OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 8

OfficeTally Survivor Poll Season 8OfficeTally Survivor Poll is a series of fan polls posted in the summer following a full season of episodes. Similar to the Survivor reality show, you’ll “vote off” your least favorite Season 8 Office episode in each poll, until the lone survivor and most popular episode remains.

Final status:
We now have a winner for Survivor Season 8, check out the rankings below!

The Office Season 8 Survivor Rankings (final)

  1. Tallahassee
  2. Special Project
  3. After Hours
  4. Test The Store
  5. Last Day In Florida
  6. Christmas Wishes
  7. Turf War
  8. The List
  9. Jury Duty
  10. The Incentive
  11. Free Family Portrait Studio
  12. Pam’s Replacement
  13. Trivia
  14. Garden Party
  15. Doomsday
  16. Angry Andy
  17. Spooked
  18. Mrs. California
  19. Welcome Party
  20. Fundraiser
  21. Pool Party
  22. Get The Girl
  23. Lotto
  24. Gettysburg

Very interesting that the entire Florida arc made it to the top, trumping traditional favorites like the Christmas and Halloween episodes.

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  1. YES!
    OfficeTally Survivor Poll? Summer has officially begun.

  2. YES! Here we go!

    Personally, I’m voting off “Lotto”, “Welcome Party”, or “Fundraiser” first – “Welcome Party” and “Fundraiser” I just didn’t like all that much from the 1st time I saw them, while “Lotto” I liked at first, but upon reviewings I’ve discovered that it kinda sucks.

    My prediction, though, is that “Gettysburg” will be voted off the island first, although I give it a pass for the “Battle of Schrute Farms” and “Gabe Lincoln” plots, although Andy’s plot was terrible. I rank “Gettysburg” above the 3 I listed above – but no others.

  3. With so many terrible episodes this year, the poll is going to be difficult. Gettysburg, you are my first pick, but Get the Girl is closing fast.

  4. Lotto is probably my least favorite. It just didn’t have any redeeming factors in it. At least in Gettysburg I got a kick out of Gabe’s Lincoln and Kevin/Robert cookie metaphor plot.

  5. Talk about an easy warm up, with both “Andy Andy” and “Gettysburg” to check off before I get into the tough choices.

  6. Unfortunately I have more misses for this season. I will have a harder time choosing which are my favorite. Get the Girl and Gettsyburg are the easiest to get the boot though.

  7. My ranking (though it’s WAY different than what I predict is gonna win)

    1. Special Project
    2. Tallahassee
    3. Angry Andy
    4. Christmas Wishes
    5. Turf War
    6. Pam’s Replacement
    7. Trivia
    8. Last Day in Florida
    9. Garden Party
    10. The Incentive
    11. After Hours
    12. Mrs. California
    13. Lotto
    14. Jury Duty
    15. The List
    16. Doomsday
    17. Get the Girl
    18. Test the Store
    19. Welcome Party
    20. Pool Party
    21. Free Family Portrait Studio
    22. Gettysburg
    23. Fundraiser
    24. Spooked

  8. Gabagool, While your list is very extensive. I think Free Family Portrait Studio is among the top 5 for the season. So many twists and cliffhangers. I loved that one.

  9. Gettysburg is the worst episode.
    It was just so poorly acted that it became uncomfortable to watch.

  10. I’m voting off Fundraiser. Gettysburg had its redeeming moments, but Fundraiser was mostly unfunny and just uncomfortable to watch.

  11. I personally disagree with a lot of the general opinion about this season. I thought most of it was really great, and still better than 95% of other TV shows. I honestly thought this was NOT the worst season of The Office.
    It probably goes for me: 3, 7, 6, 8, 5, 2, 4, 1
    And I agree with @gabagool, Angry Andy was up in the top 5 for me because it was classic Office humor that pushed the awkward line, and because of the vintage Andy wall punch. And Lotto was awesome because of the moment between Darryl and Andy that just felt real

    Honestly, this season has been quite great. There was some experimentation here and there, but for the most part, I applaud the writers for keeping things strong even after Steve Carell left

  12. Garden Party was the worst in my opinion. Boring, unfunny, and an unrealistic Jim prank. As #6 said, at least Gettysburg had a couple of moments.

