn’t think of one I didn’t like!! They were all FANTASTIC. I can’t wait for Season 5. We are in a TV deadzone right now and I can’t survive without The Office!!!

  397. Okay dokey. The Deposition was voted off! I kinda predicted that, though. It was just time for it to go. It’s really hard to vote all these episodes off, because I don’t want to seem hateful. I love ALL of them! But since I absolutely can’t control myself *cringe* I voted off Dinner Party. I can’t much remember the episode itself, since I think we were all caught up on just that fact that it was back! But I don’t remember loving it as much as, say Fun Run.

  398. WHAT?! How did The Deposition go before Chair Model?!

    Goodbye Chair Model…

  399. One thing about Chair Model besides the engagement thing is Kevin, with tears in his eyes: “It just feels good to win one.”

  400. 512, Laundry and betrayal: If you’re going to claim bringing Jim and Pam together completely ruined the show, you should give at least one example. Personally, I’m glad they did get together when they did, as opposed to going through another season of angst, which would have been contrived at that point.

    FluffyFingers, you’re totally right about Money (though it’s not the very best episode of the series, it’s top 5).

  401. None of the episodes left are BAD, but the most generic and uninteresting one is “Fun Run.” Yeah, you have Jim and Pam getting together, but it’s not in a terrible exciting way or nearly as good as the Season 3 finale, and you have tons of filler stuff that just seems lazy, like Creed asking Meredith about drugs (seemingly only to fill a quota of a Creed line) and an uninspired “Ben Franklin” callback.

    The rest of the episodes have consistently brilliant plotlines and character revelations. “Fun Run” is just coasting.

  402. How did “Launch Party fare better than “The Deposition”? I’m not in agreement.

  403. I’m voting for Fun Run. While I enjoy watching it now, it was really disappointing after a summer’s worth of anticipation for the new season to start.

  404. Oh, this is getting too difficult! They’re all so good!

    If I had to pick a top three it would be Money, Goodbye Toby and Dinner Party. But I don’t think I could pick between the three!

    I’m pretty exicted to see what wins :)

  405. For 5 rounds I have voted for Chair Model. C’mon people. 5 rounds! For the sake of my sanity, just lose it please!

  406. I actually agree with Laundry and betrayal. I mean, I enjoyed the suspense of Pam and Jim ever getting together, but now that its happened, it seems to be getting a little dry from that amazing humor it had in the beginning. Oh well, we are the minority it seems my friend! Let’s all vote off Dinner Party!

  407. The best 6 episodes of the season are still left, IMO. It’s getting harder and harder. I’m now between Local Ad and Dinner Party. They were both good, but not as good as the other 4, I think.

  408. Chair Model was one of the best episodes of the season. Michael’s reaction to the girl in the coffee shop was classic!

  409. Now is the time *tear tear* to say goodbye to Dinner Party. I honestly can’t say why it’s being voted off, but pretty much because it’s not my favorite. So far, I agree with the placement we have.

  410. I agree with Fluffy Fingers 523 that “Money” should win, but you didn’t mention what I thought was one of the best parts of the episode: Jan and Michael sitting on a train at the end of the show. It was a serious and touching moment and it brought us some insight into Jan. Her character wasn’t just a joke anymore. And I loved it when Michael says something like – I’m just a guy on a train and I hope that can be enough for you. The scene made me pull for their relationship like I hadn’t before.

    I agree that “Money” is one of the top 5 episodes of The Office.

  411. I was leaning toward Chair Model, but then I decided to vote for Goodbye, Toby. It had plenty of funny moments, but too many stories took a turn for the worst, making it a poor episode and the worst season finale.

    First, I can’t believe that Pam would think Jim would propose after Andy did. I don’t think a true couple would let something like that be the end of them. Second, Angela would never say yes to Andy, or have sex in The Office. Toby goes to Costa Rica on a limb and Ryan goes to jail. And then Jan is pregnant?? It was really outlandish and did not seem true to life at all.

  412. Fancy New Beesly (#540) – I totally agree with you about that train scene in “Money.”

    It’s just too bad that the character of Jan got completely dismantled in “Dinner Party,” which is why I am voting for it this time around.

  413. “Launch Party” was a good choice to get voted off, but I would have liked “Fun Run” out first. So, I will continue to vote for “Fun Run.”

  414. I think “Casino Night” should win the whole thing. Wait, wrong season?

  415. I think the reason Money and Chair Model are still on is because they have the same tone as episodes in Season 2, which was the season where The Office really took off. They take place mostly in the office, which gives all the characters a chance to work off of each other. Dinner Party was just too much for me, and I was disappointed to not see any of the minor characters in the first episode back after the strike. I hope either Money or Chair Model wins because they represent what makes The Office so good!

  416. Launch Party had the best cold open ever with the screensaver. Local Ad was a dull epsiode so I hope that it goes next.

  417. After careful consideration between Dinner Party and Local Ad, I’m voting for Local Ad… No reason it’s worse than Dinner Party really except that everytime I hear Hunter’s band’s song, I laugh out loud, pushing Dinner Party to the next round.

  418. I’m a bit sad that the deposition didn’t make it further, but it’s just so hard to choose! I’m between voting off dinner party or fun run at the moment…can’t decide!

  419. I think Dinner Party is the best episode left. It was one of the most awkward funny episodes since Season 2. Unfortunately, The Deposition was already voted off.

    I don’t think Money should win because the Beet Farm bit was predictable. Plus, as sweet as train part was, it was outrageous. Then, they ruined all chances of the relationship working at the end of Season 4.

  420. I agree with Ben. I’ve been voting for Chair Model for at least 5 rounds, and yet there it is. It was the least-funniest Office. I was so pumped once Dinner Party came back from the Writer’s Strike break, and then to have that episode follow, I was scared to death because it was SO NOT FUNNY!

  421. Money is my least favorite because it was so depressing. I mean, lying to Jan about improv, getting a second job, running away to become a hobo on a train?? c’mon! that’s too much pathos on one night for such a fun little show right? this is the us office, not uk, last time i checked.

  422. I think at this point I’m prepared to give a 3 way tie for first and a 3 way tie for second. That being said, I’ll vote off Fun Run. It was a great episode, but I’d say Local Ad just edges it because of the actual ad.

  423. Everyone’s denying that the finale was really bad. It was so crazy, that I felt like I wasn’t even watching the office. It was the one episode, besides maybe the pilot, that I truly didn’t like. Come on, people, vote off Goodbye, Toby.

  424. Since the beginning, I have voted off Dinner Party… and yet it’s still there. DID NOT like that episode. Too forced and not even funny.

  425. Also, my computer keeps saying that I voted before and I didn’t. I voted in previous rounds, but not this one… ?

  426. Let’s not forget…Local Ad is the episode that allowed a nomination for the EMMY’S!!!!!!! I REALLY hope THE OFFICE wins for BEST comedy…I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!! :)

  427. I’m still voting for Not-So-Fun Run, though I’ll be glad to see Money go. I’m pulling for the Local Ad to win. Overall, though, this wasn’t a strong season for me. I’m hoping to change my mind once the DVD comes out…

  428. THIS GUY voted for “Chair Model” for reasons listed by fellow Tallyheads below.

  429. It’s getting harder this time, as the rest of the remaining episodes are solid. 3 shows from before the strike, and 3 after are left. I picked Local Ad to go, and want Chair Model, one of my all time favorite, to make it to the end.

  430. Does any other crazy person out there find themselves making “pros & cons” lists? choose.

  431. i love all the ones left
    bye bye Local Ad
    AND I LIKE CHAIR MODEL thank you very much!

  432. Why does everyone hate The Chair model so much? I thought that it was one of the funniest episodes of the season.

  433. fun run just never seem to flow from act to act for me, so i’ll vote fun run again.

