The Office Fan Ratings, Season 9

Thursday, May 16th, 2013 | 58 comments


After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
Here are the ratings for Season 9.

  1. 9.24-25 Finale (Avg Rating: 9.58/10)
  2. 9.22-23 A.A.R.M. (Avg Rating: 9.42/10)
  3. 9.21 Livin’ the Dream (Avg Rating: 9.07/10)
  4. 9.07 The Whale (Avg Rating: 8.41/10)
  5. 9.08 The Target (Avg Rating: 8.19/10)
  6. 9.12 Customer Loyalty (Avg Rating: 8.14/10)
  7. 9.06 The Boat (Avg Rating: 8.10/10)
  8. 9.18 Promos (Avg Rating: 8.08/10)
  9. 9.20 Paper Airplane (Avg Rating: 8.01/10)
  10. 9.09 Dwight Christmas (Avg Rating: 8.00/10)
  11. 9.01 New Guys (Avg Rating: 7.89/10)
  12. 9.04 Work Bus (Avg Rating: 7.86/10)
  13. 9.16 Moving On (Avg Rating: 7.81/10)
  14. 9.03 Andy’s Ancestry (Avg Rating: 7.71/10)
  15. 9.11 Suit Warehouse (Avg Rating: 7.60/10)
  16. 9.10 Lice (Avg Rating: 7.47/10)
  17. 9.15 Couples Discount (Avg Rating: 7.35/10)
  18. 9.13 Junior Salesman (Avg Rating: 7.205/10)
  19. 9.02 Roy’s Wedding (Avg Rating: 7.200/10)
  20. 9.19 Stairmageddon (Avg Rating: 6.91/10)
  21. 9.14 Vandalism (Avg Rating: 6.67/10)
  22. 9.05 Here Comes Treble (Avg Rating: 6.64/10)
  23. 9.17 The Farm (Avg Rating: 5.59/10)

See past ratings in the Fan Ratings Archive.


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  1. 58. DunderJam  

    Wow! 9.58! Finale totally deserved it for being the perfect ending.

    Also, Tanster, when will the Survivor poll be opening?

  2. 57. Adam Dunder  

    They are worthy of 9’s. These last two episodes have brought everything we love from the entire series together, as well as providing closure. Dwight was made manager, Dwight & Angela got engaged, Jim & Pam solidified their relationship by calling back to past moments. So sad to see it end, yet so satisfying to see such great episodes.

  3. 56. Daniel G.  

    I think the last two episodes certainly deserve 9’s as they have some of the better moments within the series since the beginning. Let’s hope the Finale seals the deal.

  4. 55. Toby97  

    Tanster, will there be a survivor poll this season? Please say there will be!

  5. 54. Heffernan  

    Well, it’s happened again. Good episode but I think this might be the highest rated ever right?

    [from tanster: correct, it’s the highest rated episode since officetally started tracking fan ratings in season 4!]

  6. 53. Kyle  

    Wow. These ratings are really getting skewed.

  7. 52. Heffernan  

    @#50 Yeah, I totally agree but I still thought it was worth mentioning. We have been really thirsty for a great episode, and we got one so we ranked it higher than it may have ranked in a different situation. I do think it would do well against most episodes in the series, maybe top-20?

  8. 51. Trent  

    First 9.0+ rated episode in two years. What a job well done.

  9. 50. Toby97  

    #49 – I guess it’s kind of weird when you put it like that, but when I see these fan ratings, I don’t usually read too much into the points, but look more into where it ranked against other episodes of that season alone. I am sure if there was ever a survivor poll against every single episode, then Livin’ The Dream might not beat episodes like the ones you listed.

    [from tanster: i think that’s an accurate assessment!]

  10. 49. Heffernan  

    Unless I am mistaken, Living The Dream is ranked as the 3rd best episode ever? I did enjoy the episode, but how on earth was this ranked higher than Niagara? It was even ranked higher than Goodbye Michael. Broke, and Garage sale look like they are the only episodes to ever score higher. Wow. Not to take anything away from Living the dream, but I just don’t get it. I do very much hope to see The Finale be scored as the highest ever though.

  11. 48. Paul  

    I’m glad to see “Livin’ the Dream” crack the 9 barrier. It was well-deserved, and easily one of the best episodes the show has done since season seven.

  12. 47. Bad Idea Jeans  

    I agree with Toby97; I’m glad to see Livin’ the Dream rank so highly. Let’s hope the last 2 are equally as awesome. I’d love to see the Finale as #1 for the season. :o)

  13. 46. Toby97  

    A well deserved ranking for Livin’ The Dream.

  14. 45. Tempted  

    Wow Paper Airplane is up WAY too high. Just goes to show if you want an Office episode to rank high here, take an epsiode that is completely forgettable and put a 30-second JAM moment on the end of it.

  15. 44. Bob Lawbla  

    Paper Airplane is ranked way too high.

  16. 43. remember to call  

    Hmph. I loved “Stairmageddon.”

  17. 42. BringMePlayers  

    Sorry to see The Farm ranked so low. I thought it was an enjoyable ep.

    [from tanster: me too!]

  18. 41. Toby97  

    Aw that’s a shame. I thought we were going to be able to go through the season with every episode being 6+. But I guess all seasons have their bad episodes, and this episode was not meant to be an actual episode. I still think they should have aired the original pilot and not included the added, unneeded material. But Hey Ho, I have a good feeling about Promos!

  19. 40. Nathan  

    I wonder if the rating for The Farm would’ve been higher if it had aired as its original form early in the season. Since it’s near the end, I’m sure some people feel it was a “wasted” half-hour. I enjoyed it though you can see the spin-off within it. At least they’re following up with more this week.

  20. 39. Roy's Mugshot  

    This result for “The Farm” is not surprising.

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