  13. Here are my rankings. Don’t be fooled by them: I really HATE Nellie. And not in the “we’re supposed to hate her” sort of way, either…

    Without further ado:

    1. Angry Andy – Andy does not like that wall.
    2. Special Project – Perfectenschlag indeed.
    3. After Hours – with Nellie, less is more.
    4. Tallahassee – Would be higher without Nellie.
    5. Jury Duty – By this point, you should notice a trend: I think Dwight had an awesome season.
    6. Free Family Portrait Studio – Nice way to wrap this year up.
    7. Mrs. California – For making Robert look real and not a cartoon character.
    8. Trivia – Very underrated, clever episode.
    9. Pool Party – To both these bears!
    10. Pam’s Replacement – Again, Dwight had a great year.
    11. The List – Remember when Robert was a mysterious, creepy-but-brilliant figure?
    12. Turf War – I plea to the writers: Please, PLEASE bring back this Chris Bauer guy next year.
    13. The Incentive – Average.

    (Continued in my next comment…)

  14. (My rankings, continued:)

    14. Doomsday – Did not meet up to expectations.
    15. Spooked – On one hand, there’s Jim and Pam’s plot. On the other, there’s Gabe and Erin’s unfunniness. Seriously, how did he get in Stanley’s car?
    16. Garden Party – Good prank, funny Mose, nothing else.
    17. Test the Store – Some good moments, nothing else.
    18. Christmas Wishes – The humor was too dry and predictable. Well, maybe “dry” isn’t the best word choice… but you get what I mean.
    19. Gettysburg – As I said above, this is another selection for the “good moments, nothing else” category.
    20. Last Day in Florida – The humor got lost in the plot development.
    21. Lotto – Forgettable.
    22. Get the Girl – Even more forgettable.
    23. Fundraiser – Again, humor lost in the plot development.
    24. Welcome Party – A doomed-to-fail attempt to humanize a cartoon character (Nellie). THIS is why Nellie should be killed off, and why I am worried about Season 9.

  15. @twoblackballs

    If you think season two is the third worst season of the show we are watching this for two incompatibly different reasons. And on its face there’s nothing wrong with that. We still generate the same revenue for NBC whether we’re watching for JAM or Michael or whatever other reason. I can go back and forth between seasons two and three as the best season. But to place season two any lower than second I’d like to hear some sort of argument for that. I’ll take the worst season two episode over anything since Niagara.

  16. I think Spooked was by FAR the worst episode. Erin was just plain annoying, and RC’s speech at the end was not funny in the slightest. Jim and Pam had a stupid debate about ghosts, Andy was being annoying Andy, and even Dwight couldn’t redeem this terrible storyline with his tiny plotline


  17. While I don’t think Season 2 was the third worst season, my rankings would go:
    3, 5, 8, 2, 6, 4, 1

    The thing is, The Office became a drastically different show after Season 3; there was only so much subtle, dry humor the writers could squeeze out of the first few seasons. There’s still some awkward humor, but there’s been more of a transition into more character-based humor rather than situational humor.

    You could say that Season 2 had a more sophisticated, understated humor, and it probably took a more refined comedic sense to appreciate it, but I know MANY people who find season 6+ much more hilarious than the older seasons

  18. I am voting off Mrs. California. That one just fell flat for me. Other than when Jim tried to escape through the ceiling, I just didn’t find it that funny. But beyond that, I was left wondering how it advanced the plot (I mean, Robert’s wife kissed Andy and then that went absolutely nowhere). But then I really liked Gettysburg. Maybe because I’ve been stuck on brutal corporate outings just like that. And I thought Gabe was brilliant.

  19. “I know MANY people who find season 6+ much more hilarious than the older seasons”

    It’s a shame they aren’t watching the show because the ratings both here and in viewers have been declining steadily since S6. The problem for me has been the failure to focus on office related problems rather than silly relationship drama. The country has been going through the worst recession since the 1930’s and yet none of that has been portrayed on the show.

  20. How S8 would rank higher than S2 to S5 is beyond me.
    My season rankings would go: 4,5,3,2,6,7,8,1
    But really, 2-5 are interchangeable for me.

