Comic-Con interview with The Office writers

After The Office panel let out at Comic-Con Saturday afternoon, we headed over to the press room to chat with some of The Office writers, one on one.

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Brian Baumgartner and Mindy Kaling conference call

The Office’s Brian Baumgartner and Mindy Kaling held a conference call yesterday to discuss the new webisodes and their upcoming trips to Scranton.

They talked ever so briefly about Season 5. Nothing too spoilerish.

NBC very kindly sent along the transcript, and I’ve streamlined it — otherwise it would be, like, 45 pages long.

Happy reading! (And revel in their hawtness.)

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Greg Daniels and Rainn Wilson conference call

The Office’s Executive Producer Greg Daniels and Rainn Wilson held a conference call last week to answer questions about the show.

There are some really interesting stories in there! And just hearing Greg and Dwight goof on each other is entertainment in itself.

Following is an optimized transcript of the event, and it’s LONG. (That’s what she said.)

Thank you, NBC! :)

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Jenna Fischer in Playboy Magazine

Jenna Fischer Playboy

WARNING: NSFW due to adult content and links.

From Playboy Magazine:

“When I was in my 20s I had a boyfriend who wanted to send a nude photo of me to Playboy magazine. We never did, but he was really into the idea. I didn’t date him for long. I am not into a man who wants to share his woman with the world. I find that to be an unattractive quality. If it’s something I want to do, it should come from a feminist desire to, you know, express myself, not from an ‘I want to show off my girlfriend’ kind of thing,” proclaims Jenna Fischer in Playboy’s April 20Q (issue on newsstands and at Friday, March 7).

Jenna chats about wearing boxer shorts, losing an Emmy, and keeping her The Office character authentic.

More from her sexy conversation on the next page.

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See Jenna Fischer naked in Jane Magazine.

Fancast interviews Leslie David Baker

I love reading interviews of Office cast members that we don’t normally hear from.’s Todd Gold did a nice one with Leslie David Baker:

What’s everyone like behind-the-scenes?

Brian and John love their video games. Rainn loves to play practical jokes and harass Phyllis. I like chocolate. Phyllis likes chocolate. We often go on chocolate raids wherever the chocolate may be, we would go on a chocolate raid. Let’s see. What else? Creed likes to create stories. Especially when new people come around on set just to draw them in. Phyllis and I will often wave our hands, go don’t listen to him, he’s suckering you in.

Link: Fancast Interview: The Office’s Leslie David Baker