OfficeTally Survivor Poll: Season 2

The OfficeWe’ve got some time to kill before April 10th, so let’s play Survivor Season 2 — vote one episode off the island every few days, until we’re left with the most popular episode as the ULTIMATE SURVIVOR!

Status: ‘Casino Night’ tops the list! Thanks for playing Survivor Season 2!

Final rankings after the jump.

The Office Season 2 Survivor rankings, Final

  1. Casino Night
  2. The Dundies
  3. The Injury
  4. Drug Testing
  5. Booze Cruise
  6. Christmas Party
  7. The Client
  8. Email Surveillance
  9. Office Olympics
  10. The Fire
  11. The Secret
  12. Michael’s Birthday
  13. Conflict Resolution
  14. Performance Review
  15. Sexual Harassment
  16. The Fight
  17. Halloween
  18. Valentine’s Day
  19. Boys and Girls
  20. Take Your Daughter to Work Day
  21. The Carpet
  22. Dwight’s Speech

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  1. I can’t vote! I feel blasphemous thinking about an episode of season 2 that could possibly be classified as “the worst” anything

  2. Looking at that full list of episodes I’m reminded of what a brilliant TV season that was. It was special.

  3. i agree season 3 was the funniest. season 3 was more about the drama. season4 is more about the storylines.

  4. This is gonna be a tough one! I’d say the weakest episodes of season 2 are: Office olympics, Dwight’s speech & Valentine’s day.

    I can guess that The Injury or Casino Night will make it to the top, but my personal favorites are: Conflict Resolution, Take Your Daughter, Christmas Party & The Fire.

  5. wow that was wicked hard seeing as though, none of them are my least favorite. i can’t imagine who i’m going to boot off when it comes down to like..ten!

  6. I’m straining my brain thinking of one to eliminate, think i’m going with Michael’s Birthday. The mood, I thought, was too sad during the episode.

  7. I was seriously going down the list saying loved it, loved it, loved it. That was an unbelievable season. It will be hard to vote any off.

  8. Season 2 is great. Some of my favorate eps are on this season. However, season 3 is the best season. When the time comes for that survivor, things will be really hard… “That’s what she said”

  9. This is probably the episode that I would skip over on the DVD when I’m having an Office marathon. Still has its good parts, though.

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