    Voted off Gettysburg, then Lotto, and Welcome Party.

  21. Still voting for “Welcome Party” to die…

    Meanwhile, if we’re talking about ranking seasons, I rank them in this order: 3, 4, 5, 2, 7, 8, 6, 1.

    Seasons 2-5 will always be the classic years in my mind, but S6’s “Niagara” remains the best episode to date IMO, and keeps S6 from being the worst season. I liked S8 because the best anyone should have expected was for it to be not quite as good as S7 (you know, having lost a leading man and all), and that’s what we got.

  22. I thought Gettysburg was cute and never understood the hate. Personally, I am gunning for Trivia or Pool Party ASAP. Dull and/or awkward.

  23. Voting off Lotto until it’s gone. That was the episode that ruined any momentum in Season 8, for me.

  24. I’m really not sure which episode should win. This season kind of blended together for me. But, it’s probably an episode towards the middle where they had a streak of a few good episodes. Or maybe “Christmas Wishes.”

    For me, I’d have to rank the seasons from best to worst: 2, 3, 1, 4, 5, 7, 6, 8

  25. All season 8 episodes were all so unmemorable I won’t even be able to participate in this season’s Survivor Poll. Sad but true.

  26. “For me, I’d have to rank the seasons from best to worst: 2, 3, 1, 4, 5, 7, 6, 8”

    This is the correct answer.

  27. Really, Lotto? There were some far worse episodes this season cough*get the girl*cough

  28. I’m with “remember to call” – I definitely rank Season 1 as the worst – it was just a total rip-off of the British Office and when I watch it I feel like it isn’t even connected to the other seasons – compare Michael from Season 1 to Season 2 – or even Kelly. It’s like watching a completely different show.

  29. Come on, let’s vote off the season finale already.. this episode was the worst of the series.

  30. @#34 Season 1 was the worst? Throw out the pilot, and those are some of the best episodes of the series. Of course, the office wasn’t singing to Michael back then. Maybe that’s why I liked it.

  31. Just the green screen scene from Get the Girl should be enough to get it voted off, and the rest of the episode was terrible anyway.

  32. I honestly can’t figure out how anyone could say Season 1 was NOT the worst season of all…it was a carbon copy of the British series, without any real character development, sloppy acting, and no real laugh out loud moments
    Compare all of Season 1 to the next episode, The Dundies, and you can see the HUGE contrast

  33. So bummed, I didn’t realise this had started.

    There is no way Lotto and Gettysburg should have been voted off yet, I liked both of them and… they didn’t have Nellie in them.

    Your argument is invalid.

  34. @guylaroche5
    It was when Erin was standing in front of Irene’s house doing one of her talking heads, it was pretty noticeable and widely criticized…

  35. “Compare all of Season 1 to the next episode, The Dundies, and you can see the HUGE contrast”

    I’d be happy to compare Diversity Day to any episode of the series and conclude it was one of the best.

    [ from tanster: agree. season 1 is one of my faves! ]

  36. Couldn’t agree with you more Roy’s Mug Shot. You and I are in complete sync as far as the order of seasons that we enjoyed the most.:)

  37. Only the pilot is a copy from UK Office. Show me the episode where they played basketball or where Tim and Gareth formed an alliance that Dawn pranked Gareth about. Or a diversity day meeting with cards taped to foreheads. Don’t like season one if you must, but you need a better reason. Pick the dramatic change in Michael or Kelly and maybe you have something there.

  38. @42 Roy’s mugshot: I agree! I love season 1, especially Diversety Day, Health Care and The Alliance. Excellent episodes, in a very good season. Season 2 might be my favourite, but 1, 3 and 4 are tied in second place.

  39. It’s safe to say that “Welcome Party” is the next worst episode here. I honestly can’t remember what happened in that episode and I vote off episodes based on how memorable they were.

  40. Obviously I’m in the minority because Pool Party was one of my favorite episodes this season. I’m still trying to get rid of Jury Duty because it was a real yawner for me.

  41. @Trent I have been voting Welcome Party for the last few rounds. So bummed episodes that don’t even have Nellie in them are being voted off.