  434. The only two on this entire list that even deserve to be ranked are The Deposition and Dinner Party. I really don’t care how the others are ranked. Not that they aren’t good compared to other shows, but compared to other episodes of The Office, Season 4 was one big letdown. The hourlongs sort of backfired, and then the stupid strike ruined the entire pacing of the season. I hope next season the show finds itself a nice groove to run in for a few seasons.

    I want back my Season 2!

  435. 568–I don’t think that’s fair. “Money” was one of my favorite episodes of the series the second Michael re-enacted “The Devil Wears Prada.” The Michael moments in the episode, in particular, are some of the best of the series. If people were voting just for a kiss then I’m sure “Job Fair” would have stayed in the game longer.

  436. Alright – will someone please explain to me what was so good about Chair Model? The ring reveal, I’ll give you that. I’ll give you the tag. I’ll give you Dwight’s talking head about finding out the chair model herself was dead.

    But I cannot think of one more redeeming factor for that episode! The script was… as far as The Office goes, awful. Steve Carell was just… horrible to look at, the whole time. I can’t even call him Michael, it was so stupidly awkward. The ensemble cast just doesn’t work for that episode.

    The point is, I have not voted for any other episode this whole time, and it drives me nuts that it’s still there. In terms of The Office… IT’S AWFUL.

    Let future Tallyheads who visit this page know that we acted with integrity when we had the chance! VOTE CHAIR MODEL NOW!

  437. The reason I do not like Chair Model or Dinner Party is because Dwight is just super-annoying in that one. Same with Branch Wars. I really dislike Dwight now (I used to like him). Andy has taken over the Dwight spot to me, and I only enjoy Dwight when he’s getting screwed over now, sadly.

  438. It was really hard to choose, but I voted off “Fun Run.” It didn’t seem to flow like the other episodes that are left.

  439. Fluffy Fingers – I can only tell you why Chair Model is my favourite episode of the season and that is because of Brian Baumgartner’s performance. (I loved the Michael/Dwight interaction too – I think “Dwichael” is actually the best love story in the show!) I don’t think I’m alone though, because I recall Chair Model getting a pretty high rating from OfficeTally voters right after it aired.

  440. I love Chair Model! Everytime I pass by Wendy’s now, I say “Look! There’s the hot and juicy redhead!” All because of that episode. Plus Creed’s goal to get 3 chairs. And Pam lowering herself on the fake chair. It’s got so many memorable parts!

  441. again, I voted off “good-bye, toby” as I agree with many other people and think “dinner party” was absolutely the best episode of the season. It made me realize that, although it’s not “babe” that I constantly say to my husband, I do often say “sweetie.” besides, the flat screen tv is the best! as well as michael’s little sleeping nook! oh yeah, we can’t forget the camera that was left on the tripod! haha!

  442. I love dinner party but good bye toby was great too
    Just the opening alone with Jim answering dwight’s phone was priceless

  443. I rewatched Chair Model because not a lot of people seemed to like it — how can you not like Chair Model?! “My love cards” was hilarious! :D

  444. Fun Run should win! C’mon….Pam and Jim psyching everyone out….and the holding hands was the best! Also loved the chaffing!

  445. #579 and #580 – Yes! Finally! Someone who thinks Dinner Party should win too! You make me happy!

  446. I keep voting for “Chair Model”. If I recall correctly, the episode was first titled “Parking” and I mostly feel two different episodes (the Parking plot and the Chair Model plot) were jammed into one episode. Neither storyline was given a lot of room to develop fully. Although I loved the Creed/Pam chair alliance, it never really went anywhere.

  447. Even though Money was a great episode for Jim and Pam, it wasn’t very funny. The only great part was Michael declaring bankruptcy. Granted, it has a much different tone than the rest of the episodes left, but IMO it was an unfunny tone. Goodbye, Toby for the WIN!!

  448. Sarah-

    Do not forget the conference room scene with the whoever whomever in money. That was one of the funniest scenes ever.

  449. Oh my gosh! How is Dinner Party still on here? You guys TOTALLY Schruted this one up.

  450. I did NOT see Chair Model going! Wow. I’m voting for Local Ad, I guess, but I love all these episodes!

  451. #588 – Matt, I concur!

    Lord beer me strength…. how can Dinner Party still be there?

  452. I think from here on out I’m supporting “Local Ad” to win. I, personally, don’t like voting for season finales as best episodes (even though they could be).

    “Local Ad” just seemed to have a great balanced feel (humor vs. awkwardness) with a perfect ending.

    …ya know, to me.

  453. I can’t believe Chair Model was voted off. I really liked that episode. I voted off Local Ad. It’s getting much tougher…I absolutely love all of the remaining episodes.

  454. “Dinner Party” the next to go. Then “Fun Run”. Then “Local Ad”. Then “Money”. And what about “Goodbye Toby” as winner !

  455. Wow, I did not expect Chair Model to go. It was so funny, but I guess I see where everyone is coming from also. I am voting Dinner Party next because it was just a little over the top compared to the others. Fun Run or Money for the win!


    Moving right along… Dinenr Party, you were too awkward for my tastes, so I must say good day to you.

  457. I liked chair model!! I voted for dinner party. I guess I wished that there had been more of the other office people. Can’t wait till season 5!!

  458. Why is Fun Run still here? I guess I’ll continue to vote that one out. I think that is one of the weakest episodes of the season.

  459. I’m voting off Money, as I have been since the first week.

    Local Ad or Dinner Party for the win!

  460. Rainn Wilson was sooooooo great in “Chair Model”

    Who could forget Brian’s heart felt talking head?

    And Jim mentioning his intentions?

    This episode deserved better!

  461. I’m saying goodbye to Local Ad. However that decision was not easy. These episodes that are left are soo good.

    I would say Dinner Party or Goodbye Toby for the win!

  462. Goodbye Toby should have been voted off first. I can’t believe it made it into the top 5.

  463. You know what I think is SO cool? We’re here debating which episode is better, and it’s getting somewhat heated sometimes. Everyone is backing up their own episode for their own reasons.

    And yet…we’re all here because this is our favorite show. The same show, all of us.

  464. Reasons I think Money is Funny:
    1-The whole Devil Wears Prada Cold Open
    2-Dwight-“Schrute Farms, Guttentag”
    3-Mose running beside Jim and Pam’s car
    4-3 rooms: America, Irrigation and Nighttime
    5-the bedtime reading of Harry Potter
    6-Michael being “cool” at his second job
    7-Kelly-“Ryan used me as an object”
    8-Jan throwing her keys at Oscar
    9-Darryl-“you need to access your uncrazy side”
    10-Dwight turning around to hug Jim after their talk in the stairwell but Jim is already gone(sad, but funny)
    11-“Table Making never seemed so possible”
    12-Michael-“Don’t sell your implants, please”

    There’s also two really funny deleted scenes with Mose and bacon and on a trampoline.

  465. I had to vote for Fun Run. I think it’s a great episode, but not the season’s best.

  466. I loved Chair Model..except for the storyline about the Chair Model. So, good riddance to it, I guess. I voted Local Ad again.

    Money for the win!

  467. Well, my favourite episodes of the season are almost all gone now, so I’m not sure what to vote for. I’ll vote Fun Run, but I’m with the pack (however small) that doesn’t think we should automatically be handing the award to the season finale every time. Let’s break tradition, folks!!

  468. i cannot believe the deposition is out and that fun run is still in! it makes me feel like i have to agree with all the people who feel like the jam-centric episodes tend to stay in whether or not the rest of the episode was up to par.

  469. I can´t believe chair model is out. It was one of my favorite episodes. I watched it over and over again, it was so funny. I voted off fun run, even though i like that episode, but i just love the remaining ones.

