Angela Kinsey and Ed Helms conference call

The Office’s Angela Kinsey and Ed Helms held a conference call last Thursday to discuss the mystery that is Angela and Andy’s relationship. :)

Despite several attempts by various members of the press to get them to spill spoilers, Angela and Ed held their ground — and still told some entertaining stories along the way. (There’s no getting past the fact that Ed and Angela are very cute together.)

NBC very kindly sent along the transcript, and I’ve streamlined it — otherwise it would be, like, a bazillion pages.

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Brian Baumgartner visits the OfficeTally Chat Room

Brian Baumgartner

It was awesome to chat with The Office’s Brian Baumgartner this afternoon in the OfficeTally Chat Room.

Brian discussed what it was like working with Stephen Merchant and Amy Ryan, why he is ‘King of the Internet,’ and what food he’ll never be able to eat again, because of The Office. Thank you, Brian, for keeping the LOLs coming at a steady pace!

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B.J. Novak at New York Comedy Festival

While this event has been posted in the Calendar for a few months now, I thought I’d give it a little front page love …

This Sunday, November 9th, B.J. Novak headlines the closing night of the New York Comedy Festival at Town Hall in New York City, with his show “B.J. Novak & Friends.”

B.J. got to choose the lineup: Mindy Kaling, John Mulaney, Simon Rich (both great young SNL writers), Dan Mintz, and Paul Rust.

Should be an awesome show! As always, please report back if you get to attend! :)

Link: Buy tickets here