  42. I’m definitely with you guys. Pool Party was awesome. I thought it would’ve been Welcome Party.

  43. So far only Lotto has gone quicker than I would have voted and even that was only by a few. All of the “Party” episodes were pretty weak.

  44. I am voting for fundraiser until it is finally gone, that episode was terrible, worst of the series. Pool party was one of the best episodes!! My order of seasons from best to worst is 2,1,3,5,6,4,7,8

  45. Pool Party was a bit of a surprise… I’ve been voting off Doomsday. Looking back at the season as a whole, that’s the least memorable episode of the bunch.

  46. Didn’t think Pool Party was so bad. I’ve been voting Fundraiser off since the beginning. This season really had no memorable episodes or even moments for that matter.

  47. I am voting for Fundraiser until it is gone. I totally agree with Burlington Coat’s comment above. My favorite was After Hours for no other reason but Jim’s bed bug impression.

  48. But I liked Pool Party…Why is Doomsday still around? The only good thing about that one was Jim in those white shorts.

  49. No not the pool party! Pretty good stuff, the little jealously games with Dwight is fun, so is the whole suck-up situation with Ryan, Gabe and RC, especially the ending..
    Let’s get the List off now please!

  50. Been voting for Turf War due to corporate fraud Jim. But honestly there’s no wrong answer. Each one offed so far I have multiple reasons for it to be gone.

  51. Spooked needs to go. California’s ridiculous fear-mongering was poorly thought out (Meredith fears Jim. Really?) and the ultimate pay off was painfully unfunny. Thank Jeebus we’ve seen the last of him.

  52. I’m sticking with Fundraiser to go next. I’m more concerned with my favorite.

  53. I just realized there were 3 “Party” episodes this season: Pool, Welcome, and Garden.

    How “Welcome” isn’t gone yet is beyond me. That one, and “Get The Girl”, were the only episodes I couldn’t enjoy on any level. But if “Welcome” doesn’t go, then I hope “Fundraiser” does.

  54. @64, totally agree, Spooked needs to go. Completely ridiculous episode with not enough of a payoff at the end
    Jim/Pam ghost debate was neither cute nor funny, it was just lame
    Andy/Erin awkward relationship tension was expected and stupid
    RC had potential to make this episode great, but even he failed abysmally with his weird monologue at the end


  55. You guys voted off homeless dogs – I think that’s just mean! But seriously, still voting off Mrs. California.

  56. Ok, so Fundraiser kinda sucked, but can we PLEASE get Welcome Party off this island! I try to enjoy the Office on some level, but I couldn’t like that episode at all.

  57. Well, I didn’t want to vote “Fundraiser” off because I enjoyed the return of David Wallace on the show.

  58. Dammit I enjoyed the Dwight scenes in the fundraiser, as well as David’s return, not so much Andy (or his character in general at all to be fair).

    Let’s get welcome party out now! (or the list)

  59. I loved Welcome Party, to me that was a classic. I voting for the boring, forgettable Doomsday.

  60. Does anyone even have a favorite episode this season? They were all atrocious

  61. Can anyone tell me what redeeming qualities Garden Party had to justify it remaining alive? I’ll keep voting it off until it’s gone.

  62. Out of the 6 episodes eliminated so far, 3 of them I enjoyed. Now it’s getting tough. If I had to pick one tho, I’d vote “Pam’s Replacement”. It had some funny moments but it wasn’t very memorable, and Pam and Dwight teaming up against Jim was strange.

  63. Whoever wins, they all lose, lol. Seriously, though, Tallahassee is the only episode I can think of that was good in the season.

  64. @Lan – While I wouldn’t go as far as saying they were all atrocious I’m hard pressed to pick out a favorite. And I can’t imagine being angry at any point in this process thinking “well that episode deserved to be around a lot longer”.