  470. I don’t understand the hate for Goodbye Toby. That episode is chock full of awesome good humor, and nearly every character gets an amazing moment. Is it because Dwight gets almost no time? For me, that’s a plus. Is it because of the hold up on Jim and Pam? I think I would not have liked this season if we went all the way from dating to engagement.

  471. I can’t believe Dinner Party is still there and not Chair Model, but maybe that’s because of some kind of JAM-love-backlash…

  472. Thank goodness chair model is gone! I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I thought that episode was of a decidedly lesser quality than other episodes. The return to the half-hour story arc was good, I just didn’t think the execution of the humor was pulled off very well (VERY unusual). And no, JAM proposal talk does NOT redeem a sub-par episode.

  473. 607! I totally agree…I loved Money mainly because of the bizarro world! Everyone at Michael’s other job thinks he is so funny and it is totally the opposite for him at DM. While a few of the episodes I liked are already gone (The Deposition, Survivorman), it is going to be hard voting off the remaining episodes but I am on board with Money for the win!!!

  474. Whaaaat? Chair Model out? That was one of my favorites of the season! #3 at least! I voted off Dinner Party. Again. I just can’t see it going any farther.

  475. Bye, Bye, Ms. Chair Model lady…

    That might have been my favorite of the season. I was going to refresh my memory but NBC took most of the eps off of Hulu and I just have one question for them, “How dare they?”

  476. I hope Dinner Party wins. It is my new fave. I’ve seen it over 20 times. I love every second of it!

  477. why the cheese is Dinner Party still here?
    honestly, worst episode of the season.

    Chair Model=BEST episode of the season.
    how can you not love Pam’s “it’s one of those chairs that goes *whoosh*”
    best moment of Office season 4 (which was the weakest season ever, in my opinion)

  478. I love all of these, seriously the only ones I think may have had little problems are gone. Now it’s just which ones I like the least. well, I guess that’s how it was all along :) I think it’s time Fun Run went, the others are all just too good! (as is fun run….ooh it’s so hard to decide!) (that’s what she said)

  479. Chair Model was my number two! So for the fourth time I’ll vote for Dinner Party.Since this poll began I’ve only voted for three different episodes (Did I Stutter,The Deposition,and Dinner Party)and I vote each week, so my opinion really differs from everyone.I’m curious to know how many people vote each week. Tanster are you allowed to reveal the number of votes?

  480. #629 (Tracey)

    i have been voting for fun run since the beginning, it is literally the ONLY episode i have voted for the whole time!
    i KNOW the season finale always wins but this time it deserves it! (well i think casino night deserved it too, best michael toby interaction ever). goodbye, toby for the win!

  481. See, I felt starkly opposite. “Chair Model” IMO was as close to a season 2-quality episode as I’ve seen since season 3. I honestly thought it was the best episode of the season and that the comedic timing was spot-on.

  482. Honestly, every episode left is good, so my votes are going to episodes with minimal flaws. The hour episodes were all solid, and of the half hours, Local Ad is definitely the best.

  483. I’ve been voting for Money the past few times. It has a lot of good stuff in it, but it’s just not one of my faves.

    Can’t believe Chair Model is gone! That episode was golden!

  484. I liked chair model…I think it’s so interesting to see what other office fans like and dislike but Chair Model was a good one to me??!! I also like ANYTHING with some GOOD JAM in it!! :)

  485. How could Chair Model get voted off? D:
    I’m voting for Fun Run, but all of these left are awesome. I guess Fun Run was sort of boring in parts. Or maybe I just watched it too many times. Who knows. o.O;

  486. Tuna,Tuna,Tuna (#634) thanks for responding to my comment. I agree with you, Goodbye Toby is my number one! Casino Night is one of the episodes that got me hooked on The Office. After that episode I had to watch all the other episodes I missed.

  487. I’ve been voting for Dinner Party every time. Most people I speak to agree that while it’s the craziest episode, it’s the least Office-like. I kind of just sat there in awe as I was watching it the first time. It was just really bad.

  488. Okay… Launch Party, Chair Model, and Goodbye, Toby! were the best episodes… by far! Why are two of those gone already?! And… Fun Run and Dinner Party were two of the worst episodes… again BY FAR! Come on, people!

  489. Ethan (641), that’s EXACTLY my thoughts on Dinner Party as well.
    Just as I thought Chair Model was definitely the best of the season.

  490. Sweet triumph! Chair Model is GONE! All of the rest are total gold.

    My aimer now swings to Local Ad – though Fun Run isn’t safe for a moment, if you ask me. Without the Jam reveal, it would have gained the dishonor of my vote. Not that it isn’t Office-level greatness.

  491. I’m pretty satisfied with the top five. I’m voting Fun Run off this round, and hoping that it gets voted off.

    My top three:

    3. Goodbye, Toby
    2. Dinner Party
    1. Local Ad

    Local Ad was the most original and Season 2-esque episode of the season. LOCAL AD FOR THE WIN!!!

  492. Top Three:

    3. Goodbye, Toby
    2. Local Ad
    1. Dinner Party

    I believe, however the two will end up being MOney and the finale (as usual).

    So much hatin’ on Dinner Party. I think what makes it special to me is how much I anticipated it after the strike, and how much it made me squirm in my chair cuz I was so uncomfortable. I love those moments (and there are A LOT of them on this show!).

    I’ve already done my hatin’ on Money, so I’ll spare you all the gory details :-P.

  493. Dear Tanster,

    I still believe this poll is taking place far, far too early…I believe there should be at least a minimum distance of one year between when the finale of the season airs to when the poll is conducted. This is based upon how episodes change and evolve in their meaning over time after multiple, multiple viewings (DVD viewings are of the higher importance… full eps are NOT the same – commercials, comp. screen is not a tv screen, etc.). Those of you that understaqnd what i mean, do not need more explanation…

    Also, maybe sometime in the future there could be a poll on the best cold opens – of individual seasons or of all seasons…

  494. Adam, I agree with you completely. On a couple of the episodes from early in the season, I am trying to remember what happened from months ago… I need a DVD to really vote properly. We should have a poll for best cold opens! Or at least for best Creed moments…

  495. Not often that I equate opinion with mistake as opinion can be so subjective BUT…

    Voting off chair model was a mistake. Good comedic timing, great acting (not overacting), subtle moments mixed with exaggeration, great scripting. The best ending EVER..(Jim and Pam)….

    It was by far, IMO!, the best episode of the year.

    Prior years I felt best episode belonged to: Diversity Day, The Injury, and The Return. No finales at all.

  496. I hated Money. Local Ad wasn’t that great either, I think #1 should be “Goodbye, Toby”, and #2 should be “Dinner Party”. Or vice-versa.

  497. I have consistently voted for Dinner Party from the very first poll and I’m baffled by how it it still there. For me, I thought that was the weakest, most non-Office episode ever written.

    It might be my least favourite of the series.

  498. I might be part of the minority but I loved Dinner Party. The blow-up at the ending was hilarious and the tension and pure awkwardness everyone was feeling during the episode was great. It was different from the typical Office episode but was still funny(to me at least) and showed a different side of the characters. Michael finally sticking up for himself was a major turning point which a lot of people seem to skip over because the episode was a little different.

  499. I have been voting for Fun Run since the beginning…but I have an idea as to why it’s still on here.

    I think the top three will be:
    1.Goodbye, Toby
    3.Dinner Party

  500. I thought Local Ad was GREAT!!!!!! You know it’s the episode that allowed the cast to get emmy nominations ( I thought??)…Oh well, it’s sad to see go!!

  501. Still not understanding how “Local Ad” made it this far… and also, how the great “Chair Model” is gone.

  502. I can’t believe that Local Ad was voted off before Dinner Party. In my opinion, Local Ad was most Office-like and Dinner Party was not.

