The Office Fan Ratings, Season 7

After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
Here are the ratings for Season 7.

  1. 7.19 Garage Sale (Avg Rating: 9.32/10)
  2. 7.22 Goodbye, Michael (Avg Rating: 9.01/10)
  3. 7.11-7.12 Classy Christmas (Avg Rating: 8.93/10)
  4. 7.24 Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager (Avg Rating: 8.81/10)
  5. 7.16 PDA (Avg Rating: 8.72/10)
  6. 7.06 Costume Contest (Avg Rating: 8.66/10)
  7. 7.21 Michael’s Last Dundies (Avg Rating: 8.56/10)
  8. 7.10 China (Avg Rating: 8.559/10)
  9. 7.17 Threat Level Midnight (Avg Rating: 8.53/10)
  10. 7.03 Andy’s Play (Avg Rating: 8.15/10)
  11. 7.13 Ultimatum (Avg Rating: 7.82/10)
  12. 7.15 The Search (Avg Rating: 7.81/10)
  13. 7.01 Nepotism (Avg Rating: 7.79/10)
  14. 7.09 WUPHF.COM (Avg Rating: 7.66/10)
  15. 7.05 The Sting (Avg Rating: 7.64/10)
  16. 7.02 Counseling (Avg Rating: 7.62/10)
  17. 7.04 Sex Ed (Avg Rating: 7.52/10)
  18. 7.08 Viewing Party (Avg Rating: 7.37/10)
  19. 7.18 Todd Packer (Avg Rating: 7.21/10)
  20. 7.14 The Seminar (Avg Rating: 7.05/10)
  21. 7.25-26 Search Committee (Avg Rating: 6.93/10)
  22. 7.23 The Inner Circle (Avg Rating: 6.86/10)
  23. 7.20 Training Day (Avg Rating: 6.68/10)
  24. 7.07 Christening (Avg Rating: 5.58/10)

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  1. Sex Ed at the worst so far!!!!!! Very surprised by this,,,, I thought it was the best by a looooooonnnng way!

  2. The season so far has been strong, very funny and I love how the new characters have really come along well this year. It’s been great!

    I’ve heard people saying that the show had dipped in quality recently, but I never felt that. I can understand why however, I think the fact that Pam and Jim finally getting together was one of the reasons, people like the uncertainty.

    But anyway, it’s shaping up to be one of the best seasons of The Office.

  3. Still appointment TV, but I’m frustrated this season. It seems each episode has so much promise, and the stories are just falling flat. There’s a few scenes per episode that are great, but overall, the tone is just off. Last great episode for me start to finish was Broke.

  4. Don’t hate on me…I’m a huge office fan but…the beginning of this season has been dreadful. And they really haven’t used Steve Carell to his top potential, like they said they would.

    ‘Sex Ed’, in my opinion, is the first decent ep of the season. But maybe that’s because it reminded me of older office by means of Michael’s ex-girlfriends.

  5. Jan and Carol and Dwight made the ep for me, otherwise– meh. I don’t like Michael in sad, moony mode over Holly, and that kept me from giving it high marks. It just brought the whole tone down. Could have been fun but for that.

  6. They have definitely used Steve VERY well. Did you hear his call to Holly last episode? I thought 3 were great, 1 was ok.

  7. I like this season so far with the highlight being “Andy’s Play” and the next few episodes sound great but “Counseling” is one of my least favorite episodes of all time, so I feel mixed about this season so far.

  8. Lol it’s only been 4 episodes…

    This season already seems to be better than the last one, and I really liked [the second half of] Season 6.

    People think about the past too much.

  9. I think the writing so far has sacrificed the quality of several simultaneous sub-plots for one general plot that incorporates all the characters. I favor episodes that don’t have all the characters joined together.

  10. I would put ‘Sex Ed’ second. ‘Andy’s Play’ was so epic, I don’t think anything could beat it, at least for me. So far, this season has been great.

  11. gotta agree with most. What a start to the season, and the synopsis for the upcoming episodes have the potential to be even greater! Sex Ed to me was the funniest so far. Just can’t wait for the Halloween episode!

  12. Costume Contest worked because the focus shifted back to all the original characters especially Michael, Dwight, Jim and Pam.

  13. Costume Contest was so great! Loved how the main idea was centered on the original castmates! The OFfice is really heading back to its roots when Michael was still naive and Jim and Pam were cute as ever.
    I know this is really off topic: but I heard Ricky Gervais was coming to guest star sometime in the near future. I was thinking that he should play Michael’s father (since no audience member knows who he is). He should come back to reconnect with his son, Michael rant about how much he hates Jeff, but then something happens and Ricky just leaves abruptly. I’d love to see that!

  14. The pattern has always been the shows that highlight a nice dose of JAM will win every time. I hope we get a lot more of that in the coming shows.

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