  65. i am voting for the incentive until it is gone, nothing was memorable about that episode

  66. I really liked The List and it seemed like there was a lot of hate right after it aired, but looking back, it was probably my second favorite of the season (after Special Project). RC was good in The List and this was one of the few episodes where Andy seemed like his normal self. This episode would’ve been even better if every episode after it wasn’t only about how everyone loves Andy. That being said it’s time to get rid of Spooked

  67. And what about the season finale? In my opinion top 3 on the worst episodes of this season. Just terrible!

  68. The next 5 to go should be (imo)
    14. Test the Store
    15. The List
    16. Free Family Portrait Studio
    17. Doomsday
    18. Spooked

  69. Tallahassee was great, I enjoyed FFPS and Turf War. I voted for Garden Party… Josh Groban was such a tool.

  70. Now that Welcome Party is FINALLY gone, I’m voting off “Last Day in Florida”. Like many episodes this season, it had some funny moments but wasn’t memorable, mostly because the humor was lost in the plot development. It felt more like a drama (albeit with mild humor) than a comedy.

  71. Doomsday should be next, then Spooked follows. I’m solely basing my decisions off of how memorable these episodes are. The pre-Florida and post- Florida portions of Season 8 had some of the least memorable episodes in Office history. The only exceptions are Pam’s Replacement and Jury, but the others are just ‘meh’ to me.

  72. Just rewatched Spooked on Hulu. It should go before Doomsday does. And I liked Mrs. California. Solely for Jim running away, and Creed on the roof rofl

  73. Hmmm…two of my three favorite episodes have been voted off already! I have the feeling some of the ones that are going to end up at the top will be the episodes I found to be extremely boring. Different strokes for different folks.

  74. Mrs. California was a genuine surprise, I thought many people liked it. Doomsday should be the next to go, followed by Free Family Portrait Studio, and then Spooked.

  75. Man! Survivor for season 8 has been so unpredictable. Sadly there’s so much fluff in this one, that it’s hard to pick the worst (I never thought Pool Party would be gone so quickly). Having so many offenders is not good at all. And I’m officially campaigning to vote off the season finale – so awful and unwatchable.

  76. I’m really surprised that Mrs California has gone. It’s one of my favourites of the season. I can’t quite believe that Trivia is still in the running though!

  77. I think I’m keeping the Florida episodes safe, and I did actually like Spooked (also I like The List – that kind of jockeying for the affection of a new boss is absolutely true to real office life). I voted for Pam’s Replacement. My season favourite was Tallahassee, but I also liked Test the Store. And I liked the Christmas episode – but I always like the Christmas episodes. I could actually watch a DVD of nothing but Office Christmases.

  78. I liked Spooked, but it should have gone before Mrs. California. But I still think “Last Day in Florida” was disappointing, I’ve been voting it off for awhile now.

  79. @scs – I’ve been voting Garden Party off since day 1. I’m surprised it’s still around. Andy’s parents were just so brutally mean, and had no redeeming qualities. I understand that the point was to show why Andy has anger problems and such a strong desire to be liked, but his parents seemed inhumane and unbelievable. Just kind of a weird episode – a little too dramatic, without enough jokes to soften the blows. The whole season was a bit like that.

  80. I really liked Turf Wars (although I am a little biased because I live in Binghamton and it was mentioned multiple times in the episode). The season finale did nothing for me…but as long as Gettysburg is long gone, I am a happy camper :-)

  81. Wow! Did I miss the big push to get rid of Angry Andy – I didn’t even know I needed to defend that one (it was in my top-10 for the season at least).

  82. Aww man, I’m gonna miss Angry Andy and the hilarious second wall punch…
    Still pushing for Doomsday to get out of here.
    Or maybe Free Family Portrait Studio

  83. I didn’t want to vote “Angry Andy” off because I enjoyed how Andy lost his temper extremely since Nellie stole his job. I would vote off “Jury Duty”, or “Pam’s Replacement” (except for Robert and his musicians against Andy, Kevin and Darryl).

  84. I’ve been voting Doomsday off for weeks now. It was certainly weaker than some of the other episodes voted off already- especially Angry Andy! Andy’s wall punch was one of my favorite moments of the season. If Doomsday doesn’t go, then Free Family Portrait Studio should.

  85. Angry Angry rocks! That wall punch was epic. I didn’t like the silly storyline of Nellie stealing Andy’s job though.

    How is Trivia still in the running?!

  86. @Limey I enjoyed trivia. I thought it was one of the funniest of the season if not the funniest. The plot was kind of weak but the humor more than made up for it.Just my opinion though.Been voting for incentive myself.

  87. Doomsday was a favorite of mine this season. The List was terrible though, had been the only episode I have voted for this summer.