  503. Granted, the season finale has won every time and in S2 and S3, I found other episodes to be better, this season Goodbye, Toby really deserves to win!! It was the funniest episode all season. I have been voting for Money since the beginning. It didn’t have the laughs that the remaining shows had. Goodbye, Toby for the Win!!

  504. I have no clue how Dinner Party is still here. I thought it was completely hated by the online community. That said, I loved it, and I’m voting for Fun Run, but it was tough because the four remaining episodes were all in my top 5 of the season.

  505. If we can just eliminate Fun Run, I would be happy with any of the trio of Dinner Party, Money or Goodbye Toby for the win. My personal fave is Money.

  506. Ah well…. I guess I’m rooting for Dinner Party to take the cake. Local Ad was my personal favorite of the season. :(


  507. Why is Dinner Party still in the running? If Fun Run, Money, or Goodbye Toby won, I’d be happy. Come ON, guys!

  508. I’m not sure the poll is working. Our favorite episodes are getting voted off on a weekly basis. “Dinner Party” is the worst of all of The Office’s 65 episodes. WHY is it still on here?

  509. I love “Dinner Party” and I’m glad it is still here. Once again, I’m voting out “Fun Run.” I really don’t understand how it made the top four. I like it, but I wouldn’t have even put it in the top ten of season four…let alone the final four. Honestly, the other three episodes are terrific though and some of the best of the series, so I can’t complain.

  510. 654 and 665 I have been with you guys since the beginning as well. For me, Dinner Party, was the worst because Jan was written waay out of character. This is unusual for a writing staff who is usually pretty good with continuity. I also have been voting it since the beginning, and I hate that it has a chance of winning.

    Sad to see Local Ad go, it was one of my favorites.

    Anyway, I want Goodbye Toby for the win, it was the best post strike episode (maybe because it was an hour long), but still.

  511. WHAT!! I cannot believe local add is gone. well I guess the top 5 is still really good. how are we supposed to vote one off?? they’re all so wonderful! but I guess I’ll have to go with the same I’ve been doing for a couple of rounds now. Fun Run, you’re time has come.

  512. I find the Money VS Dinner Party an interesting conflict. It looks like you either strongly hated or loved either one. Most people have voted for one for the entire run of this contest – now how many people do I have to recruit to take down Money!?


  513. The ultimate failure of ‘Dinner Party’, no matter which way you spin it is this: while the episode was one of the more humorous episodes of the season with plenty of enjoyable and rememberable moments throughout, the episode broke from what makes the Office a truly exceptional sitcom. Abandoning character-driven, intelligent humor, this episode instead employed mindless and painfully tactless comedy to carry itself. While I will admit the episode made me laugh, it certainly is NOT one of the best of the season, and deserves to be put in a category of its own: separate from real Office episodes, which used their character’s traits to let their humor shine.

  514. 656 – amen Justine!

    seriously, local ad got voted off? what is going on here? that episode was so great. please, get rid of fun run! if fun run makes it into the top 3 i am going to have to become one of those people that complains about the jam-centric episodes ranking WAY too high!

  515. I think people tend to get excited about premieres and finales, so whether or not the episodes were very good, they are the ones people like. So, we have Fun Run, Dinner Party (1st episode after the strike), and Goodbye Toby. I think Money was great, so I’m glad it’s still in the running.

  516. i feel like fun run has squeaked through because people don’t feel passionately about it one way or the other. all of the remaining episodes are really polarizing. i love the remaining three and would be very happy with:

    3. dinner party
    2. money
    1. goodbye, toby

    all of these episodes were intelligent and complex and funny. i would be annoyed if fun run made it into the top 3 just cause nobody cared about it enough to vote it off.

    goodbye, fun run. your time has come.

  517. Nooooo! Local Ad was such an exemplary ensemble episode. Local Ad will remain number 1 in my heart…unless I am compelled to change my mind after the DVD release (which is what usually happens). Though, based on original airing, Local Ad was super-duper funny, and catchy, how can you not love Daryl’s jingles???

  518. @ 678 Kool Aid Smile :

    I agree somewhat that people do really like premiers and finales but I think it has more to do with Jim & Pam then anything else. (Especially ones that reflect well on Jim & Pam)

    Look at the poll for Season 2. Casino Night #1 and The Dundies #2. Both premieres and both have Jim & Pam kissing. Season 3 has The Job at #1 and Beach Games at #2. Big part of the Jim & Pam story.

  519. Here are my top 3.

    3.Fun Run
    2.Good-bye Toby
    And Dinner Party to take it all. You cannot beat those awkward moments.

  520. dinner party is bomb. here’s why
    1) supposed to air after the deposition — there was a five month strike (it wasn’t a season premiere people). so it must be viewed in that context.
    2) jan wasn’t “out of character.” jan was self-destructing. big difference.
    3)emmy nominated for best writing
    4) favorite of greg daniels and the cast
    5) it’s different! and that’s a good thing. so tired of the simplistic view that it was out of the office or that it needed another story. i love that it was claustrophobic and there was nothing to cut back to. this was complex storytelling at it’s finest. plus, it was hilarious and uncomfortable (like the best of the british office)
    brilliant, brilliant, episode!

  521. I loved Dinner Party. All the weird moments, seeing another side to some of the characters, and Michael finally growing a pair by sticking up for himself. Too bad he turned those balls in during Goodbye, Toby.

  522. amen # 365
    i feel like just because the whole cast wasn’t in most of the episode everyone just dismissed it. the development of the secondary cast of characters didn’t even start until the second season and nobody writes off the entire first season for that. i feel like sometimes we get caught up with what the office is supposed to be like instead of just taking the episodes at face value and enjoying them for the brilliant writing, plot and character developments they are.

  523. Definitely agree with #685, especially in regards to Jan. If you have been watching this show since the beginning, Jan’s complete breakdown was inevitable. The awkward and uncomfortable humor is a strength that the writers and actors pulled off in a manner that most shows could not get away with.

  524. #685 thank you! I agree with you entirely, Dinner Party was amazing. It was really well written and a superbly acted episode. They deserve the Emmy nomination they received for it. I love the remaining episodes but I’m voting off Money.

  525. As some people have been pointing out, it’s interesting that Dinner Party seems to be completely loved or hated. I don’t really see any in between.

    I personally fall under the “love” category for it. It’s probably my favorite episode of Season 4 after Goodbye Toby (because that was just EPIC). People say it places Jan so out of character but I agree with #685, she was self-destructing. She was sometimes a tightly wound character before and consider what she went through this season, from losing her job to everything else. Such life changing impacts leave room for a difference in attitude.

    And it’s funny too that people hate episodes that aren’t inside the office, but some of those are my favorites (or rather, often when Michael is out of the office and the employees fend for themselves). Yes, the show is based around an office setting and the day to day life of the atmosphere, BUT it is also based around the characters, and they should not be limited to how they would only appear in a work setting, because they go so much deeper and beyond that.

  526. Totally with you 668, 671, and 675! Especially about Jan… that was just completely OOC for her. Yes Jan is self-destructive but never to that extent!

    But once again Dinner Party makes the cut.
    … I guess I’ll just keep trying to vote it off.

  527. Joseph- you hit it on the head.

    Often I feel “The Office” is voted on as if it’s “Love Connection” for Jim and Pam.

  528. While “Dinner Party” was a very different episode, it was great. I wouldn’t want every episode of The Office to be like that but it was a great change of pace and included some of the season’s funniest moments.

    BUT…nothing can top “Goodbye, Toby” for me.

  529. My top 4 (with what’s left):

    4) Dinner Party
    3) Money
    2) Fun Run
    1) Goodbye Toby

  530. I don’t know about everyone else, but I think Fun Run is my favorite of the season. There were just so many funny/memorable moments.

