OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 9

The Office Survivor Poll Season 9OfficeTally Survivor Poll is a series of fan polls posted in the summer following a full season of episodes. Similar to the Survivor reality show, you’ll “vote off” your least favorite Season 9 Office episode in each poll, until the lone survivor and most popular episode remains.

Status: The final rankings are now in!

The Office Season 9 Survivor Rankings

  1. Finale
  2. A.A.R.M.
  3. Livin’ the Dream
  4. Moving On
  5. Promos
  6. Paper Airplane
  7. Dwight Christmas
  8. Customer Loyalty
  9. The Whale
  10. The Target
  11. New Guys
  12. Junior Salesman
  13. Couples Discount
  14. Work Bus
  15. Stairmageddon
  16. Suit Warehouse
  17. Lice
  18. Vandalism
  19. The Boat
  20. Roy’s Wedding
  21. Andy’s Ancestry
  22. Here Comes Treble
  23. The Farm

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  1. Woo! Bring it on! I think Here Comes Treble/Vandalism/The Farm should be the first three off…

  2. I loved Lice – thought this was the episode that should win Jenna an Emmy (and spawned the many wigs of Meredith – how could I not love that!). Save Lice! Save Lice! (why does that sound wrong – my school nurse would so not approve…)

    We might have a pretty good idea of what will win #1, but I think the other spots will be interesting. Especially the episodes in the first half of the season.

  3. Ranking these made me realize how great this season was (at least compared to 6 and 8, for sure). So many episodes that I really, really enjoyed! Unlike last year, I love (or at least strongly like) all of the episodes up until number 18!

  4. Ok, I’m studying all the old episodes. Gotta take this seriously since it’s the last one :(

  5. I enjoyed Lice too! Voted for “The Farm”. Thought it could’ve been a good/promising show, but the episode as an Office episode was a bit slow compared to the rest.

  6. I have to disagree with #1 about Here Comes Treble since it features the long awaited debut of Broccoli Rob. One of the middle-ish episodes that were mainly about the drama, those need to go.

  7. Vandalism will definitely be the first to be voted off. But I’d like to point out how bad the first episode was. I mean, Kevin with the turtle thing, Kevin wanted to eat a cat, Dwight vomited on Angela, Dwight did a stupid stunt from rooftop, etc. And spoiler alert: The winner for S9 Survivor Poll is the Finale.

  8. How can anyone say that ‘Lice’ is the worst episode? #9 makes a good point about New Guys being weak – luckily the rest of the season did not reflect the first episode.

  9. This survivor is going to be very black and white. The strong was strong and the weak was weak, the middle votes are going to be the only exciting ones, the rest is a wash lol

  10. I voted for Roy’s Wedding – it just wasn’t my favourite. I liked Vandalism for the Pam/Dwight interaction.

  11. It’s inevitable that Finale will take the #1 spot, so I think positions 2-6 should go (not necessarily in order)

    Livin’ The Dream
    Dwight Christmas
    The Whale

  12. Work Bus is top 5 for me but I see it being middle of the road for everyone else. I say Farm goes first though.

  13. Am I the only one who found Here Comes Treble entertaining? Granted, Dwight taking the anxiety med at the end was kinda weird and out of character, but there were a lot of solid moments (Dwight eating “Jims” on the couch, Pam being serenaded during the fight with Jim, Toby falling in love with himself, anything with Clark, everything with Andy and Broccoli Rob was juvenile and pathetic–which is completely in-character and hilarious, etc.).

    Not the best episode of the season, but definitely not in the bottom tier.

  14. I hated lice. Not the worst episode of the season but it was awful. The thing that really really just pissed me off and genuinely made me mad was the bug bomb that Dwight set off. I saw how extremely fake it was in the promo and thought, oh it will be more realistic in the episode. Then I saw the episode and how fake the smoke was and I was furious. This show is supposed to be real and the poor special effects made me mad. I understand that occasionally special effects are necessary but it was not needed for a cheap gag.

  15. @Safety Training Work Bus is top 10 for me, so it might get up there.

    I voted for Here Comes Treble, which is probably a bad choice since I don’t really remember it too well, but I do remember not enjoying it as much as the others (that is, usually I remember when I disagree with all the negative flack).

    Also, I very much like Vandalism. Kevin telling off the Senator for being a terrible person? And come on, Pam and Dwight moment at the end? Pam and Dwight are adorable! Sure, maybe it wasn’t the funniest, but I don’t just watch this show for the comedy.

  16. I want to throw in my ranking of this season’s episodes for my future reference and for others’ perusal, with some commentary:

    1. Episode 24-25, Finale
    2. Ep 22-23, A.A.R.M.
    3. Ep 4, Work Bus – The only very good episode from early in the season
    4. Ep 21, Livin’ the Dream – Should have been extended to 45 minutes or so, not an hour
    5. Ep 19, Stairmaggedon
    6. Ep 18, Promos
    7. Ep 16, Moving On – I actually loved this one, despite its seemingly erratic plotting
    8. Ep 12, Customer Loyalty – Ranked high for the realism, not the humor
    9. Ep 9, Dwight Christmas
    10. Ep 10, Lice
    11. Ep 1, New Guys
    12. Ep 8, The Target
    13. Ep 7, The Whale
    14. Ep 13, Junior Salesman
    15. Ep 11, Suit Warehouse
    16. Ep 6, The Boat
    17. Ep 3, Andy’s Ancestry
    18. Ep 17, The Farm – Not as bad as some say, but still toward the lower end of my ranking
    19. Ep 20, Paper Airplane
    20. Ep 15, Couples Discount
    21. Ep 2, Roy’s Wedding
    22. Ep 14, Vandalism
    23. Ep 5, Here Comes Treble – terrible use of the best guest star the Office ever had

  17. Worst episode? The Farm, not only for its lack of funny, but also because it forced Dwight to act out of character to fit his possible departure at mid-season.