  88. I didn’t vote “Doomsday” off because I loved everything on that episode, including the cold open with Andy singing “Closing Time” and then Stanley followed him.

  89. What!!?? Garden Party was one of the only truly funny episodes this season along with Fundraiser which is also gone.

  90. There are a lot of terrible episodes this season (the majority, IMO), but I’m kind of surprised Garden Party got voted off. It was at least one of the decent ones.

  91. Really surprised. Garden Party was probably my favourite episode this season, one of the few REALLY good ones! I wasn’t expecting it would be voted off so early!

  92. I am really having a hard time with the Season 8 survivor game because there are so many episodes that need to be voted off, mostly due to Robert California and Nellie, both of whom I find insanely annoying. Nevertheless, I’ll probably save the Florida eps for last as I think they were for the most part the best this season.

    Speaking of seasons, If I had to rank them I’d do it as such from best to worst 2, 1(minus the pilot)3,4,6,5,7, 8.

    Happy summer everyone :)

  93. Aww, Garden Party and Trivia were two of my favorite episodes this season. Can’t complain much, though, seeing as what’s left are some good episodes. And then there’s Free Family Portrait studio… why is that still there?

  94. @Little Michael Scott I’m with you I really liked Trivia, and have been trying to get rid of both Pam’s Replacement and Jury Duty since almost the start of the poll. At this juncture I’m losing interest because many of my favorites are gone.

  95. I really hope that David Wallace can save season 9. I agree that this has been the worst season thusfar and Nellie was atrocious. Pam’s Replacement gets my next vote. I really liked FFPS because of all the cliffhangers. Tied together a few stories.

  96. Coincidence or not that all but 2 of the episodes left are heavy on the DWIM?

  97. Trivia was one of my favorites of the season! How is Pam’s Replacement still holding on?

  98. Pam’s replacement was another one of my favourites, I’m kinda sad it’s gone.

  99. Okay, I’m done with this BS poll. About half of my faves are gone, and many I really don’t like remain. This is ridiculous…

  100. Why did trivia lotto garden party and doomsday get voted off??? all great episodes…

  101. Well, I didn’t wanna vote “FFPS” off the island because I loved that season finale, and I enjoyed the moment of David Wallace returning to Dunder Mifflin, purchasing the company from Sabre, reinstating Andy as manager and becoming the new CEO.

  102. Ugh! I’m glad the finale is gone. I couldn’t take that whole andy as a janitor bit; it was just awful

  103. It would be interesting to know if each episode that has been voted off has been voted off by a landslide or if the race is really close each week…?

    This season was such a rollercoaster, I think fans are all over the map on voting this year. No clear winners. Although it does seem like maybe the Florida storyline was popular for many…which surprises me because of the outpouring of disgust for Nellie. (I don’t like her either; and I’ve been voting for After Hours for WEEKS.)

  104. Darn. FFPS was my favorite episode of the season because it ended the terrible Nellie reign of lameness and because it was funny! If there was an OfficeTally Character Survivor poll, I would vote Nellie off first.

  105. I didn’t vote “The Incentive” off because I loved the scenes of how the entire office works hard to get so many points in order to watch Andy getting his ass tattoo-ed.

  106. Once Christmas Wishes and The List go, then we’ll have a real contest.

  107. Okay, I’ll say, I like Nellie. Actually I hate, but that’s what I like about her. Everyone on The Office has become so likable after 8 years and I’m ready for someone who annoys me. I think her character has great potential to be a lightening rod for discontent and tension which the show needs. Plus I can see her being a great target for pranks. So I think I’m going to enjoying hating her and I’m glad she’ll be back next season. There, I said it. Let the arguments begin!

  108. Wow, i loved Jury Duty. I thought it was one of the best of the season. It was a classic! I can’t believe Turf War is still there, I hated that one.

  109. TobyFan,
    I don’t hate Nellie because she’s so annoying.
    I despise what her character did in Season 8 because she was A) not funny and B) inspired story choices that were so ridiculous (esp. in Angry Andy) that I threw up my hands. Even Michael Scott at his worst never turned this once-great show into a cheap cartoon.