  531. Aside from the 18 seconds of Jim and Pam stuff, I don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with “Money”. To me, the Schrute farms scenes were about as bizarre as anything in “Dinner Party”, but it seems people seem to forgive it in “Money” because OHMYGOD JIM AND PAM IN BED AND KISSING AND ITALIAN FOOD!!!1!!11!!!!!

    Sorry, but “Money” isn’t as strong an episode as “Goodbye Toby” or even “Fun Run”.

  532. Money was absolutely superb, so I’m really happy that’s still in the running. I was also a big fan of Dinner Party because of the great writing and all the awkward pauses. Indeed, it was so similar to the British original, which I also love. But Fun Run? Michael’s bizarre monologue about animals ruined most of it for me.

  533. Okay… Honestly, Dinner Party and Fun Fun were BAD! SO INCREDIBLY BAD! Anyhoo, they are two of my least favorite episodes from the whole series. And Money… Ehh. It was okay, I guess. I did, however, LOVE Goodbye, Toby. I hope it wins.

  534. This is the first survivor poll where the top spot is really contested. (Please excuse the Olympics language…) I’m totally a fan of Money and it’s not for the Jam kiss. I actually thought they were actually pretty boring the whole season. Michael and Jan on the train is what made the episode for me.

    Also, I don’t think Goodbye Toby was a strong finale at all and I was disappointed until I saw Dwight and Angela getting it on. Not that I think I’m going to change anyone’s mind, but here is how I would rank the episodes left:

    1. Money
    2. Fun Run
    3. Goodbye Toby
    4. Dinner Party

  535. I’m voting Fun Run off!
    It was a good season opener but it wasn’t the best show this season.

  536. Money?? The Michael-Oscar interaction was the only good thing about that episode. I’m surprised it’s still on the list.

    I was extremely disappointed with Dinner Party when it first aired, but then I rewatched it directly after The Deposition, and enjoyed it a LOT more.

    Goodbye, Toby FTW! Then Dinner Party, Fun Run, and Money.

  537. Money and Fun Run are equally terrible, Dinner Party and Goodbye, Toby are equally excellent.

  538. My feelings about the final four are…
    1. Good-bye Toby
    2. Fun Run
    3. Dinner Party
    4. Money (my vote for this weeks poll)

    I’m counting the days until the season premiere.I LOVE THE OFFICE!

  539. Okay, I just started watching this show a few weeks ago, and I found this site and these polls and have always enjoyed seeing where the episodes I like fall in. Aside for “The Job,” “Casino Night,” and all the other great Jim/Pam stuff, I just watched my favorite episode yet, Branch Wars. It had me laughing like I hadn’t laughed in a long time, and the Finer Things Club is awesome. I just wanted to express my shock that it was already voted off!

  540. For the third week in a row my vote went to Fun Run. Great ep, but shouldn’t make it to the top 2.

  541. Fun Run has to go. Money and Goodbye, Toby were, in my opinion, the best episodes of the season, so I’m glad they’re still here, but while Fun Run was good, it wasn’t *as* good.

  542. Ah well… what can you do? Dinner Party and Local were my faves of this season. *shrugs*

    Goodbye, Toby for the win!!!

  543. 717- I agree, Fun Run was a great episode but I found that Money had a bigger hold on me. Goodbye Toby for the win!

  544. Wow. I can’t believe “Fun Run” is STILL here. Not a bad episode, but this season had a lot stronger to choose from. Kind of disappointing. Hopefully, “Money” or “Goodbye Toby” wins.

  545. :*( Noooooo! Not Dinner Party!!!

    I will continue to vote for Money, as I have every single week. I would be happy if either of the other two won, but only because Money is my least favorite episode of all 4 seasons.

  546. FINALLY!!! Dinner Party should’ve gotten out weeks ago!!!

    It’s now a really tough decision. I really like the remaining three…

  547. #720 you think that’s bad, this will be my 11th vote in a row for fun run! i cannot believe it made it this far. i remember when it first aired i felt like everyone was so critical and had a lot of negative comments about the episode. i guess everyone forgot they didn’t like it!
    i thought dinner party was great but i decided this poll wasn’t going to go my way a long time ago. i have a sinking feeling i will be voting off fun run until the bitter end.

  548. One of the best Survivors ever! Things will get tough if Fun Run goes this week since Money and Goodbye, Toby are my favourite episodes of the season.

  549. I’m glad that Dinner party is gone!!! I voted off Goodbye Toby and hope Money wins!

  550. LOL @719, PFIH – amen!!

    I’m probably the only person who feels this way, but of the three remaining eps, my favorite is Fun Run. I didn’t care for it at first, but it really grew on me.

  551. Money is my favorite episode. Jim and Pam together..with Dwight. Fun Run was good, but I didn’t think it would last this long. I loved Dinner Party!

  552. I really hope Goodbye, Toby wins it. It was such a good episode. The acting was great, the story was great, and it had the feeling of a Season 2 episode through it all.

  553. Dinner Party should’ve been the number one episode this season. Out of the three left, I believe Fun Run was the worst. It got way to long and weird with the rabies thing. The revelation of the Jim and Pam relationship was weird. They kept making odd references to previous episodes like when Kevin might have skin cancer and the stripper makes a reappearance.

  554. I hate to say it, but Money has got to go. It was a funny episode, but just nowhere near compares to Fun Run or Goodbye Toby. Although I’d be happy with any of them winning at this point.

  555. I loved Michael and Jan on the train in “Money”. It showed how two odd, slightly crazy people could come together and really care about each other. And I also liked how Jim and Pam were changing things up by caring for Dwight. That being said, I guess I didn’t like seeing everyone in their pajamas, visiting each other’s bedrooms, cuddling in bed, and waking up together in the morning. It made me feel weird; like I shouldn’t, and actually really don’t want to, be seeing those kinds of things. It wasn’t a good, “Dinner Party” weird either.

    “Goodbye, Toby” was everything that a great Office episode should be, and it should win for more reasons than “it was the season finale”!

  556. Goodbye Toby will obviously win, nobody ever downtalks it.


    1. Survivor man
    2. goodbye toby

    The rest, i’m not going to bother

  557. 742 – I’ll be the first to “downtalk” -Goodbye Toby .

    While there are SO many good things about the episode – Michael celebrating all he hates about Toby, everything about Holly (need I say more anyone?), there was also something missing – our JAM moment.

    I can hear the irrate JAM fans now. But hear me out. Every season finale we’ve had captured our hearts because of how it ended – with JAM hope. Right? It made us get off the couch and go YES!!! Well, this year, that didn’t happen. This year was the complete opposite – we were sad for them. It was the first year I didn’t get off my couch and shake my husband out of excitement. Sure, the last scene with Dwight and Angela made me gasp a little inside, but it just doesn’t compare to the Casino Night kiss or Pam’s “what was the question” moments of yester-years. I mean, I love the show forso many other reasons too, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Does anyone else agree?

  558. WOW. “Dinner Party” is gone. I honestly thought that “Dinner Party” and “Chair Model” were the best two of the season. ” I thought “Chair Model” was brilliant, about as close to a Season 2 gem as there was in this group. Oh well. Not sure which one I’m pulling for yet…

  559. UGH! Why is Money still here? That’s probably my LEAST favorite season 4 episode. R.I.P. Dinner Party, you were my favorite :)

  560. Thank the Lord Dinner Party is gone! Now time for Fun Run to go. I want Goodbye, Toby to win. I miss Chair Model, though… That was a goodin.