  18. My top 6

    Livin’ the Dream
    Customer Loyalty
    Moving On

  19. I think The Farm should be first to go simply because it just didn’t feel like an office episode

  20. Work Bus and Andy’s Ancestry need to go. Random plots that simply took time away from wrapping the show up. I’m still embarrassed.

  21. Every season there’s that one episode I love because of its sheer simplicity, and S9 it was Work Bus. S5 it was the need to dance in Cafe Disco and for S9 it was the need for pies!
    And yes, I shall be voting for the Farm. It just wasn’t well put together and really jarring.
    My Top 5
    1. Finale – Really does deserve the ranking it will get
    2. Livin the Dream
    3. A.A.R.M.
    4. Moving On – I think it’s the flat out funniest of S9!
    5. Dwight Christmas

    Coincidence that my top 4 are all the hour longs?

  22. It’s between The Farm and Here Comes Treble for the worst, for me. I also hated Dwight Christmas, and New Guys was just okay. I liked the rest, mainly, Roy’s Wedding, Andy’s Ancestry, Work Bus, The Whale, and Vandalism.

  23. I’ll let The Farm pass this week, just because it’s never easy trying to start a new show. I enjoyed it somewhat, but not for The Office. That random Todd plot felt, crammed and rushed. The character deserved more.

  24. @ 19. I agree with most of what you said. But I have to say, the worst use of a special guest star was with Jim Carrey. I think they could have done something so much better with him and I was so excited to see him when they mentioned him in the promos a couple years ago.

  25. Surprised no one’s mentioned “Lice” here yet. To me that episode was just….I don’t know very “Not The Office”

  26. Worst episode? It’s really easy: Stairmagaddon. It’s one of the very few episodes of this show I really hated. It was way too over the top.

  27. Vandalism brings up the rear. The worker in the warehouse was so over the top violently psychotic that it wrecked the episode. They could have figured out a more “Office-like” way to get Brian to defend Pam without going there. Liked the Pam/Dwight bonding, though.

  28. The worst is definitely “Here Comes Treble” to me. Terrible episode.

  29. I’m rather surprised by how many people are already listing the Finale as their favorite. Not that it wasn’t wonderful, but I actually enjoyed AARM more than I enjoyed the finale.

    In actuality, it’s hard to separate them, as one definitely leads into the other. But in the end, I found AARM more enjoyable.

  30. Stairmageddon…Embarrassingly bad. Easily in the bottom 3 of the entire series for me.

  31. I’m voting out The Farm first. It would have been great as an actual pilot episode, but it just didn’t quite work as an Office episode.

  32. Which episode was the one where they got a new coffee maker and tore up the carpeting?

  33. I have to go with “Stairmageddon.” I remember being borderline angry over the stupidity of the darts/rolling, and I say that as someone who picked a screenname honoring a scene in which a guy swam in spilled food. That whole story killed the entire episode for me. That was the only episode of the season where I found myself feeling more negative than positive after the end. So, off it should go.

  34. Tanster it says on Twitter that “The Farm” is the first one off but it doesn’t say it here and the polls are closed?

    [from tanster: should work now, thanks!]

  35. It’s fine Tanster, I am just glad I can now vote!:)

    Agree with #45 – time for Here Comes Treble to go next!

  36. I absolutley HATED Lice. I thought it was a terrible episode and it just didn’t feel like The Office to me! I think that was the worst one of the season.

  37. This time around, I voted for Here Comes Treble. It was a fine enough episode, but the premise was a bit wonky.

  38. Any Andy-heavy episode this season is awful in my opinion. So as a result I will be voting all those episodes off first. Starting with “HCT”. I still don’t understand why they made him so unlikeable. Especially for the final season. It just didn’t work at all. And what I really don’t get is Ed Helms was signed on as a producer this season; so he had at least a little bit of a say in the writing department. I don’t see how he could be ok with what they did to Andy. With that said. It was very nice to see him happy and mellowed out in the finale. In the end it all kind of paid off, I guess. But still..

  39. I think I’m voting off “Lice”. Except maybe for Meredith shaving her head, and Julius Erving’s appearance, everything in that episode is lame.

  40. Now I am not sure what to vote. Stairmageddon or Here Comes Treble? Creed with the awesome TWSS is worth some points I think, so voting Stairmageddon. There, I’ve done it.

  41. So long Here Comes Treble! I think Lice/Vandalism/Stairmageddon/Andy’s Ancestry are the only ones left that are classed as ‘bad’ episodes now, after they are gone, I see it as fair game.

  42. I know I’m in the minority when I say I kind of liked Here Comes Treble. There were one or two episodes which I thought were only slightly worse.

  43. I didn’t wanna vote off “Here Comes Treble” because I loved most of the scenes of the episode, including the performances of Andy’s a cappella group, Andy and Broccoli Rob becoming rivals, and an angry Pam (again).

  44. I think I’m the only person who enjoyed “Lice” and “Stairmageddon” :(

    “Shave her head. Shave. Her. HEAAAADD!!”

  45. For me, it’s any episode that is Pete heavy. I really hated Pete. He had no purpose. So, “The New Guys” gets my vote.

  46. Get Roy’s Wedding out. Such a boring episode. Vandalism can go after that IMO.

  47. #57 – New Guys definitely doesn’t deserve to be raked below “Lice” & “Vandalism”…

  48. @#57 – agreed. I didn’t like the Pete Erin storyline much.

  49. I think we may be forgetting an obvious one, Suit Warehouse. It was the only episode that I did not laugh at all at. The Dwight-Clark connection did nothing for me, nor did everyone drinking too much coffee and Darryl’s interview debacle.

  50. Gotta say Moving On needs to go. While I liked Pam’s interview in Philly, the whole Aunt Shirley thing was just not funny.