  110. Hey! #129 — That’s a good idea.
    Tanster – can we do an officetally character survivor poll to see the rankings of all the characters and see what our favorites are?

  111. I thought the list was a great episode, even though it wasn’t realistic it still had me laughing from start to finish! Whatever happened to “shove it up your butt” I thought it would become the new Twss. They should have used it more

  112. I didn’t wanna vote “The List” off the island because I enjoyed every moment of the episode, including the cold open with the “planking”, and how Andy defended his co-workers (now employees) from Robert, specially when he supported Pam.

  113. And now to gun for Christmas with a vengeance, because seeing child-like Erin get drunk does not appeal to me.

  114. The lessons from this poll couldn’t be clearer from the fans’ POV:
    1. They loved the Tallahassee story.
    2. They liked the way Andy-as-manager started but quickly and totally soured on that.
    3. They hated anything focusing strongly on Nellie Bertram.
    4. Mindy Kaling + holidays = gold.

  115. I couldn’t vote off “Turf War” yet because I loved how Andy was getting revenge for his termination, stealing the client Jim, Dwight and another salesman fought over, blackmailing Robert California and proposing David Wallace to purchase Dunder Mifflin.

  116. I’m on board with a Survivor Poll for characters on The Office, including pretty much everyone. Also, I always pretty much felt a strong dislike at times towards Michael. But after this season, I realized, no matter how ridiculous he was at his worst, this type of show NEEDS a character like Michael Scott, whether it’s the actual manager or a regular employee. It’s necessary.

  117. Finally Turf War goes. It took 15 some weeks, but corporate fraud finally gets its comeuppance. Now on to Christmas Wishes. Totally killed any interest I ever had in the Andy/Erin story. She was (even by recent Office standards) totally over the top with wishing worms to crawl out of the dead skull of Andy’s girlfriend. I would never even think about going out with someone who said that about another person I was dating.

  118. Hated Turf War, glad that’s gone, but I thought Christmas Wishes was the best of the season!! I don’t know why everyone is in love with the Florida episodes. They were good, but by The Office standard, they were nothing special.

  119. I love “Christmas Wishes”. I like every single moment of the episode, including Jim & Dwight’s pranking war and Erin getting drunk and jealous of Andy. It was the show’s first Christmas episode without Michael and Pam.

  120. Last Day In Florida had only one thing going for it, and that was Jim Vs Dwight in the hallway. Other than that it was an average episode and I can’t believe it lasted this long.

  121. FINALLY Last Day in Florida is gone! I just thought that episode was massively disappointing following the great Florida arc. I’m knocking “Test the Store” off next, it just doesn’t live up the other three.

    So am I right in assuming this is the 1st survival poll where the last 5 standing were consecutive episodes?

  122. Literally never seen OT’s final 5 line up with my own. You still had me worried for a while here, but now, good job!

  123. I adore Christmas Wishes too. It’s a fine episode. Mindy Kaling wrote it, Ed Helms directed it and there is no Nellie. What’s not to love? :-)

  124. ‘Test The Store’ was worth all the Chuck references alone :D
    Calling it right now: Special Project, After Hours, and Tallahassee as #1

  125. Special Project was great for Dwight’s reaction to his team and Tallahassee was great for all the Dwight-Jim-Stanley-Ryan-Erin stuff. They all got to shine.

  126. I’m actually having a really difficult time choosing between these two – I even went back and read the quotes from each hoping this would give one the advantage. Argh! I think I’m picking Special Project. I think.
    P.S. Just looking back over the whole Florida arc, from Special Project to Last Day… I don’t care what anyone says, that was great TV!

  127. I prefer to vote for “Tallahassee” in the first place, because I love every moment of the episode, including the human pyramid, and how Andy covers for Erin until Pam and Darryl talk him out of it.

  128. Interesting. I really thought Special Project might win in. Both were good episodes though! I’m so ready for Season 9!

  129. I agree with the result. While this entire season was underwhelming, at best, Tallahassee was the lone shining moment. Great opening and equally great ending (with Famous Amos, no less!). Too bad the rest of the season never quite came close to this one.

  130. I enjoyed both of them, but Tallahassee got my vote. Cold open was one of the funniest cold opens in the last couple years as well.

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