  561. 743, I agree!!! I was so sad after the finale, I just didn’t know what to do. I found myself obessively checking OfficeTally for some small glimmer of hope. It was just so depressing to me. And it wasn’t just because of the botched proposal, it was because I felt awful for stupid, naive Michael and even worse for poor Dwight (before the tag, of course). To end things on such a down note was such a shock to me. And I feel your pain…my husband loves the show but he thinks I am crazy. My vote is Money for the win. NOT b/c of the JAM kiss (I mean really, are we all in middle school here?) but because of the exchange between Jim and Dwight and the “cool” Michael at his other job and seeing Jan in a different dimension. And I think the topic of money is something in which we all can relate. While Goodbye, Toby certainly had its hilarious moments, it ended too sadly for me to vote it number one.

  562. If Money wins just because Goodbye, Toby made people feel sad about Jim/Pam, it will be malfeasance for malfeasance’s sake. I think it’s great that it had such a reaction in people, otherwise the writing, acting, and directing would have all been for nothing! Real life doesn’t always deliver “perfect” moments with spectacular kisses or offers for dates and The Office (most of the time) keeps it real. Some of the best Office episodes (Booze Cruise, The Secret, Dundies, Casino Night) put you through a roller coaster of emotions, make your stomach twist in happy and sad ways, and leave you wondering what will happen next, but knowing you will be entertained while watching it. Goodbye, Toby delivered on that! Plus it was a hilarious episode. Money was mediocre at best. The point is…people had a reaction to Goodbye, Toby, whether sad, happy, or shocked. I haven’t even thought about Money again until this poll started.

  563. 748 – well said. although i do like money but that is how i feel about fun run. like eh? whatever. no real strong feeling about it.

    goodbye, toby for the win!!

  564. I find it strange/interesting that Chair Model only came in 6th when it tops the list when going by ratings. Dinner Party is in a significantly different spot, too – it jumped from 9th to 4th.

    I’m really surprised that Fun Run made it so far, too. Much as I loved it, I don’t think I’d have put it top 3.

  565. 748 – Good point. Don’t misinterpret the fact while I downtalked it I still think Goodbye Toby was better than Money by a longshot. I was merely comparing it to other finales, but in retrospect you’re right, I wanted to throw myself off the booze cruise when Roy/Pam set a date. I do mean to say that while I was “sad” about the finale episode this year, I just meant that it didn’t give me the stir of emotions (whether good OR bad) as episodes revolving around a Jim/Pam storyline have in the past. I hope that makes sense.

  566. 748- I concede! Point taken, and well put. Now that I have thought about it, I totally agree with you about Goodbye, Toby. I might just change my vote now…

  567. I do not get why Fun Run is still on the list even above Dinner Party. I’m sorry but it was not that funny. Was it the cat in the freezer? Was it the joy of seeing Jim/Pam in the first blushes of romance? Or Michael puking up pasta? Ugh.

  568. 748 – the thing is, though, that ‘Goodbye Toby’, while being packed with things (especially in those last fifteen minutes) that made me ‘react’, I got annoyed with it because it goes against my favourite things about the show – when big moments come in this show, like in ‘Casino Night’, or ‘Booze Cruise’, they don’t come in groups, and they don’t make me feel like I could’ve seen them coming in from a mile away. The finale cemented the fact for me that the show is losing some of what made me love it (the banality of office life) and making it more couple-based, character-based, drama-based…and I’m not the biggest fan of that. :/

    Still! I did like the episode, I just didn’t love it. I didn’t really love ‘Money’ much, either. And I consider myself a Jim/Pam fan, but my favourite episode of the season has to go to ‘Local Ad’. So I’m probably in the minority here, heh.

  569. UNCRAZY SIDE— thank you. Been saying it all along, and I’ll repeat it again: it’s not “The Jim and Pam Show.” It’s “The Office.” And, it’s not a romantic comedy. It’s a comedy, and their romance is one facet of a diversified show.

    Money is overrated and- in fairness- good but excessively dramatic toward the end. Chair Model was the season’s best, followed by Goodbye, Toby, only one of those being left.

    1. Goodbye Toby
    2. Fun Run
    3. Money

    My order before the latest elimination (Dinner Party relied too much on shock value with little in the way of clever writing) was:
    1. Chair Model
    2. Goodbye Toby
    3. Local Ad.

  570. I think the show is losing whatever it had that made it funny. While I still like the office, I think season 4 was the least funny. They should stick to being in the actual office instead of all the outside stuff.

    And enough with the romance already. To be honest, I hope Jim and Pam need to breakup. Things are better that way. Dwight and Angela make a better couple in my book.

  571. YES! Joe, comment number 756, those are the same thoughts as me! I started watching this show since the first episode was first aired on NBC, and I’ve noticed a great decline from season 4. FINALLY someone feels the same as me!

  572. 756 and 757…don’t count me out! I’m there with you.

    Leaving the actual premise that is the office and diversifying to keep things fresh are two different things; they need to focus on characters, tell stories that are natural, and pull all of their resources for great ideas.

    I heard an April Fool’s joke six months ago about a fake memo for a “voice activated printer” and people literally yelling at the printer. Stuff like that is what they can resource to find….

    But, more than anything, while I don’t feel Jim and Pam need to break up, I DO feel that an engagement, if inevitable, should occur before Christmas to get it OUT OF THE WAY. And… that also doesn’t automatically make whatever episode it occurs in the BEST episode. A little JAM friction is natural with space, but I’d make it mild uncertainty that ultimately only strengthens the relationship. After all, she kissed Jim back, so if she leaves for NY and some new blood gets her interest, perhaps Angela had it right then when she called Pam a “hussy.”

  573. With regard to office romance, it gets too much emphasis of late on the show, and to kind of nip it in the butt a little, I think it’d be great if this new head of HR really put the heat out against office relationships, enforcing it as much as possible within legality.

  574. one of my favorite parts is when michael and dwight are in the woods during “survivor man”
    it was soooo hilarious!!!
    1. michael cutting up his clothes
    2. michael making his clothes into a backpack, hat, and scarf
    3. dwight pointing his gun at michael
    4. michael duct tapping his clothes
    5. michael making his pants into a tent
    6. dwight attacking michael when he eats the mushrooms

    it was just so funny!

  575. just say no to “good-bye toby.” it wasn’t a bad episode, but it definitely wasn’t the best of the season!

  576. Well, it’s down to it now: My two favorite episodes of the whole season, head-to-head for the top spot.

    That being said, I really don’t know what to choose. And THAT being said, Money was the episode that truly let me know that I LOVE “The Office”. Money, to me, is everything “The Office” should be.

    Then again… “Goodbye, Toby” is, too.

    The decision is very, very difficult.

    *sigh* Money for the win!

  577. Of all the episodes of Season 4, Dinner Party was by far my favorite. So many good moments – there was not an unfunny moment (to me) in the whole half hour. The writing was absolutely superb – the writers really seemed to grasp onto each character and write great lines that totally demonstrated their personality. Yes , it had a lot of awkward moments, but isn’t that what The Office was built upon, humor in prolonged awkward moments? If it had been up to me, Dinner Party would have won.

  578. If Goodbye Toby doesn’t win this I am convinced that most people are voting based on JAM Moments.

    Money had its good points but it definitely was not the best or funniest of the season.

    Goodbye Toby for the win!

  579. Okay Money was cute, but it wasn’t THAT good.
    It was too dark for me. Goodbye, Toby definitely beats it.

  580. I’m so conflicted. Money was my favorite episode all season long until I saw Goodbye Toby. This is a tough choice!

  581. Tough call. Both those episodes are the strongest of the hour longs and of the season.

  582. Ah I honestly don’t know which one to choose. I’m sort of leaning towards Goodbye, Toby, but I’m having trouble picking that one just because of stupid ANDY! And I loved the whole Beets Motel thing in Money, but I did not like the Michael storyline about the other job….

  583. So tough! Ugh! I voted for Goodbye, Toby just cause I’m a sucker for (successful) Jam sessions.

  584. ‘Money’ all the way! Not that there is anything wrong with ‘Goodbye Toby’, but for me ‘money’ was still a better Episode. For all those who cannot decide, I have one thing to say to you.

