What do you want to do this summer?

Hi Tallyheads,

Just because we don’t have new episodes to watch for a few months doesn’t mean that OfficeTally will come to a standstill!

I would like to hear your ideas about contests, activities, and anything else you think will help fellow Tallyheads pass the time this summer while we wait for Season 5. The more specific you can be with details, the better! And please note that I have plenty of prizes to give away …

If you’ve sent me ideas in the past, please post them again in a comment below. That way, I’ll have everything in one place.

Thanks! :) Jennie

P.S. Here is an archive of past contests.

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The Office Fan Ratings, Season 4

After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.

Here are The Office fan ratings for Season 4.

  1. 4.14 Chair Model (Avg Rating: 8.74)
  2. 4.18-19 Goodbye, Toby (Avg Rating: 8.67)
  3. 4.07-08 Money (Avg Rating: 8.56)
  4. 4.05-06 Launch Party (Avg Rating: 8.43)
  5. 4.01-02 Fun Run (Avg Rating: 8.41)
  6. 4.12 The Deposition (Avg Rating: 8.36)
  7. 4.09 Local Ad (Avg Rating: 8.26)
  8. 4.10 Branch Wars (Avg Rating: 8.05)
  9. 4.13 Dinner Party (Avg Rating: 7.91)
  10. 4.17 Job Fair (Avg Rating: 7.82)
  11. 4.03-04 Dunder Mifflin Infinity (Avg Rating: 7.65)
  12. 4.16 Did I Stutter? (Avg Rating: 7.58)
  13. 4.15 Night Out (Avg Rating: 7.41)
  14. 4.11 Survivor Man (Avg Rating: 7.29)

See past ratings in the Fan Ratings Archive.