The Office Fan Ratings, Season 9

After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
Here are the ratings for Season 9.

  1. 9.24-25 Finale (Avg Rating: 9.58/10)
  2. 9.22-23 A.A.R.M. (Avg Rating: 9.42/10)
  3. 9.21 Livin’ the Dream (Avg Rating: 9.07/10)
  4. 9.07 The Whale (Avg Rating: 8.41/10)
  5. 9.08 The Target (Avg Rating: 8.19/10)
  6. 9.12 Customer Loyalty (Avg Rating: 8.14/10)
  7. 9.06 The Boat (Avg Rating: 8.10/10)
  8. 9.18 Promos (Avg Rating: 8.08/10)
  9. 9.20 Paper Airplane (Avg Rating: 8.01/10)
  10. 9.09 Dwight Christmas (Avg Rating: 8.00/10)
  11. 9.01 New Guys (Avg Rating: 7.89/10)
  12. 9.04 Work Bus (Avg Rating: 7.86/10)
  13. 9.16 Moving On (Avg Rating: 7.81/10)
  14. 9.03 Andy’s Ancestry (Avg Rating: 7.71/10)
  15. 9.11 Suit Warehouse (Avg Rating: 7.60/10)
  16. 9.10 Lice (Avg Rating: 7.47/10)
  17. 9.15 Couples Discount (Avg Rating: 7.35/10)
  18. 9.13 Junior Salesman (Avg Rating: 7.205/10)
  19. 9.02 Roy’s Wedding (Avg Rating: 7.200/10)
  20. 9.19 Stairmageddon (Avg Rating: 6.91/10)
  21. 9.14 Vandalism (Avg Rating: 6.67/10)
  22. 9.05 Here Comes Treble (Avg Rating: 6.64/10)
  23. 9.17 The Farm (Avg Rating: 5.59/10)

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  1. I give it a strong 9! Is it just me or did that episode fly by very quickly…? Oh well I loved it.

    tanster, I had a quick question…do you have any idea if anyone one from the cast will drop by the OTCR anytime this season?

    [ from tanster: no plans right now. we’ll see! :) ]

  2. Shocked it got that low of a score. One of the better in a long time and Jim and Pam’s story set up was stellar.

  3. If they keep this dynamic going, it’s going to make for a great season. I actually like The Office as an ensemble cast, rather than focusing on whomever the boss is.

  4. I like Roy’s Wedding much better than the previous one. The New Jim is instantly likeable. I am now officially a Peterin shipper. Sorry Andy.

  5. I had high expectations for this season (which is surprising after last season). That being said, I’ve looked for reasons *not* to like the show rather than reasons *to* like it. I must say, I’ve absolutely loved the first two episodes. I’ve said this many times before, but they really had a retro feel to them. Definitely felt more like the earlier seasons rather than the past couple. Andy’s character is being used much, much better than last season (though I still wish he’d be more like Andy from seasons 4-6). The new guys have fit in much better than I’d have expected. Finally, Nellie actually makes sense now. Last season was ridiculous for her character, at least after she took over for Andy without asking anyone. That was unrealistic and just too far out there for a ‘documentary’ style show. Her new roles is more believable and I like the tension between her and Andy (and, seemingly, now Dwight).

    I haven’t looked forward to new Office episodes as much as I am this season in quite a while. Can’t wait to see how the new Jim/Pam story unfolds…. very compelling!

  6. The emphasis on Jim & Pam is a welcome return to form. But as far as the comedy goes, it’s much closer to Season 8 than Season 2.

  7. The lowest rated episode from Season Four was a 7.29. Don’t see Seasons 1-3 but I’d imagine the worst of any of those seasons was a 7.50. And episode 2 already is at 7.20. Says a lot considering these are die hard fans voting on this site.

  8. What?? I mean…”Work Bus” was definitely better than “New Guys”! I literally had to turn off my television during the episode because it was so bad. I smiled all throughout this week’s episode…and I’m a die-hard!

  9. 6.64, sounds about right. I thought it was clearly the worst episode thus far. I would have given it a low 7, but then again I always rank these episodes above the average grade.

  10. Too much Andy & Erin. Best was conference room with Pam and Jim fighting amongst the singing (too funny)and the reactions of Clark & Creed.

  11. Through 5 episodes my rankings are: 1) Work Bus 2) Andys Ancestry 3) Here Comes Treble 4) New Guys 5) Roys Wedding… I wish people would quit hating on the Andy Storylines

  12. This seems about right to me also. #14 I’m sorry about not liking the Andy stuff, but it’s just not funny to me. Michael being the center was a little different due to Steve’s brillance. I like a more balanced show where each character gets to shine in their own way.:)

  13. #15 I agree I also like a balanced show.. and Andy is about 70% as funny as Michael lol but i do like the change of pace he has brought

  14. I must say the season is doing pretty good so far based off the scores. Shame the viewership is down…

  15. Speechless how this didn’t score higher. By far the best episode of the season – even “The Whale” doesn’t touch this by a long shot. I’ve seen every episode of this show multiple times and this was season 2-3 caliber easy.

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