    ‘I declare bankruptcy!’

  585. Dinner Party episode was hysterical and i think it should have won or at least beat out Fun Run, which was also really good, but Dinner Party was better!

  586. I loved season 4 and thought it was just as good as season 3. I guess I’m not in the majority though. I couldn’t care less about Jim and Pam, and I thought Andy and Angela were awesome (although not given enough moments). Andy and Kevin are a cool pair too. I voted Goodbye Toby because I never stopped laughing during that episode, and Money was only good for Michael at the phone place and Oscar-Michael interactions.

  587. For me, the best episode of the season was Local Ad, with Dinner Party in a close second. Both were flawless on humor, depth and character development.

    But the top two left are my third and fourth of the season. Goodbye, Toby comes in third with Money a solid fourth.

    Honestly, if either won, I wouldn’t be that upset, but I do feel that Goodbye, Toby deserves more recognition than Money, simply because of the storytelling, and the feeling of wanting to see what happens next…

    With Money, everything seemed so final. Dwight seemed to slowly try to recover from Angela, Jim and Pam seemed more solid than ever and even Jan and Michael seemed to make sense. The exact opposite happened with “Goodbye, Toby”, which for me seems even better because of the anticipation. I want to find out what happens with JAM, I wanna know what happens with Dwight/Angela/Andy, I wanna know what happens with Michael/Holly and Michael/Jan. With “Money”, I didn’t feel the need to see next week’s episode, but I did with “Goodbye, Toby”.

    At any rate, both episodes were written by my favorite writer, Paul Liberstein, which only proves his brilliance!

  588. Ahhhh, I have no idea!!! I’m thinking in terms of JAM moments (as I always do) and Goodbye, Toby had the almost proposal but Money had them going away so….I dunno. I think I might not be able to vote this week!!!

  589. “Goodbye Toby” and “Money” are pretty excellent episodes; I’m glad both are the final two. “Goodbye Toby” was hilarious from start to finish with some neat touches, which make it one of my personal favorites of the entire series. “Money” was more dramatic thematically, but that’s why the episode was so compelling. It was unique to see some of the characters out of the office and I hope they experiment again. In the end, I have to go with the finale, “Goodbye Toby.”

  590. I love Fun Run but there’s no sense bringing this up now. Lol! Although I have to say I hated the cat in the freezer thing. So crass. And unfunny. But putting that aside, I dare say that this is such a well-written episode. Andy’s chafed nipples are hilarious! And don’t the Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Race for the Cure just leave you laughing in tears?! There’s a lot of funnies and stuff in there that reminds you why you love the show.

    I like Money and Goodbye Toby, but I vote for Goodbye Toby because Kevin being mistaken for a “special” employee and effortlessly (and unconsciously!) plays the part is just hysterical :D

  591. I think Goodbye Toby deserves to be #1. The character of Holly was totally endearing. How could you not fall in love with her?

  592. lol–781! I know I’ve been fighting hard for ‘Goodbye, Toby’ on here, but if ‘Survivor Man’ were still around I’d probably be fighting for it instead. I do agree that there has been an overt amount of attention on the office relationships and episodes occurring outside of the office, which I think does lose some of the feel and what is funny about the show. I don’t mind the character development so much, like Pam’s in season 3 and whatever got started with Jim and never got finished because of the Strike/proposal storyline. All of the relationships do get a little dull to me though. But I loved ‘Survivor Man’ for what it was and I found it incredibly funny. I also don’t have Jim Halpert up on such a pedestal that I would think it’s horrible to see when he makes mistakes. Besides the great Michael/Dwight stuff in the woods, I thought ‘Survivor Man’ showed a very interesting, real side to Jim.

  593. I can’t believe it, I missed the last two polls!! where was i??? haha well I guess I do like goodbye toby more, so I think I’ll vote for that for the win. Although, money had some of the best dwight jokes around…hehe just thinking about the Harry Potter bed-time story makes me laugh!

  594. “Money” is probably my least favorite episode of The Office, ever. “Fun Run” making the top three makes no sense either.


    5) JAM love!

    4) Jan is preggers!

    3) Return of Dwangela!

    2) Holly and Michael!


  596. I’d give the first half of Goodbye Toby an A, the second half a B-. The problem with the episode was that a good finale should resolve some arcs and open potential new ones, whereas this finale just added questions without answering any existing ones.

    Money I’d give a flat B all the way through. It was pleasant fun but too much drama for me. They should have milked the idea of Michael taking other jobs for a multi-episode arc, that was the best part.

    So I favor Goodbye Toby, at least it had a solid brilliant half hour and the Toby/Michael conference room scene is an all time classic.

  597. MONEY FOR THE WIN!!!!
    I loved goodbye toby, but come on! Schrute Farms, people! Moze running next to the car! “I’ve had too much wine…”

    Oh, please MONEY for the win!

  598. omg i love them both so much!! i’ll go with goodbye toby, though because of all the twists.

  599. I can’t believe “Goodbye Toby” is still here – I thought everyone hated it because of the lack of JAM proposal. I love it, but “Money” is quite simply one of the best episodes of this show ever. It’s the perfect mix of pitch-black comedy and utter sweetness, and not “too serious” (like I’ve been reading in a few posts here) at all. I mean… “I. DECLARE. BANKRUPTCYYYY!!!!” Yes!

  600. i agree with everyone who wants “goodbye toby” off. I think everyone keeps voting to keep it because it was the season finale and because they jammed so many elements into one episode, but frankly, it was incredibly predictable, and although I wasn’t disappointed with the episode, it does NOT deserve to be the voted the best episode of the season. come on people, think about it!

  601. I totally agree with Diapers Schrute. Goodbye Toby for the win! And there was all the party planning stuff with Phyllis and Angela too. Great Episode.

  602. #786 – My sentiments exactly. Money is my least favorite office episode of ALL time.

    However, here’s my dilemma – For once, I would love if a non-finale episode won. Fortunately, Goodbye Toby had enough to offer than I can once again (as I have done EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!!) vote off Money. I am still in shock that Dinner Party is not here.

  603. i loved money! michael pointing and yelling, “powerpoint! powerpoint!” had me rolling!

    also the jan/michael interaction at the end was amazing. very sweet and lovely scene.

  604. I voted for Money over Goodbye Toby. I don’t prefer Money for the JAM moments – in fact, it was Michael and Jan who made the episode for me. Too many elements of Goodbye Toby seemed to be crammed in and glossed over (e.g. Dwight and Meredith’s hazing of Holly). I felt this way about the second half of the season in general, which was, I’m sure, the result of a good chunk of the season being lost to the writer’s strike and the writer’s trying to get all of the plot elements in before season’s end (that said, Chair Model is my favourite and it was a second-half show).

  605. Money for the win! “Does Mose have nightmares?” “Oh yes, ever since the storm.”

  606. Money was my absolute favorite! You can’t beat Mose sitting in the out-house with the door swinging back and forth!

    Just bought S4 today and can’t wait to watch it! :D

  607. #776 – cher is bonto

    paul is also my favorite writer! i feel like i would be happy either way (i am already happy because fun run was FINALLY voted off!)
    goodbye toby squeaks ahead though, so many amazing moments. this moment alone makes it number one:

    “who do you think you are?” “toby” “correct”

    the exit interview had me in tears!

  608. I’m surprised that Money actually made it this far, it was by far one of my least favorite episodes of the season. Here’s hoping “Goodbye Toby” takes the top spot!

  609. Ever since this has begun I have said that Goodbye, Toby was the worst episode I have ever seen besides the pilot. No one else seems to think that!! Why not?? It felt so un-Office-like and it was insane. It was unrealistic to the point of absurdity and Money was one of my favorite episodes, so no doubt I am going with Money.