  51. Let’s not forget that “New Guy” included that terrible Dwight bicycling across the power line thing, as well as Andy being a complete jerk. Plus, once again, Pete.

  52. 64 – That’s an interesting perspective – Moving On is actually one of my favourite episodes of the whole season.

  53. #65 – I actually thought the Dwight thing was pretty funny. It showed that Dwight doesn’t really understand how to prove himself, and then does something too extreme. Looking back, maybe that was an ongoing theme throughout the entire show. But each to their own I guess.

  54. #62- I agree, “The Finale” will win, and deservedly, it was a great episode. However, as great as it was and as sentimental, A.A.R.M. was better.

  55. 57 and 61

    I do NOT agree. The Pete / Erin stuff was a highlight of season 9 for me.

    Since the Farm (in which Pete did not appear) is already gone, I’ll go with “Junior Salesman”, for completely cutting the Pete / Erin storyline.

  56. I liked moving on! For me this time round it’s The Whale – remember liking the first half, but they dumbed down Jan so much and for that reason I never went back

  57. Went with New Guys this time.

    I should point out, other than the two that are gone now (The Farm and Here Comes Treble), I don’ think there’s an episode left that I didn’t like. It’s going to he hard from now on.

    That’s what she said.

  58. Can we please get rid of Lice already??? And why didn’t anyone like Here Come Treble?? I thought that one was great.

  59. Gunning for Suit Warehouse for a bit, I think – the title sales call, Darryl’s interview, and the espresso plot once they started displaying withdrawal symptoms were all so excruciating I kept fast-forwarding and still can’t watch.

  60. It’s so great, actually, because even if we feel pretty confident about what will be #1 (and probably #2 as well), there’s certainly some great debate over the rest of the season – some of the episodes people are trying to vote off are actually in my top-10 (including Lice and Moving On – I might even put Stairmaggedon in the top-10). To vote off Lice, an episode that actually made me cry, that’s just crazy to me. Plus, I liked both Plop and Dwight Jr. and thought they were great additions this year.

  61. I’m going to keep voting for “Moving On” until it’s banished from the list. Just a bad episode all the way around: poor echo of Michael Scott via Bob Odenkirk’s awful performance (and I like his work in general, just not here), Jim & Pam at their nadir, Andy as the worst, and (this is the element that made this episode terrible for me) the unasked-for and unwelcome return of Gabe Lewis.

  62. I actually like Here Comes Treble. It’s fun to watch. I hope ‘comical’ episodes such as New Guy, Stairmageddon & Lice will be voted off after this. Perhaps, Vandalism too, because of the Brian-sudden-heroic scene.

  63. Put me down as another fan of “Lice”. I think Jenna Fischer should submit that as her Emmy nomination. While she might have been better in Customer Loyalty or one of the other serious episodes, her comedic ability really showed through in “Lice”.

  64. I am really surprised about Andy’s Ancestry. I really liked it. Especially the Pam/Nellie stuff. I can’t believe Lice is still here, it HAS to go on Friday, right?

  65. 77/Ben – Everything you hated about Moving On is what I loved about it. I thought Bob Odenkirk was brilliant, the tension between Jim and Pam was palpable, and a wonderful, perfectly creepy Gabe. I put Moving On in my top 5.

  66. My opinion is that the Asian!Jim cold open and Pam and Nellie story’s made Andy Ancestry a better episode than Stairmaggdon. That’s where my vote is still going, anyhow.

  67. The only thing I think I like of “Andy’s Ancestry” is when Erin speaks Dothraki. I’m still voting off “Lice”. Plus, the only thing I appreciate of “The Farm” is Packer having revenge against his former Scranton friends, specially when Andy and Kevin mess with each other after being drugged, and thank god Pam didn’t eat her cupcake.

  68. I feel alone for being The only one who HATED “dwight christmas”. Hahaha. Seriously, i wish i could enjoy it since is The last christmas episode.

  69. Since I don’t remember the plot of The Boat, besides being Andy-centric, that one is next to go! If I can’t remember it, that means I didn’t want to re-watch it.

  70. We should do a poll of the rankings of all the seasons after this is over. I think I’d do 2, 3, 4, 7, 5, 1, 9, 6, 8, but it’d be interesting to see what others had in mind.

  71. After this poll, it would be fun to take the winning episode from each season and eliminate one of those periodically until we have voted for the best Office episode of all-time.

  72. Just re-watched Stairmageddon last night and I still love that episode – the press conference, Andy’s interview with Carla Fern, the interaction between Dwight and Clark and the conversations between Jim/Toby and Pam/Nellie.

  73. I didn’t want to vote off “Roy’s Wedding” because I liked (almost) all the scenes of that episode, including the moment when Roy gets married (finally) and surprises Jim and Pam with his transformation, Andy and Erin’s fake news anchorpeople audition, and also Dwight and Nellie’s “127 Hours”-type torture antics.

  74. @ 88 (Nick)

    Wow, I agree completely. Not only with the suggestion, but also with the exact order of seasons

  75. I haven’t seen anyone else mention it, so I thought I should bring it up: I think The Target was my least favorite episode this season. I just didn’t think the premise was very realistic or funny. I’ve been trying to vote it off every poll, and will keep voting for it until it’s gone.

  76. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Junior Salesman. It was like the Farm in the sense that it focused too much on Dwight’s overly insane friends and family.

  77. Surprised “Roy’s Wedding” got voted off so soon. Didn’t think it was terrible. I’m still sticking with “The Boat” for now.
    @95 I do totally agree with you about “Junior Salesman” though. We saw too much of Dwight’s crazy friends/relatives.

