The Office Fan Ratings, Season 7

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 | 107 comments


After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
Here are the ratings for Season 7.

  1. 7.19 Garage Sale (Avg Rating: 9.32/10)
  2. 7.22 Goodbye, Michael (Avg Rating: 9.01/10)
  3. 7.11-7.12 Classy Christmas (Avg Rating: 8.93/10)
  4. 7.24 Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager (Avg Rating: 8.81/10)
  5. 7.16 PDA (Avg Rating: 8.72/10)
  6. 7.06 Costume Contest (Avg Rating: 8.66/10)
  7. 7.21 Michael’s Last Dundies (Avg Rating: 8.56/10)
  8. 7.10 China (Avg Rating: 8.559/10)
  9. 7.17 Threat Level Midnight (Avg Rating: 8.53/10)
  10. 7.03 Andy’s Play (Avg Rating: 8.15/10)
  11. 7.13 Ultimatum (Avg Rating: 7.82/10)
  12. 7.15 The Search (Avg Rating: 7.81/10)
  13. 7.01 Nepotism (Avg Rating: 7.79/10)
  14. 7.09 WUPHF.COM (Avg Rating: 7.66/10)
  15. 7.05 The Sting (Avg Rating: 7.64/10)
  16. 7.02 Counseling (Avg Rating: 7.62/10)
  17. 7.04 Sex Ed (Avg Rating: 7.52/10)
  18. 7.08 Viewing Party (Avg Rating: 7.37/10)
  19. 7.18 Todd Packer (Avg Rating: 7.21/10)
  20. 7.14 The Seminar (Avg Rating: 7.05/10)
  21. 7.25-26 Search Committee (Avg Rating: 6.93/10)
  22. 7.23 The Inner Circle (Avg Rating: 6.86/10)
  23. 7.20 Training Day (Avg Rating: 6.68/10)
  24. 7.07 Christening (Avg Rating: 5.58/10)

See past ratings in the Fan Ratings Archive.


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  1. 107. Jeff  

    Months later, I’m still shocked that Viewing Party isn’t much higher. It makes me nostalgic for Jim’s BBQ in E-Mail Surveillance. Or the bar get-together from Cocktails. These outside of the office parties with these small moments from everyone are among my favorite episodes.

  2. 106. JimisBigBird  

    I’m happy to hear the survivor poll is coming. Thanks Tanster!

    Overall this was a decent season, and as a whole better than season 6. And Search Committee was not that bad. It was hilarious and a great group piece. Miles better than Whistleblower.

    But it’s such a crime that Goodbye Michael isn’t at the top. It’s one of the best of the entire series, yet alone best of the season. Other favorites remain China, Dwight K Schrute, PDA, and Costume Contest.

  3. 105. Matt  

    Garage Sale wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t the best of the season, nor was it really anything special on its own besides the ending. There are plenty of better episodes.

    And PDA was downright horrible in my eyes. To see it ranked higher than Andy’s Play, Costume Contest, and China (all fantastic episodes) makes me depressed.

  4. 104. Alan  

    These ratings are whack. Goodbye, Michael was absolutely phenomenal.

  5. 103. Langston  

    While I think Garage Sale is a great episode, Goodbye Michael is one of my all time favorite episodes and should be #1! But overall great poll (although I think Todd Packer should be higher) and pretty good season. To Tanster, when is the survivor poll coming?

    [from tanster: soon!]

  6. 102. wineme  

    the top ten are the top ten that i’d pick. The order… i thought DKS, acting manager was brilliant. garage sale was solid. BTW agree that a strong j/p story is a necessity. So much depth in their relationship and it is so very real and beautiful and funny. We know what they are thinking and feeling without a single word.

  7. 101. Karen  

    I’m pretty happy overall with this year’s poll. I wasn’t in love with the finale so am happy it ended up towards the bottom.
    Thank you Tanster for all your hard work. It’s very much appreciated.

    [from tanster: you’re welcome! :) ]

  8. 100. Shannon  

    I’m shocked that the last episode didn’t finish higher. I loved it!

    Also, it’s criminal that Andy’s Play is only 10th. It’s my favorite episode of the entire series.

  9. 99. Matt  

    I’m disappointed that Search Committee finished so low (I think Training Day should be higher as well). I can understand people wanting to know who the new boss is; I want to know as well! However, the episode was nicely done on its own, and, in my mind, that is what the rankings should represent. I am taking in a second viewing of the episode tonight, to see if my opinion changes at all.

  10. 98. Dawn  

    I’m amazed Garage Sale scored so high. Other than the very end, i don’t quite get what was so amazing. Not better than episodes that were overall great from start to finish like Goodbye Michael, PDA, and Dwight K. Schrute.

    DKS was such a well balanced episode. I think it’ll be remembered as one of the best post-Michael era eps. Michael’s absence was not noticed or felt at all, fantastic for an episode so soon after his departure.

  11. 97. crystalrain  

    Frankly, I’m amazed that Michael’s Last Dundies isn’t higher. I don’t get what was so great about PDA.

    For me, TD and TIC were weaker episodes, period. It had less to do with Michael leaving than the writing (of Vickers and in general) and the overall flat atmosphere. They both felt like stumbling blocks, not “classic Office”.

  12. 96. Lori  

    I miss Steve, too, but The Inner Circle was a solid episode and shouldn’t be ranked this low.

  13. 95. Roy's Mugshot  

    “laugh out-loud, meaningless comedy we loved in season 2.”

    That is not how I remember Season 2. Especially since this is the five year anniversary of Casino Night.

  14. 94. Kyle  

    Inner Circle was pretty much a classic Office episode, with Will Ferrell taking over Michael’s role as buffoonish boss. I’ve been against Ferrell from the beginning, but he really worked in this episode.

  15. 93. BoomRoasted  

    The Inner Circle was one of the funniest episodes of the season, probably the second funniest behind Michael’s Last Dundies. For some reason, it seems like we all forget this is a comedy, and these ratings don’t reflect how funny each episode was. I am glad the Michael leaving story arc is finally over, and next season we can finally get back to laugh out-loud, meaningless comedy we loved in season 2. Also, Garage Sale #1? This episode was sub-par until the final 5-minutes, and it wasn’t funny at all.

  16. 92. Westin  

    These Office Fan Ratings reveal the secret attraction of The Office:

    Group cast interactions-goofy, good-natured, inclusive-with a nice topping of Jim-Pam, ALWAYS win the highest ratings.

    Mean-spirited, stunt plots that don’t involve the entire cast, stunt casting like Will Ferrell, ALWAYS score the lowest ratings.

    We know what makes The Office work as a sitcom, and so do a few of the producers.

    BJ Novak has mentioned several times-DVD commentaries, TV shows, interviews- that his FAVORITE Office scenes are GROUP interactions about LITTLE things, and NOT big stunt plots.

    Tallyheads know the score, thanks to Tanster.



  17. 91. Duxfever  

    I am satisfied so far with every episode’s ratings. *coughespeciallytheinnercircle’scough*

  18. 90. Karen  

    It’s too bad The Inner Circle rated so low. I believe people were still hurting that Steve was no longer a part of the show. I myself thought it was one of the better episodes of the season.

  19. 89. Roy's Mugshot  

    The Inner Circle was worse than Viewing Party? Come on! /Gob

  20. 88. Dan  

    I know people miss Steve, but come on. “The Inner Circle” was a funny episode.

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