The Office Fan Ratings, Season 5

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 | 112 comments


After each episode of The Office airs, fans rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.
Here are the ratings for Season 5.

  1. 5.25 Broke (Avg Rating: 9.17)
  2. 5.01-02 Weight Loss (Avg Rating: 8.92)
  3. 5.14-15 Stress Relief (Avg Rating: 8.89)
  4. 5.24 Heavy Competition (Avg Rating: 8.66)
  5. 5.16 Lecture Circuit Pt. 1 (Avg Rating: 8.64)
  6. 5.07 Customer Survey (Avg Rating: 8.62)
  7. 5.27 Cafe Disco (Avg Rating: 8.49)
  8. 5.10 The Surplus (Avg Rating: 8.42)
  9. 5.28 Company Picnic (Avg Rating: 8.36)
  10. 5.05 Crime Aid (Avg Rating: 8.35)
  11. 5.19 Golden Ticket (Avg Rating: 8.33)
  12. 5.23 Michael Scott Paper Company (Avg Rating: 8.27)
  13. 5.08 Business Trip (Avg Rating: 8.17)
  14. 5.12 The Duel (Avg Rating: 8.11)
  15. 5.22 Dream Team (Avg Rating: 8.00)
  16. 5.26 Casual Friday (Avg Rating: 7.95)
  17. 5.18 Blood Drive (Avg Rating: 7.86)
  18. 5.21 Two Weeks (Avg Rating: 7.74)
  19. 5.04 Baby Shower (Avg Rating: 7.74)
  20. 5.09 Frame Toby (Avg Rating: 7.59)
  21. 5.03 Business Ethics (Avg Rating: 7.34)
  22. 5.20 New Boss (Avg Rating: 7.32)
  23. 5.06 Employee Transfer (Avg Rating: 7.20)
  24. 5.17 Lecture Circuit Pt. 2 (Avg Rating: 7.14)
  25. 5.11 Moroccan Christmas (Avg Rating: 7.08)
  26. 5.13 Prince Family Paper (Avg Rating: 6.98)

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  1. 112. laura  

    i thought customer survey and broke were funny.

  2. 111. katie  

    bummer. i thought moroccan christmas was one of the best episodes of the series.

  3. 110. Carlos  

    I agree, Prince Family Paper was really bad. I mean, palm trees in the background in January, in Scranton. The Hillary Swank plot was also really disappointing.

  4. 109. Dan  

    I’m really glad prince family paper was the lowest rated one! It is the one episode i’ve seen that i actually hated! season was my least fave but it had good moments except that episode.

  5. 108. trojanpony  

    I just finished re-watching most of the episodes from this season. The vast majority of them I enjoyed even more than the first time around. However, “Cafe Disco”, which I already didn’t really like the first time I saw it, stuck out as REALLY bad, even worse. Aside from a few funny Dwight moments, this episode struck out big time in my opinion and just wasn’t funny at all… am I missing something? But aside from that one episode, I thought overall this was a very strong season. I think a lot of the episodes ranked toward the bottom of the list have some of the funniest bits of subtle humor in them, the kind of stuff you might not even notice until the second or third viewing. If these votes were held now I think the rankings would be quite different… I know mine would be.

  6. 107. Noelani  

    I agree that the finale should have been one hour. I just wanted more of the office! I think we needed more of a cliff hanger-type ending I guess, like other shows have been doing at the end of the season.
    I didn’t think that Company Picnic was the best either. A lot of times, things just go too fast for the 22 minutes alloted!

  7. 106. Shrutastic  

    And Season 5 Survivor starts…….. when?

    Also, I think this summer would be a great time to break out some of the other survivors that have been mentioned: Cold Open Survivor, Jim’s Pranks Survivor, etc. What do you think, Tanster?

  8. 105. Ryan  

    I sure don’t remember them all by name, but I agree that Cafe Disco wasn’t very funny. I don’t think I laughed the entire episode. The Picnic was just about the same way.

  9. 104. Meg  

    Kinda close to my list, which would be:

    1) Weight Loss
    2) Stress Relief
    3) Heavy Competition
    4) Lecture Circuit pt. 1
    5) Company Picnic
    6) Cafe Disco
    7) Customer Service
    8) Crime Aid
    9) Broke
    10) The Surplus

    Yeah, my list has changed some. Still find it strange that Broke was THAT high. It was a truly great episode, but not the BEST of the season. I felt like CD and CP captured the old office and the chemistry, but an example of the old office without the chemistry would be Casual Friday. Anyway, while episode to episode it’s third, I’d say as a whole the season is my second-favorite to the always holy season 2.
    I think the problem was that the relationships had become so integrated into the show that when they yanked them out all at once, it felt really off and they didn’t know what to do. Just my impression. A show needs a balance of comedy plots and romantic and/or drama plots -the middle of the season lacked this. (See PFP and Golden Ticket)

  10. 103. holly-gram  

    Wow. This is probably the first time a season finale hasn’t made top 3. Darn NBC for not making it an hour-long!

  11. 102. Leesa  

    Cafe Disco got top ten? That was one of my least favorite of the season. I can’t believe it got higher than Dream Team!

  12. 101. Nerfin  

    Really, #7 for Cafe Disco? I would have ranked it lower.

    Wow, there have been a lot of episodes this season! Can’t wait to get the DVDs for Season 5! =)

  13. 100. Alex  

    One thing i don’t understand and definitely don’t agree with on the list is the low placement of Business Ethics. I thought this episode was awesome! Jim’s time-theft prank on Dwight in my mind was the best and most classic-Office-like of the season, by far. And Michael’s decision to NOT say something obnoxious and mean to Holly (regarding the “i told you so” in the end was pure genius, it was surprising and at the same time really helped introduce the impact Holly has on Michael.

  14. 99. Meg  

    Top five is exactly my list, except I would make Broke number five and push up everything else. Then I would switch Crime Aid and the Surplus…and that’s as similar as my list is.

    For the people who say that some people only vote for episodes based on the Jam content, I’d say that that’s true for some, but I don’t think they’re in the majority. Yes, Weight Loss had the proposal, but I think its ratings are as high as they are because they had great minor character moments (Stanley, Kelly, especially) and the ever-glorious presence of Amy Ryan.

  15. 98. Mose  

    *spoilers ahead*

    What a great season. Any of the first five deserve 1st place imho, but it’s a good thing that “Broke” is at the top since it was so emotionally charged and I love episodes where Michael Scott wins.

    This time it was even more beautiful since he acted like a true hero and team player and, at the moment of truth, was actually cunning enough to prevail over David Wallace, Charles Miner and even Dwight at once. I always find Michael’s loyalty to his “family” one of the most endearing things about The Office.

    Plus the scene with the asian lady patiently waiting in the van.

  16. 97. laura  

    Hooray for “Broke”!!! It definitely deserved to come in first!

  17. 96. Mindy  

    I am so happy to see Broke at the top of the list. It definitely was the best of the season (in my mind) glad to see it getting the ratings it deserved! Can’t wait for the rest of the season!

  18. 95. Dan  

    I liked Broke but I thought Two Weeks was an episode that gave a lot of the cast something to do plus it was more touching. But that last scene in Broke probably was one of the best moments of the series.

  19. 94. Anthony  

    I agree with “Broke”‘s position, but as far as the rest of the list? I think it’s way off!

    I really do think most people vote for an episode based on JAM moments rather than comedy or story.

  20. 93. Vinny  

    Finally! Weight Loss has been topped! I never thought I’d see the day!

    I’m glad it was an episode I enjoyed so much.

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