  78. You guys are softening me on “Stairmageddon.”

    It would be so much easier to do this after watching the DVDs! I had forgotten some of the things I didn’t like in earlier episodes. And I can’t bring myself to turn on NBC at 9 on Thursday nights to see the reruns, knowing I’ll never again see a new episode then. :(

  79. I voted for Work Bus this time – honestly I hate voting anything off – it’s like telling one of your kids you like them less than the others…

  80. Wow, I’ve been so much closer this year than usual. Just 20 and 21 switched around, and same with 22 and 23 (usually one of my top ten ends up at the bottom).
    I’d be interested to see how a season ranking turned out. I mean, season 2 would win but after that, not sure. I’m in the minority though in that I would rank it 3/5 (can’t decide on which I love more), 2, 4, 7/9/1 (I know the beginning of 9 was shaky but the end was… worth it), 8, 6 (The Tallahassee arc makes 8 better than 6. I don’t know. I really did not like 6 — compared to the others. Obviously, I still loved it because TO <3)

  81. I’d totally be down for a Survivor Poll of all the seasons! Even though I have sort of separated the show from its self in my mind. Seasons 1-3 are The Office. A brilliant grounded in reality series. It ended when Jim finally asked Pam out. And Seasons 4-9 are a sort of spin-off series called The(e) Office. It’s more of a ridiculous sitcom that’s really not as good as The Office. It’s the only way I could keep watching the show after season 3, honestly.
    This would probably be my vote though:
    2, 1, 3, 5, 4, 7, 6, 9, 8.

  82. (TANSTER, PLEASE READ. METHINKS ME HAS AN IDEA FOR YOU!!) In response to Nick (#88)- instead of ranking seasons, which you can do in the comments (they’re only 9 numbers), I think that a survivor poll should be done for all seasons that haven’t yet had, then the TOP EPISODE for each of those should be put into a final TOP EPISODE OVERALL POLL and the worst in each should be put into a WORST EPISODE OVERALL poll!! My season rankings are:
    2>3>>>5>4>>7>>9>6>>>1>>>>>>8 (differential measured by number of arrows!). 2 & 3 CAN be interchangeable, as I’d argue 3 is more entertaining and memorable but 2 was the more quality production, but what can’t be debated is that 2&3 stand alone ahead of the rest.

  83. The Boat, a.k.a. “The Means to Excuse Ed Helms for Movie Making Only to Scorn Him in Future Scripts Upon His Return and Confuse His Character” should be next to go. Blech.

  84. I didn’t wanna vote off “The Boat”, because I loved all the scenes in the episode, including Andy saving his family fortune, along with his brother being found drunk in the boat; I also liked Dwight being mocked by the “radio”, with Nellie’s american accent; and Kevin’s cover-up of Oscar’s relationship with the senator. I’ll keep voting off “Lice”.

  85. @103 I’m not hating in the slightest… We’re all Office fans here and I respect all opinions relating to the show. That said, I want to ask you… Why are you defending “Work Bus?” To me it was an episode with a silly, unrealistic plot that seemed forced due to its lack of realism. Obviously you’re not alone because it hasn’t gone yet, and I want to know why I can’t see the light in this episode!

  86. I’m truly shocked The Boat is gone before Lice is. I thought it was a great episode, with the radio prank on Dwight, and Kevin keeping Oscar’s secret. Yes, the plot with Andy wasn’t up to par, but really was anything with Andy this season up to par?

  87. The Boat? Didn’t see that one coming. I thought it was one of the best episodes. Top 15 at the very least. John Krasinski directed it if I’m not mistaken. I liked the maturity of Erin in that episode. And it ended perfectly with Andy’s brother playing More Than Words in the background.

  88. I really enjoyed re-watching Paper Airplane last night – it’s actually one of my favourites of the season. I wish NBC was showing some of the ones from earlier in the season so I could remember them better!

    Still voting for Work Bus…

  89. @115 Perfect. haha
    A survivor pool of all the seasons next would be cool. I do totally agree. My list would probably be:
    2, 1, 3, 5, 4, 7, 6, 9, 8.

  90. I’m finding this year’s survivor poll to be the hardest one ever. Why? Because I loved pretty much every episode of this season, and apart from my top 3, I have no idea how to rank the rest!

  91. I made a list of my top-5 of the season: AARM, Finale, Moving On, Dwight Christmas, The Target; with honorable mentions to Customer Loyalty, Paper Airplane, Lice and Stairmageddon (yeah, I said it, Lice and Stairmageddon).

    I actually have trouble choosing between AARM and the Finale – AARM was like an actual Office episode, whereas the Finale was like a mini-movie – kind of like comparing the British Office’s special to the regular series.

  92. These are my top 4 of the season: Finale, Livin’ the Dream, A.A.R.M., Moving On.

  93. @119 My exact top four. I know AARM will probably beat Livin’ the Dream, but I LOVED Livin’ the Dream.

  94. Haha – I really liked Livin the Dream too – honestly, I went to write a top 10 and it was a top 12 and basically included the entire second half of the season.

    P.S. Anyone else click on the Spoilers link just out of habit, only to realize we will never have another spoiler. Bummer.

  95. @119, 121, and 122. Totally agree with both, My 4 favorite were all the hour long episodes (coincidence?)!! Along with Dwight Christmas at #5. It’s going to hard to vote off episodes before we get to the top 10!

  96. I love the idea of ranking seasons! I also love jayphayes (#105) idea of the top overall episodes & worst overall episodes! I think my season rankings would be 3, 5, 2/1 (one is so short that I think of it as combined with 2), 9, 7, 4, 6, 8.

  97. @Toby97 ~ surely it has to be, I keep voting for it and laugh when it isn’t the one voted off ~ ha.

  98. Voting for “New Guys” until it’s gone. The beginning of annoying jerky Andy. Gag.

    Hoping for an ultimate Survivor Poll containing perhaps the top 3 from every season!

  99. “Suit Warehouse” has to go! I love The Office, but if I had to pick one, it’d be Suit Warehouse. Too much “out of office” time.

