The Office: Sabre, 6.15

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Writer: Jennifer Celotta, Director: John Krasinski

Summary (NBC): When Sabre comes in to take over Dunder Mifflin, Michael struggles to accept Sabre’s new policies. Pam and Jim have an interview for a local daycare they really want to get into. Andy and Erin work on a welcome song for Sabre as Erin waits for Andy to ask her out. Guest star: Kathy Bates.

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In a poll conducted February 4-8, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.80/10

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The Office Sabre quotes

Michael: I got a big box, yes I do, I got a big box, how ’bout you?

Michael: Scissor me.

Michael: We probably could have saved our own asses. We didn’t need them touching our asses!

Michael: This cord has “Creed” written all over it.

Pam: Maybe we can put the box back together.
Dwight: Impossible. He opened it like an ape.

Creed: Have you tried making everything smaller?

Michael: Why do I have to explain everything?
Pam: Because we’re usually not on the same page.

Michael: You can really see he is okay taking a picture with me. Even though I was there for disciplinary reasons.

Dwight: Welcome. Scranton hot dog from Scranton?

Jim: Trained. Loving it. Good at it.

Andy: You sure it’s “Saber”?

Jim: Turns out a lot of parents want the very best for their children! That’s weird.

Jim: There’s always the army. The infantry.

Christian Slater: Have you ever tasted a rainbow? At Sabre, you will.

Jim: So you’ve been shown a nonsensical video. You’re probably wondering, what’s going on? Well you’re not alone.

Meredith: Talk about vacation days!

Michael: There is a small part of me that is actually very excited about this new company. But 70% of me is water. And the other part, the real part, the part that has feelings, and emotions, and thoughts, and makes decisions, and if I can be crass, makes babies, that part thinks that all of these changes suck b—-.

Michael: Really? You don’t have enough water in there? Your stomach?

Michael: I miss the old Dunder Mifflin. Too much change is not a good thing. Ask the climate.

Jim: Cubbies! I totally forgot about cubbies.

Pam: There’s a finger painting station! And a curly slide! Am I too old to go here?

Andy: The ball’s totally in Erin’s court. After the whole drum line thing.

Michael: Is Christian Slater back there? Because he knows, he’d know what to do.

Michael: He is not a big fan of me dropping by unannounced. But then again, who is.

David: Maybe we’ll go outside. Outside.

Jerry: Did you ever consider that you might not be as charming as you think you are?
Jim: This coming from the guy who still uses a children’s toilet?

Andy: That’s as hard as I can hint.

Michael: There are very few things that would make me not want to team up with David Wallace, and Suck It is one of them.

Michael: That’s not the David Wallace that I remember. That is some sort of weird creature that lives in David Wallace’s house.

Phyllis: Michael, this isn’t a toast. You’re just thinking out loud.

Michael: Wow, that is metallicky. That’s like drinking a battery. It really gets you in the fillings, doesn’t it?

David: Well it’s a mess, what a mess, what you gonna do? You’re gonna take out your Suck It and you suck it! Suck it! Take out your Suck It and you suck it!

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