  610. Michelle…

    No offense intended whatsoever, I just seem to be missing on what you’re comparing it to when you call it “unrealistic.” I was just wondering if you could clarify as I’m curious.

  611. For the record, as much as (being a former telemarketer myself through school…) I cringed at how realistic the grease-ball boss was at the marketing “firm” (to put it nicely), I really felt Goodbye, Toby, sans the raccoon scene in the parking lot, was a solid episode. I remember a friend of mine had rented a ferris wheel for a Memorial Day picnic, which perhaps allowed me to suspend my disbelief a bit with regards to the carnival atmosphere of the episode.

    Now, I only HOPE Money doesn’t win. Fair episode, sure, but it was a bit slow for my tastes and while I appreciate sentiment, it seemed to do so at a WEE BIT too much compromise of the comedy. Also, I’m tired of episodes where Jim and Pam suck face or hook up or…anything hyper-Jam-ified :-) winning for what I believe is that reason (just me, perhaps?)

  612. I also dislike all of the jam-filled episodes coming out on top, but Money is my favorite episode in season four.
    I loved seeing Dwight’s farm, Mose, the Jim/Dwight scene, and Michael running for the train. funny. sad. great!

    But Goodbye, Toby is an awesome episode too.

  613. 804 and 805 – I guess I just thought that it was too much packed into one episode – Ryan getting fired, Jan pregnant, the almost JAM proposal, the Andy proposal to Angela, Angela and Dwight’s hookup, Holly coming, Toby leaving… the party was a bit insane, and I thought it was way over-the-top (I know that was probably the point, but it just seemed weird.) Also, I really was surprised at Angela – I mean, we never saw that side of her before, and suddenly they showed it in 3 seconds at the end of the episode. Overall, I just thought the whole episode was completely crazy, and I thought that the Season 2 and 3 finales were much more sane and realistic in terms of the plots.

  614. Re: Money, I loved the part with Jim consoling Dwight in the stairwell. It was great. Just watching these two actors in that scene is awesome. I also really liked the Jan & Michael bits. Overall it had lots of Office goodies in it. I also loved Goodbye, Toby, especially the Michael-Holly parts and the Dwight/Angela/Andy triangle. These episodes are both so good!

  615. Money was definitely my favorite from S4, especially after rewatching it a few times on the DVD. I liked every single story line. C’mon – Schrute Farms! Gotta love any episode with Mose. This is the episode that I quote the most from the season: “Tablemaking never seemed so possible”, “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!”, “I always imagined less manure. I mean, some manure -just less.” :)

    I enjoyed watching Jan show her softer side at the end on the train and be there for Michael – the only time she really did that in their relationship. Putting Michael in another office environment, where he got to be the ‘cool new guy’ with the telemarketers was interesting. And I like Pam’s green sweater in the cold open.

    Vote Money!

  616. Branch Wars was by far my favorite, I can’t believe it’s not higher up, the Jim and Karen moments were uncomfortable in a good way and the whole ride to Utica with Jim, Michael, and Dwight was priceless.

  617. I love “Money”, because it made me realize a) how great the show can still be and b) how silly I was when I complained about the show being too broad. I now understand why it’s necessary to do slightly more. Plus, The Office has always been this way, including on the BBC.

  618. Michelle, I am with you on this one! While I loved ‘Goodbye Toby’ it was unrealistic. My biggest problem with it is that it broke the illusion of being a documentary (more so than other episodes). Mainly because after Andy proposes to Angela, Dwight says to the camera ‘It’s my own fault.’

    Now that is admitting two things never acknowledged before. 1. Dwight realizing the ‘documentary’ crew knew about his relationship with Angela
    and 2. That therefore everyone will know/already knew about them as documentaries are made to be shown.

    So, if you have Dwight saying that, then Pam has to realize that Jim was going to propose her and many other ‘secrets.’ Or am I just too crazy?!

  619. Fact: Goodbye Toby – 42 mins.
    Fact: Money – 41 mins.
    ergo facto sum
    That is all.

    P.S. Bears
    P.P.S. The Fun Run Kit rules!

  620. 819: I agree about it not being too out of character for Angela. We saw somewhat similar situations in “Email Surveillance” and “The Negotiation”, this just showed what wasn’t fully shown in those other scenarios. I think “Money” was way more odd and unrealistic in that we saw things like Jim and Pam cuddling in bed and visiting Dwight’s bedroom at night…in a show about people who work in an office. I also can’t really imagine Jim, Pam, or even Dwight agreeing to have a camera crew film them when going to bed and waking up in the morning.

  621. Why all the over-interpreting of the two episodes? The only criteria I have is does it make me laugh more. And Goodbye, Toby made me laugh more than Money. Still a great episode though.

  622. Re: Goodbye Toby, although it may seem out of character for Angela to be caught with Dwight in the office at the end of the episode, careful inspection of that scene reveals that she is still fully clothed (well, at least the part of her we can see). Am I insane? I think it is a plausible scene, especially after all of that build up from the previous episode Job Fair.

  623. Wow, “Night Out” and “Did I Stutter?” are really underrated. I figured “Job Fair” would be rated lowest.

    Anyway, “Money” for me.

  624. The season finale wins? How shocking! This hasn’t happened every other time we’ve done Office Survivor or anything (S1 excluded)… nah, I love me some Goodbye Toby.

  625. The top 3 ended up exactly as I wanted, but everything else is not really what I would have picked. It’s ok though because I have the hardest time critiquing episodes of The Office. I just love them all!

  626. 815 – you have to imagine the documentary crew’s role as well though. there are many times in the series where the viewer gets to imagine what the documentary crew person just asked. for example “so angela just accepted andy’s proposal, are you surprised?”
    i feel as though the dwight/angela relationship was secret from many but not from all, pam for example knew and spoke openly with angela about it. and there were many instances of the camera recording them together inside and out of the office, dwight couldn’t possibly think they had no idea.
    that moment was one of my favorite parts of the series so far because i felt like we saw this real, non-egotistical side of dwight and it was touching and heartbreaking.

  627. 815 – great point! I was also wondering about the Dwight thing. I’m pretty annoyed that Goodbye, Toby won but I guess a lot of people liked it…

  628. First off, I’m sad ‘Money’ didn’t win but if it couldn’t be ‘Money’, I’m glad it was ‘Goodbye Toby’.

    828 – I understand your point but, at some point, the characters will have to acknowledge that the ‘documentary’ has/will be shown. Even though I love this show, sometimes it strays too far from a documentary feel. Not that makes it any less hysterical! I am glad Steve Merchant is directing an episode, as Paul Lieberstein says, it’ll keep them honest to the documentary format.

  629. And for the first time– well, kind of… I agree with the winner. Although Chair Model I felt was the best, it was by a weeeeeeee-est bit ahead of Goodbye, Toby.

    Money- you are overrated and I’m glad you lost.

    Yes, I’m talking to the episode.

  630. Fact: The best episode won
    Fact: ALL the episodes are winners

    That is all

    P.S. “Support the Rabid”

  631. Here is my order:

    14. Chair Model
    13. Job Fair
    12. Survivor Man
    11. Did I Stutter?
    10. Branch Wars
    9. The Deposition
    8. Dunder-Mifflin Infinity
    7. Dinner Party
    6. Launch Party
    5. Night Out (Dark, but hilarious,like The Office UK)
    4. Money (The Michael plot was really funny)
    3. Fun Run (Great episode, Rabies, and Meredith)
    2. Local Ad (Michael isn’t always an idiot)
    1. Goodbye, Toby (So many twists that changed the series)

    Overall, however, this was the worst season of the five. But it still was better than most TV. My rating is probably a 7.5/10

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