  100. RE: ultimate season survivor poll. Nothing personal, but there is season 2 then all the rest. Take a look at each S2 episode and there is something awesome in every single one. Nothing else in the series’ entire run touches it (twss).

  101. Kinda surprised “Lice” got voted off so soon. “Stairmaggedon” and “Suit Warehouse” were WAY worse imo. I gotta say though, if it wasn’t for the last 4 episodes. I think this would have been the absolute worst season of The Office. Too much drama; and Andy’s sudden unexplained personality switch(same thing can be said about Erin) really ruined a lot of the joy for me. Makes a lot of the episodes hard to re-watch.

  102. I really don’t get all the Lice hate — it was in my top 10 and I loved the Meredith/Pam bonding at the end. But I’ve been voting Suit Warehouse off for a couple of weeks now…

  103. The fact that The Target still hasn’t been voted off makes me want to re-watch it and see what was so good about the episode

  104. At this point I don’t know who to vote off. I liked all the ones that are left. Junior Salesman and The Target I guess, neither really stood out for me.

  105. @130 Yeah, it would be pretty unfair to limit S2 to three episodes while S8 got the same number.Does Tallahassee really rank up there with The Dundies, The Injury or Casino Night?

  106. Finally!!! Lice is gone!!! Now.. Which one to vote off.. What was the episode where Saul Goodman played Michael Scott’s long lost brother? I liked that one and want to keep it on.

  107. New Guys for me, outside of the cold open it was a rather disappointing premiere.

  108. In regards to a season survivor poll, I don’t understand all the love for season two? PLEASE don’t think I am saying that season two was bad, because it was not. But I think the show was at its best in season three where it was fully developed, we learnt a lot about the secondary characters and it was just funnier overall. Not to mention Jim & Pam finally getting together.

    My rankings would be 3, 5, 2, 7, 4, 9, 6, 1, 8.

  109. New Guys did a good job planting the seeds for the entire season, but I will be voting for that and Suit Warehouse until they’re gone. Still can’t believe Andy’s Ancestry is already gone!!

  110. Suit Warehouse has to go! I remember being so disappointed with that episode…

  111. @141 Sorry, but there are just two words that prove S2 was the best: Casino Night.

  112. YAY! Now I can actually pick a new target. Ooh, actually, that one sounds good. Anything that involved Angela’s husband this year was excruciating, and I hated Pam being dumb at the end.

  113. after this season 9 can we have another poll but for the whole The Office run. all the top 2 episodes battle out. Who’s with me?

  114. Can we now turn our attention to Promos? That awful, forced scene with Brian’s character made that episode one of the worst of the season, IMO.

  115. Second time poster. I recently purchased the season sets cheap. It’s been pretty great to re-watch the past seasons, for the first time in years. Right now i’d probably rank: 2, 5, 3, 6, 4, 1, 8, 9.

  116. I never saw all of ‘Suit Warehouse’ when it first aired. I want to watch it completely soon so I can consider it for voting so I started to watch it the other day, but didn’t get past maybe five minutes.

  117. Noooooo! It was so huge, it was a “mageddon!” I, for one, will miss you Stairmageddon.

    Still voting Work Bus.

    (And still love Moving On!)

  118. I’ve been voting for “Work Bus” ever since “Vandalism” got voted off.

  119. 151/TobyFan: It’s my new vote. Bottom five of the season for me for sure. :/

  120. What?!? I loved Stairmageddon!!! Dwight tranquing Stanley, and then him and Clark’s “Weekend at Bernie’s”? Hilarious.

  121. WHAAAAAAT!? How can the dreadful New Guys still be on the island while Work Bus has been voted off??

  122. I can’t believe “Work Bus” was voted off. I like all the scenes in it, including the “Shabooya Roll Call” scenes, Dwight and Jim’s conversation, and Andy being from jerk to kind to Nellie. As for “Stairmageddon”, I like the moment of Stanley being drugged.

  123. #163 – DEFINITELY not time for The Target to go next. Not yet anyway. I say we get rid of New Guys before.

  124. Now that Work Bus is gone, I think it’s time to say goodbye to Couples Discount as well.

  125. I genuinely don’t understand all the “New Guys” hate from you, Toby97. I felt like that was a generally well-appreciated episode, and it had some really great moments. It set the whole season up very well. What about it bothers you so much? Not trying to argue; I just don’t get it. There are at least three other episodes left that I would rank below it.

  126. I would put Work Bus in my top 5 of this season. I also thought it was a really good episode.

  127. Voted for Couples Discount – running out of episodes to vote off, to be honest. I like New Guys – I liked the cast additions this year, especially Clarke Duke. I also liked The Target, specifically the storyline with Pete and the complaint cards. Ack! I just really don’t want to vote off anything at this point!

  128. Yeah, I agree with Sloppy Chilli Kevin. “New Guys”, while not that good, did do a really great job with setting up the whole season. I like how everything sort of just depended on that one phone call. If Jim didn’t go for it everything would have been different.
    I don’t think it’s time for it to go yet, but who knows! That’s just my personal opinion.

  129. I liked the ones I voted off because I love the rest. Now that I love them all, what do I do??

  130. I like “Couples Discount”, but I wouldn’t consider it my favorite. Still, it’s good to see David Wallace in the flesh, after we heard his voice only in previous episodes.

  131. Yeah, I pretty much have no idea what to vote for at this point… I liked New Guys but I might have to vote for it just because I can’t vote for anything else…

  132. Yeah, it’s pretty much a crap shoot on what to vote for at this point. All I know is I’m not touching Finale.

  133. Tough picks from here on out. My next vote out? Junior Salesman: Dwight’s selection pool was a bit too cartoony for my tastes.

  134. Top 10!! Getting tense now.

    Feel kinda sad though, because I know after this poll, The Office really will be over.

  135. It’s Paper Airplane for me. The ‘comedy’ was way too broad and way to focused on the worst traits of a lot of characters. everything else is pretty solid, especially the final three episodes.

  136. Okay, Moving On — it’s time. It can NOT be in the top 10! (But if it is, I will respect the results of the duel, er, the poll.)

    I miss The Office so much. ::sniff::

  137. I’m voting Promos off here. The whole “doc crew as part of the story” theme just didn’t work very well and this episode made that clear.

  138. New Guys again – after that, maybe Customer Loyalty? Maybe The Whale? I don’t know. Paper Airplane made me cry so I don’t think I can vote that off.

  139. Surprised that The Farm is the least favorite of season 9. I honestly thought that it made a good pilot had it been picked up for the proposed series. I thought most Office fans felt the same way… hmmm :\

    [from tanster: i really liked the farm, too!]

  140. I think i’ll go with Customer Loyalty this week, then New Guys after that. I thought Promos did a good job of setting up the tone for the final part of the season. I think it would probably in my personal top five.

  141. @184 (and tanster) I think there were a couple of reasons for the low rating of The Farm. First, the intention was for Dwight to leave The Office in mid-season so they spent a few episodes early in the season making it seem like Dwight was unhappy at Dunder Mifflin. It didn’t really fit his character. Second, the broadcast of the episode came in the final stretch of the season which meant we spent a whole episode not telling the stories we really wanted to see.

  142. Eric – I liked The Farm too. I didn’t vote it off, but I think some folks felt it didn’t fit with the rest of the season since it was so different. But I really enjoyed the characters (and the music!). Yes, again, I will make my shameless plug for NBC to put an hour-long director’s cut of The Farm on the DVD!

  143. We’re really down to the cream of the crop at this point. Basically, impossible to choose.

  144. Ack! I was actually hoping no one else would vote for New Guys and then it would stay and I could keep voting for it and not have to choose any of the others. I guess it’s Customer Loyalty next…

  145. Argh – changed my mind already – voted for The Whale. Just couldn’t vote off Jenna’s performance in Customer Loyalty yet.

    So tough to choose. Currently banging my head on my desk.

  146. really having trouble voting off these next few, they all were so good! nobody better be voting off The Whale though, that was my favorite until the end of the season.

  147. I didn’t wanna vote off “New Guys” because it was awesome to see a meaner-again Andy, Jim’s hardest decision to work in Philadelphia, Dwight’s jealousy toward Clark, a.k.a. “Dwight Jr.”, Pete being nicknamed “Plop” for the first time, Oscar adopting Angela’s cat Comstock and having an affair with the senator, Kevin helping to save a turtle who’s already dead, and Nellie being humiliated by Andy, with “a little help from his friends”. Good episode.

  148. It’s like picking a favorite child. You love them all equally. Although, The Whale and The Target will fall into place at 9 and 8 respectively for me, personally.

  149. 190: Good point about JF’s performance in Customer Loyalty. I was going to vote it off next because of the cringe inducing fight at the end and that Pam’s my fave character, but i’ll have to re-weigh the options because it did give Jenna some meaty material.

  150. I decided to vote for Customer Loyalty anyway because I want Promos to hang in there as long as possible and I think it is probably next to go. IMO, The final five should be Promos, Paper Airplane, Living the Dream, AARM and Finale. The final quarter of the season was just excellent and made up for a somewhat lackluster final season. It reminded us of the best of The Office and why we love these characters.

  151. I didn’t vote off “The Target” because I loved scenes like the ones with Oscar being almost whacked by Trevor (who’s Dwight’s friend) and then Angela, and the moment when the officemates make a tower full of complaint cards.

  152. You guys, ugh, I can’t believe you voted off “New Guys” before the top 10. Imagine Kevin rolling in chili slop with a big pout right now. That’s what you’ve done to my sensitive little heart. I feel like you left a Packer-style “special delivery” on my emotions.

    In retaliation, I’m going to point out that I actually loved “Customer Loyalty,” and that it made me really excited for the rest of the season. It was bold and real and reminded me how much I love this show and its little world. So there!

  153. Can’t believe The Target is gone. Best episode of the season after Finale and A.A.R.M.

  154. Sad that The Target is gone! It was my favorite episode until the last four. Dwight’s Christmas definitely needs to go now.

  155. Yay! My top 5 are still here!:) Customer Loyalty/The Whale to go next maybe?

  156. I voted for The Whale. I won’t vote for Dwight Christmas until near the end – I really enjoyed that episode. Maybe The Whale, then Customer Loyalty, then Paper Airplane, then…then I’m really up a crick because I have no idea…

  157. Promos has got to go! It may have worked better as an extended episode.

  158. The only part of “Paper Airplane” that I really loved was the final scene with Pam and Jim, so that’s my vote.

  159. I decided I had to make a list of how I’m going to vote or I’m going to end up pulling my hair out. The Whale, Paper Airplane, Customer Loyalty, Dwight Christmas, Livin’ the Dream, Moving On, Promos, Finale, AARM. Okay, I’ve typed it out, so I have to stick with it, right? (And yes, I’m picking AARM over the Finale – am I alone in that?)

  160. @TobyFan, you’re not alone in putting AARM in the #1 slot! I loved the Finale for the beautiful way everything was done, but AARM was true, old-school Office poetry.

  161. Would someone please tell me what makes “Moving On” worthy of a top 10 spot? I just don’t see it.

  162. I couldn’t vote off “The Whale” for these reasons: I love the cold open with Andy skyping from his boat, sunburned, Jan’s return, Angela and Oscar spying on the senator, and the Movember scenes. My favorites for the first place are the four only one-hour long: “Finale”, “Livin’ the Dream”, “A.A.R.M.” and “Moving On”.

  163. Promo’s/Livin’ The Dream/A.A.R.M./Finale for the top four spots & then either Dwight Christmas/Moving On for 5th is my prediction!:) (I am rooting for Dwight Christmas!)

  164. 214 That’s pretty close to what I think my personal top five are. Right now from the top it’s probably Finale, ARRM, Living the Dream, Dwight’s Christmas, Promos, Paper Airplane

  165. Seriously!? What is so great about Promos!? It shouldn’t even be in the top 10!!

  166. Can’t believe some of the episodes that were voted off before “Promos” and “Paper Airplanes.” I’m hoping to see all four hour-long episodes as well as “Dwight Christmas” in the top five.

  167. 1. Finale
    2. AARM
    3. Livin The Dream
    4. Dwight Christmas
    5. Paper Airplanes
    6. Moving On

    Does anyone agree?

  168. For me it’d have to be:
    1. AARM
    2. Finale
    3. Livin’ The Dream
    4. Paper Airplanes
    5. Moving On
    6. Dwight Christmas

    I am aware I’m in the minority, but I thought “AARM” was a much more satisfying episode compared to the “Finale”.

  169. I might end up making Livin’ the Dream my #1 because I noticed that in this scene:

    David Wallace: “Hey Erin, is Andy in?”
    Erin Hannon: “…Oh! Is Andy in?! I thought you said, ‘is Indian?’ And I thought, ‘is Indian what? Is Indian food good?”

    I thought that the scene was odd, it had nothing to do with the story and I just accepted it and moved on.

    Now, I may be thinking too much into this, which I probably am, but could this have been the work of the brilliant writing staff of The Office telling us that Andy and Kelly is correct and it is not Indian Kelly in that song from Local Ad when they say ‘Call Michael and Stanley, Jim Dwight Creed, Call Andy and Kelly for your business paper needs.’ I always thought it was ‘Andy and’ not Indian, but Netflix captions say Indian.

    Again, I’m probably reading too much into this, but I hope (and bet) that I’m not.

  170. Paper airplane and dwight christmas in The top 10 is outrageous. Both are really weak. Only worth it for The jim/Pam moments.

  171. 1-3: Finale, AARM & Livin’ The Dream ( not bothered about the order! )
    4: Promos
    5: Dwight Christmas
    6: Moving On
    7: Paper Airplane

  172. @222 I actually really liked Paper Airplane for the Dwight/Angela interaction too. It reminded me of the looks those two used to give each other (seasons 2-5). Also, Dwight Christmas made me cry with the Jim/Dwight interaction so it deserves its spot in my book.
    My order is now:
    Finale, Livin’ the Dream, AARM, Moving On, Paper Airplane, Dwight Christmas, Promos.

  173. I didn’t vote off “Customer Loyalty” because I liked scenes like the Dunder Code (the cold open), Dwight messing with Darryl and Jim and Pam’s argument.

    My top seven should be:
    1. Finale
    2. Livin’ the Dream
    3. A.A.R.M.
    4. Moving On
    5. Dwight Christmas
    6. Promos
    7. Paper Airplane (this one I’m voting off)

  174. I’m voting off Paper Airplane – even though it had one of the very best moments of the season and the series. But then if I tried to “protect” all the episodes that had great moments this season, I wouldn’t be able to vote anything off. So it’s Paper Airplane and then Dwight Christmas.

  175. Am i the only one that enjoyed the entire episode of paper airplane and not only the Jam part?

  176. I’m honestly surprised that Promos will be around longer than Dwight Christmas will be. I thought that Dwight Christmas was much better

  177. I have a feeling that it is going to be a head-to-head fight between Promos & Paper Airplane!! And I will be voting off Paper Airplane.

  178. OK really!? We live in a world where Promos and Paper Airplane is considered better than Dwight Christmas!?

  179. Honestly, I think “Paper Airplanes” was the only non-hour long episode I liked this year.. I think the Jim/Pam/Andy screw ups this year really messed it up for me. Because the replay value on a lot of these eps is really terrible. Which is a big shame.. Of course this is just my opinion though. I’m glad others obviously disagree with me. It’s just how I feel about Season 9.

  180. I wish NBC had, over the summer, shown re-runs of the early episodes (not just the last few of the season)- I found it difficult to remember and vote on the early episodes – thank goodness you have the summaries and quotes for each one, Tanster!

    [ from tanster: :) ]

  181. Moving On needs to move on. A really solid episode, but the other ones left are some of my favorites of the series, and deserve those top 4 spots.

  182. This is the first time I’ve been surprised throughout the whole Survivor process. Promos in the Top 5?!

  183. Woo!! Happy Promos is in the top 5!!:) My favorite non-hour-long episode this season!:)

  184. I couldn’t vote off “Dwight Christmas” because it was a good christmas episode, although, it’s not my favorite, and I like other XMas episodes more like “Benihana Christmas” (season 3), “Secret Santa” (season 6), “Classy Christmas” (season 7) and “Christmas Wishes” (season 8). The only thing I like from “Paper Airplane” is, the competition scenes, and the scenes with Andy preparing himself for his industrial film. The next episode I’m voting off is “Promos”, and the last episodes come first, even if they’re one-hour long.

  185. I just watched “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” from season 2 and was struck by the irony — the very kid that kept calling Dwight “Mr. Poop” is later the stripper at the future “Mrs. Poop’s” (Angela’s) bachelorette party.

  186. I’d be curious to see what people would pick as their top 20 episodes and their top 10. Pilot? Finale? Casino Night, Booze Cruise, The Job, Goodbye Michael, A.A.R.M., Stress Relief, Niagara, The Delivery, Diversity Day, Goodbye Toby, Employee Transfer, Garage Sale, Beach Games, Gay Witch Hunt, The Injury, Dinner Party, Boys and Girls, Threat Level Midnight, Local Ad, Garden Party, PDA, Back From Vacation, The Merger, and so many more great episodes to choose from. Would love to see what episodes the majority agrees on and the ones that are favorites to only a few…

  187. Moving on was such a weak episode,that was very aggravating towards the plot line. It should have been off a long time ago.

  188. My pick:
    1. Finale
    2. Livin’ The Dream
    3. Moving On
    4. AARM

    Finale is everything. JAM moment in AARM was sweet, but I had seen it before, I was expecting that last moment, and I thought Jim & Pam had made up before that episode.

  189. Usually when we get down to the final few episodes in OfficeTally Survivor, I actually start to get excited because it means a new season is that much closer. But this year it just makes me a little sad because there is no new Office to look forward to. Although I’m excited about the DVD – I’ll have to keep focusing on that. P.S. I voted off Living the Dream, but I’m guessing Moving On is next to go. That said, I really did love Moving On, especially Bob Odenkirk.

  190. Good Riddance to Promos!!
    Hate doing it, but I’m now voting off Moving On even though I thought it was the flat out funniest episode of the season!

  191. For the record, this is gonna be the hardest series of
    final polls that has ever existed.

  192. This won’t be easy. My indecisiveness almost makes me want to chicken out and not vote.

  193. I think I actually liked AARM slightly more than Finale, even though Finale was the most emotional episode. AARM was everything – hilarious, emotional, nostalgic. Finale was too, but mainly emotional/happy for me. Wasn’t as funny as AARM imo.

  194. This is tough. A.A.R.M. was one of my favorite episodes of the whole series, but the finale was done so well and wrapped everything up perfectly.

  195. Big “A.A.R.M.” shipper over here! I consider that the true final episode. “Finale” felt more like a bonus.

  196. I didn’t want to vote off “Livin’ the Dream” because it was a pretty awesome episode, with greatest moments like Andy’s departure (with a first resignation, a remaining in sales and another resignation turned into firing) with a final serenade for his now former co-workers, Dwight’s black belt and promotion as manager, Jim and Pam spending more time together until the big news of Jim’s other job, and Angela’s rough patch and breakdown.

  197. I can’t believe it’s come to this.
    I don’t think I’ll be able to decide, to be honest with you. I’ve been following this show and this site forever, with hugs thanks to Tanster and the cast of The Office for being something to laugh and cry at during times of desolation.

    It’s symbolic of the series really hitting home, that there won’t be a new season this fall and we have to accept that.
    and, because of that, I’ll force myself to vote as well
    even though this is hard as hell.

    that’s what she said. :'(

    Thanks again, Tanster. You made a community for the show that was easy and accessible and truthful all the way. My heart yanks to realize no more, but it still pours out for all of you that made it happen.

    there’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things, and that’s most certainly the point.

    [ from tanster: you’re most welcome! officetally isn’t going anywhere, it’ll be around for awhile. :) ]

  198. Well, I was hoping to drop AARM since the Andy-auditioning-for-a-singing-thing felt really forced and poorly stunt-casted. Livin’ the Dream, AARM, and the Finale all felt like finales, but AARM’s terrible subplot made it the worst of the trio. Definitely voting for the Finale over AARM.

  199. This is a very emotional night indeed.. Thank you, Tanster for everything. I have been a faithful follower of this site since season 2 and I will continue to follow. You are the bomb diggity.

    And I think I enjoy “Finale” most of all this year. I’ll agree that Andy’s subplot definitely felt forced in “AARM”. I kinda wish he wasn’t in that episode at all.

  200. As much as I love the Finale, I still maintain that AARM is more solid as an episode. I would also venture to say that the last 15 minutes of AARM are quite possibly the best 15 minutes of television in recent history.

  201. AARM & Finale both great, though Andy’s storyline not so much. Loved when he serenaded the staff & the end. But Finale was perfect, so sadly, AARM has to be voted off,

  202. While the Andy subplot in AARM felt a bit disjointed, nothing in the finale came together as cohesively or felt so much like classic office in its prime as the main line of AARM. AARM for the win, IMO, but— I think sentiment rules out in this one and “Finale” will get the nod. And, deservingly. It’s all a matter of taste and “Finale” was one of the 2 or 3 best post-Carell episodes.

  203. @DonnaL I agree with you on Andy’s storyline. It wasn’t very good. Andy serenaded the staff in Living the Dream.

  204. Customer Loyalty should have been in the top episodes….but besides that seems like a decent list.

  205. So now what? Maybe time for a 200-episode Survivor for the entire series? Or figure out a way to pare it down to around 50 and truly find out what the favorite episode of the show is amongst its best fans?

  206. Some else in the comments suggested a massive series survivor to determine the favourite episode of the entire series! That would be cool, you could take the top 3 episodes voted from each season and then start a series survivor!

  207. Here is my new suggestion. Take the best of the previous Survivor challenges and create either a NEW 64-team Survivor challenge or possible a NCAA Tournament style elimination bracket with the top episodes.

    It would break down like this:

    Season 1: 2/6
    Season 2: 8/22
    Season 3: 8/23
    Season 4: 5/14
    Season 5: 9/26
    Season 6: 8/24
    Season 7: 8/24
    Season 8: 8/24
    Season 9: 8/23

    That gives you 64 episodes to have an ULTIMATE Survivor challenge/tournament. It’s not perfect, because I’m sure people could argue that there aren’t 8 worthy episodes from seasons 6 or 8, and that there are 10+ from seasons 2 or 3. Just an idea :)

  208. @Greg and @margaretcountry, I think that’s an excellent idea. A final poll to gauge the ultimate favourite episodes of the fans!

  209. There has to be some weighting for season quality. S2 has to get more than S6 or S8.

  210. I am SO excited about The Finale getting the top spot. With Michael coming back, it totally deserved it. This show is simply the best. Ah, I love it.

    Also, I feel like I’m the only one who thinks Season 1 is the best season. It’s seriously my favorite. I love how simple it is. Sure, it’s a little more cynical, but it’s SO good. I love how slow-moving it is. I’m just wondering! Season 2 is a very close second for me though.

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